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Best Chicago Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

September 22, 2020
Posted in City Guides / By Jessica Hill

Have you decided to pursue your professional career in the Windy City? Every year, hundreds of people migrate to Chi-Town because it’s pet-friendly, bikeable, offers plenty of things to do, and of course, provides fantastic job opportunities. We have selected the best Chicago neighborhoods for young professionals just for you.

An image of the city's model.
Chi-Town is one of the best places in the US for the job hunt.

If you are moving to Chicago to search for a new job, this is probably your only question: where is the best place for young professionals in Chicago? There are more than 70 distinctive and beautiful areas to choose from, but we got you covered! Before you hire reliable long-distance movers, you should check our list of the best places to live in Chicago for young professionals and choose which one is a perfect fit for you.


Is Chicago a Good Place for Young Professionals?

The answer is an absolute yes! As the third biggest city in the US, Chi-Town can offer plenty of districts and interesting corners blooming with restaurants, nightlife spots, pubs, theaters, etc. Combined with efficient public transportation and a growing tech scene, it is not a coincidence that many people searching for a job decide to relocate here. According to the US Census Bureau, people under age 45 majorly moved to Chi-Town between 2010 and 2016. There were a couple of reasons to move, but the most common in this case was the job hunt.

An image of a businesswoman working in an office.
With so many companies situated in Chi-Town, recent graduates are certainly welcomed.

Where Do Young Professionals Live in Chicago?

You are probably wondering about this if you’re moving out for the first time or never been to Chi-Town. The downtown area is perhaps the busiest business hub. Where should I live if I work Downtown Chicago? Many people who work in Chicago’s Downtown usually choose to settle in Lincoln Park, Old Town, or the Loop. With excellent Red Line trains, the commute from these areas to Downtown is approximately 20-25 minutes. We will soon get into detailed information about these and many other Chicago neighborhoods for young professionals. Before you start getting organized to move and check all moving day tips, find a perfect district that suits your lifestyle and budget:

  • Lincoln Park
  • Old Town
  • The Loop
  • River North
  • Ukrainian Village
  • Logan Square
  • Printers Row
  • Streeterville
An image of a city's architecture and a lake.
Chicago's efficient public transportation system will allow you to get to work without much hassle.

Picturesque and Affluent Lincoln Park

We will start our list with probably the most popular and, therefore, one of the best Chicago neighborhoods to live in. Most Lincoln Park residents are in well-off professional people in their 20’s and 30′ embracing the communities’ fancy shops, restaurants, and clubs. There’s no shortage of picturesque greenery since the whole place is named after a park that spans over 1200 acres.

Superb public transport allows quick commutes to the Loop’s Central Business District and Downtown. Around 20 minutes to be precise. Many housing options are also available, but if you are moving to a city alone and are on a tight budget, you’ll maybe find this district a bit too costly, mainly if you haven’t found the right job yet.

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,900, which is higher than Chicago’s average of $1,700. One of the solutions to cut some rent expenses would be moving in with partner or a roommate.

Old Town Is One of the Best Chicago Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

Old Town has become a true up-and-coming neighborhood in the past couple of years. There were many residential and commercial improvements recently, so be prepared for high-priced homes. Yet, living in this district is absolutely worth it. Given its location, you’ll be close to Lake Michigan and Downtown. This means that you’ll be around many exciting things that are constantly happening. You can experience it all as soon as you settle, especially if you are moving in the summer. Its proximity to the Loop will allow you to get to work by foot if you find a job there. You’ll also find fantastic Italian dishes served in the corner of restaurants and bars. There are plenty of romantic things to do in Chicago‘s Old Town, as well. If you are relocating with your significant other, be sure to reserve dinner in some of its unique and beautiful restaurants.

An image of Chicago's Lake Michigan.
Old Town is a perfect place if you want to be closer to Lake Michigan.

Be Within Walking Distance From Your Workplace in Loop

Are you moving from a small town to a big city and looking for a low crime rate neighborhood? Consider the Loop because it is safer than 85 percent of Illinois cities. You can feel completely comfortable while walking back home from work. Yes, you heard that one right. You’ll be able to find a great job within walking distance from your apartment. Some top employers are situated here, like Baird, Blue Cross Blue Shield, GrubHub, and Salesforce.

If you ever need to use public transport, you’ll be happy to know that the area provides all “L” lines. There’s also plenty of after-hours fun. Do you like singing and dancing? Don’t miss a fantastic karaoke bar Brando’s Speakeasy. 2Twenty2 Tavern is excellent for those who prefer live music and great beer. Some great museums and theaters are also located here, so be sure to pack all things you need for your first apartment and choose to relocate to this extraordinary district. Just remember that you’ll need approximately $1,900 for monthly rent.

An image of a Cloud Gate.
Find a new home in the busiest business district in Chi-Town.

Best After-Work Cocktails Are in River North

If you want to get the best experience of Chicago nightlife and spend all your salary on cocktails and after-hours fun, consider River North. This district is known for its classy bar scene and is only a 5-minute walk from our previous entry. This means that you’ll be pretty close to all those train lines if you choose to settle in the River North. Just remember that an average resident works long hours to make up for those costly cocktails. They also need to work a lot to pay for their monthly rent, which is around $2,400.

