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Best Tips on How to Store Christmas Ornaments When Moving

January 8, 2021
Posted in How-to / By Blake Shaw

Holidays without decoration don’t sound fun or festive. That’s why when taking it down or transporting it to a new home, people spend a lot of time boxing Xmas trinkets up properly. If you know how to store Christmas ornaments, you will do everything to prevent them from breaking. Because having to decorate a Xmas tree without a favorite ornament or festive lights can put a damper on the jolliest season of the year.

Girl and Xmas décor
There are few creative ideas that can help you pack up delicate Xmas décor

No matter if you are moving during the holidays or just taking down everything after the season is over, there are a few things that will make the whole storing process faster and stress-free. Those who are wondering how do you store Christmas ornaments should take a look at some of the best tips that will help them box up and protect breakable valuables in no time.


Packing up Christmas Decorations Requires Thorough Planning

Have you ever wondered why is moving so stressful? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you’ll have so many things on your plate, especially in DIYing the whole thing. You will have to figure out when is the best time to move, but also what not to pack when relocating and what to bring with you.

On top of that all, you have to take into consideration that not all your belongings are the same. Handling fragile objects especially requires a lot of planning. Keep in mind that no matter if you are only taking down festive decoration for the year or you are preparing it for the move, having a detailed plan will make the whole process easier.

Getting organized to move starts with a checklist, which can also be applied to the process of storing your belongings. Don’t try to do it all at once. Prioritize. Decide should you start with tinsel or Xmas tree. Go over your inventory, then you’ll be able to tell how many supplies you actually need. After you obtain all the materials, then you can start boxing up stuff.

Woman writing in a notepad
Organization is key to a stress-free relocation

Gather Various Boxes That Can Fit Different Shaped Objects

When gathering packing materials, you might wonder how to choose the best-sized boxes for your delicate, festive objects? Consider that getting one size boxes is the moving mistake you will want to avoid. Go over your inventory and see what kind of shape and sizes are your objects, and it will be easy to tell how many big, medium, and small boxes you actually require. When it comes to boxes, the more, the merrier, but while you are at it, consider buying:

  • Markers and label makers – for writing down what’s in the box.
  • Wide duct tape – for sealing containers.
  • Plastic baggies – useful if you have trinkets or small, extra objects.
  • In-box cardboard dividers – like those in wine boxes, keep the objects from bumping into each other.
  • Cardboard tubes – they will protect gift wraps.

Large Case Can Be Great Storage for an Artificial Tree

Did you know that, according to the Christmas Tree Promotion Board, between 75% and 80% of Americans who have a Xmas tree own an artificial one? Suppose you are one of them, boxing it up might give you the trouble. They are not only wide and tall but also a pain to break down and put into the original packaging.

If you are wondering Where should I store my holiday decorations, especially the tree, forget the original box it came in and get a large case. You can opt for a big plastic container or a tall wardrobe box. Big and sturdy containers will not only protect your items during transportation but also when they are put in storage.

A carboard with Santa's hat
Different types of materials will protect your belongings when they are put in storage

Get Padding Materials Because It Will Protect All of Your Fragile Belongings

Getting high quality moving boxes is only half the job when it comes to materials. When you put your fragile items in crates, there will be empty space that needs to be filled, and that’s where padding materials come in handy. Those supplies will keep your stuff from bouncing around and getting damaged during transportation. That’s why you should stock up on paper, peanuts, bubble, and plastic wrap.

If you are planning to move out of state on a budget, consider using things you have lying around the house. One of the best moving hacks you can apply when boxing up Xmas knick-knack is utilizing soft items as padding material. From pillows to blankets and shirts, everything can be used as cushioning for breakable belongings you are relocating.

When Putting Away Christmas Decorations Pad Them With Paper

Are you still wondering Is it OK to store Christmas decorations in the garage – if they are padded and boxed up, why not use the garage as storage? Crates will protect them from instant physical damage, while padding will absorb vibrations that can come from driving the car in and out of the garage all year long. With this in mind, don’t skimp on padding, and paper is by far the most used material for it. It can fit into any space, around any object, and it doesn’t scratch your stuff.

Person holding a carboard filled with padding materials
One of the best ideas to save up is to use everyday objects as padding material

How to Store Christmas Ornaments by Using Repurposed Household Items

Are you looking for the cheapest way to move out of state? One of the most affordable and easiest ways to pack for a move is by repurposing household items. Every household has egg cartons and plastic cups, grab a few of those and start packing. Place a large ornament in each cup and pad it with linen or paper. Smaller ones can be placed in egg cartons, and the cardboard will protect them from breaking, just use duct tape to close off the container.

