How to Move to Another Country – the Best Relocation Tips

November 5, 2018 / Posted in How-to
Michael Vaughan

Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

When you are thinking about how to move to another country, know that relocation can be one of the most exhausting events in life. Countries around the globe are open to be your next home. But before you pack up and leave your old home, there are so many things to think about, starting with documentation and budget.

concept of travel. happy woman girl with suitcase and  passport on  yellow background overlay
If you’re going abroad be prepared for a great adventure, but first pack all your belongings on time

Create a checklist that will track your progress. Also, consider hiring a professional moving company that will assist you with the move while you are focused on looking for employment and accommodation across the world.


Figuring Out How to Move to Another Country

If you have decided to move to another country, then you need to know how to organize everything in time, and especially how to tactically approach crucial tasks. You might consider some cheap ways to move out of state in case you are on a tight budget.

Abroad relocation is different from a local move to another side of the city, so, here are some tips that could be lifesavers during the whole process:

  • Get a job before you move and secure a visa
  • Understand your contract. If you are relocating for a job, check who will be responsible for relocation costs. If you are working for a good international business, they might offer you some financial aid during the move.
  • Research the location you are moving to and find accommodation. Consider what kind of a home you want to live in, and hire a realtor to find good options.
  • Take care of your pets – relocation can be a challenge for them, so, just take a moment to ease them into it.
  • Consider the cost of living – negotiate your salary accordingly. Share your concerns about the cost of living with your new boss, and get a good paycheck.
    Set up a bank account – just find a good bank and you will be all set
  • Take care of your children – this means look for the right school beforehand and prepare them for the new environment.
    Have a bag of necessities ready
  • Get a moving quote from at least three companies – remember the quote might change during the year
  • Ask about transportation options abroad – maybe you would like to ship your car, check out what kind of roads the new location has.
  • Don’t forget about various taxes
  • Set up a healthcare plan -if you are planning on leaving old home behind for real, you need to set up an excellent healthcare plan that will cover all of your emergencies.
  • Change your address

After reviewing essential pre-move steps that you need to take before the relocation day, here’s a more in-depth view of the things you should take care of.

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There are more than a few ways to prepare for the relocation process.

Save Enough Money for the Trip

One thing is sure – moving to another country means you are bound to spend some money from your savings. But how can you know how much it will cost to get you to the desired destination? Well, that depends on the distance and the method of travel. The significant costs you should consider before the trip are related to:

  • Visa application – every foreign citizen pays application fees, and they depend on the location you choose to live in
  • Plane tickets
  • International shipments – pick the more affordable period of the year if you want to save up
  • Housing – where you choose to live as a will dictate the price
  • Emergencies

Start saving at least six months before your trip and research the exchange rate and the cost of living so that you can create a monthly budget plan.

a person calculating overlay
Start saving money at least six months or a year before the move.

Estimate How Much Money You Will Need to Ship Your Belongings

When you are wondering how to move to another country, your items can be transported by air or by sea. Depending on the size and the number of items, it will reflect on your relocation budget. So, it’s up to you to choose whether air transport, as a quicker option, or sea transport, as less expensive, is more suitable for your possessions. Just make sure you estimate the value of household goods in your home on time. These are things you should consider when planning your budget:

  • Shipping expenses
  • Packing supplies
  • Extra manpower
  • Import taxes
  • Your tickets
  • Savings for the first period

Let’s be real here, even if you plan everything, something unexpected just might happen. But this should not discourage you, you should plan your travel expenses as detailed as possible. If it all keeps adding up to too much, consider cutting the costs by selling or donating your old things.

