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Guide to Unique Things to Do in Boston – Cool, Unusual and Quirky Activities

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      A place with more than 210 parks, 60 plus museums, galleries, bars, and quirky restaurants can never be boring, so finding unique things to do in Boston shouldn’t be that hard. Depending on your interests, you can find a variety of outdoor activities or indoor learning experiences. There are things you can do alone, but also those you can share with family and friends.

      Boston pier at night
      You will be entertained while living in the Hub

      Moving to Boston will put you in a vibrant and diverse community with a lot of entertainment opportunities. You don’t have to drive yourself insane looking for unusual activities. On every corner you might stumble upon new and exciting adventures, just let yourself enjoy them. To ensure that newcomers feel at home after a long distance relocation, we made a list of some quirky and cool activities that can help them embrace everything the metropolis offers.


      There Is More Than One Museum You Can Check Out

      The Hub has more than 60 museums within its limits, and many are widely known to Bostonians, tourists, and newcomers. Visiting museums is not dull, like movies and TV shows make it up to be. If you pick the right place that fits your interests, you are bound to have fun. That’s why, while in The Hub, stop by Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and marvel at the expansive art collections, as well as creative performances.

      Stop by the Museum of Bad Art

      When you are in the mood for cringe-worthy exhibitions, stop by The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA). When a place has the slogan “Art too bad to be ignored,” you can expect to see some of the worst artistic expressions ever made. MOBA celebrates the labor of artists whose work is not appreciated in any other form. When you visit, don’t miss:

      • Poor Traits
      • Doplehangers
      • In the Nood
      • Unlikely Landscapes
      • The Rainbow Collections

      Geek Out at MIT

      When you want to get your geek on, check out the MIT Museum and learn about robots and 3D printing. Not only that, but MIT is home to student-designed tech and innovations. This museum is about more than science, there are also movie nights and virtual idea hubs you can check out.

      Travel Around the World in The Mary Baker Eddy Library Mapparium

      Does standing in a three-story tall globe made out of stained glass sound fun? The Mapparium, located in The Mary Baker Eddy Library, gives its visitors a 3D perspective of the world in 1935. The design of the space will allow you to see countries as accurately as possible. Travel around the globe without leaving The Hub. Furthermore, striking acoustical effects form a whispering gallery that allows people standing at the opposite ends of the bridge to hear each other without yelling.

      Travel to the Past and Relive Tea Party

      How would you feel about traveling back in time to 1773 and be a part of the historically famous and important Tea Party? History buffs will love the interactive tour that will demonstrate how the course of American history changed on the night of 16 December.

      You can sign up for a tour, and you can be a part of reenactment alongside live actors and holograms. You will see a fully restored replica of the ship, but you will also get to experience the thrill of throwing wooden crates of tea into the water. If you are looking for fun things to do in Boston with kids, you can’t go wrong with Tea Party tours.

      Tea Party Boat in Boston
      Travel back in time and experience the Tea Party in the best way possible.

      Check Out Tunnels Running Under the City

      Living in Boston will put you in a history-rich area with a lot of exploration options. One of those is old tunnels running under the metropolis. There is a network of abandoned hallways spreading beneath the surface. Keep in mind that The Hub was the first metropolis to open a subway line in the US, more than 120 years ago. The Tremont Street Subway firstly spanned between Park Street and Boylston station, and in 1898 three more stops were added. Part of those tunnels are virtually untouched for decades, and the government officials decided to open them for small tours.

      Tunnel Tour Is Without a Doubt One of the Most Unique Things to Do in Boston

      If you are into creepy and scary sights and don’t mind dingy halls that echo with the past, give tunnel tours a try. However, if you actually want to see the MBTA station tunnel, you will have to keep an eye for an opening since Society for Architecture dictates when the tours will be held.

      Visit Some Quirky Coffee Shops

      Fans of morning coffee, bagels, and a quick snack before work, will more likely than not stop by the shop to get them. However, if you want your day to start on the quirky and fun note, check out Ogawa Coffee. A Japanese coffee chain that serves crafted cups of coffee and Asian sweet treats, for a unique experience try spicy cacao.

      Bar Hopping Can Be a Fun Experience

      Big drinkers will appreciate one of a kind drink mixes they will get at some of the coolest bars around The Hub. Depending on what you like to sip, you can take a look at the cocktail card at neatly hidden Backbar, or enjoy some craft-brew selections at Deep Ellum.

      Eat Your Way Around the Metropolis

      Foodies that relocate here should stop by some of the most unique and best restaurants in Boston and eat their weight in food. If you want to meet new neighbors and make a great first impression, invite them to grab a bite. Take them to Wink and Nod, located in one of the best neighborhoods in Boston, the South End. This place is a culinary incubator where different chefs prepare completely different kinds of food, so the menu often changes. Or you can check out Tasting Counter where you can have nine-course tasting menus.

      There Are So Many Different Ales You Can Enjoy

      All the beer lovers will love living in The Hub because local brewery owners put a special spin on drinking ale. How would you feel about pina colada IPA or cocoa milk stout? Aeronaut can offer you not only unusual mixes of flowers but also food and live music events. If you are up for experimenting, stop by Bone Up Brewing, where every week, you can try fresh new batches of ale. There are also game nights and food to go along with new tastes.

      Dance Your Night Away

      When it comes to Boston nightlife, you can’t go wrong if you choose to drop by The Grand. A 12,000 sq ft location with kinetic light systems around the dance floor makes every night out different. Middlesex Lounge is an eclectic club that changes its configuration daily because it is filled with metal benches that artists arrange for different situations like dance parties or electronic nights.

      people dancing
      The metropolis is a home of many bars, restaurants, and clubs that can make life fun.

