How to Pack Purses for Moving a Few Handy Tips

June 10, 2019 / Posted in How-to
Michael Vaughan

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If you’re relocating soon, you probably have plenty of worries about the item checklist, packing supplies, your budget, etc. Add packing all your clothes and fragile items to the equation, and might as well give up. Luckily, when it comes to the question of how to pack purses for moving, there are a few simple solutions and handy tips for transporting these often expensive and delicate accessories to your new home.

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You can take your favorite purse to a new location

Maybe this issue seems unimportant to you compared to packing a chandelier or china. Still, if you happen to have a designer handbag or an off-brand purse you can’t live without for a day, then it becomes incredibly relevant. Imagine the day when you finally enter your new home and start unpacking the moving boxes, only to realize that your cherished purse has been damaged. To avoid this, think in advance about what preparatory measures you should take.

With our tips and tricks, your handbags will stay intact, and, on the other hand, these activities won’t take much of your time. So get down to business and make this a stress-free moving process.

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When relocating to a new home, you’ll want the best possible protection for your beloved handbag

How to Pack Purses for Moving – Preparatory Steps

When moving and packing, you should be particularly careful with your handbags – they can easily get scratched and damaged if you don’t handle them with care. It doesn’t matter whether your purses are made of leather or some other fine material – they need special protection. Luckily, all the necessary supplies are easily available.

However, to pack your purse in the right way, there are several steps you should take to ensure safe transportation with the minimum risk of damage. With our moving tips, you can plan your move smoothly, with or without moving services, and ensure risk-free relocation for your cherished items.


Remember This: Leave the Handbag Empty

Whatever you usually keep inside your bag, remove it. During the relocation, if the box with your packed purse happens to break, any sharp or pointed objects left inside, like keys or pencils, might damage your precious handbag.

Clean Your Clutch Well Before Moving

Before packing and storing, your bags should be clean. Make sure their external surface, as well as the interior, are dust- and dirt-free. Being wrapped for a longer period could cause damage if the bag is not spotless.

Tips Related to Additional Protection

Of course, additional protection is always advisable, so if you can apply a protective spray, your purses will stay in excellent condition during the transport. You can adequately safeguard your leather handbag with a specific combination of products, such as waterproof sprays and conditioners. These products will shield your purses from significant damage.

Also, you should close all zippers and wrap any exposed parts in bubble wrap – that will reduce the risk of possible damage during the relocation, and in case there’s a need, the wrapping should be secured with packing tape.

Stuff With Materials Like Crumpled Paper

It is recommended to fill your bags with old newspapers, crumpled paper, or packing materials such as peanuts to maintain their original shape and form. If you don’t have these filler supplies, consider using some old clothes, like socks, shirts, or even sheets. Just make sure they are soft and clean.

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If you need to transport several purses, you can use sprays and conditioners to protect them from scratches

Protect and Pack Into Your Own Storage Bags

Before packing in boxes and packages, your handbags should receive the first level of protection. The best solution, and the least expensive one, is placing them into soft or so-called “dust” bags. You can make them by yourself, if you’re skilled enough and have some extra time.

Of course, the Internet offers lots of web sites, such as eBay, where it’s possible to purchase these bags and store several for your needs.

Perhaps the easiest and the most suitable solution would be to use alternative household items. Pillowcases or old sheets may serve as excellent protection. If you don’t have them, old towels and large shirts or dresses could be just perfect.

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You can use old sheets or clothes to place your purse into it and prevent damage

Packing Your Items Separately

After the first layer, your valuable bags should have one more level of protection. If you have smaller cardboard boxes, such as shoeboxes, they will do the trick. Remember not to overpack boxes, because there should be a place between your purse and the walls of the box for newspapers or crumpled packing paper.

One more tip has to do with storing your handbags separately from other items. If you want to avoid damage, they shouldn’t share the same place in the boxes with other items during long-distance moves.

labeled box overlay
Be sure your branded purse arrives home safely - pack it separately, label it correctly, and make it easy to your movers

Smaller Boxes Should Be Stored Inside Larger Ones

If you did everything correctly, your purses should be clean, wrapped, and packed carefully. In the end, there’s only one step left – to seal the lid of the boxes and to place smaller boxes into a large moving box. If there’s an empty space, don’t worry. You just fill it with packing materials to prevent smaller packages from shifting.

The large box should also be taped and labeled. You can write “Handle with care” or “With caution” and rest assured that your movers will transport your cherished handbags intact to your new address. While unpacking, you probably won’t have any dilemma or doubt on how to pack purses for moving in the future. Actually, you should call yourself a real pro when it comes to wrapping and protecting an accessory whose importance is unmeasurable in your everyday life.

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