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6 Best Austin Suburbs to Relocate to in 2022

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      There are many great Austin suburbs you can call home. Still, to pick the “one” that can cater to your specific needs, you should look into things such as crime rates, housing situation, vicinity to the center, employment, education, and entertainment options. You will stumble upon a variety of tight-knit communities that look out for each other, and whichever you choose to settle down in, you won’t make a mistake.

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      Moving to Austin will put you in one of the fastest-growing cities in the US and a young community with a median age of 33 years. With more than 200 live music venues, a variety of restaurants, museums, and parks, ATX will keep you entertained all year round. However, if you want to avoid loud, urban streets, settle down in one of the suburban areas that fit your lifestyle best. You’ll still be close enough to all the action but far enough so that your kids can enjoy a peaceful childhood.


      What Are the Best Suburbs of Austin, TX, and How to Pick the Right One?

      Living in Austin, Texas, will be an unforgettable experience. It is a city with scores of entertainment, job, and educational opportunities. Nevertheless, picking the perfect suburban neighborhood should be the result of thorough research and planning.

      Before calling professional Austin movers to take care of your household belongings, go over the essential criteria like crime rates, housing prices, vicinity of schools, and other amenities, as well as job opportunities. There are many great areas in ATX outside of its urban core, and it is up to you to pick the one that completely suits your lifestyle and needs.

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      Check available schools and homes in this Texas city, and you will easily make a decision.

      #1 Cedar Park Is One of the Best Austin Suburbs for Families and Young Couples

      Cedar Park is a suburban location ideal for those who work in ATX but want to be in a good school district. Located approximately 16 miles north of the city center, it runs along Parmer Lane, US 183, FH 1431, FM 620, and SH45, so there are more than a few ways you can reach any place you want.

      While you are chasing big career dreams, your kids can learn and prepare for the “grown-up world” in some of the highly rated schools in the Leander Independent School District. Cedar Park High School is known for the excellent performance of its drill and football teams, as well as choir and band. Vista Ridge High School won the Sweepstakes Award in Science Fair for 14 consecutive years, which means your kids will get an excellent education, especially when it comes to science. With a high school graduation rate of 93%, it is no wonder that families choose to stay here.

      With around 72,500 residents and the median age of 33.4 years, Cedar is a rather young community. Its friendly vibe, a tight-knit community, and diverse recreation options will keep you busy when you are not working.

      A Variety of Entertainment Options Will Leave You Speechless

      Moving to suburbs doesn’t mean you have to give up on things like shopping, dining out, and bar hopping, especially if you choose to relocate to a vibrant place like Cedar with an array of community events.

      While you are looking for a place to dine out, you might stumble upon some of the best restaurants in Austin. If you are craving sushi, stop by Soto Sushi and get your daily fix. But if a casual vibe is more your thing, Blue Corn Harvest is the place to be.

      When you want to make some unforgettable memories with your offspring, there are things to do in Austin with kids.  Local Cedar community organizes family activities all year round: from strolling through pumpkin patches to summer camps. Moving would bring you the best of both worlds – peaceful suburban lifestyle and big-city entertainment options.

      kids in park
      You don't have to search for entertainment for your kids; it is all around.

      #2 Round Rock Is One of the Fastest-Growing Spots in the US

      Round Rock is located 17 miles north of ATX Downtown, and it is an excellent spot for those looking for a mix of urban and suburban vibes, and with a touch of 19th-century history. The community is one of the fastest-growing in the nation: in the 70s, there were only around 3,000 residents, while over 100,000 folks call it home today.

      According to data from the website AreaVibes, the median real estate value is $192,500, which is 4% higher than the US average, but the 34% higher median household income more than makes up for it. Almost 62% of residents here own their homes, but if you want to rent, you will have to pay around $1,100.

      When you unpack, go out and take advantage of everything Round Rock has to offer, from a multitude of parks to community events. See for yourself why the community is ever-growing and receiving awards for its achievements.

      From Sports Events to the Water Park, Round Rock Has Something for Everyone

      The self-proclaimed “Sports Capital of Texas,” features golf and cricket courses, as well as twenty baseball fields, a softball complex, and more than a few soccer facilities. When you want to take a breather, head to Dell Diamond stadium and cheer for Round Rock Express, a minor league baseball team.

      When you’re feeling playful, check out the Rock’N River Water Park and enjoy slides, pond, and a white stone beach. If you love splashing in the water, go to Clark Madsen Recreation Center and enjoy the indoor pool available all year long.

      The area is connected with the rest of the ATX via major highways like Interstate 35, US Highway 79, State Highways 45 and 130. If you ship your car to the new location, you can easily reach other parts of the city and explore them as well. The short distance from the center is ideal for those working Downtown, but if you want to avoid that type of commute, you can look for work in the vicinity of your residence.

      One of the Best Austin Suburbs When It Comes to Employment Options

      Have you considered getting a job before you relocate? Having a stable financial situation is essential, no matter where you live. Luckily, Round Rock is a hub for clean energy, life science, software development, and advanced manufacturing industries, making the job search that much easier.

      On the other hand, if you are relocating for a job, you are probably employed in one of the major national and international companies located in Round Rock:

      • IKEA
      • KoMiCo Technology Inc
      • Dell
      • Cerilliant Corporation
      • Dresser
      • TECO-Westinghouse
      • Hospira

      #3 West Lake Hills Is a Perfect Location For Outdoor Enthusiasts

      West Lake Hills borders Barton Creek Wilderness Park to the south, a popular preserve where you can enjoy hiking and beautiful scenery. In the northern part of the district is Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, focused on protecting animals and promoting environmental education. These two parklands are ideal spots for outdoor enthusiasts who like to take long hikes and strolls while enjoying nature.