      Speaking of Unique Things to Do in Boston, Spending Money in the Bodega Is Worth Considering

      Shopping is fun, but it is not actually a unique activity, right? Well, if you are spending your money in the Bodega store, shopping can be one of the unique activities. First of all, finding a shop will be tricky, because it is hidden in plain sight, behind the everyday-looking store. When you pass average looking shelves, you will get to the door that leads you to the hottest secret store that sells high-end skatewear. Here you can find everything from sneakers and snapbacks to jackets.

      open shop sign
      Bodega is located at 6 Clearway St, Boston, and it is a home of high-end clothes.

      Taking a Gondola Ride Is the Best Way to Get to Know the City

      Have you moved for a relationship, and now you need some uncommon but romantic things to do in Boston so that you could impress your loved one? You can’t go wrong with a gondola ride.

      Gondola Di Venezia is shipped from Venice, and it will give you authentic experience you can’t find anywhere else. You can sit back, take in the sights of the metropolis and the sky while drinking wine. Depending on the package you pick, there can also be a violin player, a basket of cheese and chocolate, ice buckets, and warm blankets for chilly nights. This is a great way to celebrate special occasions like moving in with a significant other or a way to view the city from a different perspective.

      people on gondola
      A magnificent view of the city will give you something to talk about.

      Snap Some Photos While Visiting Skywalk Observatory

      Those who are not afraid of heights shouldn’t skip visiting Skywalk Observatory, which offers spectacular views of the entire metropolis. You will be 50 stories off the ground, and you will be able to see New Hampshire on a clear day. Peak through telescopes that are lined on the deck and get an even more engaging look at the urban jungle beneath you. Check the price tickets on the official Skywalk website, but if you want to save some money, opt for CityPass that delivers up to 45% savings on tickets.

      Boston high rise
      Magnificent view will probably leave you speechless.

      There Are Plenty of Unusual Things to Do in Boston Suburbs

      When looking for fun activity around the metropolis, don’t dismiss suburbs of Boston easily. They might not be in the center of the urban jungle, but that doesn’t mean that there is no entertainment in the suburbia. If you decided to move to the suburbs of The Hub, don’t despair, several hidden gems can help you make unforgettable memories.

      Brave Ones Should Visit Danvers State Hospital

      Visiting hospitals doesn’t seem like a fun thing to do, however, when it comes to Danvers State Hospital, you should give it a chance. This mental health hospital, located north of the metropolis, was shut down in 1992, but there are still parts of the building standing. This gothic style hospital with underground tunnels inspired H.P. Lovecraft’s book Arkham Sanitarium and later Batman’s Arkham Asylum.

      Horror Movie Aficionados Should Check Out Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

      In the heart of Salem, north of the metropolis, you can find a movie monster gallery that is a home of full-size creatures made out of latex and silicone. From Nosferatu to 80s slasher characters. You will be amazed by the variety of figures. Furthermore, if you just relocated with your pet and don’t want to leave them home alone, bring them with you, Orlok’s is pet-friendly.

      Boston destination sign
      North, east, west, or south, suburbs around the metropolis have plenty of fun activities to offer.

      You Can Make a Fun Day Out of Statue Seeing

      Are you looking for a way to move out of state on a budget? When relocating to The Hub, you might be thinking about how you could cut down expenses so that the cost of living in Boston doesn’t leave a dent in your savings. If that’s the case, your entertainment options will be limited, but not non-existent. Luckily, the metropolis has a rich history, and it was a home of many individuals that constructed countless unique statues all around the city, and you can enjoy them for free. Take your time, stroll around, and check out these unique art pieces:

      • Bobby Orr Statue is one of Boston’s coolest attractions, and it depicts him mid-flight in celebration of Stanley Cup-winning goal.
      • The Dorchester Voices doesn’t depict a person, but a collection of everyday objects, while looking for these bronze made items, you will encounter pears in most cases.
      • Weathervane, at the top of Faneuil Hall, is actually a statue of a thirty-eight-pound grasshopper.
      boston statue in the park
      Take your time, and you will be able to view all the statues.

      Discover a Thing or Two at Harvard

      As one of the world’s most famous education institutions, Harvard University is not exactly closed off to the public. You can wander around for free, and nobody will mind. Take advantage of that fact and check out the yard, which is one of the oldest places on campus. Also, take a walk around Massachusetts Hall, and if your timing is right, you can catch a concert at the Art building.

      Figure Out Harvard Bridge Smoot Measurements

      No matter what your reason for relocation is, you probably researched the metropolis, and you know that it is home to prestigious institutions of higher education – Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Both institutions have laid claim to the bridge that crosses Charles River, but that is not why it is famous for. Its span was calculated using unusual measurements – the Smoot. The measurement was created in 1958 when Oliver Smoot laid down on the bridge, and his peers measured his height (5ft7). His height is now categorized as one smoot. When you take a stroll across the bridge, you will see the plaque and colorful markers. It is completely free and open to the public.

      Harvard university building
      Massachusetts is a home of two world-class universities, take advantage of what they have to offer.

      Relocating to the Hub Will Be Worth the Trouble

      There you have it, some of the unique activities to do in The Hub. If they additionally inspired you to pick up your bags and relocate cross country, don’t hesitate to hire professional long distance movers to help you. Boston movers will assist you with packing and ship your car or keep your belongings in storage while you are looking for a home. Remember, with colorful activities and plenty of places to see, make The Hub one of the most interesting places in the US. Relocating here from any part of the US would be well worth the trouble because you’ll never get bored again.

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