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Romantic Things to Do in Boston – Ideas for Couples Relocating to B-Town

July 31, 2020
Posted in How-to / By Blake Shaw

When you think about romance, world-famous cities such as Paris and Rome might come to mind. However, you don’t have to travel halfway across the world to charm your loved one – you could instead move to the capital of New England and enjoy some of the romantic things to do in Boston every day.

happy couple walking outside
Boston can be a pretty romantic place

The Hub, as Bostonians call it, is a city of culture, food, history, and romance. Whether you and your partner are passionate about nature, art, and history or you are a spa seeker, you will find many romantic places and things for couples to do in Boston no matter where you look.

If you’re wondering: Where should I go on a date in Boston?, know that you can plan dates and fun activities all year long. Stroll through one of more than 200 parks, eat in restaurants that serve international cuisines, or just make a reservation and spoil yourself and your loved one with a massage in a spa. If you’re planning on moving to Boston and looking to rekindle your love life, you should check these fun ideas for couples to spend some nice time together.


You Can Explore the Frog Pond All Year Long

Frog Pond sits at the heart of the oldest public park in the US – The Common. Every true Bostonian has spent some time here just embracing outdoor activities, and the beauty of Pond is that you can enjoy it all year long.

Take your significant other to the Pond and experience one of the best outdoor ice skating rinks in the county. From November to March, you can skate around the frozen rink. If you happen to move during the holidays, you will be able to catch two figure skating shows, one in early December and another on New Year’s Eve.

Don’t worry, even when it is not freezing cold outside, you can stop by Frog Pond and ride on carousels. A pro tip for cooling down during the hot summer is to splash and run around when Spray Pool opens in late June. Also, there are free summer yoga programs. Autumn programs include Movie Nights, as well as pumpkin craving.

Some of the Most Romantic Things to Do in Boston Can Be Found in The Common

Within 44 acres of lush green space, The Common has a lot to offer to everybody. History nerds and outdoor enthusiasts will especially love having a couple’s outing here. Depending on your interests as a pair, you can:

  • Take a walk along the Freedom Trail and appreciate autumn foliage, which almost feels like you left the city.
  • Pay respect to service members who gave their lives to defending the US at the Garden of Flags.
  • The Common is a spot where: you can play tennis, baseball, lie on the grass, or just hang out with your partner.
  • Pat the park ranger horses while enjoying the scenery
  • Check out remains of Tea Party and Revolutionary War Patriots at the Central Burying Ground

If you have children, you can include them in your activities, and make a family day out of visiting The Common. There are so many things to do with kids in Boston, especially in this area. While they are running around, you can enjoy some one-on-one time with your partner.

Check Out Some of the Most Romantic Places in Boston for a Dinner Date

When moving in with your significant other, you are embarking on a completely unfamiliar life path, so try to keep the romance alive. While professional Boston long-distance movers are handling your belongings, you can think of creative ways to dazzle your loved one. What is the better way to impress somebody than to take them out for a romantic dinner date? The Hub is famous for colorful cuisines, but if you are looking for a more romantic vibe, these are some of the most recommended and best restaurants in Boston:

  • La Morra, located in Brookline, is a diner featuring northern Italian cuisine. Its brick-and-beam dining room has a rustic and homey vibe to it. Have some homemade bolognese and a wide selection of vine while bonding with your significant other.
  • Lolita Cocina & Tequila at Fort Point will spice up the night out. Red chandeliers, stained glass, and stone walls all channel a very date night atmosphere. However, people don’t appreciate it only because of the decor. Mexican food and shots of tequila complete the overall experience.
  • Oleana is serving Eastern Mediterranean food, so if you like lamb kebabs, gyro, or Mango Sorbet, make a reservation at this Cambridge eatery. You can sit at the table near the woodstove or outside in the garden.

If you’re moving in with your partner, take advantage of every minute of free time you both have. Every moment can be suitable for going out and enjoying each other’s company. If you are too busy to have dinner out, maybe you can grab some food in the morning and have an impromptu date.

