Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces – Clever Ways to Arrange Your New Home

October 27, 2021 / Posted in How-to
Anastasia Hill

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Creative storage ideas might save us a lot of space and energy. That’s why people who have some creative storage solutions inside their homes often find these parts as their favorite corners – they can be hidden or visible, but what they all have in common is that they are interesting and useful. Read this article to get inspired, and you’ll probably come up with some interior design solutions on your own.

Unique room design
Smaller homes require that you get creative when it comes to storing stuff

Creative Storage Ideas Are Essential if You’re Relocating From a Big House to a Small Apartment

While you’re organizing your move with long-distance movers, you’ll have to follow some house-hunting tips and look for an apartment that you can afford. This is especially important if you’re relocating alone or living in some of the pricey areas, such as San Francisco. If you’re planning a move to a big city or want to move out of state on a budget, there are a few things you need for your apartment, and one of them will be creative storage solutions

Single bedroom apartments are usually not so hard to find, but there is one negative side that comes with – the lack of space. You’ll need to come up with some creative storage ideas for small spaces if you want to keep your important inventory in your apartment. If you’re currently uninspired and can’t think of any good and smart ideas, maybe this article will help you. We’ll describe different options suitable for different types of rooms. We’re sure that you’ll find something that suits you and goes well with your taste.

How Do You Store a Lot of Things in a Small Space?

How do I create space in a small room? You can’t literally create more, but you can think of better ways to use every inch you have. That’s the hardest but also the most creative part of interior design. What can I do with small storage space? Even if it’s tiny, you can make it more practical by following our tips. Using some creative storing methods and repurposing hidden spaces and corners will do wonders.

Shelf packed with decorative items
Living in a tiny apartment means shelves will become your best friends

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens – Every Rack and Hook on the Wall Is More Than Welcome

One of the things you should definitely do in your kitchen is to add hooks all over the place. If you don’t want or can’t make holes in the walls, you can always get sticky hooks you can usually find at any store. You can also get magnets. One of the options is to place magnets inside cabinets and let them hold the lids of pots and pans

You can also always display everything in the open and utilize every corner of your counters for storing various spices and other inventory. Another cool thing you can do is to add drawers or baskets to your shelves. This will keep things much more organized, so it will be easier for you to find what you look for – a better solution than taking everything off the shelves so you can get that sack of flour in the back.

Every Kitchen Cabinet Has a Top Part That Can Be Used for Storage Well

Apart from adding little shelves where you can keep your wine glasses and cute mugs, you can also use some of the already existing “shelves.” Get the most of your cabinets by using the top of kitchen cabinets for organizing stuff as well. And let’s not forget about window sills. For example, if you have a large window that you barely ever open, it still can be an ideal place for some spices, plants, or your favorite cookbooks.

A Fold-Down Table Is Always Useful

Another cool hack you can try if you lack space around your kitchen is getting a fold-down table. This is highly recommended if your kitchen counters are covered with various items, so you barely have an area where you want to cook something. You can keep a fold-down table behind your door, just set it up whenever you need it.

Window sill with pillows and books
Using windmills for organizing books instead of keeping them in your living room is a great idea

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Bathrooms, the same way as kitchens, are those parts of our homes that always seem tiny and cramped. Luckily with our cool hacks, you’ll use every square foot of your tiny bathroom while keeping your toiletries, makeup, and cleaning products well organized and accessible. These hacks will also help you give your bathroom a more luxurious look because they will help you keep it tidy and clean. 

If you have a lot of towels, you should get a vertical wall-mounted towel rack for drying those you use daily, but when it comes to storing them, we recommend installing a shelf above the door. You can also try some of the excellent rolling and folding techniques to learn how to organize your towels in a way that they still look well-organized without taking too much space in your bathroom.

Use Behind the Door Hack to Store Bathrobes and Different Toiletries

You can hang smaller baskets behind your door and use them for keeping different things such as toiletry, makeup, and even towels. You can add a hook to hang your bathrobe here. This is a very good technique for keeping your essential stuff organized – it’s hidden and provides you with a part that can’t be used for many other purposes.

