5 Best Cities for Education You Should Definitely Check Out

October 26, 2021 / Posted in City Guides
Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

If you are looking for the best cities for education in the US, you must already know that the list goes on and on. There are so many good possibilities and choices that it can be really hard to pick one. However, we have our top picks we want to share, so without further ado, let’s get into listing our top five favorite cities with the best schools to help you choose one to continue your academic career in.

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Picking one of the greatest US universities is not easy, but we'll guide you through it

Moving to One of the Best Cities for Education Is No Easy Task, But Somebody’s Gotta Do It

Don’t let anyone fool you: choosing where to continue your education is no easy task. You have to research towns, schools, programs, professors, apply for scholarships, get grants. Truly, it can be exhausting. And not to mention the actual part where you have to find cross country movers, move away from friends and family, and do it efficiently. However, pretty much everyone has to go through it.

Although it’s a lot of difficult decisions and hard work, there is a reason you are reading up on what to pack for college. It’s because what awaits you is a chapter of your life unlike any other. One dedicated to yourself and improvement of your knowledge. And that doesn’t go without some fun experiences and life-long friendships. All you have to do is find the perfect place to make up the context of your story. And we’ve prepared a list of the five greatest US cities with the best school systems to help you out. So, get ready to sneak a view into the following places:

  • Boston,
  • San Diego,
  • New York City,
  • Los Angeles,
  • Chicago.

#1 People Commonly Refer to Boston as the Athens of the US

As you know, Athens is the cradle of Western civilization, and due to plenty of great educational options, Boston is often referred to as the American version of it. And because of this well-deserved comparison, it had to find its place at the top of our list.

Many students decide on relocating to Boston not only because it is home to some of the most renowned universities but because there are also many unique things to do and a lot to experience. From Boston nightlife to walks in its cobbled streets, living in Beantown is truly wonderful, especially if you are a student.

Boston Hosts Some of the Greatest Public Universities Not Only in the Country But the World Too

For all those asking what US city has the best public schools, Boston seems to be the obvious answer. This is one of the reasons why more than 50,000 students move to one of Boston’s best neighborhoods annually. Some of these you’ve surely heard of, such as the University of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, or Bunker Hill, which is actually the largest college in the state.

And if you are set on obtaining your degree in a private uni, you will also have plenty of options, such as MIT, Harvard, and Northeastern. You might even decide to live in the city and study in nearby Cambridge. Whatever the decision might be, know that you won’t go wrong by picking Beantown as the place of your choice.

Boston in the snow
Although Boston can be cold, it will warm you up with all else it provides

#2 There Is No City Whose Schools Compare to That of the Fine San Diego

Moving to SD makes a lot of sense if you are an aspiring student. The city is known as America’s Finest for a reason, and that relates not only to the academic opportunities it provides but the quality of life there too. This is a great place for young people, as it is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, so you can enjoy the beach, as well as take up diving, swimming or other water activities.

Not to mention that it is known as a very safe place, so your parents shouldn’t have a problem letting you move out for the first time. So, don’t think that just because you’ll be packing all of your books, you won’t have time for social outings and hobbies. On the contrary, with some good organizational skills, you’ll be able to enjoy all the unique things the city offers on a daily basis.

There Are Plenty of Options for Institutions You Might Study at in SD

All America’s finest students shouldn’t think twice about studying in America’s finest city. There are over 200 institutions to choose from if you decide on living in San Diego, including research centers, private and public schools, and healthcare institutions that provide educational programs. Some of these include prestigious facilities like the University of California San Diego, which ranked as the 8th in the state, the 22nd in the entire US, and even ranks globally as the 34th. Others include the Design Institute of SD, SD State Uni, and the National Uni.

A beach in the sunset
Who doesn't love a good Cali sunset after long classes?

#3 Pulling a Few All-Nighters in New York Will Be Easier Since the City Never Sleeps

The Big Apple is one of the most magical places in the world, no doubt about it. It has everything a young person relocating to NYC alone might want from a place – from vivid nightlife to amazing museums, and of course, the best restaurants in the country. Not to mention world-renowned and Ivy League schools such as Columbia, Barnard, and NYU.

