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Romantic Things to Do in Chicago – What Couples Should Know Before Relocating

July 29, 2020
Posted in City Guides / By Mila Tacon

Considered the birthplace of the skyscraper, the Windy City is one of the most popular places among couples. Is it because when you’re in love, its buildings seem taller and beautiful Lake Michigan seems bluer, or simply due to the fact there are plenty of romantic things to do in Chicago, we’re not sure. Whether you’re looking for date night spots or want to refresh your long-term relationship, moving to Chicago will help you reach cloud nine.

happy couple sitting on a bed
Chicago has more than a few interesting attractions for love birds

Metropolis on Lake Michigan is the third-most populous city in the United States. With nearly 3 million people, it seems like a huge place to get used to, and it looks unachievable to enjoy intimate moments with only one person. Still, with parklands galore, world-class museums, top-notch eateries, and numerous attractions, you can rest assured that Chi-Town is a perfect romantic getaway. Whether you’re in search of first-date venues to provide you with unforgettable moments, activities that get your heart pumping, or hand-in-hand strolling along the Chicago River, the Windy City has it all. Also, if you’re moving to a city alone, don’t worry. Relocating from a small town to a big city might be an excellent opportunity to find your soulmate.

So, let’s get the answers to the questions Where can I take a girl on a date in Chicago? and What can couples do in Chicago? We know you can’t wait to find out.


Is Chicago a Romantic City?

For lovey-dovey lovers, even the most ordinary food truck in Chi-Town will look like a three Michelin stars restaurant. For long-term partners, the metropolis might be an excellent opportunity to find similar interests, forget a daily routine, and go with a flow, especially if you’re thinking about moving in with your significant other. Luckily, Chi-Town is a mecca for couples thanks to its amenities – parklands, museums, restaurants, interesting attractions, and tours. It’s definitely not without a reason why it often gets voted the place with the greatest skyline or one of the most romantic cities in the U.S. That being said, this metropolis in Illinois is a spot where you can enjoy your partner and deepen your relationship.

Last but not least, moving while pregnant might be a perfect chance to discover all kids-friendly nook and crannies, particularly if you’re planning on moving to the suburbs.  In case you’re married and have kids, the Windy City boasts perfect childfree getaways. Let’s start from restaurants’ rooftops, ideal hidden spots, especially when moving in the summer.

happy couple hugging
Chi-Town is considered an ideal place for lovers

Everything Is More Romantic on a Rooftop

Would you like to enjoy with your significant other watching astonishing panoramic views while dining in the outdoor patio or lush garden? There are numerous rooftop bars in Chi-Town with an excellent menu, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want a secluded garden or a bustling patio. When looking for some of the best restaurants in Chicago for newly-weds, consider having a snack and a drink to eat at one of the most popular rooftop eateries.

These Picturesque Chicago Rooftops Are a Must-Visit

Hotel Zachary at Gallagher Way

Located in the heart of downtown, a three minutes walk from Wrigley Park and just minutes from Lake Michigan, this building is a perfect blend of new and old, refined and comfortable. If you want to taste award-winning and authentic cuisine, with an excellent choice of wines, there’s no better place to spend with your spouse, holding hands and watching the sunset than Hotel Zachary.

BiXi Beer

In the spring, with the first sun rays, or early in the morning on a summer day, hurry up to the Logan Square and catch the best seats in BiXi Beer. Known as Chicago’s first Asian-inspired brewpub, BiXi Beer serves craft beers and good bites, such as dim sum and seafood. Trendy and modern ambiance with an appealing menu is key for an unforgettable rendezvous.

Lonesome Rose

If Asian food isn’t your favorite, don’t worry. Choose Tex-Mex cuisine and spend pleasant moments in Lonesome Rose with your partner nibbling tacos and queso fundido on the second-floor rooftop patio. This relaxing and cozy space with mouth-watering dishes, cocktails, and coffee options is a venue to enjoy chatting and sharing intimate moments with your better half.


Pizza on the first meeting? It seems like a cliche at first glance, but with wood-fired pizzas, which are fluffy and crunchy, you can’t go wrong. Choose “Fire Pie” in etta, which is served with a topping of sausage, chile de arbol, and house-made giardiniera and indulge in enjoyment. One thing is for sure: your significant other will be fascinated not only with pizza but the second-floor terrace on North Avenue you’ve chosen to make your date special.

Z Bar

If you’re wondering what could be the most suitable venue to impress your partner, consider visiting Z Bar. This swanky lounge offers creative cocktails, small plates like marrow “poppers” and a scenic view of the Magnificent Mile. There’s no doubt this amazing spot will knock you off your feet and make your date magical.

