How to Pack Blankets and Pillows for Moving

May 20, 2019 / Posted in How-to
Michael Vaughan

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Once you decide to move to a new home, you have to start planning for the process of packing. You’ll have to take care of the bedroom at one point, which is why you’ll need to know how to pack blankets for moving and how to pack pillows for moving. The whole process may seem daunting at first, but keep in mind that taking care of your bedroom will be the easier part of the job.

bed with white sheets overlay
In order to have a stress-free move, you need to pack everything with the right supplies.

The Packing Materials You Will Need to Pack Everything Properly

Handling your bedding and other bedroom things will not be as complicated as figuring out how to pack your garage, for example. And the packing materials and supplies needed for the job will be pretty basic as well. You will need large boxes for any larger items that are light, such as cushions and comforters. And you’ll need to get medium-sized boxes for blankets and linens.

We suggest getting plenty of plastic bags and covers to protect your linens and other bedding from moisture. Lastly, you will have to get some clean paper, high-quality tape and a marker to label the boxes.


Select the Right Packing Material, Like a Vacuum Storage Bag

Keep in mind that investing in the right material will be a very important step when the time comes to safely prepare your bedding for the move. It will be useful for you in the future as well. Perhaps a friend or a family member will be wondering how to pack bedroom items for moving or how to wrap other belongings in sheets. Maybe you’ll be relocating again, and that’s when all the materials and supplies will be useful once more. Getting quality vacuum storage bags is one of the best tips when handling bedclothes.

couple covered with bed sheets overlay
One of the first things you need for your first apartment is bed sheets, so make sure you have them close when you unpack.

Tips on How to Pack Blankets for Moving

Are you asking yourself how to pack pillows for moving? Let’s go over the most important tips on preparing blankets for relocation, as well as cushions and other linens.

Remember that it’s easier to prepare bedclothes when compared to preparing your other belongings for relocation. For example, you can transport bedding without a hassle, while handling glassware can be troublesome and is one of the main reasons why people hire professional movers for their moving services.

On the other hand, if you are relocating on short notice, you may need packing services for your linens and pillows as well. If you choose professional services do you research and find the best ones. 

The Logistics of Moving Bedding

You should get started with any spare bedrooms in your home, as they can be used as the center of operations for the future. And when it comes to sorting out all of your bedroom items before you get to work, you can employ the entire family to help with their own blankets and cushions. Your kids don’t have to know how to handle pillows, but they can help with the organization. Depending on how old they are, you can show them the way to efficiently fold and wrap some belongings. Make a fun activity out of it.    

Tips On Packing Blankets and Pillows

Before you store your cushions away, consider using them as cushioning for any of your fragile items. Protecting fragile items can be a daunting task, and you’ll need some extra layers. If you are wondering how to pack blankets for moving, the process is similar to packing cushions, fold them, and fill empty space between boxes and fragile objects. Also, you can wrap them around bigger breakable belongings.  

You should put your pillows and blankets in plastic bags before you put them into boxes. The plastic pouch will provide perfect protection, both from the dust and from moisture. After you’ve stuffed them, compress out any air and use duct tape to seal them up properly.

Remember to line the box with sheets of paper before you place the bags inside. Do keep in mind that pillows and linens can take a lot of space, so you don’t want to overfill the box with paper. This is just to make sure that everything stays clean during the relocation.

When you’ve placed your bags inside the box, put some paper on top, just for extra protection. After you are finished, you’ll want to use tape to properly seal up the box.

Label the boxes with marker after you seal them. You can label what rooms in your new home the box and items inside belong to, which will help with the unpacking process. You can also list the items inside the box, so if you end up looking for something you’ll know exactly where to find it.

Packing Linens for Relocation

One of the best tips for handling bedding is to save up space by using your linens as protection for other items. You can fold your linens and sheets and place them inside plastic bags.

Remember to compress out any air before you seal the plastic bags. The steps are the same as when it comes to shipping linens and pillows. Lightly pad out the box with paper, and then fill it with the bags containing your sheets.

Pack the Bedding as Your Last Step

Though it may seem confusing at first, this is one of the most popular tips on how to pack blankets and cushions – don’t do it. You can use the blankets and pillows to provide cushioning for your other belongings. This is why it’s advisable to take care of the bedroom last, as you could find yourself in need of extra protection when packing your fragile items. In case you are working on a tight budget, you may not have the necessary number of boxes for all of your belongings. So if you’re finished with the packaging of your other items and don’t have the boxes for your linens, you’re still fine.

You can fold and store your pillows and blankets inside plastic bags or in your drawers to save up on space. This way your bedding will be safely transported to your new place. Also, you can wrap large sheets around big objects, ensuring their protection every step along the way.  

pile of blankets overlay
There are a few ways you can protect your bedding

Important Step to Remember When Packing Bedding

Safety should be your number one concern when packing any belongings for relocation. And one of the common moving mistakes when transporting bedding to a new home is forgetting that moisture and air are your number one enemies. This is why it’s advisable to get vacuum storage bags if possible, and if not, to make sure that you filter out any air out of the bags before you seal them. This is especially important if you’re moving during the summer or in bad weather conditions.

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