Best Way to Pack Your Grill Before Moving

June 25, 2018 / Posted in How-to
Anastasia Hill

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There’s a good chance that you have some grilling gear in your backyard, and now that you’re moving, you’ll have to figure out how to prepare a grill for moving.

old grill on porch
Knowing how to prepare your camp setup for relocation is very important if you want it to survive the journey.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time cooking with your friends and family, and you surely plan to continue doing so at your new home. First, you will have to figure out how to prepare your camp gear and products for the relocation and make sure that it’s safely transported to your house and ready for grilling again. We’ve gathered some useful information on the best way to go about it, without anything getting damaged and anyone getting injured.


Gather the Packing Supplies

Before you get started, you will have to organize everything, like with any other relocation. Normally, you would make an inventory list of all of your items with all the information about them, and you can do that now as well after you’ve disassembled everything. But the first step is getting all the packing materials and products necessary to pack everything properly. Don’t do it at the last minute, start gathering the packing supplies at least a week or two before the moving day comes around. You will need to shop for various safety and packaging products like thick gloves for protection,moving boxes of various sizes, blankets, and high-quality tape before you’re ready to pack.

Your camp accessories, like any other product, probably came with original packaging, if you still have it, use those.
If you want to pack your camping and hiking gear and grill properly, you need according packaging products.

How to Prepare a Grill for Moving – Clean and Disassemble It

Obviously, you shouldn’t attempt to handle your grilling gear right after cooking food on it. It would be advisable to clean out everything before you move it around. You don’t want any of your other belongings in the moving truck to get dirty because of the grill, nor do you want them to smell of smoke and barbecue. Remove all the food grease, wood pellets, coal and ash, and make sure that it’s as clean as new before you put it into a truck.

If your product is a gas grill, you will need to remove the propane tank and empty the fuel. It can be very hazardous to transport combustible substances, which is why you won’t be allowed to put it inside a moving truck.

Remove Any Extra Parts That May Cause a Problem

If there are any extra items, detachable parts and cooking utensils that can be transported separately, remove them now. Legs, cooking utensils, side burners, and racks should be placed aside and shouldn’t be transported in the same box. This is why you’ll need a smaller box for them, which you will place next to it so you don’t lose anything during the move. This will make everything lighter and easier to transport. If you kept your original packaging you should have all the information on how to handle every part and all the accessories of your camping setup. You can also find security packaging in an outdoor hobby shop. In that shop, you can buy all the hiking, camping and open-air cooking equipment and products.

How to Pack a Grill – Handy Tips

If it is a smaller one, you can pack it in a larger box and tape it up after you’ve placed it inside. You should first fill the box with packing paper or bubble wrap to avoid any damage during the move.

In case it’s one of the larger, stainless steel grills, you can wrap it in moving blankets for protection and secure everything in place using high-quality packing tape. Before you pack it up, you should make sure that the steel lid is closed properly. In case there is no lock to hold it in place, you can tape it up. Just remember not to cover up any handles or wheels that you will use to transport it.

If you are a true hiking and outdoor enthusiast, preparing food in the camp open-air kitchen is a must.
Make a quick review and check if the lid and every other part of your camp accessories are closed and secured in place.

The Transportation of the Item

After you’ve prepared everything, put on your gloves and you’re ready to move it to the truck and load it in. There are many different types of grills and ways to transport them to your new home, but you should almost always have a friend or a family member with you to help you out. Make sure that you have a clear path from your home to the truck, especially if you plan tomove during winter. In case you’removing with pets, be sure that they’re locked away, so they don’t get in the way.


How to Prepare Wheeled Grills

If you have one of the wheeled grills, then it will be easy to transport it to the truck. They have wheels either on both sides or on one and are quite easy to move around. You will want to lift it up towards yourself and roll it to the truck. Your helper should be pulling and guiding it as you go. Remember not to rush it and take your time in order to avoid any damage or injuries. Once you’re at the truck, get your ramp ready, and your helper should go in first. They will help you guide it inside and be ready to receive it while you slowly roll it up.

Handled Barbeques

Handled grills are also quite easy to transport and there shouldn’t be any issues if you’re careful about it. The handles are situated on the sides, and there will probably be one on the lid, which makes them quite easy to transport.

There are different types of handled grills, some are smaller while others can have quite some weight to them. No matter what type yours is, it shouldn’t be too heavy after you’ve removed all the parts that can be detached. Carefully hoist up the grill with your friend, that is if you need any help at all, and carry it to the truck. Lift it up onto the truck slowly so as to avoid any injuries – remember that safety is your number one priority when it comes to any relocation. In case you’removing during the holidays, you’ll want an outdoor kitchen ready for cooking food as soon as you’re done with the relocation.

These types of barbeques are not your regular camp accessories, they are mostly used as an outdoor, open-air kitchen in the summer.
Wheeled grills are easy to move around and smaller ones are perfect for camping

Best Way to Transport Grilling Gear

If you’re going to do everything on your own, then you’ll have to know that a moving truck or a pickup is ideal when relocating grills. If you don’t have one, you can ask a friend or family member who has, or you can rent it. Once you’ve loaded it inside, lay it down, and use a rope and tape combo to tie it to the straps and secure it in place. Make sure that it’s not moving around, cause steel against steel can lead to many scratches. You can always hire professional movers for theirpacking andmoving services if you’re not sure you’ll be able to handle everything safely on your own. They would have all the information you may need for this packing process.

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