How to Pack Glasses for Moving in Just a Few, Easy Steps

July 21, 2021 / Posted in How-to
Gemma Collins

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When we’re preparing for a move, we’re mostly curious about how to pack glasses for moving without damaging or worrying about them while they’re sitting in the relocation truck. Packing glasses isn’t as hard as it seems, but it requires patience and good packaging supplies, so if you follow some basic tips, you’ll become an expert on how to pack glassware for moving.

a wine glass laying in bubble wrap overlay
What is the best way to pack glasses for moving? You can follow some tips and learn

The First Step on How to Pack Glasses for Moving – Take Inventory

Whether you’re relocating at the last minute or planning for months ahead, creating an inventory list is a great first step. If you’re wondering how a list can help with packing glassware, it’s simple – when you know what you have at home, you’ll know what not to pack. The idea behind an inventory list is to figure out what to bring to the new home and help you get organized for the move. The same goes for glassware and other kitchen items.


Create a Moving Checklist for Packing Materials

Making lists isn’t only good for learning how to pack glasses but also knowing what to buy for that process. You should put moving boxes for glasses on the list and some wrapping materials like packing paper, bubble or plastic wrap, and duct tape. These are essential supplies for packaging, whether you’re trying to package books or something as fragile as glassware. Add some things you need in your first apartment when you prioritize your shopping list for relocation.

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How do you pack dishes and glasses for moving? Start by making an inventory list

Use the Right Packing Supplies for All Your Dishes

There isn’t too much philosophy on the best way to pack glasses, but there should be some attention towards finding good packaging supplies. You can contact long-distance movers, and they’ll provide supplies and packing expertise as a part of their long-distance moving services. However, if you’re planning to do it alone, the good news is that you don’t need the best kinds of supplies; they just need to be in good condition for packing and securing cargo.

You Can Pack Glasses Into Any Box You Have at Home, For Free

The best way to save money on relocation costs starts with getting packaging supplies. You can find boxes and storage containers lying around your home, free of charge. You don’t have to package all your glassware and other breakable items together, either. Make sure you have enough containers for everything you want to bring along and put the same types of wares together without trying to mix and match. Mixing and matching is only OK if you know how to stack everything properly.

Another relocation hack to help you find containers without paying for them is to visit a local supermarket, restaurant, or liquor store where you can ask the workers to give you their cardboard boxes. Many of these places have loads of unused containers, and you’ll likely be doing them a favor by taking some. The best kind of box for glass containers is the one with dividers, used for wine bottles.

Using Paper for Wrapping Glass vs. Using Bubble Wrap

You can find all kinds of packing paper, too, but most of them aren’t free. Something like old newspaper prints that you probably have sitting in your garage or shed is a good alternative. However, newspapers can leave ink markings on packed cargo, which are sometimes difficult to clean up. The easiest way to package might simply be to invest in some good paper that was meant to be used precisely for packaging.

And how do you pack glasses for moving without paper? You can use a couple of alternatives. One is bubble wrap, which tends to be a favorite for many cross-country moving experts because the protective layer of air in the bubbles helps keep even the most fragile stuff safe and sound. However, using bubble wrap isn’t the cheapest way to move out of state, so more people opt for using cotton things at home, like t-shirts and pillowcases, whatever might work to keep glassware from breaking. You can watch the video below for tips on how to package breakable items without using paper.

How Do You Pack Glasses and Mugs When Moving? A Short Guide

After getting all the packaging materials right where you need them, it’s time to place all the glass items. The first step of how to pack glassware is to make sure the box you’re putting it into is padded on the bottom, so it doesn’t collapse during lifting. Then, add paper or another padding of your choice and layer the wrapped glass inside it. Finally, stack more padding on top to absorb any potential blows or damage. Once you’re done, seal the box with duct tape and no matter what you do, don’t skip labeling the boxes as ‘fragile’ wherever that’s necessary.

How to Wrap Glasses Before Packaging Them

A common relocation mistake is not wrapping the insides of glassware correctly. You have to make sure that the entire outer and inner surface is protected from potential damage. Place the glass in the middle and start wrapping from the bottom up, allowing for the extra ends to go inside. You can also ask experts from a long-distance moving company to show you how to pack glasses for shipping once they’re at your place.

Suppose you’re wondering how to pack wine glasses for moving. In that case, the process is similar to packaging the regular ones, except for wrapping the stem of the wine glass first before securing another extra wrapper around the rest of it. If you’re unsure about the quality of the padding, you can always go for the safest option – a box with dividers, which is the safest option for this type of cargo.

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Packaging glassware can be stressful, but it's not difficult at all

Long-Distance Movers Can Help Package Your Breakable Items and Relocate

Whether you’re relocating to another city alone or trying to have the ultimate stress-free relocation experience, we’d recommend calling a cross-country moving company to assist you with everything. Hiring cross-country movers can sound risky to some people because of potential relocation scams, but you can easily check whether a company is legitimate or trying to trick you.

When you book a relocation company, they also offer services as an auto transport company with car shipping. However, you wouldn’t only get an additional car shipping company for your standard relocation costs, but you’ll get free storage for a month if you need it. That way, the only thing to be stressed about is how to fit into the new neighborhood. We have an idea – throw a party and use all the fabulous wine glasses you packed.

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