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Best Things About Living In Houston – A Newcomer’s Guide

May 26, 2020
Posted in City Guides / By Jane Davis

Do you want to live free of any rules, codices, or norms? You don’t want to be just another brick in the wall? Then perhaps living in Houston, also known as The City With No Limits, is the right choice for you. Are Houstonians really limitless? Well, for starters, don’t test that by calling them Houstonites, because that is a line you don’t want to cross, and it shows that you’re obviously a newcomer.

Looking to find out what's so great about HTX? Then take a look at our guide.

Living In Houston, Texas: Pros and Cons

Although it is the largest and most populous place in the state of TX, HTX was only briefly its capital: from 1837 to 1839. Then it was replaced by Waterloo, now known as Austin.

With around 7 million residents in its metro area today, this is the 4th most populous city in the entire country. Its growing population is proof that this is certainly a place where a lot of people want to move. If you are one of them, and living in Houston, Texas, is high on your wishlist, then take a good look at all the pros and cons of moving to Houston.

All places have their pros and cons. The trick is to learn how to adjust to them.

7 Things You'll Like About Living in Houston

The Job Market Is Vast

A lot of people are wondering how to get a job before they move, and that certainly is not an easy feat. But HTX has several different industries that employ a lot of people. If you’re looking for a position in healthcare, oil and gas, aerospace, or manufacturing, we are sure you’ll find a steady job in no time.

Ethnic Diversity

HTX has one of the most ethnically diverse metro areas in the entire country, very similar to LA and NYC. A large percentage of its population are people of Hispanic, African American, and Asian origin.

It Is Not Expensive

This is a rare example of a large metropolis where prices are not sky-high, and life is affordable. So it is perfect for all of those who are relocating on a budget.

Green Transformation

The city is investing a lot in new parks, beautifying old ones, and creating new green oases across the town. There are more than 50,000 acres of park areas, and some of the prettiest ones are Arboretum, Memorial Park, and George Bush Park. If jogging or cycling is your favorite activity, it is good to know that there are enough trails for that.

Traveling to and from HTX

This city has two major airports. William P. Hobby International Airport and George H. Bush Intercontinental Airport are two important hubs for United Airlines and many other carriers. Therefore, you can easily fly wherever you want.

Diverse Cuisine

Due to so many different ethnicities, the culinary scene here is very diverse and unique. The offer of restaurants is so vast that it would take weeks to explore all the best restaurants in Houston. Also, fresh seafood is always available due to the proximity of the Gulf of Mexico.

Entertainment and Leisure Options

HTX is home to several pro sports teams, including the Texans, Rockets, and Astros. If you’re into sports, there is always a game to watch. Some options for things to do in Houston with kids include numerous museums, theaters, an aquarium, zoo, and a variety of parks.

Houston, Do We Have a Problem?

Texas Taxes

This state has no income tax, but on the other hand, the sales tax is higher – 8.25%, to be precise. Also, property tax is higher than average in some cities, so you can use an online calculator to check what rates you can expect.

Humid Climate

Heat and humidity are on another level here. Although winters are mild with little to no snow, summers are exceptionally hot and humid, to the point that it can be unbearable.

Hurricane Season

Luckily, HTX is not in the Tornado Alley, but there is a real threat of flooding. High water and damaging winds can do some serious harm, so it is important to take shelter when necessary and follow some general guidelines.

A Lot of Mosquitos

With high humidity come a lot of mosquitos. Mosquitos are annoying, but these are slightly bigger, because you’re in TX, after all, so don’t forget to use bug spray before leaving the house.

Traffic Jams

Traffic jams are typical for any metropolis. So after you check how much car shipping costs, don’t forget to check out how to pack a bicycle for moving or rely on public transportation for getting around.

While scouting for a new home, pay attention to the advantages and drawbacks of every area.

Is Houston a Good Place to Live?

This is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state, and it attracts millennials as well as families because it offers a full package. An excellent public school system, work opportunities, lower costs, numerous entertainment venues, and great neighborhoods are only some of the reasons why so many people want to move here. If you can stand the heat and learn how to see the good in some flaws, you’ll find that life in HTX is pretty comfortable.


