What Are Moving Labels and How to Use Them

December 9, 2022 / Posted in How-to
Georgia Michaelson

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Cross-country moving is a stressful and complicated process that requires a lot of time, effort, and good planning. The key to making it work and having a successful move to a new home is in having good organization. And you can’t have a good organization without using moving labels and packing your belongings neatly.

Boxes neatly packed and labeled before cross-country moving
Labeling your belongings is key to an efficient move

What Are Moving Labels and Why Do You Need That Etiketten?

Moving labels are one of the relocation essentials if you want to have an efficient move. Having to pack up all of your belongings and ship your whole household to a new home is not a fun experience. And once we tell you that the process of unpacking is far worse, you probably will rethink your whole move. But there is no need for that since all that is standing between you and a stress-free move are a few different color-coded moving labels.

Get Reliable Moving and Car Shipping Services Get A Quote

If you want to make your move easier and make it through without having a breakdown, you will have to get organized. The only way you will be able to unpack and pack efficiently is to create a plan. Declutter and figure out what to pack. What to keep when relocating, what to sell, what to donate. Once you have a game plan and a detailed list of things you plan on taking with you to your new home, you can make a plan on how to unpack everything once you get there. That will save you a lot of time, effort, and nerves since you won’t have to blindly open dozens of different unmarked boxes looking for specific items.

A stressed-out woman packing before cross-country movers come
The only way to have a successful move is to get organized

Hire Professionals to Pack Your Belongings – Contact a Long-Distance Moving Company

Anybody going through a move has had this question pop up in their head – why is relocating so stressful? It’s a big life transition, and it’s marked as one of the top five stressors in the life of an average person. So if you’re looking for a way to make your move less stressful and more enjoyable, we would highly recommend hiring long-distance moving services to help you out and get packing services as well – it will make all the difference in the world. A lot of people make the relocation mistake of getting overly confident and thinking they can do it all on their own in the middle of a last-minute move, with no help and no plan.

Once you hire professionals and choose a reliable relocation company, like our Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving Company is, you will have nothing to worry about, and a large burden will be taken off your chest. You won’t have to lift a single box or wrap a single item in bubble wrap, as someone will be doing all the heavy lifting for you. You can even hire an auto transport company and have your car shipped to your new home. If you hire a car shipping company, you will have gotten the full relocation package, and you won’t have to lift a finger for your move unless it’s to tip cross-country movers.

One of long-distance movers with boxes
Hiring reliable professionals guarantees you a smooth move

Create Your Packing Planner If You’re Doing Labels for Moving Boxes By Yourself

If you decide to pack your home by yourself, it’s not an impossible task, but it will require 100% commitment and effort. It’s a time-consuming job, but if you organize it in the right way, it can be a breeze. Like you would create a relocation binder to organize your tasks or a relocation budget to organize your finances, you have to create a planner for your packing. After decluttering, create a detailed list of items you have to pack.

Get All of the Necessary Supplies and Materials for Packing Labels for Moving

After writing down your full, detailed plan, it’s time to shop for supplies. Since you’re doing a DIY move, you will have to pick out and buy the standard packing supplies. If you were to let professionals pack you, they would bring their own materials and all the other needed supplies. But this way, you have to get it on your own. Here is a list of things you will need to shop for:

  • High-quality boxes,
  • Plastic containers,
  • Bubble wrap and plastic wrap,
  • Duck tape and scissors,
  • Permanent markers,
  • Sticky notes in different colors,
  • Colored stickers for moving, and so on.

When acquiring materials, get free boxes, don’t buy them in a store. Supplies can get expensive, so a great way to save on relocation costs is to get them for free. People are always trying to get rid of them, so ask your friends or neighbors who have recently moved or try to get them from your workplace. Another way is to look online on websites like Craigslist.

Scissors cutting through bubble wrap
You will need to shop for the necessary supplies and materials

Download Printable Moving Box Labels Online for Free

After you’ve finished making your checklists and once you’ve acquired all the necessary supplies, it’s time to get to labeling. One of the benefits of relocating all on your own is that you have the creative freedom of labeling each box however you’d like. You can add your personal touch, put glitter on them, have all kinds of crazy colors, or anything that pops into your mind. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way, you can simply download free printables online and save yourself some time and energy.

