How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

Car shipping services are in demand. With so many people transporting their vehicles across America, the number of car shipping companies is growing every day. Every company has its own pricing system and will provide you with a different quote. While the prices do vary, they are usually pretty close to each other. The reason for this is that most companies take the same factors into consideration when calculating the price for your car shipping.

So what are these factors? First of all, the distance between the pickup and the delivery location plays a major role in determining the price. The longer the distance is, the more it will cost to ship your vehicle. This is not only because it will take us more time to deliver the vehicle, but also for the purpose of covering gas and maintenance expenses.

        Another thing companies take into consideration when providing you with a quote is the type of service you opt for. Most companies will give you the choice between terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door car shipping. While the door-to-door option is more convenient, especially for those of you who have busy daily schedules, it is also more costly. You will also most likely be given the choice between two types of car carriers: open and enclosed. Open carriers are more affordable, but they don’t protect your vehicle as efficiently as enclosed carriers do.

        The weight, size, and value of your vehicle also influence the price of your shipment. The more valuable the car is, the higher the price of the relocation. The same goes for its weight and size. In addition, if your car is inoperable, most companies will charge you an additional fee, as those cars are harder to load onto a carrier and require special equipment.

        There are other minor factors that influence the price of the services you request as well. These are, for example, time of the year, time of the week, the number of vehicles you are transporting, and so on. The best way to know exactly how much you will pay for your car shipment is to contact the auto transport company and request a quote. Call Flat Price today and our representatives will provide you with the best prices out there. Alternatively, you can fill out the form on our website to receive a quote.

Written By: Jessica Hill