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Boston Nightlife – The Ultimate Guide for Newcomers

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      Boston nightlife is pretty exciting with plenty of cool spots that offer something for everyone. Many residents of Massachusetts capital city couldn’t be called night owls, but for those who are, this place doesn’t lack after-hours parties. Moving to Boston from another part of the US means that you can expect plenty of after-dark fun, from concert venues, bars, restaurants, theaters, and museums, to clubs.

      people dancing in the club
      If you have settled in Boston, rest assured that there are plenty of nightspots that can satisfy your needs.

      If you are moving out for the first time and have decided to settle in this place, be sure that your nighttime preferences can be fulfilled entirely. With our ultimate guide on Boston nightlife ventures, we are here to answer your question – Where can I go at night in Boston? Keep reading to discover which entertainment spots can satisfy your lifestyle and needs.


      Does Boston Have Good Nightlife?

      Nightlife in Boston MA has something for every type of crowd. Various entertainment venues will leave you breathless with their exciting nighttime options. For those who want to loosen up on a dancefloor, there is the extremely popular Tunnel. If you love cocktails, you can go to a fantastic Drink and watch bartenders putting on quite a show while mixing your drink.

      Some hotels have excellent bars as well. Bond and Oak Long Bar and Kitchen are pretty popular spots after the sun goes down. There are even things to do in Boston with kids in the evening, such as Legal Harborside that serves excellent seafood and is a perfect dining place. Apart from the superb menu and cocktail drinks, Legal Harborside offers a breathtaking view from their rooftop bar.

      We will soon get on to many more venues, but as you can see from this shorter listing, the nightlife in Boston is almost flawless. We say almost because there is one downside. All places and nighttime events close pretty early compared to other bigger cities. Most of them are closing around 2 am, while restaurants serve the last meal long before that. However, they still offer a fantastic experience and guarantee that you won’t regret settling in this place.

      What Part of Boston Has the Best Nightlife?

      If you are in a situation of last-minute moving, you probably won’t have time to do detailed research on the best neighborhoods in Boston and what they can offer in terms of a nighttime scene. But, we got you covered. If you want to live closer to the most fabulous after-hours venues, consider moving into these Boston’s areas:

      • North End is a neighborhood that offers plenty of great restaurants and popular bars; some of Boston’s best bars can be found near Faneuil Hall
      • The Theater District offers great nighttime clubs and dancing
      • Run down the Boylston Street in Back Bay neighborhood if you are into casual bar hopping
      • Allston neighborhood is excellent if you want to go out and dance alongside BU students
      • The neighborhood of Chinatown offers fantastic Bijou nightclub
      • In the South End neighborhood, you can find the best restaurants in Boston
      • Harvard Square is a fantastic area for excellent nighttime
      • Downtown doesn’t have many nightclubs but can offer some pretty lovely places for hanging out in the evenings, such as Hawthorne and Howl at the Moon.
      cafe in street
      You will find the coolest spots in Back Bay's Boylston Street.

      How to Experience Nightlife While Living in the Suburbs

      The cost of living in Boston can be overwhelming for some, who might opt for moving from apartment to house and settle down in more affordable areas. If you are among them, don’t worry about moving to a nearby town or choosing some suburbs of Boston, because you’ll still be able to experience the best nightlife in Boston.

      Driving from neighboring cities will take around 50 minutes, while commuting is even quicker from Boston’s suburbs. Just be sure to arrange auto transport services, and you’ll see that moving to the suburbs doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun during nighttime.

      Row of red brick terraced houses
      Don't worry if you have settled in the suburbs because a quick commute enables you to catch Boston's trendiest nightspots.

      Downtown Boston Nightlife Guarantee an Unforgettable Night Out

      If you are moving from a small town to a big city like this one, you’ll be pretty stunned by the Downtown Boston nightlife. We have assembled a list of great entertainment venues that the Boston’s center can offer:

      • The downtown area doesn’t have many nightclubs, but it has a famous Tunnel, which was already mentioned. This is a perfect underground place with a large dance floor. Walls are covered with LED strings of lights and are complementing DJs’ rhythms.
      • Good Life is such a fantastic place that passes as a classy restaurant by day and turns into a vivid international nightclub by night. You can stop by this place after work and have a delicious lunch, but when the sun sets down, you can come with friends and dance to a rhythm of the latest hits.
      • Scholars Bistro & Lounge is a multileveled restaurant with a great atmosphere. Apart from the excellent menu, this place offers bar fare, great cocktails, and live music.
      • Apart from great clubs and restaurants, downtown is home to the amazing Opera House. You can watch incredible performances from ballets such as The Nutcracker to musicals such as the Mean Girls, and many more.
      • Another great place is Avery Bar. If you are moving in with your significant other to this place and you both love the Opera House, Avery Bar is a perfect place to stop by before heading there. Locals love the place for its cozy atmosphere and expert bartenders.
      • Orpheum Theater was built in 1852 and is another excellent performance venue with a beautiful and intimate atmosphere. The only downside of this old theater is its small seats, and the legroom space is limited. However, when the beat hits, you probably won’t sit down anyway.
      A lot of people standing and dancing in front of a concert stage
      You can boogie, along with your favorite songs in fantastic downtown nightspots.