Look at the Description and Read a Review or Two Before Downloading Box Labels for Moving

Everyone wants their move to run smoothly and to be as close to perfect as possible. So if you’re DIY-ing it, watch out for the little things like online printables. It’s not a complicated task, but still, don’t download the first option that pops up; look at a few different ones. Good labels will help you organize everything better, so take a look at some reviews and read the descriptions.

How to Label Your Belongings

Unlike professional services that would be labeling boxes by using an electronic labeler and barcodes, you have to do it the old-fashioned way, by hand. The point is to write the contents on each side of the box or container so that it’s visible and easily noticeable. Use big, bold letters and different colored markers. Don’t just mark the ones that contain fragile itemsevery box should be properly labeled.

This is especially important if you decide to pack by yourself but you ended up hiring long-distance movers to move your belongings. They don’t know what’s in each box, so you have to provide them with clear instructions and information. It will also help you a lot when unpacking since movers will know where to place your items. If you need some help with labeling, watch this video, and follow our additional packing tips.

Create Systems to Tag Each Box, Like Numbers for Each Room (Bedroom – 2)

The best way to organize your move is to create your own system for labeling. There are countless ways you can do this, and we feel that creating a mix of systems according to your preferences is the best way to go about doing this. You will know best how you envisioned your packing, and you will mark everything in your own specific way that will help you when the time to unpack comes. Just don’t overcomplicate things to the point you can’t even remember what your system is supposed to mean. Keep it simple and efficient.

For example, you can create a mix of systems by using color coding to mark the specific room, numbers to mark which packages are a priority to unpack, or simply write what’s inside on a colored sticky note or stickers. If you were to use the first method, your cosmetics would be a blue label with the number 1 on it, meaning that the blue label is for bathroom stuff, but your cleaning supplies would be marked with the number 3 since they’re not a top priority to unbox.

This system is one of the easiest ones to explain to movers – just give them a color guide (red is for the bedroom, purple is for the living room, yellow is for the kitchen, and so on). Then they will place the packages in each room in reverse order, from the highest number being in the back and more out of reach to the lowest number, the priority being the most accessible.

Think of All the Questions You Will Have When Unpacking and Write the Answers In Advance

Once you’ve moved and settled in your new home a bit, the time for unpacking after relocating will come, and you should be prepared. If you know you will need some things right away, like your toolbox, for example, have it especially marked. When marking and labeling your belongings, help your future self in any way you can. Write a disclaimer for any additional questions or thoughts you know you will have when unpacking, apart from your special system.

A girl taping the box on the stool, surrounded by packages
Make your own system that will help you unpack

Check Out Some Extra Packing Tips

Moving cross-country is an exciting adventure, but it can also be a daunting task, especially when it comes to packing. Packing up your entire life and moving it to a new location can feel overwhelming, but with the right packing tips, you can make the process smoother and less stressful. I So, here are a few extra tips that will help you pack like a pro, and make sure all of your belongings survive the journey.

Always Emphasize Which Side Goes Up and Which Items Are Fragile or Heavy

This is not only important for the movers but for you as well. No matter how great your memory is and how well you know your packed belongings, don’t be lazy and end up having something catch you by surprise, like accidentally being rough with fragile items and breaking them. Mark every box accordingly, especially when it comes to valuables, heavy and fragile items. And always remember to write in accentuated letters which side goes up.

Never Leave Your Personal Information On Your Belongings

If you get a licensed, reputable company, it’s pretty safe to say you will be in good hands. But still, why would you give movers information about yourself you wouldn’t dream of giving to a stranger on the street? Some things are private, so never write in detail what’s in the packages or leave your personal information. We think you’ll agree that writing “a diamond necklace – expensive” on a label that dozens of people will see isn’t the smartest idea. The best way is to write short phrases that you can understand but that don’t reveal too much.

Pack Some Items Into Bags

A great relocation hack for saving some space is to pack some light items into vacuum or garbage bags. This is perfect for things of less importance, like your bed sheets, blankets, winter jackets, pillows, and so on. Put colored ribbons on them so you can easily find them if you need them. A great thing about this method is that you can have your bedroom essentials within reach, without having to search for them.

