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The 2020 Houston Suburbs Guide: Best Place to Live Outside of the City

June 15, 2020
Posted in City Guides / By Steven Rogers

How many times have you heard people saying they had enough of urban life and are ready to change the pace? Maybe you even said so yourself from time to time. If you did, we have a solution! In many ways, Houston suburbs are the perfect place to begin a new life away from the bustling downtowns.

row of houses in the suburbs during the day
To change your life for the better, move to one of the best suburbs of Houston, Texas, from our list

The one and only Space City is just that – bustling. It’s true that moving to Houston proper, while exciting in many ways, is pretty much the same as a long-distance relocation to any other metropolis. However, moving to the suburbs gives an entirely different perspective to it all. It’ll probably mean moving from an apartment to a house, living in more close-knitted communities, and, subsequently, being able to rely on your neighbors much more than it is usual for residential blocks. Of course, amenities and entertainment options common for central neighborhoods are further between, but there are loads of things to do. So, to lose no more time, let’s move on to the list of our picks of the best Houstonian suburbs to establish your home.


What Is the Best Houston Suburb? We Made a List For You

All those looking to settle and live in Houston have at least a general idea of why they want it. Excellent job opportunities combined with a wide range of amenities, entertainment options, and vibrant nightlife make an ideal ground for young professionals and singles. On the other hand, Houston’s metro area, with its suburbian Houston neighborhoods, offers different perks. There are still jobs to be found in all of the most prominent Houston’s industries, and there are many entertainment options. And in case that’s not enough for you, downtown Houston is at worst a couple of dozen minutes drive away.

Therefore, hiring auto transport services for shipping a car cross country may be the smart choice.
But what you can’t get in the city is the slower and more relaxed pace of life, which is the most common among reasons to move to the suburbs. Nor a sense of community where it is normal to stop in the street to meet new neighbors and exchange a few pleasant words.
So, here’s the list of suburbs that earned our top ranking:

  • Clear Lake
  • Katy
  • Sugar Land
  • Friendswood
  • Kingwood
  • Pearland
  • The Woodlands
  • League City
  • Jersey Village

Real Estate Prices and Rent in Houston Suburbs

The only potential downside of suburbia is the affordability. Everyday expenses in the metro area are slightly higher than the cost of living in Houston proper. But, as you shall soon see, it is more than compensated by all good things.

To help you gain a better perspective at current housing prices, we collected the average prices of homes and rents in our chosen picks:

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traffic view
Making a home in Greater Houston area in 2020 is great, since homes are affordable and communities tight-knit

Which Is the Best Place to Live In Houston TX?

Texas is becoming a better place to live in by the hour. And some cities and towns are leading the charge, both in terms of amenities and things to do.

Clear Lake City Is Clearly One of the Best Suburbs in Houston

Whenever you think of the things usually associated with Houston, such as NASA Mission Control or the avio industry, you’re actually thinking about the suburb of Clear Lake. It is where the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is located, as well as the local operations of Lockheed Martin.

Clear Lake’s modern development actually began from the residential block for employees of the Space Center.
It is also a tourist destination.

Being surrounded by two lakes, a creek, and Galveston Bay, it sports numerous marinas and boats for sailing or rowing. There is also the famous entertainment complex Kemah Boardwalk, so the suburb adds much to the things to do in Houston with kids. There is also a golf course in the Bay Oaks community, and several parks, great to spend time with children, friends, and pets.

There are also several highly-ranked public schools belonging to the Clear Creek Independent School District.
Clear Lake isn’t a very walkable area, so you’d need a car. Commuting to downtown Houston takes 30 to 45 minutes.


For all those looking for a quiet life in the suburbs, the cozy city of Katy may prove to be a perfect choice. It is one of the best places in Texas to call home, and not only according to its residents.

Katy seems to have it all. It’s close to the Energy Corridor business district, its communities of Cane Island, Firethorne, Pine Mill Ranch, and Cinco Ranch offer lovely homes. At the same time, the Katy Independent School District ranks very high in the State of Texas.

Unlike Clear Lake, Katy is walkable, and most errands can be done without a vehicle. Still, it can’t hurt to know how to pack a bicycle for moving, since it may add to the enjoyable experience.

When it comes to amenities, most renowned are Contemporary Arts Museum, Typhoon Texas Water Park, and Katy Mills Mall. Also, each Katy’s neighborhood has some of the best restaurants in the Houston metro area.

If that’s not enough, there’s a bunch of opportunities for hiking and picnicking in the town’s many parks. As every suburb worthy of the name, golf courses are there, both public and private.

Commuting to the Energy Corridor and employers like Shell and Dow Chemicals takes around 15 minutes, while Houston proper is about half an hour away.

marina during the day
If you're looking for a perfect neighborhood to live in the Lone Star State in 2020, head for Clear Lake or Katy

What Is the Richest Area In Houston?

Some people won’t even consider packing their stuff and moving unless for affluent areas. We got them covered, too.

Move to Sugar Land, One of the Best Houston Suburbs

Next on our list is Sugar Land, an affluent community in Fort Bend County. As the name implies, it was once a plantation which began developing as a neighborhood when first residential blocks were built in the late 1950s. The town is still the headquarters of Imperial Sugar.