      This luxurious community is all about creating a family-friendly environment where people can raise kids and live peacefully. That’s why there are no late-night spots, but if you want to dine out, there are excellent local eateries like Blue Dahlia and Texas Honey Ham you should check out.

      Housing Is Not Cheap, but It’s Worth It

      According to AreaVibes, the median home value in West Lake Hills is around $784,000. However, besides high-priced estates, you can find modern fixer-uppers, which are great for those who are not afraid to put real work into creating a perfect home. To build, you need at least one acre of space; that’s why every house has a yard that provides its residents with amazing views of nature and the rest of the city.

      women on a bike
      Search for the perfect spot in your yard to enjoy nature.

      #4 Where Can You Live Outside Austin? Rollingwood Might Be the Answer

      Are you looking for a place that is just close enough to the center of ATX but not precisely in it? Rollingwood is 3 miles west of Downtown, and it is connected to other areas via Mopac Expressway.

      If the cost of living in Austin TX is something you worry about, you might find Rollingwood overly expensive. Housing in this upscale neighborhood can get pretty pricey indeed. Nevertheless, accommodation options are mostly multi-story houses with manicured lawns filled with flower bushes and neatly planted aloe vera plants. For those who don’t like the modern and minimalistic vibe, there are older brick ranch style homes.

      You Will Have Access to Many Amenities

      Being so close to ATX center means that residents can take full advantage of all that Downtown has to offer. A variety of entertainment options will satisfy even the pickiest individuals.

      However, if you don’t feel like going to the center, you can just check out all the restaurants, bars, and parks in your neighborhood. When you want to dine out, have some pizza in Pizza Nizza, or some sushi in Bistro 88, and when you need a pick-me-up cup of coffee, Trianon the Coffee Place can save your day. If your kids get restless, take them to the Science and Nature Center and let them enjoy indoor activities.

      #5 Bee Cave Is an Artsy Area With Diverse Entertainment Options

      What started as a bee colony turned into a vibrant and modern community that it is today. Bee Cave is a great location to settle down in if you are looking for an area with an artsy vibe. The town is very dedicated to improving the quality of life: one of the missions is to decorate the location with sculptures and other works of art.

      When you’re looking for inspiration, take a walk through the seven acres of Bee Cave Sculpture Park that showcases permanent and rotating sculptures. There, you will also find ponds and more than 20 native species of plants.

      There’s also a program called Benches of Bee Cave, through which artists create benches to improve the aesthetics of the location. Even people-watching can be an exciting activity.

      You Can Eat out Whenever You Want

      Bee Cave is not a sleepy and dull spot where you can’t get a decent cup of coffee to go. If you are in the mood for a drink, there are more than a few places to do so.

      Check out Treaty Oak, a 28-acre premier distillery that produces gin and whiskey. Here you can roam around restaurants, bars, and a cocktail lab that serves craft drinks. You can also stop by Meridien 98 and get your buzz going with several Beehive cocktails.

      Apis Restaurant and Apiary can be an excellent place for a date night. Inspired by global cuisine, the eatery spreads on six acres of space, and it is home to a garden and plenty of beehives. If you like snacking on strange food, make a reservation at Hudson’s Hill Country and have some crunchy gator, fried antelope or wild boar lollipops.

      Chicago new restaurants
      It will be a real pleasure to dine out in Bee Cave.

      #6 Buda Is One of the Suburbs of Austin With the Lowest Crime Rates

      Is safety your primary concern when looking for a place to settle down in? If so, Buda should be on your radar. According to data from AreaVibes, this is one of the safest places in and around ATX, with crime rates that are 36% lower than the US average. Additionally, the number of total annual crimes has decreased by 11% since last year.

      If you are sold on Buda, start looking through housing options, and make sure you can pay the current accommodation price: the median home price is $201,500, while the rent is around $1,000.

      This is one of the best neighborhoods in Austin not only because of low crime rates but also because of diverse outdoor activities you as a resident can be a part of.

      Buda Is a Neighborhood Buzzing With Fun Activities

      The State of Texas Legislature acknowledged Buda as the “Outdoor Capital of Texas” because of its high percentage of open green spaces. Check out bike and hike trails in one of 13 parks and natural areas. You can even fish in one out of two ponds, play basketball, and have a picnic in designated areas.

      When you want to rest from all outdoor activities, get dressed, and have an enjoyable time in one of many restaurants. Casa Alde can be an excellent spot for a get-together with friends who like Mexican food. Tavern on Main has a top-notch live music menu as well as rotating taps for all the beer lovers.

      couple in the park
      Real outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy Buda.

      All Suburbs of Austin Have Something Unique to Offer

      You went over all the benefits of living in some of the greatest areas in ATX, but you still can’t make a decision where to settle down. Using the data from AreaVibes, let’s put it all in a table and see which new location will be the most suitable for you.

      [table id=33 responsive=”scroll”/]

      Source: AreaVibes

      ATX Will Easily Become a Place That Feels Like Home

      When the unpacking is done, you will know that you survived the hardest part of the relocation. Now it is time to let yourself enjoy and explore the new community. No matter if you choose to raise your kids in Cedar, or get a luxury home in Rollingwood, you will still be a part of the ATX community. That’s why locals here will make you feel like you belong no matter where you live. It will be easy to fit in, and soon you will feel like you were born and raised here.

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