OffShore Chicago

The largest rooftop bar in the US is a perfect place to enjoy during summer or winter days. Situated on the third floor of Navy Pier’s Festival Hall, it offers unmatched views of the city skyline and Lake Michigan. In addition to seven fire pits, you will find a gaming and entertainment area, and ample space for weddings and social gatherings. If you and your significant other love modern American cuisine and classic cocktails, OffShore is waiting for you.

SX Sky Bar

The fusion of bar and nightclub might be a perfect combination for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you want to impress your partner and reignite the spark in your relationship, visit SX Sky Bar, a spectacular two-floor space with a dance floor and retractable walls. After great fun, it’s recommended to get some fresh air on the patio and satisfy your palate.

Fun Things for Couples to Do in Chicago

If you love to spend leisure time in nature, surrounded by pets and animals, and enjoy gardening, you’ll be surprised by how many fun things to do in Chicago for couples. Also known as “The City in a Garden,” it boasts sandy beaches, hidden gardens, and sprawling parks in every neighborhood of Chi-Town.

Feel the Love in Shedd Aquarium

One of the favorite attractions for kids, Shedd Aquarium, is a place where adults love to drop by and feel the connections with wild animals and the living world. This fantastic spot boasts 32,500 creatures from the seas around the globe. Besides beluga whales, sea otters, penguins, and sea lions, you shouldn’t miss the exhibit Underwater Beauty. The Aquarium is a venue where you’ll realize that the same things connect you and your partner, thanks to a shared love for animals.

Garfield Park Conservatory as a Perfect Romantic Getaway on a Rainy Day

Is it raining? Or perhaps, freezing outside? Don’t worry about your date. Bad weather could even become your best friend. Strolling through the acres of breathtaking flowers while it’s raining is an unforgettable experience. And you’ll have plenty of time to explore Garfield Park Conservatory due to its two gigantic exhibition halls and numerous programs all year round.

Try a Ferry Ride on Chicago River and Enjoy an Architectural Tour

Chicago’s amazing architecture is famous worldwide thanks to the heavyweights of several influential architects who shaped Chi-Town. These are the following:

  • Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (Crown Hall)
  • Louis Sullivan (Sullivan Center)
  • Daniel Burnham (Reliance Building)
  • Frank Lloyd Wright (Moore-Dugal Residence)
  • Edward J. Burling (Nickerson Mansion)

Partners who want to learn more about the architecture and history of Chicago, can participate in the River Architectural Tour, see more than 50 incredible buildings and get the perfect shots.

Explore Millenium Park and Walk Around “The Bean”

Have you heard about the so-called “The Bean”? If you have, then you probably know that this work of public art is located in Millenium Park in downtown. It is home to tranquil gardens, interactive fountains, public art, free events, rock climbing, and the iconic Cloud Gate, called “The Bean” by locals. Cloud Gate is an outdoor sculpture and one of the largest of its kind in the world. It’s especially attractive due to its silky surfaces, so you shouldn’t miss a selfie photo with “The Bean” and the city skyline reflected on it.

If you’re in search of free cultural events, this is the venue where you can come, enjoy excellent programs and not spend a penny. Since the cost of living in Chicago is 23% higher than the national average, this destination might become one of your favorites. We’ve listed some excellent activities to do for free:

  • Concerts on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening
  • Movies on Tuesday evenings
  • Enjoy splashing in the Crown Fountain
  • Visit Boeing Galleries
Millenium Park area view
Partners will find plenty of free and exciting activities in Millenium Park

Take a Step Back in Time With Richard H. Driehaus Museum

If you and your partner are history-lovers, visit the museum near the Magnificent Mile and enjoy art, design, and architecture of the late 19th century to the present. Driehaus Museum is a unique place packed with cultural and educational programs and exhibitions related to the Gilded Age that depict specific circumstances of that period in America.

