30+ Best Houston Neighborhoods You Should Consider Relocating To

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      Getting to know the various and diverse Houston neighborhoods should be one of the first things to do before moving to Houston. That way, you’ll be entirely sure that you’ve made the right decision by relocating long distance, and you’ll enjoy your new home and city. We listed the top options you have in H-Town and sorted them according to specific factors that might be crucial for your decision-making process. Take a look at our guide and choose the perfect district for you.

      Houston skyline from west at Texas US
      There are so many options when you are looking for a new residence

      Basic Facts and Figures About the Space City

      These might seem like some boring numbers, but they are significant for getting the bigger picture of what H-Town really is. The metropolis itself is part of Fort Bend, Harris and Montgomery counties, and the seat of the second most populous metropolitan statistical area in Texas after the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The current population in the metro area in 2020 is 7.1 million people, which also includes the Houston suburbs. The city itself has a population of 2.3 million residents, which makes it the fourth-most populous one in the United States and the first in Texas.

      Greater H-Town is a diverse and multicultural city: in fact, it’s the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the US. The residents speak one hundred and forty-five languages, and ninety nations have consular representations within the metropolis. H-Town is more than 57% white, almost 25% are Black or African Americans, while Asian and other races make up the rest of the population.

      Useful Information to Know Before Relocating to H-Town’s Communities

      Apart from the general stuff, there is some more information you’d need to know before relocating. H-Town is rated with an A by Niche, a popular website that ranks and reviews neighborhoods across the US. This city is one of the best in Texas, and it has excellent public schools. It’s suitable for families, while vibrant nightlife and diversity in every sense are also a huge plus.

      Median home value is $161,300, which twenty grand lower than the national standard, and the median rent is $990 – just a bit above the national median.

      Hand holding sign
      H-Town, Texas has many parks and museums cherished by Houstonians

      How We Rated the Best Neighborhoods in Houston TX

      To make the rating of the communities clear and understandable, we decided to sort them based on some of the critical factors that might affect your decision. There are 88 official super neighborhoods here that encompass an array of smaller districts and wards. To help you choose the best one for you, we singled out the ones that have the following qualities:

      • A high level of safety
      • Good for renting
      • Best for buying properties
      • Best for singles
      • Suitable for families
      • The most expensive ones
      • More affordable areas

      Things to Have in Mind Before Choosing Your Future Home

      Before you decide where exactly you want to settle down in the so-called Space City, you should keep a few things in mind.


      Some useful tips About Relocating to Houston

      Know your budget well

      There are always possible unexpected costs, so don’t let your long-distance relocation turn into a nightmare just because there is a sudden expense that you didn’t count on. Start saving money as soon as possible, and always know what would be the cheapest way to move out of state. A little hint: the cheapest is typically not the best and most convenient.

      Make sure that you plan ahead

      If you wish to start a family in some future period, or you’re moving while pregnant, choose a walkable, family-friendly community that has highly rated schools and all the other top-notch amenities nearby.

      Know if the climate suits you

      Before deciding where you want to live, ask around or see online what the seasons look like. If you’re moving in the summer, see how hot it can be, how much rain falls annually, and how cold the winters are.

      Find employment before you relocate

      This way, you’ll be entirely sure that you’ll have a stable source of income in the new state. There are many ways to get a job before you move, so start searching as soon as you know that you’re relocating.

      Know if the pets are allowed

      If you’re moving with pets, prepare yourself and them for the trip that awaits you, and be 100% sure that the owner of the apartment you’re renting has no issue with that.

      Young woman holding a list to do
      Being detailed and organized is a useful trait when relocating

      The Final List of the Safest Neighborhoods in Houston

      The safety of the community is one of the crucial factors when it comes to choosing where to live, even more so if you’re looking to start a family or you already have children. A high level of property and violent crimes in the community is a red flag and can only cause stress and problems. If you want to feel well protected and have no conflicts with the neighbors or incidents on the streets, choose one of the following top four safest places as your future address:

      • Kingwood Area – 77% of residents said that they feel pretty safe, and almost 60% said that the police are very visible and responsive. Every future resident will feel safe when living here.
      • Lake Houston – The number of assaults, robberies, burglaries, and theft is negligible compared to the national level. If you choose this neighborhood, you’ll have no safety-related worries.
      • Addicks Park Ten –  Theft and motor vehicle theft in this western community are half of the national average when measured per 100,000 residents.
      • Hunterwood – No murders or rapes have been recorded, but there have been some cases of robberies and motor vehicle thefts. Overall, it’s a very safe community to live in.
      buildings in Houston
      Choose wisely where your future residence will be

      The Best Neighborhoods in Houston for Families –

      Relocating with family is a big task for the person that’s organizing the move, especially a cross-country one. Taking care of all the items that are being moved, all the documents and paperwork can be exhausting. You can take at least one concern off of your mind by knowing that you’re relocating to a community that has top-rated public schools, a lot of parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and a strong sense of community.

