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6 Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix Arizona to Move to in 2020

March 24, 2020
Posted in City Guides / By Blake Shaw

Figuring out what the best neighborhoods in Phoenix are shouldn’t be that hard. After all, this is the fifth most populous city in the US, and surely it can offer its future residents plenty of great reasons to settle down. Besides 334 days of sunshine a year and a vital, high-tech oriented economy, you will get to stay in a golf and foodie paradise. Curiously, this is also the only state capital with more than a million inhabitants, and it represents the true cultural and economic hub of Arizona.

Phoenix area view
The metropolis will leave you speechless

Moving to Phoenix will be an adventure for sure. From a variety of year-round outdoor activities to shopping malls and art centers, your days will never be dull in Arizona capital. Nevertheless, before you relocate, go over crime rates, housing, accessibility, quality of schools and universities, and entertainment options in the area you’re interested in. Proper research will give you an insight into every spot and its uniqueness, making it easier for you to pick the perfect one.

What Are the Qualities of the Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix, Arizona?

Did you know that, since 1979, the city has been divided into urban villages? Each of them works with the city planning commission to ensure the development of housing and employment options. Overall, there are 15 urban villages, but there are also areas commonly known as districts and regions.

Before you decide whether to pull off a DIY move or hire Phoenix movers with professional moving services, you should find a place that will fit your lifestyle, especially if you are moving from a small town to a big city. And what are the qualities that one location should have for you to choose it over some other? Is it a short commute time to your new office? The proximity of educational institutions? Low housing prices or low crime rates? No matter what you are looking for, do your research, and you won’t be disappointed with the final result, which is a happy and fulfilled life in a new home.


What Are the Safest Neighborhoods in Phoenix to Live In?

Whether you are relocating on your own or with family, you should always check the crime rates of your future location. If you are thinking about living in Phoenix, know that the number of total year-over-year crimes has decreased by 3%. If this fact is not enough to convince you to relocate, you should check out the safest neighborhoods according to the ranking and review site AreaVibes and pick one to call home.

Phoenix area view
Many factors go into figuring out the most suitable location in Arizona capital to settle down in.

Downtown Is the Main Business District

If you are a career-driven individual who doesn’t like long commutes but prefers to have their office nearby, you’ll probably pick the central spot of the metropolis to call home.

If you’re looking for a job (or relocating for one), know that the city’s biggest industries are real estate, financial service, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. Also, this is the home to four Fortune 500 companies – Avnet, Freeport-McMoRan, PetSmart, and Republic Services. That’s why, if you want to land a perfect employment opportunity, you should start looking for a job before you move and send out a few resumes.

Downtown is a major employment district with more than a few legal, financial, and other national and international enterprises. Here, you can find the headquarters of prominent banks such as JP Morgan Chase, US Bank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo.

Downtown is not all work and no play. Residents also get to enjoy museums, performing arts and sports venues, as well as restaurants, boutiques, and coffee shops. When you go over the cost of living in Phoenix, you will see right away that Downtown is not the most affordable place. Nevertheless, with the vast job offers, you can negotiate a high paycheck that will allow you to treat yourself to nice things once in a while and rent or buy a place you want.

Housing Guide: Apartments for Rent in the Heart of PHX

There are plenty of luxury high rises and apartment buildings in Downtown, and if you decide to settle down here, you might want to start apartment hunting even before you begin packing. The demand for rentals in the urban core is high, and the location is not the only reason. People flock here because of the diverse offer of historic and modern units across all price categories.

Phoenix high rise buildings
There are more than twenty-five high-rise buildings in the city's core.

Glendale Is Very Affordable

When you get bored with bright lights and the noise of the urban jungles, moving to suburbs seems like a fantastic solution, right? PHX has some excellent spots you can check out, but none is as affordable as Glendale. With a median home value of $170,000 and the cost of living 7% lower than the national average, this is the place for all who want to save some money.

Glendale has slightly higher unemployment rates, but it is slowly transforming into a regional economic hub, and it is well connected with the metropolis center via Wickenburg Highway. If you decide to ship your car, you will be a 20-minute drive away from the city’s central business hub.

There is no shortage of activities for residents of all age groups. No matter if you are moving with a family, elderly parents, or alone, rest assured that there will be something fun to do on your day off.

The Best Neighborhood for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Did you know that Glendale is famous for its parks and historic landmarks? If you enjoy being outside, you will absolutely love living here, especially with mild winters and hot summers. Enjoy the weather by having a picnic or exploring various trails – Glendale is a place made for outdoor enthusiasts.

If you are moving with your pets, they will have more than enough parks to run around and enjoy freedom. Check out Foothills, Skunk Creek Linear, and Thunderbird Conservation Parks and create some memories that will last for a lifetime.

Phoenix sunset
Glendale has vast green spaces perfect for everybody who loves the great outdoors.