People Who Live In HTX

The median age of citizens is 32.6, meaning that the population here is younger than the national median age, which is 37.4. Around 45% of citizens are married, and 31% of them have children. We already mentioned ethnic diversity as one of the main characteristics of HTX, and it also contributes to the higher level of tolerance and open-mindedness of the locals. A lot of expats are also relocating here, drawn by job opportunities and relatively low costs of everyday life.

How to Get Around HTX

Although traffic jams are a real problem, Houstonians love their cars, and they won’t quit driving so easily, even though public transportation is cheap. Patience seems to be their mantra when it comes to driving, but the good news is that there are enough parking lots around Downtown, so at least that’s not an issue. The walkability score varies from one part of town to another, and the same goes for cycling.

How HTX Compares to Other Cities In TX

By size and population, Dallas is certainly one of the biggest competitors of HTX. Both places have their advantages and drawbacks, so let’s take a closer look at this video and compare them closely.

Is Houston, Texas Safe to Live?

Safety is one of the significant concerns when relocating, especially for families with young kids who are looking to find a home near good schools and kindergartens. Generally speaking, HTX is a safe place, but just like in any other metropolis, things can go wrong. A higher number of citizens inevitably leads to a higher number of crimes. Therefore, it is not a surprise that crime rates here are higher than the national average.

Crime Rate, a Factor You Should Consider When Relocating

The local police department regularly updates information about crimes in every neighborhood on their webpage. There, you can check the stats and rates for any community you’re interested in, which can be pretty handy when you embark on house hunting.

No one wants to stay in an area that's not safe, so besides good schools, proximity to the center, and amenities, pay attention to crime rates.

Is Houston Expensive to Live In?

If you thought that life in a large metropolis is expensive, well, then you’ve probably never stayed in HTX. The cost of living in Houston is often mentioned as one of its main advantages, and according to Numbeo, a single adult person needs around $870 per month, without rent.

Generally speaking, HTX offers better value for the same money when compared to another metropolis of similar size. For example, housing costs are lower than the national average. Now let’s take a look at some major costs you should count on upon relocating to HTX.

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What Is the Best Area In Houston to Live?

Scouting for Houston neighborhoods can be exhausting because this metropolis is made of numerous distinctive neighborhoods. Every community has its character and a target type of residents. But at the end of the day, we all want to stay in a community that is safe, clean, and has a good location. However, we usually have to make compromises. Not everything is as it seems, so we recommend that you meet new neighbors before you move to get some insider information and honest reviews.

A Brief Guide to Some of the Best Neighborhoods in the City

If you’re moving from a small town to a big city, you’re going to love the Houston suburbs. But moving to the suburbs is not for everyone, especially for millennials and young adults who are eager to explore the lifestyle in The City With No Limits. That is why we tried to find the best community for every type of newcomer, and here is our selection:

  • East Downtown – an urban neighborhood with a good location
  • The Heights – the place to be if you like going out at night to bars and pubs
  • River Oaks – a high-end community for those who can afford mansions
  • West University – family-friendly and walkable
  • The Woodlands – a suburb with lots of greenery, families, and good schools
It is hard to pick just one community when there are so many great places in HTX.

Village West Is a Great Neighborhood, But There Is a Con:

Village West is a small community where the vast majority of residents are homeowners. Clean and neat streets, single-family houses, but also amenities such as a public pool, tennis court, and a playground for children are the main advantages of this small community. There is even a local club where neighbors meet and organize parties, and if safety is your concern, then a neighborhood with private security 24/7 is the right one for you. So what’s the catch?

You’re already guessing that it’s more on a pricier side, which is true. But although it is very family-friendly, the average resident in Village West is 56 years old.

Define your criteria before you start home scouting.

Moving to Houston Like a Pro: Let Professional Movers Take the Stage at This Phase

You’ve done all the research, now let someone else do all the hard work. The final step is to find reliable Houston movers who are professional and offer all moving services, from auto transport to storage. This is the first step to your new life as a Houstonian, so if you want to start the new chapter on a good note and have stress-free moving, then hiring movers is a wise thing to do.

Hiring movers to help you relocate to HTX will relieve the stress and help you enjoy the process.

The Best Things About Living In Houston

From affordable housing, even in the center, to the good school system, work opportunities, sports, and a young population, HTX has it all. That is why it ranks high in terms of life quality and many other categories. As a newcomer, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by this sprawling metropolis, but quickly you’ll find your spot and adapt to it.

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