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Things to do in Seattle With Kids – Make Your Children’s Long-Distance Move Easier

June 8, 2020

Moving to Seattle and living there with your kids is a great idea. There is a lot of fun stuff to do – numerous museums, parks, and kid-friendly attractions. Even if you have some difficult and demanding toddlers, don’t worry! The ace up your sleeve will be our list of things to do in Seattle with kids. Coming to this town with your little ones might be the best decision ever, and they’re not the only ones who’ll have a good time.

parents with a kid
If you have young ones there are many entertainment opportunities for you

Going to the Museums Is One of the Top Things to Do in Seattle With Kids

Apart from the amusement, visiting museums is a great way to learn about things by approaching them in person and seeing them from a different angle. Emerald City has so many institutions of this kind, and they all provide an excellent opportunity for a lovely family day.

Take a Tour of the Seattle Children’s Museum in the Center

Stroll Downtown to one of the best Seattle neighborhoods and take your toddler to the popular Children’s Museum. This institution occupies over 18,000 square feet just for playing! It has a daily calendar with programs that are updated continuously, so they always bring something new to the visitors. The museum’s mission is to bring to life the joy of discovery in a creative way. Children are encouraged to explore the world and to ignite curiosity.

Don’t Miss the Museum of Pop Culture

The best place to enjoy contemporary popular culture is this nonprofit institution. It undoubtedly belongs to one of the must-see places in the entire community. It has funded many public programs, and it’s a site of the annual gathering of academics, critics, musicians, and music buffs. You’ll find interactive exhibits, sound sculptures, and collections of the artifacts in its eccentric-looking building. Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame attracts a lot of attention, as well as the guitar sculpture consisting of more than 500 musical instruments and 30 computers.

Youngsters Will Love the Museum of History and Industry

Bring your family to MOHAI and learn together about the diverse history of this city and the whole nation. Many visitors find it engaging and recommend coming to this kid-friendly place. There are special AR/VR exhibits to help people get a more accurate picture of what life looked like in the past. It even has a Kid-Struction Zone where children 2–7 years old can become the newest and youngest builders in the city.

Play a Game at the Seattle Pinball Museum

The Pinball Museum is one of the children’s favorites – you’ll find two floors of unique vintage and modern pinball games. The cost of living in Seattle may be somewhat high for some people, so playing on any machine the whole day for a single price really does sound amazing. A wide variety of machines to choose from, cold drinks, and snacks are all available at this place. You can check on their website the title of the machine, manufacturer, and the year of making. It will be a great opportunity to show your little ones what your childhood looked like.

Kids Will Have a Lot to Learn at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

Keep in mind that toddlers may lose focus quickly in this one, but teenagers will love it. It was established as the Washington State Museum and has become famous for its collection of more than 16 million artifacts, including the world’s largest collection of spread bird wings. Children will be able to touch prehistoric plant fossils and see what life on Earth looked like long before humans walked it, and not just that. Burke has exhibits about culture, biology, and archaeology.

Living Computers Museum and Labs Is One of the Top Ways to Have Fun Indoor

Technology museums are not for everyone, but if you or your children love computers and learning about operating systems or single-user interfaces, this is the spot to visit. There are interactive sessions on vintage machines, so you’ll actually be able to use them. In the classroom and lab spaces of LCM+L, you’ll be able to attend a wide range of educational programs and events.

This city is full of wonderful educational places that guarantee a good time

Visiting Educational Centers Is Also on the List of the Best Things to Do With Kids in Seattle

This would be a great opportunity to find out more about your kids’ interests. Maybe they didn’t even know that they found something amusing and fun, so visiting educational centers could be not just entertaining, but also useful.

Go to Seattle Symphony’s Musical Discovery Center

It’s a music school, but it’s also a popular music exploration center that organizes exhibitions, hands-on activities, and classes. There’s a special section on the website dedicated to families, with many activities for children to connect with music and experience it. If your kid already plays an instrument, going to this center will be a total win.

Children Enjoy Learning at Pacific Science Center

Another way to have fun with your kid and learn at the same time is to visit observatories, planetariums, and science museums of the Pacific Science Center. It’s spread on 7.1 acres and encourages curiosity in people of all ages. It has innovative programs for teens, but toddlers are the ones that will enjoy this the most. So many play labs, camps, shows, interactive showcases, and playdates will keep your children entertained. You can even leave your kid in age-appropriate groups supervised by the center’s experienced and friendly staff all evening, while you have a free night out.

Your youngsters will surely make new friends in science camps

“Artists at Play”Playground Is a Great Way to Have Fun Outdoors

Seattle’s Parents love taking their children to Artists at Play, and it’s no wonder. The name of the park itself says a lot – youngsters become artists while having a good time in this unique playground.

