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September 18, 2019 / Posted in How-to
Anastasia Hill

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If you are an avid book reader, and you are about to relocate, then you’re probably wondering what is the best way for packing books when moving. Moving books is one of the most challenging relocations tasks, especially if you happen to have some antique or rare editions. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks on how to pack books for moving so that they reach your new home without a single page missing from any precious book you own.

You can bring all of your favorite stories along the way

Finding the Best Way For Packing Books When Moving – Start by Sorting into Categories, Then Comes Donating or Selling

Whether your move is a local or long-distance one, you want to consider what you really need in your new place. Do you really need every book you own? Changing the address can be an excellent opportunity for sorting your editions and finally deciding what is worth keeping.

One more reason to make a selection is related to moving costs since moving companies generally charge by the weight of the packages they are shipping. Identify the books that will probably never be read again, label them and make a list, and then try to find another owner for them by selling or donating them. You could also give the excess for free to your friends and family. Books can be a way of saying goodbye to friends when you relocate, also the fewer things you have the faster you will be unpacking after a move.

neatly stacked books on the table
We don’t mean sorting by genre, but sorting by the type of cover and value of the editions.

First Step – Choose the Adequate Boxes

After you’ve chosen what editions you will keep, you would want to borrow or buy small and medium-sized boxes. They have to be firm and dry to protect your hardcovers and paperbacks from damage. Whatever you prefer, make sure that the bottom is durable and stable, and tape it properly.

Fantastic Tip – Use Small Boxes for Packing for Packing Books When Moving

One of the best tips when packing books for moving is to place them in smaller boxes. The smaller they are, the more weight they can hold. Find a small, sturdy box to keep your editions protected and manageable. You should adequately distribute their weight by packing equally-sized volumes. 

The smaller they are, the more weight they can hold. Find a small, sturdy box for packing to keep each book protected and manageable. You should adequately distribute their weight by packing equally-sized volumes in an appropriately sized box.
In case you possess plenty of books, the better option would be to pack them in
suitcases with wheels. But if you prefer boxes, don’t overfill them, tape the bottom inside and outside, especially if you fill them with some heavy editions. There are a few ways to save on your packaging materials if you buy used one or even find it for free. There are also many padding materials laying around your house, and hey, they are free too.

books on the white table
When you move for the first time you need to prepare everything.

Secure the Box – the Crucial Step in the Packing Process

If there are gaps left after packing in the box, fill the empty spaces with a soft, cushioning material. You can use wadded-up paper, old clothes, towels, sheets or newspapers. Make sure you reinforce the bottom with a double layer of tape. In case you are using a recycled box, always tape the bottom three times to make sure it will remain compact. 

One of the most useful tips is to deal with your paper items early in the packing process. That will motivate you to handle them with care and give you enough time to find secure and adequate boxes or crates. And don’t forget to label them so that movers know which items to handle with proper care.


How to Pack Hardcover Books for Move with a Few Fantastic Tips

Since hardcovers are usually more expensive than paperbacks, you should pack them for transport carefully and thoughtfully, here are a few tips to help you pack every type:

  • Hardcovers of moderate value – wrap each one in packing paper before putting it in a box, keep in mind that they are heavy, so don’t stack too many of them in packaging.
  • Luxurious hardcovers – wrap them in packing paper, place in a well-padded box and then pack them with stiff cardboard placed between each volume. That will prevent any movement or tumbling. Although it may take you a long time to do that, it is worth it.
  • Low-cost hardcovers – you can stack each book horizontally
many books on the shelve
Hardcovers are usually more valuable than paperbacks and require individual wrapping.

How to Pack Paperbacks

In this case, your main goal is to prevent any damage and missing pages. One of the best tips we can give you is that paperbacks should be packed with paper edges facing up to prevent warping and bending. Put the heavy ones on the bottom of the packaging and lighter ones on top.

Store the Books

If you need to store editions in storage for a while before transporting them to your home, make sure to get a storage unit that is dry and cool.

Save Your Precious Book with Proper Storage

There are different types of climate-controlled storage units that are perfect for storing all kinds of books. Proper circulation of dry air is a requirement if you need professional storage for your paper possessions. If you need long-term storage, then consider storing in plastic bins. They offer ideal protection from sunlight and rodents.

You could also wrap the bins with some plastic wrap to secure the maximal isolation. You should label the things from your house you store so you don’t have to go through all the bins to find what you want to take out.

Pack to Protect

You should know that humidity and pests are the greatest enemies of everything made of paper, especially the items stored for an extended period of time. In case you choose the services of a moving company, your editions will be placed in a container. If it’s a shared one, probably your cartons will be at the bottom. That means you should protect your things when you are packing them by filling the free space between them in the box with padding material.

stacked books
Humidity may be the worst enemy of your prints, so make sure you get the right packing materials whenmoving out of a state on a budget.

Load the Truck, Van or Trailer

When you load book packages into a moving truck, the most reasonable place for them should be the floor of the vehicle. If you followed our tips, then you know that smaller cardboards will do the job perfectly. These boxes could be additionally secured by other packed items and larger boxes in the van, but don’t forget to label what are the contents inside.

Relocation of Books Needs to Be Safe

You should consider the bumps and curves along the way, as well as frequent speed changes. That’s why you should stack the packed boxes only if you can properly secure them to avoid tipping or moving. It will be a real disaster if a box falls over since the hardcovers are really heavy and can do a lot of damage to other things in the truck, especially fragile ones.

books by the window during the day
The best way to ensure your, and the safety of your belongings is to be methodical and not to rush things.

Consider Hiring Professionals and Avoid Any Damage

Of course, you can always hire professional movers to help you relocate your home and all your belongings. Choose a company with top-notch packing services and a team of professionals that can adequately prepare your books for transport. 

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