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      If you’re about to move and need assistance with handling all of your belongings, Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving crew is all you need. Our Washington movers can help you with various long-distance moving services. Our long-distance moving company can offer you help during every step of the relocation process, so everything is less stressful and easier for you. Find out all the details about our offer and all the things our long-distance movers in Washington State can do for you in the lines below.

      Long Distance Moving Services Our Washington Movers Provide Might Be a Perfect Solution for You

      Planning and organizing a move isn’t a simple process, but it can be much easier with the right assistance. Luckily, Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving crew is trained and well-equipped. Our team of long-distance movers is always ready to jump in and help. With our cross-country moving services, all of your belongings can be at your new address in no time. All you need to do is contact our customer service and provide us with the list of items you want us to handle.

      We can disassemble large furniture pieces, prepare and protect them for transportation in a specialized truck, and reassemble everything back once we deliver them to your new house or apartment. We can also take care of some appliances and different types of household belongings that don’t fit standard boxes – that means that within our basic moving service, you also get some professional packing without any extra charges.

      Male movers carrying shelving unit into new house

      Leave the Packing to Our Experienced Team

      If you have many fragile or expensive possessions, you must be worried about the packing process. You’re probably not sure what types of materials you’ll need to protect them, what size and type of boxes and containers you should get, and so on. Not to mention that the whole process can last for days and be very time-consuming and stressful.

      If you’re new to this and have no idea how to handle everything, there is no need to worry. Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving can assist you with this part of the process as well. We will bring quality packing supplies and specialized equipment that will make the whole process quicker and more efficient. Our team of experienced packers packs all sorts of things on a daily level, from bulky to fragile objects, and they know how to ensure maximum protection so nothing gets broken.

      Use Partial Packing Offered By Our Professional Movers in WA

      A partial packing service is the one available option for those who want our packers to pack one part of their inventory. This option includes up to 15 cardboard boxes, so it is a suitable choice for minimalists or those who want to pack some stuff on their own. We just need a detailed list of your belongings, and everything else will be taken care of.

      Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving

      Full Packing Service Is Also Provided by Our Movers in Washington

      If you have a lot of belongings and you want our cross-country movers to pack them all, you’ll need to request a full service. This option is more expensive than the first one, but it covers everything in your house – from TVs to furniture and clothes. Everything you want us to pack and protect will be carefully wrapped in quality materials and prepared for safe transport.

      Custom Crating Is Recommended for Fragiles and Antiques of Higher Value

      If your valuable possessions include some antique objects that require special protection, this can be handled as well. Custom creating is ideal for this. Unlike some other companies, we can offer you custom-made crates of thick and quality materials that will ensure your possessions are protected from any kind of damage during transportation in a relocation truck.

      Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving Also Offer Car Shipping

      Now that you know how we can handle your household belongings, it is good to know that we can also take care of your vehicle and transport it across the country. Let’s face it, driving a car for hours might not be the most convenient way to relocate. This is why getting our car shipping service can be more than helpful. We can protect and transport your vehicle to the desired location in a timely manner.


      a moving truck shipping cars on an open trailer

      Choose the Best Transportation Option – Opened or Enclosed Trailer

      When it comes to car transportation, you have two available types of trailers our company provides. Transportation in an enclosed trailer is good if you don’t mind your vehicle staying exposed to some outdoor factors such as rain or heat. Your vehicle won’t be covered, so these factors could still affect it during transportation but in the same way as if you were driving them on your own.



      The other option is transportation in an enclosed trailer. This is a pricier choice, but your vehicle will be fully covered and protected from any outdoor factors. This is an ideal choice if your vehicle is expensive and you want to ensure it gets maximum protection.

      You Can Also Choose Between Two Pickup and Delivery Options

      For pickup and delivery, you also get to choose from two available options. The first one is terminal-to-terminal relocation. If you pick this option, you’ll need to drive your vehicle to a designated terminal closest to your town, and our team will pick it up there and transport it to the terminal nearest to your future home, from where you can pick it up.

      The second option is door-to-door, which might be pricer, but it is much more convenient. Our team of long-distance movers with plenty of experience in this area will pick up your vehicle at your old home address and deliver it to the new one. In case we can’t access the client’s home, we will leave the vehicle at the nearest parking lot.

      With Us, You Get 30 Days of Free Storage

      If you have a lot of objects that won’t fit into your new place and don’t know what to do with them, getting storage services might be a solution. We can keep your belongings in our storage for 30 days – completely free and without any strings attached. All of our units are under camera surveillance, so everything will be secure and protected 24/7.