Grab Some Pastry at Tatte Bakery and Cafe and Take a Walk Around Beacon Hill

When you need to have a low key daytime date with your partner, check out Tatte Bakery and Café, located at Beacon Hill. Grab some croissants, tarts, galettes, muffins, or coffee to go. Take advantage of the great location and stroll around. If you moved across the country for love, this would be your chance to get to know the area.

When living in Boston, don’t miss out on historic Beacon Hill and its federal-style rowhouses, narrow streets, and beautiful sidewalks. Stop by a privately owned Louisburg Square or check out Acorn Street and see why it is the most frequently photographed street in the US. If you are into literature, go to Willow Street and see where famous Sylvia Plath lived or go to Mt Vernon Street and find the home of Robert Frost.

couple holding hands while drinking coffee
There are more than a few spots where you can grab a bite with your loved one.

Experience World of Art in Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Are you ready for a Venetian-style palace jam-packed with one of the most impressive private art collections? A visit to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum can be an exciting outing for all art aficionados. The palace is surrounding the courtyard decorated with verdant plants and European architectural elements. Every third Thursday of the month, you can participate in an event where the whole neighborhood comes together to listen to live music and drink champagne.

Try a Guided Tour and Learn Something New

If you are not an art expert, give guided tours a chance. An introductory tour will give you a deeper understanding of the collections. On the weekend, there is an open studio art event, classical concerts, and more contemporary ones. Being together and learning interesting things can be a real bonding experience for you and your special someone.

a couple in the gallery
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a great spot for all art lovers.

Discover Seaworld at New England Aquarium

How would you feel about an outing with a deep-sea theme? Check out the New England Aquarium and see a variety of animals from northern seals to African penguins. The Aquarium is a place where you can meet various species of animals, but also check out many exhibits.

Surprise your partner and take them to meet harbor seals, a famous green sea turtle named Myrtle, or many other peculiar creatures. Take a tour behind the scenes and learn what animals eat, how their tanks are cleaned and maintained, how they are nursed when they get sick, and other tidbits.

Shop for Souvenirs and Gifts

Shopping is one of the favorite pastimes for many people, so while you are at New England Aquarium, stop by the gift shop. There you can find books, clothing, accessories, toys, games, and souvenirs. If you are sneaky enough, you can buy a gift for your significant other without them noticing.

couple in aquarium
Learn about animals and get some cool gifts while you are with your significant other.

Gondola Ride Is One of the Most Romantic Things to Do in Boston

Have you ever wanted to try one of those famous gondola rides? You don’t have to travel all the way to Italy to have a dressed guide in a striped shirt and a straw hat take you around Charles River. Authentic Gondola di Venezia has two available gondolas that can take you and your special someone to a little cruise. You can partake in the Italian tradition of kissing under bridges or have some luxurious amenities such as roses, chocolates, and accordion musicians.

Enjoy the Midnight Sky on a Harbor Night Cruise

If you can’t get a reservation for one of two gondolas, don’t despair. The Hub has a long list of cruise offers you can take advantage of. One of those is a Night Cruise that takes you past sights such as Independence Wharf and USS Constitution. Choose open-air sits on the deck and cozy up with your partner while enjoying the night sky and fresh air.

Boston gondola ride during the sunset
Gondola Ride and boat tours will help you get to know the city.

Have a Spa Day and Get Pampered at Mandarin Spa

Nothing spells “I love you” like a day spent getting pampered and spoiled. If you want to surprise your significant other with total enjoyment, make a reservation at Mandarin Spa. This luxury wellness resort offers many treatment rooms and packages for couples. When you want to get rid of all the stress you’ve been carrying around, Mandarin Spa is a place to visit. From oriental essence to therapeutic massage, there is something for everyone.