Shelf With a Mirror-Door Is a Must

Two in one mirror is definitely something you need in an apartment. It is the ultimate way to install a “hidden” cabinet where you can keep something that you don’t want to be visible and easily approachable. If you’re relocating with children, this is good for keeping your medications – it will keep them out of your children’s sight and reach. Now that we’re talking about baby-proofing your home, keep in mind that cleaning supplies are also potentially dangerous, so you need to store them somewhere they are unapproachable.

Bathroom in natural tones
Bathrooms require special effort when it comes to design to be functional

Bedroom Storage Options That Will Help You Stay Organized and Store Everything Like a Pro

One of the best and the most practical storage options for bedrooms is keeping your stuff under the bed. Some beds nowadays have drawers installed underneath them, so you can use them for storing extra blankets, sheets, and maybe some off-season clothes in vacuum bags. If this is not the case, and you have free space underneath your bed, you can easily put some boxes there and fill them out with whatever you need. 

Don’t forget to label the boxes and the containers if you have a lot of stuff down there – it will be much easier to find what you need when the time comes. You can maybe even leave your Christmas ornaments there and wait for the perfect moment to decorate your home.

Installing a Few Shelves Here and There Might Be One of the Best Organization Ideas

Putting as many shelves as you can is one of the ultimate hacks when you lack space. For example, you can install one long shelf above your bed headboard and place your books there, your hand cream, reading glasses, and other different items you keep in your bedroom.

Use Vacuum Bags to Pack Clothes

This is one of the hacks you can test while packing your clothes for cross country moving and is especially recommended for some bulky jackets and winter clothes that usually take the most of your closet. Keep the seasonal clothes in those bags during the periods when you don’t wear them. Once these bags are compressed, you can easily store them basically anywhere – from your closet to every other part of your home.

An Open Clothing Rack Is a Fancy But Practical Organizer

This is a very chic and trendy way to organize and expose your best pieces and coats. Not only will your room be organized, but you’ll also have everything in front of your eyes, so it will be much easier to visualize the outfit for that day. Keeping clothes wrinkle-free and displayed like this will also help you get a clearer picture of the things you don’t wear, so it will be much easier for you to decide which pieces don’t suit you anymore so you can donate or sell them.

Door Shoe Organizer Is Another Amazing Hack You Should Try

No matter if you’re a sneaker or high heels collector, a visible rack for your precious pairs is probably something that you’ve always dreamed about. Instead of keeping them in boxes around your home, this way, you’ll always know where your essential pairs are. 

This is one of the best space-saving methods. Just hang a door shoe organizer on the back of your door, and sort everything there. You’ll be amazed how many pairs of shoes just one door can fit, and hate yourself for not thinking about this earlier. Packing shoes in boxes can be an excellent way to store some seasonal boots, for example, and you can keep them boxed under the bed.

Bedroom in pink
You can store many things under your bed

How to Make a DIY Shelf Organizer?

If you really want to get creative and add some DIY shelves around your home, here’s some inspiration. You can start with:

  • Drawer shelves – You can pick some drawers from an old nightstand you can’t fit in your new bedroom, paint them in bright colors, and hang them on the wall. Depending on the size of the drawers, you can use them for books and different accessories. You can also add some hangers at the bottom of the drawers and hang your necklaces or keys if you put them by the entrance.
  • Old ladder shelf – If you have an old wooden ladder that you don’t use, there is no need to throw it away. You can refresh it with a layer of paint, hang it on the wall, and use each step of the ladder for hanging some stuff. This can look very interesting in the kitchen if you hang different spices.
  • Old leather belt shelf – For this one, you’ll need two leather belts (preferably in the same color, but you can experiment) and one wooden board. Take the measurements, hang two belts on the wall, and put the board between their loops. This video can give you more ideas about DIY shelves you can make from random things you maybe already have at your home.

If You Like These Ideas, Nothing Should Stop You From Relocating to Your New Place and Making It Highly Functional

There is no need for depression after moving when you can have fun organizing your new apartment with these cool tips. Now you don’t have to get storage services and rent a unit because you’ll manage to squeeze in everything. No matter if you are moving to a new city alone or accompanied by your significant other or a whole family, these hacks will help you more than you ever imagined. If relocating is stressful for you and you don’t want to go through this process alone, you can always get professional moving services from skilled cross-country movers and relocate efficiently without any worries.

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