How Much Do Movers Cost for a Two-Bedroom Apartment

December 2, 2019 / Posted in Moving Basics
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How long have you been thinking about getting moving services and relocating? You’ve procrastinated enough, and this time you are determined to do something about it. There’s no room for stress, even if it’s a long-distance relocation. After you check the expenses and learn how much do movers cost for a 2-bedroom apartment, you can plan out the upcoming journey.

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Keep in mind that there are many factors that affect the final estimate

You don’t mind setting aside some money for the move, but you cannot afford to spend an entire fortune – once you choose a professional company, you want to be sure you have top-notch movers. Refer to the below information about the average costs of a long-distance household relocation and discover what the major factors which determine the total sum of the process are. Let these tips help you choose the best for your adventure.

Hiring a Professional Relocation Company – Yes or No

There are quite a few decisions to be made before you step on the threshold of your new home. Everything you do now will determine the outcome of the relocation. So, does it pay off to hire someone to provide moving and packing services, or can you manage the entire move with the help of a few friends?

If you talk to the people in your immediate surroundings, you will hear about different experiences and end up even more puzzled. If you can afford help from experts, why not do it? Even though you are shipping two small rooms, you will lose precious time, and the pain form the heavy-lifting will kick in eventually.

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What will the outcome be? Can you lean on someone else for the job?

What Does the Moving Cost Entail – Local or Long-Distance Relocation

So many different factors influence the price tag – the main ones usually have to do with the distance and the weight of the cargo. Still, you can be sure the price of your move entails some of these:

  • Relocation up and down the stairs – a lot of stairs
  • Shuttle service
  • Storage services
  • Packing supplies
  • Pick-up and delivery services

Before you contact a professional company, have a look at the items you plan to move. Downsizing is always an option to lower some costs.


Take the Average Moving Distance into Account

Moving locally differs to a great extent from long-distance relocation. If you are planning a move to another state, the relocation prices will go up for sure. The more gas there is to be spent, the higher the expenditures during the relocation will be. Unfortunately, there is no way to lower these costs. If you are traveling from New York to Los Angeles, get ready to take out your checkbook.

Take into Account the Weight of the Cargo

The final costs of the relocation will be determined by the weight of the cargo as well. Even though your new address is just around the corner, your boxes might be heavier than you think. Any extra service you request during the move will increase the relocation costs for your two-room home.

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How far do you have to go?

How Much Do Movers Cost for a 2-Bedroom Apartment – Calculate the Costs, Don’t Estimate      

As already discussed, different companies have different relocation quotes. Packing and shipping a two-room home can be easier than one-bedroom arrangement if you have a few items to move, your flat is on the ground floor, and the street is not too narrow. You won’t need one extra vehicle for such a scenario. In case you have a bunch of stuff to ship, you need to discuss advanced moving solutions. Make sure you say exactly what kind of service you want. Don’t wait for a company’s estimate of the services – request an exact cost calculation.

Moving a 2-Bedroom Apartment with Local Movers

If you have set your eyes on a local move, you most likely will be charged by the hour. The more people you need, the costlier it will be. The standard hourly rate is $100 for two professional movers and one vehicle. In such a case, six hours of work will be charged around $600 for a 2-bedroom apartment. This is the price without any additional demands, such as moving supplies, items assessment, and so on.

Moving a 2-Bedroom Apartment Cross-Country – Book Long-Distance Professional Assistance

Assuming that the mileage and weight play a key role in your long-distance relocation, you should expect to pay around $2000 if your home is around 500 miles away. If the mileage doubles, the prices will go up by around $500. However, these are the costs that are based solely on the mileage of your relocation. Any additional requests will be charged separately. The average weight for this relocation scenario should be around 5000 pounds.

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Invest now for a safer journey.

How to Save on Relocation Costs

Just because you are hiring professionals, it doesn’t mean you have to spend an entire fortune to get everything done! Before you have movers scan through the home, you can evaluate the items you intend to move and decide what should be shipped. With the help of a few friends, you can free up the passages and obtain all the necessary supplies for a seamless packing process. Measure the hallways and staircases before you start hauling everything. This will prevent any possible setbacks during the process.

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There is also a way to save some money.

Get a Free Moving Quote Before You Start the Relocation – Better Safe Than Sorry

Don’t forget to check the online moving quote before you schedule the relocation date. Most companies provide their customers with an exact relocation quote and include the costs of any additional services. If you prefer reaching out to agents, do it! Limit the room for any unpleasant scenarios during your long-wished relocation.

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