There are large xylophone-like bells with ropes that the kids use to play, and the sound it makes is very relaxing. Swings, labyrinths, climbing structures, curvy tube slides, musical pillars – all of that for free! It’s one of the best ways for children to let off some steam. In case you get hungry, some of the best restaurants in Seattle are within walking distance.

No matter how old your children are, they'are bound to enjoy this park.

Watching a Show at Seattle Children’s Theatre Will Make Your Day

Specially made for a young audience, Children’s Theatre is one of the twenty largest regional theaters in the country. Amazing actors will make sure you have a great time, and the excellent production of the shows will surely hold your kids’ attention. Locals have been taking their little ones there for years, and they still love it. After watching so many movies and cartoons on screens, it would be great to see a live show with family.

Seattleites have been visiting this theater for generations.

Learn About Marine Life at Seattle Aquarium

Watching some of the most unusual ocean creatures, marine mammals, diving birds, jellyfish, and octopuses up close in an 18,000-square-foot aquarium is something that will pique the interest of children no matter the age. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will make sure to answer all of your questions and to help you learn as much as you want about the water world. There’s an outdoor part of the aquarium, so you can see seals, otters, and other animals who live near the water.

Visitors say it's very well organized and great for families.

Nationally Award-Winning Woodland Park Zoo Is the City’s True Gem

The environment of this Zoo gives visitors the feeling of being in an entirely animal habitat. Your children will feel like they’re in the wilderness, surrounded by gorillas, rhinoceroses, tigers, bears, elephants, monkeys, and many other species and rare animals. There’s a butterfly garden, a bug house, a raptor center, and a farm exhibit.

The Woodland Park Zoo is also involved in protecting wildlife and ensuring animal wellness. You can even get in direct contact with the animals (with the supervision of the staff, of course).

If you buy a ticket for Premium Animal Tour, you'll get a private session where you can interact with animals.

The Whole Family Will Have Fun at the Seattle Great Wheel

The giant Ferris wheel on Elliott Bay is a landmark of this city. If you’re not afraid of heights, hop on the tallest Ferris wheel on the West Coast of the US and enjoy the panoramic view of the city. The gondola bubbles in which you’ll sit are climate controlled and clear so that you can see everything from the height of 175 feet. It’s covered in over 500,000 LED lights, so if you come at night time, you’ll see colorful light show displays.

The duration of the ride is from 12 to 20 minutes during summer and 10 to 15 minutes in winter. If you wish to sit alone in the gondola, you can buy a VIP ticket for $50, but the usual tickets are $15 for everyone older than 12 years. Children from 3 to 11 years need to have $10 tickets, and babies up to two years old can ride for free.

It's quite an enjoyable ride no matter which time of the day you choose

Families Love Going to the Alki Beach Park and Lake Washington

Visiting Alki Beach Park and Lake Washington is certainly among the top things to do with kids in Seattle. Alki Beach Park is located in the West Seattle neighborhood, and it features half a mile of salt-water bathing beachfront.

Lake Washington is the state’s second-largest, and it has numerous activities perfect for warm summer days. You can go swimming, have any kind of outdoor activity with your family, and enjoy nature. If it’s not that warm, this is a fantastic destination to have a walk. If you’re moving with pets, know that dogs are allowed in the Alki Beach Park, but there’s a fine if you take them to the beach. The work hours are from 4 AM to 11:30 PM every day.

Keep in mind that the water at the Alki beach is chilly.

Visit the Pike Place Market

One of the unique things to do in Seattle is going to the Pike Place Market. You might wonder what’s so special about this market, so we’ll gladly explain. Except from being one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets in the US (the opening was in 1907), it attracts more than ten million people every year with its fishmongers, produce and craft stands, and specialty food shops. Because of the diversity, colors, smells, and delicious fresh food, children will love taking a walk and shopping with you in this unique community.

Pike Market's mascot is Rachel, a life-size bronze piggy bank.

Tips on How to Make the Move Easier for the Kids

Sometimes it can be difficult for youngsters to accept the fact that you’re moving. They’ll have to say goodbye to their school, friends, and the neighborhood they love and are used to. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make them like the fact they’re moving.

This city has a vast number of parks, beaches, museums, and other interesting places to visit and enjoy. Show your little ones some photos of where you’re going to travel, and they might like it. Also, don’t let the move frustrate them additionally.

stress-free move is possible if you pick a good Seattle moving company with exquisite moving services. Involve your children in the packing of household stuff and make it a family event, or just let the movers do the packing – it’s your choice. There are moving hacks to make this big and stressful event much lighter and more bearable. Once you start living in Seattle, we have a feeling you’ll love it.

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