Using a Cushioned Bag Is the Best Way to Store Christmas Ornaments

Are you still pondering Where should Christmas decorations be stored in an apartment? The answer to this will depend on what exactly you are setting aside. If you have some money to spare, get the cushioned carrying cases, and transport your precious ornament collection in them. The cushioned bags come with long straps and sturdy walls that protect your fragile stuff. They can come in handy even after you relocate because then you can just keep the bag with decoration under the bed, in the closet, or in the garage, knowing that it is fully protected.

How to Store Christmas Decorations Using Garbage Bags

Not all of your Xmas knick-knacks are easily breakable, meaning you don’t have to put everything in sturdy containers. You can actually use garbage bags for some of your décors. If you have a lot of wreaths, get a hanger, wrap the string around it, and then put a zip tie bag over it. This way, your wreath won’t collect the dust, nor it will tangle with other belongings. Furthermore, if you don’t want to put your tree in the container, just deconstruct it, fold its branches, and put it in a heavy-duty black garbage bag. Wrap it tightly, and it is ready to be set aside. Lastly, if you don’t know what to do with all the Xmas linens, put them in smaller zip-lock bags.

A person holding black garbage bag
Using garbage bags is a creative idea

Plastic Bins Can Come in Handy When You Are Boxing up Decoration

Nowadays, you can find all kinds of plastic bins that are specifically made to make your life easier. Some of them come with dividers, while some have thicker walls, before getting them, consider what kind of decorations you have. Ornament containers come with built-in dividers, and they keep each item separated. Depending on the size of the bin, there can be multiple levels for storing your ornaments. Keeping your items in plastic instead of cardboard containers is different because plastics can be see-through, and it will be easier to spot the things you need. Also, these containers are more resilient to moist and cold, making them perfect for basements and garages.

Collection of ornaments
One of the best and most efficient storage ideas is using plastics

Use a Cord Reel to Pack up Christmas Lights

A big part of Xmas spirit comes from shiny and colorful lights people hang in and out of the house. If you have long strands of twinkly lights that you wish to take with you to the new location, there are more than a few ways you can safely box them up.

Let’s say this is not a last-minute move where you will just bunch everything into a ball. One of the best ways to avoid tangling twinkly bulbs is to get a cord reel. This is something typically used for extension cords. There are more than a few different types of cord reels, but they work on the same principle. Depending on just how long your strands are, you can opt for larger reels that can hold hundreds of feet of cable, or you can buy a spindle with a handle.

When you get the reel, connect your light strands together, attach one end of it to the roller, and start spinning. The next time you want to use the twinkles to brighten up the place, you can just unspool the strands without any problems. This method can be used no matter if you are relocating or just storing your stuff after the festivities.

Clothes Hangers Can Come in Handy if You Want to Avoid Tangled Lights

If you are trying to save on relocation costs using things you have in your home is a way to go, and hangers are among the most accessible items around. Start by hooking one end of the strand through the strap holders of the hanger. Then wrap the cord around the hanger vertically and try to keep it as neat as possible. This way, you can easily transport your lights but also keep them in the closet untangled and ready for the next festive season.

Put Holiday Garlands in Wreath Bags

Using wreath bags for transporting and storing holiday garlands doesn’t seem like a new and innovative idea, right? However, it is a method that is really efficient. If you don’t own wreath bags, you should buy some, they are affordable and accessible. They are also made of plastics and nylon, so they are bendable and perfect for keeping garlands.

Open a wreath bag and softly curl the garland in a circular motion and when you are done using a thread to keep the coil together. Depending on the size of your garlands, you might fit more than one in the bag. Wreath bags are a great option for stocking up the garlands because they are durable and easy to transport.

Garlands and presents
Garlands are easy to pack up

Don’t Forget to Label Everything

Knowing where everything is and what are the contents of crates will make the boxing up and unpacking fast and efficient. That’s why one of the best relocation tips is – labeling. Grab a marker and write on the side of the box exactly what its content is. You can also put “FRAGILE” on visible sides so that you know which crates should go on top of the pile. Furthermore, if you use the same crates to keep your decoration in the new home, you will know exactly where everything is when the new holiday season comes around.

Sign fragile
Labeling everything will ensure that unpacking is easy and fast

If You Don’t Want to DIY Everything Hire Long Distance Moving Company to Help You

No matter if you are relocating during the summer or cross country moving in the winter, you’ll probably want to take all of your belongings with you. Supposed you don’t want to bother with planning and packing up everything, there is a solution – hiring long-distance movers to do it instead of you.

Hiring cross country movers will take many tasks off your hands. Besides providing you with long-distance moving services, professionals can offer you top-notch packing assistance. Furthermore, hiring an auto transport company to handle your relocation means you can also ship your car to a new location without stressing about it.

Keep in mind that stress-free moving is indeed possible if you have the right partner by your side. Professionals will move heavy things and handle delicate belongings with the utmost care, all you have to do is relax and think about how to decorate the new home when the time comes.

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