      Nightclubs Awake When the Sun Goes Down

      Maybe the Massachusetts capital is known for its culture, history, and vast green areas, but nightclubs are the main attraction when the sun goes down. During nights, the most famous DJ’s in the country are mixing various music genres, from techno, house, EDM, Top 40, hip-hop, to rock and roll. They all open up around 10 to 11 pm and are very distinct regarding the ambiance and themes. We have assembled a list of Boston’s best clubs.

      The Grand Is as Majestic as Its Name Suggests

      The Grand is the first on our list, and there is a good reason for it. This one offers the Vegas-like atmosphere with its majestic glass staircase that leads directly to the dancefloor. Apart from the grand dancefloor, people can reserve unique VIP tables online to get an amazing nighttime experience. If you move to this place, you must check this club regularly because famous international DJs and celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal are often playing some fresh beats.

      Feel Like a Superstar in the Classy Mémoire Nightclub

      Mémoire is located in the huge hotel and casino complex near the harbor and is a nighttime gem. Apart from the classy and sophisticated interior, this club often hosts celebrity DJs such as Steve Aoki. If you are willing to spend more money on a fantastic night out, be sure to stop by this luxurious club and enjoy your evening while the DJ spins his tunes.

      Royale Offers Both Dancefloors and Great Live Performances

      Royale is located in the Theatre District and occupies the space of a former opera house. A huge stage is a perfect place for both live performances and dancing to a DJ’s playlist. Depending on a theme, you will listen to alt-rock, electronic, techno, top 40 mixes, and hip hop. There’s also a second floor, and you can go up if you want to have an excellent overview of the main ballroom. Occasionally, go-go dancers perform at Royale. A useful tip: you can organize a bachelorette party here.

      Spend Your Saturday Nights in Storyville

      Boston’s locals love to spend their Saturday nights at Storyville, which is located in the Back Bay neighborhood. The entrance to this great pop culture nightspot is free. Storyville is a classy venue during the day, but when the sun goes down, it becomes the hottest place for the young crowd. Each Saturday, prominent DJs and go-go dancers complete the dancing and seductive ambiance in this club.

      Onyx and Golden Experience in Bijou

      With its luxury lounges, Bijou is a club located in a former theatre built in 1882, and it is entirely versatile when it comes to nighttime options. There is an Onyx Room that provides an exceptional VIP experience. You can find a bar fare that will put you right in the central spot, and the quality of the sound is impressive. For a more intimate ambiance, you can go to a smaller Gold Room in Bijou. However, it is recommended to arrive before 11 pm if you want a spot here.

      Middlesex Lounge for Retro Dance Hits

      Middlesex Lounge is a nightspot close to Central Square, and its high-ceiling is covered in raw steel and engineered wood. Such coverage is what makes the specific acoustic environment in this club. Benches on wheels are all over the space and can be arranged differently to accommodate a particular party’s theme. In Middlesex Lounge, you will dance to the beats of old school hip hop, underground dance, and classic electro.

      Club Café and a Gay Bar Scene in Boston

      Club Café is known for its long tradition, and it’s been a favorite of the city’s LGBTQ community for over three decades. The hottest gay spot, Club Café offers a pulsating dancefloor, catchy beats, and LED light show. No matter your sexual orientation, you’ll be sure to have a whale of a time.

      people dancing in the club
      Club Cafe is an excellent spot to meet different people

      Eat Like Royalty In Boston’s Top Restaurants

      There are more than 3,000 restaurants in Massachusetts capital city, and many are small and intimate bistros that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Each restaurant is distinctive and offers different culinary inventions that every local can enjoy. If you are searching for romantic things to do in Boston, be sure to check out some of the following venues.

      Outdoor Dining at La Voile

      La Voile is located in the Back Bay neighborhood and is a restaurant that can offer great meals in the outdoor dining. The main chef is from southern France and his menu is inspired by Provence and neighboring regions. An additional sense of south France is reinforced by the rose-colored umbrellas, iron railings, and flowers planted along the fence. La Voile is an example that there are very unique things to do in Boston. Spend your evening here and enjoy the glass of wine and dine like a real French.

      Enjoy Margaritas and Mexican Dishes at Rosa Mexicano

      Rosa Mexicano near Boston’s harbor is a pretty popular dining place among locals. This Mexican chain eatery offers a variety of delicious Mexican dishes and traditional margaritas. A great plus is the fantastic outdoor seating that provides a lot of space for social distancing during these tough times of the pandemic. For those who are on a specific diet, Rosa Mexicana can offer a good choice of vegan and gluten-free meals.

      If You Want to Try Asian Cuisine Head Straight to Q Restaurant

      Living in Boston means that you can experience some Asian feel in the Chinatown neighborhood. Q Restaurant is a pretty new and trendy spot that draws people throughout the whole day and night. This place offers distinct menus with Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Mongolian cuisine. You can also choose vegan and vegetarian meals, and the restaurant has a full-service bar.