Once You Have Everything Packed, Wait for Cross-Country Movers to Ship It To Your New Residence

Everything can get done in a timely fashion, and no stress if you have good organizational skills. If you follow our advice and create a good labeling system, you will be done with your tasks in no time, and all that you will have left to do is wait for long-distance movers and the delivery of your belongings to your new home.

Looking for a reliable and affordable auto transport or moving company? Look no further than Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving Company! Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing top-notch service at a fair and transparent price. Contact us today to get a free quote and learn more about our services. We’re here to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions for Moving Labels

What are moving labels?

Moving labels are adhesive labels or tags that are placed on boxes and other items during a move. They typically include information such as the room the box belongs in and a brief description of the contents.

What is the purpose of using moving labels during a move?

The purpose of using moving labels during a move is to help you stay organized and make the moving process smoother and more efficient. By labeling your boxes with the room they belong in and a brief description of the contents, you can ensure that boxes are placed in the correct location in your new home.

What types of moving labels are available?

There are several types of moving labels available, including adhesive labels, vinyl labels, magnetic labels, and customized labels. Adhesive labels are the most common type of moving label and are designed to stick to boxes securely.

How can I choose the right type of moving label for my needs?

When choosing the right type of moving label for your needs, consider factors such as durability, adhesive strength, and ease of removal. Vinyl or magnetic labels are a good option for those who want to reuse their labels, while adhesive labels may be more cost-effective for one-time use.

Can I make my own moving labels at home?

Yes, you can make your own moving labels at home using printable labels and a printer. There are many templates available online that you can download and customize to fit your needs. You can also purchase blank label sheets and create your own labels using a word processing program or design software.

How do I use moving labels to organize my belongings during a move?

Start by labeling each box with the room it belongs in and a brief description of the contents. You may also want to use color-coded labels to indicate the priority level of each box or to group boxes together by categories, such as kitchen items, bedroom items, or office supplies.

Should I label boxes by room or by contents?

Labeling boxes by room will help movers know where to place each box in your new home and make the whole unpacking process a breeze. This will also prevent boxes from being placed in the wrong room or area, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to unpack.

How can I use moving labels to prioritize which boxes to unpack first?

You can use moving labels to prioritize which boxes to unpack first by color-coding them based on their importance or urgency. For example, you can use red labels for boxes that contain essential items that you’ll need immediately, such as bedding, toiletries, and kitchen supplies. You can then use yellow labels for items that are important but can wait for a day or two, such as books, clothes, and decorations.

Can I use different colors of moving labels to categorize items by importance or destination?

Yes, you can use different colors of moving labels to categorize items by importance or destination. This can be a useful way to organize your belongings and make the unpacking process faster and more efficient. For example, you may want to use red labels for items that need to be unpacked first, yellow labels for items that can wait, and green labels for items that can be stored away.

How can I use moving labels to make the unloading process easier?

By labeling your boxes with the room they belong in, you can ensure that each box is placed in the correct location in your new home. This can save you time and energy when it comes to unpacking and organizing your belongings.

What information should I include on a moving label?

When creating a moving label, it’s important to include information that will help you identify the contents of the box and where it should be placed in your new home. This may include the room it belongs in, a brief description of the contents, and any special handling instructions.

How can I ensure that my moving labels are secure and won't fall off during the move?

Choose the right type of label and use them correctly. Adhesive labels may not be the best option as they can lose their stickiness over time, especially if exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity. Instead, consider using durable vinyl or magnetic labels that can easily be attached and removed from your belongings.

Should I remove moving labels after the move is complete?

Yes, it’s a good idea to remove moving labels after the move is complete. Moving labels are typically used to keep track of your belongings during the relocation and to help with the unpacking process.

Can I reuse moving labels for future moves?

Whether or not you can reuse moving labels for future moves depends on the type of label you use. If you use adhesive labels, they may lose their stickiness over time and may not be suitable for reuse. However, if you use reusable labels that are made of vinyl or another durable material, they can be easily removed and reused for your next move.

Where can I purchase moving labels, and how much do they cost?

You can purchase moving labels at most office supply stores, hardware stores, and online retailers. The cost of moving labels varies depending on the quantity, size, and material of the labels.

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