Located some 24 miles from Houston, Sugar Land had to be on the list. The community offers seldom rivaled schools, numerous stores and restaurants, a concert hall, and it even has a minor league baseball team, the Skeeters. They have their own ground, Constellation Field.

On the side of employment options, they are many and easily accessible. Many companies have their offices and facilities in the Sugar Land Business Park. If you don’t wish for longer commutes, you can seek a job in CVR Energy, Schlumberger, Minute Maid, or any other company in town.

Sugar Land has a high walkability score and ideal spots for hiking, like Memorial Park, Brazos River Corridor, and others. It also sports pools, four golf courses (in case you wondered), and neighborhood centers.

When Considering the Suburbs of Houston, Don’t Miss Friendswood

Our next pick is Friendswood, once named on CNN’s list of “100 Best Places to Live in America.”  Neighborhoods there are upscale and luxurious and close to both Houston and Galveston Island. That makes them close to Houston’s major employers, such as United Airlines, Deloitte, and Wells Fargo.

Residents can send their children to schools that belong to two districts, and institutions such as Westwood Elementary School, Bales Intermediate, or Friendswood Junior High can compare to the best ones in the state.

Friendswood is large enough to give you a feel of moving from a small town to a big city, but not too large to require a car to go around. Once there, you’ll find that a typical suburban lifestyle isn’t the only one supported. It offers many options for shopping, dining, and recreation, with parks, shopping malls, bars, and, yes, a golf club.

Sugar Land during the day
Sugar Land and Friendswood are affluent areas of Texas, with great restaurants and many a neighborhood to call home

What Is the Safest Area to Live In Houston

Safety stands highly-ranked on the list of priorities in the choice of neighborhood, especially if you’re moving across the country for love and wish to start a family.

Best Houston Suburbs for Families – Kingwood

When deciding on the pick for the best Houston’s suburb for families, Kingwood immediately jumped to the front. It has top-notch public schools, it is one of the safest communities in Houston and is rich in outdoor activities opportunities. Need we say more than that it’s called “Livable Forest”?

There are more than 75 miles of trails for hiking and biking, 500 acres of green spaces (East End Park and Dylan Duncan Memorial Skatepark stand out), and two golf clubs with their courses. Also, the city is connected with Lake Houston.

On the other hand, Kingwood Town Center and Deerbrook Mall are places to buy things you need for your first apartment.

Children can attend many public schools, both elementary and high, belonging to either Humble or New Caney school districts, depending on the location of their homes.

Pearland Stands Out Among Houston Texas Suburbs

If you wish to live in the Houston metro area with family or planning one after moving in with your significant other, the place you might want to go is Pearland.

Residents of Pearland put great emphasis on education, and therefore pride themselves and their city with public schools that are among the best in Texas. There are also many options for higher education, with the local branch of the University of Houston, among others.

Pearland is mostly residential and master-planned, with good walkability score. Also, downtown Houston, Medical Center, and the shopping mecca of Galleria, with their employment possibilities, are reasonably close. In the town itself, there are many parks, nature reserves, and shopping centers.

texas flag
Kingwood and Pearland are the best if you wish a safe place to live, tight-knit community, and good public school for your kids

Best Houston Suburbs for Making a Career

Sure enough, many people who are moving out for the first time are moving for work. So here are the places that offer some of the best career opportunities in the whole of Texas.

The Woodlands

The Woodlands, northwest of the Houston proper, is the perfect mix of relaxed attitude and big business. The former part is seen in parks and forests with neighborhoods and communities among them. Proof of the latter part are the headquarters of companies such as ExxonMobil, Maersk Line, and Chevron Phillips Chemical.

Those who decide to make their home and live in the Woodlands can expect all traits of the city in the suburban community. It is also an ideal spot for families with lots of green spaces, employment opportunities, and other amenities. Public schools are very highly ranked, and residents are zoned between three districts.

When it comes to shopping and dining, there are more than 200 retail stores and restaurants in The Woodlands Town Center alone. The Woodlands also has a concert venue, The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Opportunities for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities are numerous and various, as well.

League City

If you’re looking to make a career, the place you should definitely consider is League City. Some named it as “the Best City in Texas for People Looking for Jobs,” and not without reason. It is located near the Clear Lake area and is close to giants in aerospace, medical, and naval industries.

It is also suitable for people who are moving for a relationship and plan a family, due to more than one excellent private school.

Also, there are several resorts popular with Houstonians, and a Yacht Club Marina.

Suburb of The Woodlands is a great spot for new residents looking for a career in 2020

Jersey Village Might Be the Right Choice for Retirees

We’ll finish our list with the peaceful, yet fast-developing Jersey Village. Closeness to downtown and amenities make each neighborhood a suitable home for senior citizens. Homes are also quite affordable.

Jersey Village sports two shopping malls, community swimming pool, park with children playground, and its golf course is among the better ones in the Lone Star State.

high rise buildings
High-rising suburb community of Jersey Village, Texas, offers a lot to retired new residents, beginning with affordable homes

Found Your Own 2020 Best Suburbs of Houston Yet?

So there you have it. A shortlist of places that are close enough to, and yet in many ways better than living in Houston. If we were helpful enough to get you to book moving services, don’t hesitate to contact Houston long-distance movers near you and arrange the relocation. Whether you’re moving to a city alone or have other things in mind, you’ll be in for the exciting change in your life.

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