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Your Moving Guide to the Best Suburbs of Los Angeles

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      Did you know that the LA metropolitan area is the second-largest of its kind in the US, with more than 13 million residents? If you want to become an Angeleno, but big, urban areas are not your cup of tea, suburbs of Los Angeles might be the answer you are looking for.

      area view of LA
      LA has a lot to offer to newcomers

      When moving to Los Angeles, you will be staying in a place with over 200,000 small businesses and the highest number of women-owned companies. Not only that, but this is also an entrepreneur paradise. With more than 220 theaters, 105 museums, and 16 beautiful gardens, it is a great spot to enjoy art and culture. As you can see, this is the city of opportunities, and that’s why relocating there would be a smart move for every person, no matter the age, financial situation, or specific lifestyle.

      What Are the Best Suburbs of Los Angeles in 2020 – Know How to Pick the Right One

      Looking for a place to call home can be a long and excruciating process. It entails a lot of thinking, planning, and researching. That’s why, if you hire a professional long-distance moving company to handle your packing and relocation, you will have more time to commit to the search for the perfect neighborhood.

      The main question is – what makes one place better than the other? Your lifestyle will affect your final choice to a great extent. A career chaser who’s moving to Los Angeles alone will more likely look for a spot close to work and with numerous entertainment options. At the same time, those relocating with family will emphasize finding a location within a good school district.

      We made a list of the best suburbs in LA based on crime rates, housing costs, and vicinity to Downtown.


      Topics Considered in Our Methodology: Safety, Affordability, and Location

      Moving to California means you won’t be living in the cheapest state in the US, and that’s why every dollar saved up is a win. Finding an affordable spot to settle down in will be the way to go for many future Angelenos. Researching housing prices and the median rent is a mandatory step.

      According to a nonprofit think tank, the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), violent crime rates remain at a low point, and property crime rates are in decline. Just to be sure how safe a new neighborhood is, use websites like AreaVibes, CrimeReports, Nextdoor, Family Watchdog, and ADT Go.

      The location can be a deal-breaker for many people. Outdoor enthusiasts will look for a place close to big, open, green spaces, while those who love fine dining and flashy night clubs will search for a spot closer to Downtown LA. Finding a location that can cater to all of your needs and desires will make your life that much easier.

      What Cities Are an Hour Away From Los Angeles?

      You know that LA is the largest metropolis in the state of California. Its vast job, education, and entertainment opportunities attract many people from all over the world. Nevertheless, if you are not used to living in an urban jungle, and you don’t want to live in the suburbs, check out some cities that are just an hour away from LA. According to the website WithinHours, these locations are just a short ride away from the metropolis:

      • Rialto – 59 minutes
      • Grand Terrace – 58 minutes
      • Riverside – 58 minutes
      • Laguna Beach – 58 minutes
      • Silverado – 58 minutes
      • Malibu – 57 minutes
      • San Juan Capistrano – 57 minutes
      • Colton – 57 minutes
      • Camarillo – 56 minutes
      • Foothill Ranch – 56 minutes

      No matter which one you choose, remember that LA is served by an extensive network of freeways and highways that connects it with other nearby cities and communities.

      Cities That Are an Hour Away From Los Angeles
      There are more than a few places you can stay in, that are in a vicinity of LA.

      Santa Monica Is One of the Best Suburbs of Los Angeles for Young Professionals

      Gorgeous views, more than one beach, a world-famous pier, and tons of attractions have earned Santa Monica a spot among the top-rated places in LA.

      This is the birthplace of fusion cuisine and home to some of the best restaurants in the metropolis. When considering living in Los Angeles, why not choose a spot that has, on average, 310 sunny days per year? All you have to do is hire Santa Monica professional long-distance movers to lend you a helping hand with the stuff, while you are looking forward to spending a day at the beach.

      This location is one of the best places to live in Los Angeles for singles and young professionals, not only because of its gorgeous views but also because of a wide range of employment opportunities.

      You Can Easily Connect With Other People in the Corporate World

      Have you wondered how to get a job before you move? Use the internet and connect with people in the corporate world, because settling down in Santa Monica would bring many employment opportunities. Network and search for the perfect job and your efforts will pay off. While you are online, you can even join an online SMYP community, meet neighbors, and make meaningful connections.

      After all, this is a hotspot for many prominent enterprises like Hulu, Lionsgate Films, Miramax, Atlantic Aviation, VCA Animal Hospital, and others. Game developers flock to the area because of several game developing studios:

      • Cloud Imperium Games
      • Riot Games
      • Activision Blizzard
      • PUBG Corporation
      • Naughty Dog
      • Treyarch

      Top employers include UCLA Medical Center, Saint John’s Health Center, RAND Corporation, and Universal Music Group. With a variety of enterprises and job opportunities in different fields, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many young professionals pick this spot to settle down.

      Game developing studios in Santa Monica
      You might not be in Hollywood, but there are plenty of movie-related enterprises.

      West Hills Is One of the Most Affordable Suburbs of Los Angeles

      Once you hire professional LA movers to help you with the relocation, you will be one step closer to your dream place. Put in the effort to find the most affordable place to call home because housing plays a significant role when it comes to the cost of living in Los Angeles.

      According to data from the website Niche, West Hills is one of the most affordable spots in LA when it comes to housing. Around 85% of residents own their homes, and the median home price is approximately $620,000.