No matter what your area of expertise is, whether it’s art, humanities, or life science programs, you can rest assured that you’ll be studying under some of the greatest minds of today at institutions with the highest rankings. And when the exam period starts slowly approaching, you’ll surely feel relieved knowing you’re not the only one awake at 3 AM in the City that Never Sleeps.

Students Can Pick and Choose Over a Hundred Institutions for Higher Education to Study at

Are you wondering which city is No. 1 in education but can offer you a high quality of life while you are pursuing higher education? NYC has not only the third biggest public school system, provided by the City University of New York, but with the number of young people pursuing their degrees, it provides a social life to its residents no other place compares to.

So, when relocating to NYC, you are not just subscribing to a great education at one of its many institutions (240 to be exact), but also to making new friendships and having fresh experiences every day of the year.

Two girls looking over the buildings
Your NYC study buddies will become lifelong friends

#4 You’ll Surely Enjoy Los Angeles Weather After a Hard Study Day

Living in LA is truly an amazing experience. This international hub has great weather, wonderful people, and all the socializing you have time for after a long day in the library. Not to mention the coolest and most chill vibe you could wish for. If you decide to move here to study, you can be sure you’ll go back home not just with a worthy degree but great connections also. You can network in the entertainment industry or in Silicon Valley, which is right around the corner and is home to the biggest tech firms like Google, Apple, and Facebook.

Although Popular as a Business Hub, LA Has Great Research Centers With Stellar Rankings

Which city has the best education system, you might be asking? Well, the city of Angels is more than just a hub of entertainment that you can be sure of. There are 25 unis here that offer 518 study programs you can choose from, and all of them have amazing rankings. The most prestigious one of them is the University of Southern California, which ranks 19th in the nation, and let’s not forget about the University of California, LA, which ranks 15th in the world.

And while we’re making a list, we shouldn’t exclude Caltech, which has a global ranking in 6th place. And once you’re done with your study day in one of the research centers with a high ranking, you can continue to enjoy the mesmerizing nature all around. If you need to envision what a week in your life as an LA student might look like, we recommend checking out the following video to gain some insight:

#5 The Windy City Stores Some of the Country’s Greatest Educational Institutions

Did you know that Chicago is one of the cities with the best public schools? Actually, there are three public Unis you’ll find in Chicago, all part of the Illinois State University System. The biggest one is the Uni of Illinois at Chicago, which has a stellar reputation and ranked 6th in the nation and 9th in the world!

Northwestern is another favorite amongst people who decide to move to Chicago for their degree. Additionally, there are seven public colleges here, at which over a million people studied over the last one hundred years. So, if you are looking to avoid all the economic constraints that come with studying at a private institution, Chicago might be the place to look into more.

Chicago Has One of the Highest Grad Employment Percentages

If you plan on living in Chicago, you might want to look into its best neighborhoods for young professionals because if all goes well, you might end up staying here for a bit longer than you may have initially thought. That’s because Chi-town has some of the lowest unemployment rates when it comes to people who hold a degree. The numbers show that the yearly percentage of unemployed grads doesn’t exceed 3,2%.

That being said, these entry-level positions for people with less than a year of experience also pay well, with the average yearly salary going for about $52,629. So, other than looking at Chi Unis and colleges, we recommend glancing at the largest employers in the city as well, because who knows – one of them might turn out to be your boss.

A busy Chicago street
Watch out, because once you get to Chicago, you may not want to leave

Get the Right Assistance on Time Before the School Year Starts

Now that you have a rough idea of where you could continue your academic journey, it might be time to find a long-distance moving company to help you with cross-country moving. Many of your friends will probably be in the same situation and too busy packing their own books, so you shouldn’t turn your going-away party into a packing one.

Long-distance moving services, which include both packing assistance as well as storage service, could make the nightmare of relocation a breeze. When you have someone doing all that heavy lifting, which includes getting an auto transport company to ship your vehicle, you can focus on other more important things – like your program or that freshman party.

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