How to Move a Hot Tub – Tips, Techniques, and Safety Measures

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Figuring out how to move a hot tub isn’t an everyday task – it’s like a mini adventure that requires a bit of muscle, a touch of finesse, and a whole lot of planning. But fear not! Whether you’re upgrading your space or simply taking the beloved spa with you on a relocation journey, we’re here to guide you through the process.

A blue hot tub on a wooden platform
Relocating such a bulky piece requires a strategic approach

Alright, let’s talk about handling hot tubs – those big, bubbly, backyard oases that are a dream until you have to relocate them. Now, we know what you’re thinking: “How on earth do I move this giant tub without causing a splash of problems?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. So, roll up the sleeves (figuratively, of course), and let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of spa relocation. Spoiler alert: It’s less about brute strength and more about smart strategy. Ready? Let’s get this tub on the road!

How to Move a Hot Tub?

Start by draining it, cleaning it, and securing the right permits. Essential tools like dollies, straps, and plywood sheets are key. When lifting, think of safety like a professional long-distance moving service. Maneuver through tight spaces with caution and load it onto the vehicle securely. At a destination, unload carefully, reconnect, and perform post-relocation maintenance. Consider professional movers for complex relocations, as they know how to handle all types of items.

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Understanding the Basics of Hot Tub Moving

Relocating a spa is a bit like a complex dance – it requires coordination, the right long-distance moving tips, and, most importantly, an understanding of what you’re working with. These tubs are bulky and heavy and come in various shapes and sizes. It’s what makes them quite the challenge to transport, even for the experienced cross-country movers. But don’t let that intimidate you! With a solid plan for a relocation to another city and the right approach, you’re well on the way to relocating the spa sanctuary.

Different Models and Their Specific Moving Needs

Just like snowflakes, no two tubs are exactly alike. They come in different sizes and shapes and are made from various materials – each with its own set of challenges when it comes to relocating. Here are the different types:

  • Small portable models – These are the lightweights of the spa world, often made of softer materials like vinyl. They’re easier to move but still need care to avoid punctures or damage.
  • Medium-sized acrylic models – A popular choice for many homeowners, these tubs require a bit more muscle and strategy due to their rigid structure and heavier weight.
  • Large wooden or fiberglass models – Being heavyweights, these require the most planning and manpower. Their size and weight make them the most challenging, demanding special attention to detail during the move.

Each type demands different handling techniques, and grasping these nuances is key to an efficient move.

Essential Tools and Hot Tub Moving Equipment

Now, listen in to some hot tub relocation tips, especially for DIY hot tub moving. Imagine this – you’re preparing for cross-country moving, and the beloved spa needs to come along. This is where hot tub transportation techniques and heavy-duty dollies become indispensable.

But it’s not just about rolling it onto a dolly. High-quality straps come into play, ensuring safety measures in hot tub moving. Straps are essential, whether it’s with professional hot tub movers (similar to exercise equipment movers) or as part of a DIY relocation endeavor.

4.5% of US homes have a hot tub

Plywood sheets are your best bet for protecting both the spa and floors. Moving blankets are also relocation essentials, guarding the exterior against scratches and dings.

Tools for disassembly can’t be overlooked, especially when preparing the tub for long-distance moving services. The specific tools required vary based on a model, and they make the disassembly and the whole relocation process easier. They also play a vital role in securing the hot tub for transit.

A woman pushing a dolly
A dolly can be a game-changer for bulky items

Preparing Hot Tub for Relocation – Regulations and Logistics

Planning a cross-country relocation is similar to orchestrating a car shipping process or engaging an auto transport company – it requires careful attention to detail. Just as you would carefully choose a long-distance moving company and invest in reliable auto transport for the vehicle, the same level of care is essential when relocating a spa.

Securing the Right Permits and Clearances

Before relocating it, check if you need any permits. Some areas require them for large-item transport, especially for interstate relocations. Contact local authorities or long-distance movers for guidance. They can provide the necessary information or even assist in obtaining the right permits, ensuring a stress-free relocation.

Preparing a Hot Tub for the Move

A clean and dry spa is easier and safer to transport, reducing the risk of damage. Here’s how to handle it for avoiding damage during the hot tub move:

  • Start by turning off the power. Connect a hose to the drain valve and let the water flow out.
  • Once empty, give the spa a good scrub. This prevents transporting dirt and helps with a fresh start at the new location.
  • Ensure it’s completely dry to avoid mold and mildew during transit.

Assessing and Preparing the Moving Path

Measure the spa’s dimensions and map out its journey to the moving truck. Check doorways, hallways, and any outdoor paths for width and height. Remove potential obstacles like potted plants or furniture to create a clear path.

A mover handling boxes
Clear away the path where you'll handle the spa

The Moving Process In a Nutshell

Navigating the actual move of a spa requires precision, just like a well-coordinated professional service. This process is not just about brute strength – it’s about smart, strategic movements. From lifting to loading, every step needs to be carefully planned and executed. It’s similar to how a car shipping company would handle precious cargo with their auto transport service.

Lifting and Transporting Techniques

To safely lift and transport a spa, teamwork and proper lifting techniques are key. Use dollies for support and distribute the weight evenly among the team. Keep the back straight, lift with the legs, and move slowly and steadily. Communication is crucial during this phase, ensuring everyone is in sync.