      Kingwood Area Should Be the First Option of Every Family With Kids

      Apart from the fact that it’s crime-free, this neighborhood has so many other perks. This is a very diverse place, and more than a third of the residents are people with children. Additionally, 13% are kids younger than ten. Almost 90% of the polled locals said that there’s a great sense of community and good schools are what they would recommend to the newcomers.

      Memorial Is Also One of the Top Places to Live in West H-Town

      It’s usually the most common place people think of when someone asks them where people with kids should live. Public schools serving Memorial have all been rated with an A. It’s a tight-knit community, with many great restaurants and places for shopping. Most people own their homes, but keep in mind the median home value: it’s three times higher than the national level.

      Clear Lake Is Fantastic for You and Your Loved Ones

      People that live here like to keep their neighborhood nice, clean, well educated, and environmentally responsible. If you’d like to live in such surroundings, feel free to bring your family and join them. It’s also very safe, with great public and private schools. There are local clubs that you can join, and your kids can enjoy parks and playgrounds.

      University Place Has Top-Rated Schools

      Current residents love this community and find it safe and diverse. There are many things to do in Houston with kids, but this neighborhood exceeded all expectations. Once you relocate here, you’ll be close to Downtown, great restaurants, and many outdoor activities, just like in the center. Median home value is pretty pricey, but the majority of residents still own their homes.

      Braeswood Gives a Perfect Mix of Urban and Suburban Living

      If you move to Braeswood, everything will be close by – a local store, big markets, schools, and restaurants. There are great parks for dogs, you can see people jogging, and it’s a nice neighborhood overall. Neighbors are friendly and enjoy helping each other. In the surrounding like this one, you’ll always feel welcomed.

      Families With Children Make 35% of Eldridge / West Oaks

      When you have small kids, the essential amenities must be easily accessible and within walking distance. Eldridge/West Oaks is peaceful and quiet, yet there are places where you can shop as much as you like and treat yourself and your family to a nice meal. It’s culturally diverse and very safe. A security guard patrols the streets every day, helping the people of this community in the west feel safer.

      Happy couple hugging looking through the window in living room
      Find a house for sale or rent an apartment at one of these destinations if you're relocating with family

      The Best Places to Live in Houston for Singles

      Being single in a city this big calls for searching for the right spot to live in. The following areas we’ve singled out could be perfect for you regardless of whether you are looking for the love of your life, or just for fun times. Numerous bars, cafes, and some of the best restaurants in Houston are in the following four communities.

      Montrose Is One of the Coolest Communities

      It’s a historic place that offers something for everyone. There are museums, galleries, shopping centers, and of course, night clubs – you can dive in bars, dance clubs, and lounges.

      It’s an eccentric community that’s worth exploring. If you wind up here, don’t miss the must-do things like visiting the thrift and antique shops, or cafes that made Montrose famous. If you’re moving in the summer, don’t forget to take a long evening walk and enjoy the vibe of its fantastic streets.

      H-Town Gem, Museum Park, Is Perfect If You’re Looking for Fun and Education

      Around five thousand people live here, and most of them rent their places. What makes this community special is all the fun and the noise. Nightlife is vibrant, and many students choose to live here because it’s close to two universities.

      Midtown Is an Ideal Location for Singles

      With bars and clubs on every corner, it represents a spot where young and singles enjoy staying. The population is very diverse, and the most significant percentage of the residents belong to the group between 25 and 34 years old. The cost of living is still cheaper than in Downtown, and yet it offers the same vibe and liveliness as the center. It’s a very modern and walkable neighborhood.

      Greenway/Upper Kirby Is Urban but Gives off a Suburban Feel

      This is undoubtedly one of the most popular areas in H-Town for every young person. If you’re moving to the city alone, living here will help you find friends, meet new people and have a lot of fun.

      It’s minutes away from the Galleria, NRG stadium, and Midtown. Upper Kirby gives you a feeling of living in the center, but without the expensive rents and the traffic jams. There are tons of amenities and places to grab a delicious bite.

      Young friends celebrating
      Singles usually choose a community with plenty of activities

      The Best Neighborhoods in Houston for Buying a Home

      Investing money in real estate is never an easy decision, and it demands a detailed search and inquiry. That’s why we listed out the top areas and the prices you should consider if you want to buy a property in “Space City.” If you’re a first-time buyer, make sure that you know what you are paying for, what you want, and what exactly is your credit score.

      Young People Choose Greater Heights

      The middle-upper class strongly favors this historic district in the northwest-central part of the city. The median home value is about $450,000, while the median household income is around $113,000.