Arcadia Is Rightfully One of the Best Places to Live in Phoenix

You should know that Arcadia is one of the most desirable spots in the whole metropolis. If you are wondering why, just take a walk and bask in historic citrus groves and leafy streets.

Besides the picture-perfect scenery, Arcadia is home to some of the best restaurants in Phoenix, and checking them out should be one of the first things to do after you unpack and set up your household. Head out to the famous dining spot called Chelsea’s Kitchen and treat yourself with some mouth-watering American comfort food.

Camelback Mountain is a prominent landmark in the vicinity of Arcadia, where residents can hike, enjoy nature, and bike. Make sure you don’t leave your bike in storage because Echo Canyon Recreation Area is just around the corner, and it would be a shame not to check it out.

Vast entertainment opportunities and flashy dining spots are not the only reason why this is one of the most popular places to settle down in. If you are relocating with kids, here you will find some of the top-rated schools in the metropolis. Besides, there is a rich offer of different properties that can fit every budget. From huge high-end houses with green front and back yards to mid-range charming homes in a ranch style, built in the 50s – you will surely find a property that you like and can afford.

Paradise Valley Village is One of the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Phoenix for All Age Groups

Would you like to stay in a lively residential area? Paradise Valley Village, also known as the “Beverly Hills of the Southwest,” is known for golf courses, indoor shopping plazas, bars, and pubs scattered all over the place.

This dense suburban area has more homeowners than renters, and if you want to buy a property, you should know that the median home value is $316,350, while rent is around $1,400. According to the data-collecting site Niche, residents say that this is a very walkable, safe, and quiet spot.

Paradise Valley Village has a great location, and that is one of the many reasons people choose to call it home. It is close enough to the center, and it’s connected with other areas via Piestewa Freeway and Pima Freeway, which are linked to Arizona State Route 101.

Residential diversity shows that Paradise Valley Village has plenty to offer no matter what age group you fit in, and that’s why it is one of the most popular neighborhoods. Consider it as your next residence, whether relocating on your own or with family.

Families Love Living Here

Did you know that almost 26% of residents are families with kids? A vicinity of top-rated schools, parks, and playgrounds make it ideal for parents who want their kids to have a small-town experience while living next to a metropolis.

Making friends here will be easy for you and your kids. Just go outside and meet new neighbors by inviting them out for a picnic or a golf match. With Country Club, Orange Tree Golf Club, and Lookout Mountain Preserve, you will always have a spot for fun sports activities.

a bridge in Phoenix during the sunset
Residents who love to play golf will enjoy living here.

North Mountain Is Less Expensive Than the Rest of the Metropolis

The metropolis is full of spots that cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. West of Paradise Valley Village, you can find another lovely spot perfect for all kinds of nature-related activitiesNorth Mountain. When you are done unpacking, put on some good shoes, head out to Mountain Park, and check out hiking trails. There are also additional health and fitness activities you can partake in, depending on your age and interests. Become a member of one of the fitness centers and gyms and dedicate yourself to achieving top physical form.

It is not all about being connected with nature. If you want to kick back and relax now and then, there are plenty of bars, pubs, and restaurants where you can do just that. When you’re up for spending some hard-earned money, stop by Metro Center Mall, which has over 100 retailers and a movie theater.

According to AreaVibes, living here will save you some money since it is 9% less expensive than the US average and 4% less costly than the rest of the metropolis. Also, with a median rent of $875, it is 8% cheaper than the rest of the US.

You might not be living in the center of it all, but the neighborhood is connected with the rest of the metropolis via Black Canyon Freeway and Piestewa Freeway. According to data from the website Trulia, 75% of residents state that parking is easy, and a car is a necessity.

Outdoor activities can keep you busy every day and everything is closeby.

Camelback East Is a Spot With Great Entertainment Opportunities

Living in Camelback East is as close to the city center as you can get without actually living there. It is an urban environment where 60% of residents rent their homes and where the rent is around $1,050. You will be able to buy or rent sizeable single-family ranch style homes or modern flats and townhomes. With household income higher than the national average, you will be able to afford dining out in fancy restaurants, sipping beer in bars, and enjoying other entertainment options.

The population is diverse, with a notable number of Hispanic residents, which can be seen in the overall vibe of the neighborhood. When you go out, there will be restaurants inspired by Hispanic cuisine, so be ready to have some tortillas and mojitos. Foodies can also enjoy some steaks, seafood, Mediterranean, and American comfort meals.

When Friday finally comes, put on your fancy clothes and go out. There will be high-end cocktail lounges to visit and night clubs to check out. If you are more of a low-key kind of person, there are pubs with pool tables where you can watch a game on a huge TV.

Camelback East is a perfect neighborhood for those who travel a lot. It is connected with the rest of the city via Red Mountain Freeway and Piestewa Freeway. Also, those who frequently travel to faraway locations will be happy to hear that one of the largest and busiest airports in the US, Sky Harbor International Airport is close by.

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