Maneuvering Through Tight Spaces

When dealing with narrow passages and tricky corners, it’s like handling bulky furniture – measure everything beforehand. Remove doors or gates if necessary, and use specialized blankets to protect the spa’s edges. Step slowly, keeping an eye on both the spa and the surroundings.

Loading and Securing the Hot Tub for Transit

Loading onto the vehicle should be done with extreme caution. Use ramps if available, guide the spa, and load it onto the truck carefully. Once in place, secure it with straps, ensuring it’s tightly fastened and won’t shift during transit.

Installation at the New Location

Spa’s arrival marks the beginning of its new chapter. Following the hot tub installation guide is critical, requiring the same attention to detail as the disassembly. It’s not just about placing the spa – it’s about ensuring it’s ready for use in its new home.

Unloading and Placing the Hot Tub

Safe unloading is paramount. Just like a long-distance relocation company (Flat Price Auto Transport & Moving, for example) would handle fragile items, use ramps to gently lower the spa to the ground. Once off the vehicle, maneuver it to its designated spot. Ensure the ground is level and sturdy enough to support its weight. Positioning is key – think about accessibility and aesthetics, just as you would when positioning a vehicle delivered by a car shipping company.

Reconnection and Post-Shipping Maintenance

After placing the spa in its new location, the next step is reconnection. Refer to the installation guide for specific instructions. Reconnect the power supply and fill it with water. It’s important to perform a thorough maintenance check. This includes checking for leaks, ensuring the jets function correctly, and balancing the water chemistry.

Hiring Professional Hot Tub Movers

Just as you would entrust an auto transport company like Flat Price Auto Transport & Moving with your vehicle, sometimes the spa requires the expertise of professional cross-country movers. Choosing to hire experts can transform a daunting task into a smooth, stress-free experience.

When to Hire Professional Help

Use professional help in scenarios where the complexity or scale of the move is beyond a DIY approach. This includes situations like:

  • Long-distance relocations – A long-distance relocation company knows how to easily handle cross-country moves.
  • Limited access or tricky navigation – If your property has narrow pathways, steep inclines, or tight corners.
  • Lack of necessary equipment – Professionals come equipped with specialized tools and vehicles.
  • Personal physical limitations – To avoid injury or if you’re not comfortable with heavy lifting.
  • Value and investment protection – Professionals are skilled in avoiding damage during transit.

In these cases, the expertise and resources of a professional service are invaluable.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Moving Service

When it comes to choosing a relocation service for a spa, prioritizing reliability and quality is key. Start by looking for companies that are legitimate but also don’t hesitate to delve into customer reviews and ask for references. If you’re wondering how much does it cost to move a hot tub, keep in mind that transparent pricing is another crucial factor. A trustworthy company should always provide clear, upfront costs without any hidden fees. Lastly, check that they have the right equipment and a suitable fleet for the job, much like you would expect from a professional car shipping company.

Long-distance movers smiling and standing in front of boxes
Professionals make the whole process easier

Safety Tips and Common Mistakes to Avoid

Safety is paramount when relocating a spa. Prioritize the key safety measures to ensure a smooth and secure move, similar to the protocols followed by professional long-distance movers.

Safety Protocols During the Move

Safety first! When handling a spa, think of it like a professional long-distance relocation crew. Use good lifting techniques, wear gloves and sturdy shoes for protection, and talk with the relocation team to avoid accidents. Keep bystanders, particularly kids and pets, away to make sure they stay safe. Remember, there’s no need to hurry – take the time and do each step carefully to ensure everyone’s safety during the move.

Common Pitfalls in DIY Hot Tub Moving

Common mistakes people make when deciding on a DIY relocation is that they underestimate the weight of items, so they don’t avoid getting injured. They also tend to neglect proper disassembly or don’t have the right tools. Skipping the planning phase, inadequate equipment, and overall ignoring safety gear are all common pitfalls when handling such bulky items. That’s why professional movers are the best option.

A young man suffering from backache for having
DIY may not be a good idea for your back

Entrust the Precious Tub to Professionals

In a country with over 5.8 million hot tubs (according to Epic Hot Tubs), it’s clear that these backyard retreats have become a cherished part of many households. Whether you’re relocating across town or the country, relocating such an item can be an adventure in itself. Flat Price Auto Transport & Moving prioritizes the safety of your precious spa and supports you in making the relocation safe and successful.

With our team by your side, you can ensure a smooth journey for your spa to its new home. Remember, the spa isn’t just a tub of hot water – it’s a source of relaxation, rejuvenation, and countless memories. Contact us to transport your belongings safely, and to get to quickly enjoy the tub’s bubbling bliss in its new location.


How Do I Drain My Hot Tub Before Moving It?

Turn off the power, connect a hose to the drain valve, and let the water flow out.

What are the Risks of Moving a Hot Tub by Myself?

Risks include injury due to improper lifting, damage to the hot tub, and potential safety hazards during transport.

It’s advisable only for smaller tubs and if you have the right equipment and assistance. However, with professional help, you can avoid damage to the tub and avoid the risk of injury.

How Do I Measure if My Hot Tub Will Fit Through a Doorway or Narrow Path?

Measure the dimensions and compare them to the doorway or path’s width and height. Remove obstacles and plan for a clear route.

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