7 Things That Affect the Cost of Your Car Transportation

7 things that affect the cost of your car transportationWhether you are moving due to work or family, you will most likely need to transport your car.

This may be a tricky question. If you are moving across the country, driving your car can be dangerous, and you have to think about hiring a vehicle transportation company. The cost of shipping a vehicle all the way across the country depends on a few key factors. The 7 things that affect the cost of your car transportation are:

Distance and Location

The distance your vehicle will travel affects the cost to transport your car. More miles means more expensive shipping services. Transporting a car two thousand miles across the nation is not always the most costly service. Quite often vehicles that need to be moved to a small rural town cost more to transport just because the car is situated in a remote area away from any major freeways. Hence, the distance is not always the deciding factor.

Vehicle type

The make and model of your vehicle is the second factor that substantially affects the cost of the shipping. Smaller vehicles will cost less to ship, while bigger and heavier vehicles will cost more. Small compact sedans such as Honda Civic or Toyota Yaris, could cost a bit less than a medium-sized sedan like a Honda Accord. The medium cost of a small sedan that has to be shipped across the country from the west coast to the east coast is around seven hundred and fifty dollars.

The car’s condition

CarThe condition of your car also affects the cost greatly. Running and not running vehicles will have different prices when they have to be transported. Car shipping companies consider a car running when it can move on its own power. When this is the case, it will cost less to transport.  A nonrunning vehicle is when the car cannot move on its own power. This will make it a challenge to load and unload and in most cases will require a forklift. This means that a nonrunning vehicle will cost more to ship than one that is in running condition. It is always a good idea to request a few car shipping quotes and compare them.

Vehicle modifications

When your car has been modified or has larger tires than normal, this will further affect the cost to transport. In most cases, modifications mean that the usual weight and size of your vehicle are changed. Modifications affect the carrier’s total weight, and because of this the price to transport the car goes up. The size and the weight of the vehicle matter a lot in the car shipping industry and it affects the price of the car shipping service.

Type of transport

Open auto transport carriers are the standard shipping method that most clients pick, but you can ask for enclosed trailer services as well.

Philadelphia to Brooklyn Auto TransportThe main types of auto transport are the open and enclosed trailer. Many companies consider open auto transport the standard vehicle transportation method that most clients choose. This kind of transportation is more cost-effective and is the most asked for service by our customers and auto dealerships. The enclosed auto transportation service is the preferred method for transporting sports, luxury and classic vehicles. Enclosed auto transport services cost more than the open carriers also because only about 10% of the car shipping fleet in the country is enclosed and for this percentage the demand is high. Therefore it is a good idea to ask around first and then book an enclosed service.

Time of the year

The season also affects specific routes each year, and the price of transporting your car usually goes up. For example, shipping your car to some of the Southern states such as Arizona, Texas, and Florida can get more expensive during the snow-filled seasons every spring and winter.

The price of fuel

The constant change in the price of fuel also affects the total cost of your auto transport. This is an essential factor that you should not forget about. Today the price of transporting a car from Washington DC to San Francisco could be around one thousand two hundred dollars, and then next week it could be near one thousand three hundred dollars. Hence, remember that the rapidly changing gas prices affect vehicle transportation prices.

After reading these 7 things that affect the cost of your car transportation, you should be more informed on how much your vehicle transportation can cost you, so you can organize your budget more effectively. It is essential that you ask questions and research the subject before scheduling your car transport services. If you are moving across the nation and need to move your car ask your local moving company to recommend an auto transporter. An excellent auto transporter is Flat Price Movers and Auto Transport as we provide excellent car shipping services and can move your car to and from anywhere in the country.