      Many beautiful houses, excellent restaurants, and friendly neighbors will make you wish to be a part of the Greater Heights. The feeling is dense suburban, and more than 60% of residents own their homes.

      If You’re Living in the Museum District, You’ll Get to Work in No Time

      What residents love about Museum District (which got its name after nineteen museums that are close by) is that they’re having no trouble reaching their jobs – both the medical workers and people who work at the center. The median price for a home in the Museum District is $517,000 – the cheapest ones are around $180,000 while there are homes for almost $13 million.

      Rice Military Has Many Great Investment Opportunities

      This neighborhood is far more affordable than the previous ones on our list – the median home price is about $380,000, and it’s one of the strongest real estate markets. It’s located in Harris county, and it’s just minutes away from Montrose, Galleria, and Downtown, so if you decide to get auto transport services, there will be no long hours of waiting on highways.

      Houston Neighborhoods and Districts To-Be Renters Should Check Out

      If you’re not quite sure about buying a house or an apartment, and becoming a permanent resident of some neighborhood when you move to another country, we all know that renting is always an option. Luckily, H-Town has many areas where you can easily find a vacancy at a reasonable price. We singled out the top six urban areas that are highly suitable for renters:

      • Fourth Ward has a median rent of $1,400, and almost 75% of residents rent their places.
      • Medical Center is a bit more expensive with the median rent of $1,700, and only 30% of people own the residence they live in.
      • Downtown has a similar median price, and the percentage is also close to the one in the Medical Centar.
      • University Place has a median rent of $1,400, even though the majority owns their homes.
      • In the Astrodome Area, the median rent is only $1,200, and 85% of people live in rented accommodation.
      • Clear Lake is in a similar situation – the median rent is $1,300, and 60% use it to their advantage.
      Houston area view
      Most of these areas for renters have an urban feeling

      River Oaks Is the Most Expensive Area in the West

      Living in Houston can be expensive if you choose to live in some of the elite residential areas, but it’s well worth it for those that can afford it. One of the most upscale ones is River Oaks. This community is known for its luxurious amenities like upscale stores, award-winning restaurants, and mansions that are often home to celebrities. Real estate is pretty pricey, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to buy or rent.

      A Guide for Other Expensive Neighborhoods in Houston

      River Oaks is not the only affluent neighborhood here – there are a few more areas that are considered elite. If the budget is not an issue in your case, and you want to live in a first-class community, take a look at some of these options:

      [table id=44 responsive=”scroll”/]

      luxury home Houston
      River Oaks has a suburban feel, and it's great for families

      The Most Affordable Options in H-Town

      The cost of living in Houston depends on your lifestyle and the community you chose to live in. In a metropolis like this one, you get to decide how big your expenses will be because there are so many different areas that you can choose between.

      According to Numbeo, a website that calculates the cost of living, Houstonians spend almost 40% of their salary on rent. If you don’t want to be in the same situation, look at some of these areas where median rent costs less than the national average of $950:

      • Kashmere Gardens – $691
      • South Park – $880
      • Harrisburg / Manchester – $771
      • Settegast – $818
      • Greater Fifth Ward – $669
      • Denver Harbor / Port Houston – $847
      person calculating
      Plan your budget wisely and choose your future community accordingly

      A Few Things to Know Before Your Long-Distance Relocation

      Relocation from one state to another is not an easy process, no matter how small your move may be. There are many tiny tasks that are easily forgotten, and they might be crucial. That is why useful moving tips and moving hacks always come in handy, especially if you’re moving out for the first time. There will be changing of the documents, canceling utilities and setting up the new ones, calculating your budget, and making other final arrangements. Create your ultimate checklist for better organization, and be well prepared for your future relocation.

      Contact and Hire a Good Houston Cross-Country Relocation Company

      Don’t let a relocation company rip you off. There are ways to check if a moving company is legitimate. Hiring an honest and trustworthy Houston long-distance relocation company will save you a lot of time and nerves. Stress-free moving is possible if you start doing everything on time and book a move at least one month before the relocation date. Moving with professionals is always a pleasant experience.

      Don’t Risk Damaging Your Items – Let Professionals Handle Everything

      The last thing you need on your mind is worrying about the safety of your belongings. If you pack yourself, some mistakes might happen, and maybe your belongings won’t be fully protected. On the other hand, choosing to move with a reputable relocation company means that you can be sure that everything will arrive at your destination in the same condition that it was before the move.

      In case your future house or apartment isn’t ready yet for you to move in, you can ask for storage services. The movers can provide you with the full packing service, disassembling, loading, reassembling, and unloading of your items. Your job on that day will only be to lift your feet and enjoy a cup of your favorite drink.

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