      Our units are also climate-controlled, meaning that your belongings will be kept at an optimal temperature. This will keep them in good condition no matter how long you decide to keep them there. We can offer you to keep your stuff in our units for 30 days completely free. After that, if you want to extend the use of storage, keep in mind that we charge daily.

      Pile of boxes ready to be stored

      Moving Insurance Will Keep You in Peace

      Relocations are often unpredictable, and accidents may occur at any moment, no matter how careful you are. This is why you should think this through and consider getting moving insurance. Luckily, our company can offer you convenient solutions for this as well. Mandatory Liability Coverage is already included in our basic service, but this type of insurance only covers 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

      The second option is to get a full-value replacement. With this type of insurance, all of your belongings packed by our crew are fully covered. In case anything unexpected happens and things get broken or damaged during transportation in a relocation truck, you’ll get a full-value replacement for damaged goods. The price of this type of insurance depends on your moving inventory list.

      Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving

      With Us, Your Car Is Insured Too

      If you opted for an open trailer, know that your vehicle is covered with up to $100,000 in case of any external damage. Cars transported in enclosed trailers are covered with up to $500,000. Although such accidents are rare, we prefer to have all vehicles insured.

      Living in One of the Highest Rated Metropolitan Areas in the US Opens up Many Opportunities

      According to reviews, Washington is ranked as the fourth-best place to live among metropolitan areas in the US, based on factors such as quality of living, job opportunities, and affordability. This place is home to about 700,000 residents and is one of the most beautiful cities to call home.

      If you wonder if this city is the right place for you and your family, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. One of the biggest advantages is its rich history and background. It is home to 160 monuments and memorials and over 70 museums and galleries. No matter if you’re a history buff or an enthusiast, you’ll love it here.

      Cost of Living Is Reasonable

      Living in Washington is not very cheap, but it’s definitely worth the price if you consider all the advantages, especially incomes that are also higher than in most of the other areas. According to reviews, renting a one-bedroom apartment in a central location will cost you about $2,100 per month, on average. On the other hand, if you go a bit further, you’ll get the same size place for around $500 less.

      Estimated monthly costs for a family of four without rent are about $4,000, according to Numbeo. Basic monthly utilities for a middle-sized apartment can cost you about $150, and the regular monthly pass for public transportation is $102.

      You’ll Never Get Bored in This City

      This place offers numerous amenities, so it’s hard that you’ll ever get bored if you start living here. It is considered one of the best cities for millennials, and they make up about 23% of the population, attracted by many events and job opportunities this place has to offer.

      The public transportation here is amazing – second-most efficient in the states to be precise, plus it is the third most bike-friendly city in the world. It is a very vivid, diverse, and ideal place to meet people of different cultures, nations, and professions. With a stable and growing job market, you can easily find a job even before relocating.

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      We Can Also Help You Move Out of the City

      In case you want to move out of the city, we can offer you our timely assistance as well. The procedure is the same – you’ll need to consider available options, choose suitable dates and provide us with the inventory list. Everything else is our concern. You can feel completely comfortable knowing all of your belongings are in safe hands, and everything will be handled with great care.

      You Can Also Request a Free Quote From Our Long Distance Moving Company

      If you’re curious about the potential price of our assistance and can’t make up your mind before knowing how much money you’re going to need for the whole process, our company can offer you a free quote. By getting a free quote on our website or by calling our customer service, you’ll know the approximate price of the service you’re interested in. Once you calculate all the potential expenses, you can make the final choice that’s suitable for your budget. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

      Why Choose Us?

      We are Professional

      Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping is home to some of the best professional movers in the business. They are experts in their fields of work, which include car shipping, residential and corporate relocations, packing, storage, and so on. They have all had training in the minutest details of their work, so you can rest assured that your relocation will be handled professionally.

      We are Country-Wide

      Our car shipping networks cover all major cities in the country, as well as a number of other locations. Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Florida, Indiana… Regardless of where you are and where you want to go, we will gladly ship your car and/or your household belongings. Check out the ‘Cities Served’ section on our website for a more comprehensive list of locations we cover.

      We are Reliable

      Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping employs a unique and convenient pricing system that is unlike anything other companies use. This basically means that the price we offer is what you pay. There will be no extra charges, no “unexpected” expenses, or additional costs. Feel free to contact our customer service and ask for the price of your relocation or car shipment.

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