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How To Pack Books For The Move

November 6, 2017

A lot of people have their libraries at home, and when you move, you need to pack the books as well. Books are not fragile, like glass and people usually just put them in the boxes, and they forget to label the boxes, which might be a problem when you start unpacking. Packing books is probably not your biggest concern, but there are some tips which can help you do that.

a couple packing up books
There are a few ways you can pack up your beloved books

Do you want to bring them all?

Think about this – one book is not particularly heavy, but put ten books in one box and immediately increases the weight of your possessions, which affects the price of the relocation with the moving company. If there are some books you don’t want to bring, then don’t. Of course, you will not leave your favorite ones as well as the gifts from close friends and family.

Group the books

Take the books off your shelves and sort them out into two piles – the ones you plan to take and the ones you want to leave behind. You can do various things with the books you plan to leave behind. For instance, you can give them to your friends or donate them to charities. Moreover, visit libraries and schools, because they might need them. Those books that are heavily damaged is best to recycle.

Get packing supplies

Books don’t require any special materials to protect them during the delivery, which is why they are easy to deal with. Just get the strong cardboard boxes, but also use the newspapers to fill out empty space in the box. Separate the books from the rest of the items and label the boxes once they are packed.

Several ways of packing books

There are several ways of packing books, and you cannot be wrong, but as you are going to see, some ways are better than the others. For instance, the open parts of the books should face the box sides, as they stand upright as if they are on the shelves. The alternative way is to lay them down flat, but if you do that, place the heavier ones first, the smaller and lighter on the top. Moreover, you can put the spines down, but we suggest you avoid this way of packing books because it can damage the bindings. It is up to you to choose the method you like the most.

Safety First

Even though books are simple items to pack, you need to have safety in mind. Each of your boxes with books should be under 40 pounds. It is always better to have several small boxes than the one large. Whatever you do, pack the heaviest books on the bottom of the box and be careful when you are taking the box out of your home. They are heavier than you believe!

Are you ready to apply these rules and pack your books? If you are still looking for a reliable long distance moving company, call Flat Price Moving and Auto Transport today!

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