      You can have great evening fun in some of the Chinatown neighborhood restaurants.

      Best Bar and Lounge Venues at the Harbor

      There’s no summer in this place without its amazing bars at the harbor that provides excellent drinks and fabulous views. Therefore, if you are moving in the summer, be sure to walk down to the docks and take an outdoor seat in Boston’s bars and lounges:

      • We have already mentioned the fantastic Howl at the Moon bar, which is pretty close to Boston’s harbor. The upper part of the place has dueling pianos, and you can enjoy live music next to a massive bar. But if you want a party with a real nightclub vibe, head on to the downstairs area and kick out the dancefloor.
      • An excellent place for outdoor seating is The Landing Harbourside Bar. To be able to have an amazing outdoor time is, at the moment, especially important. The coronavirus pandemic has struck the whole world, and we must take care of others and ourselves. And The Landing can offer that. Apart from the fantastic waterfront atmosphere, this place offers wine, beer, and delicious cocktails served in massive fishbowls.
      • The name of Lookout Rooftop and Bar suggests that its rooftop offers a stunning view over the city. There are plenty of seats, both inside and outside, and the menu is pretty affordable. If you are moving to a city alone, be sure to stop by at this place and meet a bunch of friendly faces. This place is among the best in the city that can offer you a splendid view of the sunset while you are drinking cocktails and meeting new people.
      Boston nightlife
      Get the most amazing views at nightspot bars near the harbor.

      Plan a Night at Museum and Theatre Venues

      Some great nighttime fun can be enjoyed in Boston’s favorite theatre venues and museums. Nowadays, museums are working hard to bring their work closer to younger audiences, and besides the interactive exhibits during the day, they will often organize late-night events. On the other hand, the Theatre District offers plenty of after-hours performances and shows. Take a look at our list of such great venues.

      Nightlife Boston at the Institute of Contemporary Art and Museum of Fine Arts

      The Institute of Contemporary Arts is more than contemporary. Thursday’s nights are reserved for parties at ICA. The admission is free, and the crowd can dance among art installations and overlook the beautiful harbor. Pretty often, ICA will bring big-name DJs to spin an all-vinyl set.

      Late nights are pretty fun at the Museum of Fine Arts as well. Among their particular programs, you’ll find after-hours celebrations of art and culture through music and performances. Like with ICA, this museum brings renewed DJ’s to make the best party in the artistic ambiance. If you think this kind of party is for you, stay alert by following the MFA website.

      Shows at Emerson Colonial and Other Boston’s Theaters

      As mentioned, the Theatre District abounds in performance venues. Emerson Colonial Theater is pretty popular among locals. With 1,700 seats, this place is famous for housing pre-Broadway shows. Plays such as The Diary of Anne Frank, Annie Get Your Gun, and Porgy all premiered here. It is interesting to say that Emerson is the oldest still operating theater in the US, and it dates back to 1900. The architectural splendor revives Europe’s Baroque with plenty of details borrowed from the Louvre and Versailles.

      With 3,700 seats, Wang Theatre is the biggest performance space in the Theatre District. Versailles and Opéra Garnier in Paris inspired its interior design. You will mostly be able to watch performances by touring ballet, opera, and theater companies worldwide.

      Cutler Majestic Theatre was built for opera performances in 1903, so its hallmarks are columns and high windows decorated with masked faces. The building of this theatre was the first one designed for electric lights. The view of the stage is excellent from all seats, and the acoustic of the space is terrific.

      After an afternoon cocktail, locals can enjoy their evening in Boston's majestic theaters.

      Spend Your Evenings in Boston’s Movie Theaters

      If you are a film buff, you can also spend your evenings in some of Boston’s movie theaters. From indie films, art movies, to foreign ones, there’s something for everyone’s taste. If you want a thrilling movie experience go to a newly built ArcLight Cinema. Apart from the fantastic auditorium, the theatre offers house dining and bar service. ShowPlace ICON Theater is the technologically most advanced one in the country. While watching the film, you can enjoy various popcorn flavors, beers, and special sodas. If you want to watch a good indie film, you can go out to the Coolidge Corner Theatre. Besides the great movies that are not usually screened at the chain theaters, locals adore this place for its tasty popcorn.

      empty movie theater seats
      Get excellent movie-watching experience in newly opened ArcLight Cinema.

      Dancing the Night Away in Boston

      And we have come to the end of our ultimate guide of Boston’s nightlife. Now you know all about the most fabulous places you can go to after-hours and dance the night away. If you still haven’t moved here and are thinking about it, remember to contact moving services for a stress-free long-distance relocation. Hire professional packing services to help you pack your precious belongings and fancy clothes that you’ll need for a wild night out in Massachusetts capital. Remember that you can always use storage facilities during your relocation. Hiring movers also means that you’ll have more free time to research all the nightspots and find the ones you’ll be visiting often once you settle here.

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