Create a Checklist That Will Help You Pack Successfully

After doing your homework – researching about the new location, there are several factors you should consider before preparing your belongings for transport, regardless of whether you intend to hire professional packing services or not:

  • Duration. If your move is permanent, then you should take everything you will need with you. If you’re only relocating temporarily, consider leaving your non-essentials in a storage unit.
  • Restrictions. Find out what you can import when you relocate across the world and what should be left behind. Maybe you can contact the consulate or visit the embassy website to check all restrictions.
  • Climate. The climate and weather conditions of the place where you’re going can affect what you pack. Learn all you need to know when moving to a new climate. Check how the weather changes during the year, it will give you the real insight on just what to pack.
  • Accommodation. If you’re taking your furniture with you, make sure it can fit into your future home. Let’s say objects you like are too big, you should consider leaving them behind.
boxing up the room overlay
Think about what household goods you should bring with you

Think About Work and Accommodation

To ensure your longer stay abroad and a chance to experience it in the right way, you must think of your everyday life and living costs. Be prepared for all challenges of the surroundings that are unfamiliar to you, and do additional research. Especially if you are looking for work opportunities or accommodation. Don’t be afraid to hire professional services to assist you to look for work or a house.

What is the Best Method To Find a Job When Moving

It is recommended to start searching for work before relocation and that means being prepared in advance. No matter what industry you’re in, here’s how to get a job before you move:

  • Contact a professional international recruiter
  • Request a company transfer
  • Check job listings in the target country
  • Get a remote position
  • Call a professional employment service to help you

Keep in mind that your future home has a different cost of living, so make sure to compare your salary, living costs, any currency changes, etc.

Your New Home Should Be Your Safe Haven

How do you move to another country without actually having a place to call home? The short answer is – you don’t. In case you don’t have any long-term accommodation arranged before you move, you should book a hotel room. However, the best course of action is to do pre-move research and learn about the area you are planning to live in and the available housing options. You will make the whole process of international relocation much easier if you find a home where you can feel safe and comfortable.

Be Prepared for a Culture Change

The one thing you cannot change or have a direct influence on before you leave is the new lifestyle in a new community. The new foreign country will have its local customs, and to prevent any unpredictable situations or unpleasant circumstances, be ready for the strange environment. How will you do that? Several weeks before the move, start doing the following:

  • Research the history of the new community
  • Find out how its government currently operates
  • Learn about social norms
  • Read books and watch films about your destination
  • Join a local expat community
  • Learn several words and phrases so you can use them to communicate with locals
an apartment building complex overlay
Finding a house abroad is not easy for foreign people.

Moving With Your Family and Pets to a New Home

Think of your family members’ needs and requirements and do research related to your kids’ education and school you can choose for them, or your spouse’s possible job opportunities. You guys are in this together, share all relocation tasks, talk to each other, and be supportive. Nobody will know what it is like to pick up everything and start a new adventure like your family will. Also, remember if you are moving with pets, that requires a lot of extra effort, but if you prepare all the papers from their vet on time, your trip will go smoothly.

happy friend group outside overlay
People closest to you are the ones you can share your adventure with.

Additional Tips That Will Help You When You Are Moving to Another Country

To prevent any complications caused by the norms and regulations of other countries, you should make an additional effort during the period leading up to the move. Here are several things you shouldn’t forget to pack before you leave:

  • Purchase health insurance because different countries have their own health systems, and you would not want to be stuck in an unfamiliar location without insurance policy.
  • Check the necessary immunization recommended by health departments. As a result of a different climate, there are specific diseases you might not be immune to.
  • Arrange for access to funds with your bank, let’s face it, money makes the world go round, and you would want to have cash with you because all the countries run on it.
  • Buy a travel guide and maps for the sake of getting around more efficiently.

It Will Take Time to Adjust but It Will Be Worth It

Relocating across the world, and settling down in one of many countries, can be a challenge. Creating a checklist is a great place to start. Write down everything you wish to gain from this new location abroad. What kind of life do you see yourself living? Are you going to share it with family members, or are you going to have this adventure alone?

Don’t overstress, write down the important things, such as working opportunities, the best school for kids, the chance to get to know other cultures.

When all is said and done, and when you finally unpacked your boxes, give yourself the time to adjust, because, in the end, it will all pay off.

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