      Those who are not homeowners can also find affordable places to rent: renters are expected to pay the median rent of $2,600 for their accommodation. The price varies depending on the size, so logically, renting a one-bedroom apartment will be cheaper than a two-bedroom one. Besides the reasonable prices of homes, West Hills is the place where you can partake in various activities while enjoying nature.

      You Can Enjoy Many Outdoor Activities in West Hills

      Did you know that three ranches and an estate in West Hills have been recognized as LA Historic-Cultural Monument? The location has plenty to offer to outdoor enthusiasts. Besides huge open spaces, there are neighborhood parks with sports courts, play areas, fields, and community rooms.

      Take full advantage of the warm weather and check out Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center, stroll, explore community gardens, and special event facilities. Also, Shadow Ranch Park can be an excellent spot for you to shoot some hoops, play baseball, or have a picnic with friends.

      Besides protected ranches, West Hills have vast, open green spaces ideal for hiking, running, biking, and horse riding:

      • Roscoe/Valley Circle Park is ideal for panoramic views of the city
      • Bell Canyon Park has a botanical garden and a creek you can check out
      • El Escorpion Park is perfect for hiking and enjoying sunny days outside

      If you just want to get out of your home and clear your head, there are more than a few neighborhood parks where you can sit on a bench and just enjoy the breeze.

      Happy family silhouette in the water
      No matter the day, if you want to, you can partake in outdoor adventures.

      San Gabriel Valley Is One of the Most Ethnically Diverse Regions in the US

      If you want to live in a real melting pot community, you should settle down in San Gabriel Valley, one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the country.

      With a population of over a million and a half people, residents come from various ethnic backgrounds. You can find Hispanics, Asian Americans, African Americans, Filipinos, and Native Americans. Besides, did you know that San Gabriel Valley has the largest concentration of Asian Americans in the US? They are a dominant cultural force, present in several business districts. With a strong cultural influence, this is a community ideal for people who like foreign, unexplored art, music, and cuisine.

      Due to a significant influence of Asian culture, there are plenty of restaurants that serve specialties from China, Japan, and India. Check out Kang Kang Food Court and have some typical Chinese dishes. Golden Deli is for all the foodies who love Vietnamese food, while Sea Harbour can dazzle you with a unique take on seafood. Also, those with a sweet tooth will enjoy Huge Tree Pastry and their breakfast and brunch options.

      You might think that moving to suburbs will make you lead an uneventful life, but the San Gabriel Valley has entertainment options that keep residents on their toes all through the year. The region is home to the Tournament of Roses Parade held every year, and a Rose Bowl game that is a match between two rival college football teams. Also, there are more than a few movie and play theaters, as well as art houses, but when you feel like changing the scenery, just hop in your car and head Downtown.

      It’s Well-Connected With the Rest of LA County

      LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Foothill Transit serves every part of the location. There are bus lines and Metro Gold Line that connect the community with Downtown LA. If you decide to ship your car, you can use one of the major freeways to get to your desired location:

      • The Orange Freeway
      • The Pomona Freeway
      • The Long Beach Freeway
      • The Foothill Freeway
      • The San Gabriel River Freeway
      • The San Bernardino
      • The Pasadena Freeway
      • The Ventura Freeway

      Also, when it comes to flying, San Gabriel Valley Airport and Brackett Field are used for general aviation. Commercial traffic is covered by the five major airports: LAX, Hollywood Burbank Airport, Ontario International, Long Beach, and John Wayne Airport.

      highway in los angeles
      City center is just a short drive away from your location.

      Glendale Is One of the Safest Locations

      People who choose to live in Glendale know that this is one of the safest locations in LA, and the statistics can back that up.

      According to the website AreaVibes, the overall crime rates are 49% lower than the national average. Also, the location is safer than 68% of the places in California. The poll results show that residents feel safe walking alone, and they say there is very little crime in the area.

      Glendale is a very popular spot to settle down in, and that can be seen in the growing population situation: around 192,000 residents live here, but according to the Demographic and Growth Forecast report, it is expected that the population will have reached around 214,000 by 2040. This growing trend is supported by excellent living conditions that entail good schools for kids, high median household income, and a variety of entertainment options.

      Spend Your Free Time in Nearby Parks

      Located in the south part of California, Glendale has hot summers and mild winters, making the area perfect for year-round outdoor activities. If you are moving with pets, they will have plenty of open spaces to run around in nearly 50 public parks.

      With Deukmejian Wilderness Park in the north, you will have a place to explore secluded woodlands, have picnics, and jog. Also, there is a Cerritos Park in the south that can be a great spot to take your kids to play. Little things like a jog in the morning can really make your day, and in Glendale, you can be sure that the streets are safe enough.

      Embrace Living in a Place Where Movies Meet Reality

      Essayist D.J. Waldie once said, “we are all citizens of Los Angeles because we have seen so many movies,” and he might be right. We have all seen the Hollywood sign one way or another, as well as ocean views, skaters rolling around, and rooftop parties. Nevertheless, to be a true local, you have to embrace more than the life seen in movies. This is a city of culture recognized all over the world. A city of big industries and celebrities, beaches, and clubs, but also a city of ordinary people chasing their dreams. Allow yourself to be one of them, and you’ll never regret relocating.

      Palm trees
      LA is a place where dreams come true

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