History museums might be perfect for those in love

Learn About Stars and Drink Your Favorite Cocktail

If you two are the kind of couple that has been in seventh heaven since you met, a chance to learn about the city’s glimmering skyline and scope out stars and planets in the Doane observatory could be a step further in your relationship. Adler Planetarium is one of the top museums in Chi-Town, offering special events and programming at night. To make the enjoyment greater, order cocktails at Café Galileo’s and let the magic begin!

girl dancing in the night
Romance starts with stars

Break Up Date-Night Monotony in Emporium Arcade Bar

Probably the greatest fear of all lovers is to fall into the trap of monotony and boredom during dates. In the Emporium Arcade Bar, you won’t even have a chance to yawn. Different interactive games, such as Mortal Kombat, Ms. Pac-Man, or a pool, will bring plenty of dynamism into your evening.
An expert tip: it’s allowed to bring in outside food, so with tasty bites, everything will become more comfortable and relaxed.

happy couple playing pool
Playing games connect partners

Choose Some of the Best Spots of City’s Culinary Delights

Whether you’ve already tried an iconic deep-dish pizza or wish something different and new, Chi-Town has something for everyone. It has always been a mecca for foodies, so immerse yourself into a delicious world of culinary masterpieces.

Chicago French Market for Food Aficionados

Gourmets and all those who feel that way are the happiest when trying different ingredients transformed into mouth-watering meals. At Chicago French Market, there’s always a huge range of both fresh and prepared food. Strolling between stalls packed with fruits, lobster rolls, empanadas, chocolate truffles, or Belgian fries is a perfect way to start your morning. You and your significant other can decide together what to cook that day or choose to sit in some relaxed dine-in places and enjoy delicious aroma and pleasant murmur.

Jam – No. 1 for Brunch and a Flirt

If you and your better half don’t want to miss a Sunday brunch instead of being in bed, go to Jam and find out what’s so special about its menu. Whether you prefer egg sandwich, pork shoulder, ricotta salata, or roasted fingerling potatoes, rest assured that your plate will be a piece of art. Located in the Logan Square neighborhood, it’s one of the nation’s most famous brunch spots you and your significant other shouldn’t miss. Because food connects people.

couple on a romantic dinner date
Chi-Town offers excellent dining spots for lovers

What Are Some Ideas for a Perfect Date?

Winters in Chi-Town can be cold with lots of snow. If you’re moving in the summer, the weather is hot and humid, perfect for spending a day next to the water, sipping cocktails, or lemonade. Still, both seasons are ideal for romance and amorous pleasantries. Adventure-seeking partners can find unusual places and attractions to satisfy their free spirit, while those looking for more privacy, can be certain that there is no shortage of hidden spots.

Buckingham Fountain

This fountain in Grant Park was built in 1927 and is still a sight to behold. Designed in Art-Deco style with seahorses, it produces a major water display for 20 minutes per hour accompanied by music and light background. If you prefer hand-in-hand strolls surrounded by fantastic nature and sound of water, this parkland and its world-known Buckingham Fountain might be a great introduction to the sweet events that are yet to come.

Promontory Point

Known as “The Point” among locals, it is a human-made peninsula in Lake Michigan, and an inviting and peaceful park excellent for many outdoor activities. You can walk on the path, climb on the rocks next to the lake, or ride your bike. From Promontory Point, the view of the city, lake, or skyline is just amazing. You can bring a blanket, some food, and drink, and have a pleasant picnic surrounded by nothing but nature.

Starry-Eyed Surprise in Aire Ancient Baths

What can be better than massage or body treatment for two? If it happens in the environment that recalls the tradition of Greek and Roman bathhouses, your enjoyment will be even greater. Aire Ancient Baths are built inside an old factory in River West and are ideal for retreat getaways.

Plan a Trip to The Garden of the Phoenix

Jackson Park boasts many beautiful green spots, but probably the most enchanting area is the Garden of Phoenix. This Japanese strolling garden is located on Wooden Island and is perfect to go for a walk with someone special.

Chicago at night
Nights in Chi-Town will leave your partner speechless

Long Relationships Become More Passionate, and New Ones Get Stronger in Chi-Town

If you’re moving to Chicago, it’s good to know it’s one of the most charming cities in the U.S. Its layout provides a perfect combination of urban landscapes and a host of leisure options. When looking for the best neighborhoods in Chicago or wondering how it is like living in Chicago, one thing is for sure – it is a metropolis that suits everyone. In addition to the family-friendly suburbs of Chicago and business areas perfect for young professionals, numerous activities can bring partners closer.

As a pair, you can enjoy not only the city’s most intimate places along the lake, but you also should check out vibrant Chicago nightlife and bring new sparkles in your relationship. So, whether you need the additional trigger to make your love life better, looking for some different ways to reconnect with your spouse, or moving across the country for love, Chi-Town is a place to be.

Before you hire Chicago professional movers and schedule your relocation day, find out what spots should be perfect for your love story. We are sure that our tips, suggestions, and words of advice helped you realize what are the most romantic things to do in Chicago, whatever your reasons to move are.

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