An image of people inside a crowded bar.
Night owls will love River's North cocktail bars.

Working Parents Will Be Happy in Ukrainian Village

As the name indicates, Ukrainian Village is a historic area where immigrants from Ukraine and other parts of East Europe settled after coming to Chi-Town. Even though the district maintains its European identity, there were some new commercial developments in the past couple of years.

Apart from its Ukrainian-American community, this place has been attracting families, singles, and workers. The average monthly rent is a bit pricey, approximately $2,400, but totally worth it. Apart from many companies that opened here, you can find trendy restaurants, bars, and shops, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for young professionals.

Are you moving with children and wondering where the best things to do in Chicago with kids are? Ukrainian Village is exceptionally kid-friendly, and you’ll find a massive playground in its Commercial Park. If you are moving with pets, you’ll be happy to know that many eateries and bars are dog-friendly. It certainly makes dog-owners’ lives pretty easy.

An image of a little kid playing.
Consider settling in Ukrainian Village if you are moving with kids.

Logan Square: A Bastion of Hipsterdom

With its charming streets and first-class bar scene, Logan Square has become a hip neighborhood that attracts many recent graduates each year. There are many exciting things to do after finishing long working hours, like spending an evening in a cocktail bar Spilt Milk or watching an indie film in Logan Theater. A last-minute moving for artsy people and hipsters can only mean one thing—relocation to Logan Square. If you choose this location, know that the median rent price per month is around $1,800.

An image of a cocktail drink.
With many bars and entertainment options, Logan Square is considered one of the best neighborhoods for young professionals in Chicago.

Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for Singles

Are you a young professional who wants to settle in a neighborhood full of fellow singles and Millenials? Here’s our list of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for young adults and singles.

West Loop: Where the Cool Kids Hang Out

A former industrial zone, this district has become an authentic nightlife and dining spot. You’ll find some of the best restaurants in Chicago in Greek Town and on Randolph Street. Yet, what attracts youngsters and singles is the thriving nightlife scene. With so many bars such as Moneygun and the ROOF on theWit Hotel, you will meet a lot of people and have great fun after work. We have already mentioned this district above, so you know that this is a real business hub. If you decide to settle in its west part, know that your office will be a walk away from your apartment and all these cool spots.

Lincoln Park: What’s Like Living in the University Neighborhood

Another district we have already mentioned is also home to DePaul University. Therefore, Lincoln is a place with a lot of college students and university staff. They all hang out in many pubs and bars such as The Red Lion Pub, Duffy’s Tavern and Grille, and Kelly’s Pub. You’ll find Chicago’s Zoo in the city’s largest greenery, and the admission is entirely free!

Printers Row: A True Chicago Experience Without High-Prices

If you decide to settle in Printers Row, know that you’ll live in yet another district full of millennials and college students. Numerous colleges have campuses here, including Columbia College, Roosevelt University, and DePaul’s campus. Since 1985, Printers Row organizes the annual literature festival during summer that gathers more than 100 authors and booksellers each year. The district doesn’t lack in its nightlife scene, restaurants, and shops! If you are on a tight budget, you’ll find a cheaper home to purchase here then in other Chicago’s districts.

Streeterville: The Best Place to Settle in 2020

If you decide to start living in Chicago‘s Streeterville, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. The easy access to Lake Michigan provides its residents the iconic lakefront location: Navy Pier. With its restaurant and shopping scene, outdoor movie screenings, live music, and other similar free programs, Navy Pier is locals’ favorite. No wonder this district is also called “Platinum Coast.” Its Museum of Contemporary Art is also an excellent place to meet people. Don’t miss Museum’s free Tuesdays in summer because they offer some great drinks and live music.

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What If I Have to Move to Chicago Suburbs?

We decided to dedicate the last segment to those youngsters who choose to move to the suburbs of Chicago. Maybe you want to pursue a career but have little kids and want to settle in a more quiet and peaceful area, or you just don’t have that much money in your pocket at the moment, so moving to the suburbs sounds like a good idea. We would highly recommend areas such as Clarendon Hills, Buffalo Grove, and Long Grove. The cost of living in Chicago definitely won’t be a problem if you decide to settle in some of these suburbs. Just be sure to get reliable auto transport services, and the commute to work will be a piece of cake.

An image of suburban houses.
Commuting to work from Chicago's suburbs is pretty easy.

Booking Reliable Long-Distance Movers Is Essential If You Are Moving to Chi-Town

That’s a wrap on the best Chicago neighborhoods for young professionals. We hope our list will help you significantly. When you start planning your relocation, remember to hire professional long-distance movers and get your quote in advance. Booking efficient and professional moving services is highly important for stress-free moving. A trusted long-distance moving company will provide excellent packing services and clean storage facilities. While they are handling all the hard work with ease, you can dedicate your time to deciding which district in Chi-Town suits you perfectly.

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