Check Out Other Boston’s Spas

If there is a reason you can’t make it to Mandarin Spa, don’t worry, some of the best neighborhoods in Boston are home to a variety of wellness and spa facilities, ranging from luxe lounges to organic product lines:

  • Exhale will make your life easier the moment you step inside, from facial to deep tissue massages, detox, acupuncture, and mani/pedis, this spot has it all.
  • The Rowes Wharf Health Club & Spa is tucked inside the Harbor Hotel, and when you make an appointment here, you and your partner can enjoy stone massages, facial treatments as well as Swedish massage or Moroccan oil pedicure.
two people getting a massage
Spas are ideal when you want to relax and leave all your worries behind.

Enjoy Picnic at Boston Public Garden

If you’re running on a tight budget and have to worry about the cost of living in Boston, know there are ways to have fun without spending a ton of money. The victorian-era garden attracts couples looking for a place to spend some quality time together and families and tourists. This lush oasis has plenty of open, green spaces you can take advantage of.

When you don’t want to be stuck in some diner, having a picnic in the Public Garden is the answer. Just pack up a blanket, some sandwiches, and juice, and you got yourself a low key but fun outing without a lot of planning.

Get Hitched at the Public Garden

A wedding day is pretty special, to begin with, but you can make it even more memorable by choosing a unique location. The Public Garden has plenty of different plants, so why not tie the knot under chestnuts, elm, or redwood trees? The wedding photos will surely look like they came off a bridal magazine.

couple walking in the park
Public Garden is the best place for a wedding, a stroll, or a picnic.

Spark Some Competition at Bars With Games

Having a competitive streak can be excellent motivation. If you and your partner love to compete with each other or with others, The Hub has more than a few bars with games that can accommodate your desire to win.

Bit Bar has a huge collection of classic arcade machines, some of them dating back to the 80s. From the Super Mario Bros pinball machine to Mortal Kombat II, there is a game for every arcade lover. Grab a drink and a snack, and enjoy reliving childhood games.

Knight Moves is a board games café located in the village of Chestnut Hill that boasts a massive library of approximately 300 games. If you thought that the suburbs of Boston couldn’t offer you a fun time, you are wrong. Here you will find family-night classic as well as modern role-playing games such as Wiz-War and 7 Wonders. Release your inner geek, grab a pastry or two, and have a relaxing evening with your loved one.

Roxy’s A4cade will greet you with rows of gaming machines, from Guitar Hero to Stranger Things pinball. There is also a shuffleboard and a foosball. When you want to sit back and grab a drink, you can taste some unique cocktails like Worst. Drink. Ever. Hot Girl Fall Princess Peach’s Downfall.

When you are done gloating about your win or skulking because you lost, it is the right time to grab your partner and explore some vibrant and fun nightclubs in the area. Dancing is the perfect way to end a lovely day spent with your partner.

rows of arcade machines
Some competition is always nice

Dance the Night Away at Some of the Best Clubs in the Hub

Boston nightlife has a lot to offer to its residents, so when you are done trying to upstage one another in games, hit the dance floor. Impress your partner with dance moves at:

  • The Grand – a high-end night experience with 70-foot LED wall and chart-topping DJs
  • Royale – hosts national music acts. Royal has a massive stage, VIP balconies, and comfy seating nooks ideal for smooching.
  • Icon – is for those that love swaying to the rhythms of Latin, house, or hip-hop beats.
couple dancing on the dancefloor
The best way to end the night is to go dancing.

With So Many Things for Couples to Do in Boston, Relocating With Your Special Someone Will Be a Pleasure

Different people have different definitions of what is romantic. Some people love candlelight dinners with slow music, while others appreciate adventure-filled days spent with their loved ones. No matter what you and your partner are used to, you will find more than one activity in The Hub to participate in together. This is no Paris, but there are so many unique things to do in Boston that it almost seems like it is. Stroll around parks, go dancing, have a spa treatment or just grab a bite, no matter what you choose to do, relocating to The Hub won’t put a damper on your love life it can only improve it.

While you are planning some big adventures, hire a professional long-distance moving company to help you with relocation. Professionals will handle your moving, packing, storage, and auto transportation needs – all you have to do is kick back, relax, and think about your future with the one you love.

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