Tips on packing a storage unit

Tips on packing a storage unitRenting a storage unit can be an excellent solution during the moving process because you get that extra storage space where you can store your belongings for some time until your transitional period is done. A storage unit of the correct size can prove to be a smart way to fix your unexpected insufficient storage problem for a set amount of time. Despite its apparent advantages, paying for a storage unit might also prove to be a bad investment in the long run, particularly if you do not have a fool-proof plan on how to prevent that extra storage space from turning into a significant financial burden in the long term. We have explained in details how to pack for storage, namely, how you should prepare your clothes, books, dishes, furniture, breakables, and other household things before you put them in storage. And if you have found a storage facility that matches your needs and fits your budget, then let us talk about the best way to pack your storage unit. Here are some tips on packing a storage unit.

Tips for packing a storage unit


The first thing you have to do when packing a storage unit is to keep in mind that the kind of boxes you use to store your stuff makes a huge difference. The condition and the size of your storage containers might look like an insignificant detail, but you shouldn’t underestimate it. Make sure the boxes you are going to use are a hundred percent dry, sturdy and strong, without any missing flaps or signs of damage. This is particularly vital for boxes that you did not buy brand new. Inspect all the cardboard boxes for signs of infestation and if you have the slightest doubt, throw them out.

Try to use boxes that are of similar size so they can be stacked one on top of the other to maximize your vertical storage space and take full advantage of the storage unit that you are paying for. If you want to rent a storage unit for a more extended period, then it’ll pay off to buy all of your storage boxes and packing supplies. While using second-hand boxes enables you to save more, but containers obtained that way are not very trustworthy for long-term use.


Packing your storage unit


You are going to need a detailed list of all the things you plan to keep in the storage unit. This will help you to keep track of exactly which item is going to be stored in the storage unit just by consulting the list, and if your stored belongings get damaged or destroyed, your detailed inventory will help you to file an insurance claim.

Don’t forget to label every box correctly before you place it into the storage unit as part of your inventorying process. Be very specific when marking what is inside of each box. Instead of just writing kitchen on a few boxes, write down the specific kitchen item that is inside – cutlery, utensils, etc.

Having moving boxes of similar size will help you to stack them higher. Make sure that your attempt to take advantage of the vertical space does not endanger the overall safety. Keep in mind that partly-filled boxes are more likely to give under the weight and might collapse as a result. There are three safety principles that you should follow when packing your storage unit:


  • Pack each box so that it is at full capacity. Insert sufficient padding materials such as packing paper, bubble wrap, newspapers and all types of clothing to fill in any available empty spaces in the boxes.


  • Heavier items that are going into storage should go into smaller boxes while lighter things should be packed into larger packing boxes.


  • Don’t make storage containers heavier than you can lift and carry comfortably and safely.


Pack furniture first


Your best bet to maximize storage space when packing furniture is to get all your furniture pieces into the self-storage unit first. Any armoires, chests of drawers, desks, disassembled beds, mattresses, tables, chairs, etc. should be placed in the rear part of the storage unit, placed firmly against the wall. This way, you can use the furniture as a foundation for stacking and get unobstructed access to all of your belongings. Make sure all of your furniture pieces are correctly wrapped in moving blankets and wrapped up in stretch tape to keep possible dust and moisture away.


Organize your storage unit


In most cases, to pack a storage unit efficiently means to pack it safely. If packing safety is compromised, then true packing efficiency can never be achieved. The following tips for packing a storage unit have been specially selected to provide unmatched organization and safety inside your storage container. Group all your things regarding stackability. Cardboard boxes full of books can be a good stacking foundation while containers full of fragile things shouldn’t have anything placed on top of them.

All your things placed in storage should be organized tightly and compactly so that the space in the storage unit can be used in the best possible way. The items you think you will need to access the most should be packed near the front of the storage unit.

Store only dry items inside the unit as even slightly wet boxes or household things could cause severe damage when stored for a prolonged period due to possible mold growth.

Knowing how to pack things in your storage unit is all about thinking a few steps ahead – think about the next time you will need to retrieve an item. make sure you leave a walkable path through the middle of your storage unit unless you plan to take out all of your things the next time you need to get to an item at the back.


Items you should not pack


Remember that you aren’t allowed to store hazardous or perishable things in your storage unit, so just do not do it. Anything that is flammable, explosive or corrosive is forbidden for storage, as are any items that will degrade over time and could produce or release fumes or odors.


We hope that these tips prove useful to you as you use your storage items. We are here to give you more tips and advice on packing. If you have any questions about our moving services contact our representatives at Flat Price Movers and Auto Transport who will be happy to provide you with all the assistance, you may need.