What Are the Most Affordable Places to Live in Los Angeles

May 9, 2022 / Posted in City Guides
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Los Angeles has become the most desirable city to move to. It offers employment opportunities, exciting entertainment, cultural attractions, and sunny weather. But, even though it is among the most expensive cities globally, we’ll show you the most affordable places to live in Los Angeles. With a little bit of effort and research, you can surely find an adequate and inexpensive place near LA before ultimately scheduling a move with your long-distance moving company.

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LA has a lot of affordable spots

When moving out for the first time, you cannot possibly know what kind of challenges can arise. Many people fall prey to relocation mistakes and end up moving into homes and neighborhoods that aren’t suitable for them. So, if you are looking to move to California, get some information on where safe and low-priced places near LA are. Some inexpensive areas you might be interested in are Lancaster, Encino, Porter Ranch, and Palmdale. Moving to a big city such as LA will be much easier and smoother if you get all the necessary information about rental prices, crime rates, and potential job opportunities.

What Should You Consider When Searching for the Most Affordable Places to Live in Los Angeles?

When asking yourself – where is the least expensive place to live in LA, you should first consider some essential factors of the low-priced neighborhoods and suburbs of LA before finally making a decision to move. Each person should determine what characteristics of a particular location meet all their needs and requirements. We recommend that you research information such as:

  • Housing and rent costs,
  • Crime rates,
  • Access to the public transportation system,
  • School districts,
  • Access to various amenities,
  • The proximity of the district to the workplace or a university.

You won’t have any difficulty controlling your moving budget if you prepare for the move to the new home properly. It might seem difficult to find an appropriate district that meets all of your needs, but don’t forget that each aspect of the neighborhood can change the way you handle your finances. Make sure you pay attention to each detail before calling your long-distance movers.


Escape the Stress of Big City Life By Moving to Lancaster

Lancaster is a charter city in the Antelope Valley, located towards the northern end of LA County. It has approximately 160,000 residents and is convenient because it is only 70 miles away from downtown LA. Lancaster is known as the town of art and culture. Residents usually enjoy dining at the BLVD and exploring various museums and art galleries. Also, the town is best known for its outstanding landscapes and seasonal poppy display throughout the spring months. Lancaster is undoubtedly the center of activity in the Antelope Valley.

This town is considered one of the best places to live in LA for singles. What makes Lancaster budget-friendly and suitable for young professionals? The average rental cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the town center is 1,600 dollars, whereas the average rent for the same apartment outside of the center is 1,400 dollars. Also, the median home value is just above 250,000 dollars. The town boasts top-rated public and private schools. Significant public schools are Soar High (Students on Academic Rise) and Quartz Hill High School, while high-quality private schools are Lancaster Baptist School and Paraclete High School.

What Makes Living in Lancaster Beautiful?

When cross-country moving to this part of California, you should know why relocating to a new home in Lancaster is a step in the right direction. What is outstanding in Lancaster is the wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Here you will find the Poppy Reserve, where the state’s official flower can be found in great numbers. The annual California Poppy Festival attracts as many as 60,000 visitors who come to enjoy the wildflower bloom season.

Prime Desert Woodland Preserve is also a well-known urban nature reserve where nature enthusiasts come to see the beautiful flora and fauna. Residents usually walk along the trails that are open to everyone during the daylight. Another significant attraction in Lancaster is its Saddleback Butte State Park which is centered around a mountain. You will find native animal species in this state park, such as coyotes and desert tortoises. Locals come here to enjoy picnic sites and various campsites.

A mountain over Los Angeles County
Apart from affordability, wildlife and impressive views make life in Lancaster unique

Relocate to Encino If You Are Searching For An Affordable Place With an Urban Feel

If you are moving to Los Angeles alone and want to find a region valued for its safety and affordability, you should choose Encino. It is an LA neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley with a population of 52,000. There are numerous quiet areas where one can settle down in a big house and districts where you can choose to reside in tall apartment buildings. Even though the region is small and has a small-town vibe, many restaurants, parks, and coffee shops add to the overall urban feel of the neighborhood. For those people moving with pets, it should be mentioned that there are plenty of green spaces in Encino, such as Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park and Lake Balboa. It is perfect for retirees, young professionals, and students.

So, what living expenses can you expect in Encino? Since it is considered to be an inexpensive region to relocate to, it should be underlined that the average cost of a house is 750,000 dollars, and the average rent price is 1,500 dollars. The homes are very spacious, and most of them have backyard space. Everything is within walking distance from the beach to the Topanga State Park, Sepulveda Dam, and Recreation Area. The region is also praised for its career-oriented job opportunities, but the greatest advantage of Encino is that it is as much as 76 percent safer than other LA neighborhoods.

Best Things to Experience in San Fernando Valley’s Enclave

As you are getting organized to move and preparing for the cross-country movers to arrive, you should get vital information on what to expect from Encino. Experience the extraordinary beauty of the Japanese Garden, with picturesque waterfalls, gardens, and sweet-smelling exotic flowers. Visit Castle Park, where one can go play mini-golf and various arcade games. The food scene is also exceptional since there are diverse eateries such as More Than Waffles, Maria’s Italian Kitchen, and Davenport’s Restaurant. Additionally, one of the most enjoyable spots for residents in Encino must be Laemmle Town Center 5, where one can watch cult classics as well as indie films.

Houses by the beach in Los Angeles
Encino can provide its residents with both urban and suburban lifestyle

When Looking for Inexpensive Areas, Don’t Overlook Palmdale

Palmdale is a constantly evolving and growing town with an estimated population of 160,000. It is located in northern LA County in California. Like Lancaster, it is situated in the Antelope Valley. East Palmdale is particularly known as a calm and quiet district where one can find tranquility and relaxation. It offers its residents scenic views of the desert as well as an urban lifestyle. You won’t have to deal with depression after moving because there are various fun outdoor activities for everyone to experience in Palmdale. Many people enjoy spending their day at Little Rock Recreation or hiking at the Mountain High Ski Resort. The area is peaceful, and the crime rate is not high.

Also, the schools in Palmdale have many well-planned afterschool programs to help and improve children’s knowledge and skills. Students should know there are many four-year private universities and colleges near the town. Some of them are Franklin University, the University of Antelope Valley, and Pacific Oaks College.

Here is a video that goes in-depth about the changing and promising city of Palmdale.

What Living Expenses Can You Expect in Palmdale

If you’ve been asking what is the cheapest place to live near Los Angeles, the answer t might just be Palmdale. The average home value is estimated at 280,000 dollars, and the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside of the center is 1,400 dollars. On the other hand, the rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the center is 1,500 dollars. Additionally, it should be underlined that, according to Numbeo, the average monthly net salary after taxes is above 3,600 dollars.

So, if you want to move to Los Angeles but are worried about the high prices, consider relocating to Palmdale instead. The cost of renting a home is as much as 43 percent lower in Palmdale than in LA. What is more, restaurant and grocery prices are also significantly lower.

Porter Ranch Is a Family-Friendly Neighborhood

When searching for affordable and safe places to live in Los Angeles, Porter Ranch should be on the top of the list. Situated on the northwest side of the San Fernando Valley, Porter Ranch is an ideal location for raising a family. It isn’t far from LA since it takes only about an hour to reach the downtown. The district is 95 percent safer than any other neighborhood nearby.

Here you will find various single-family houses with spacious backyards, but the biggest benefit of moving to Porter Ranch is the excellent school district. Fantastic local private and public schools are located right here, some of which are Castlebay Lane Charter School, Milken Community School, and Oakwood School.

Families and retirees who want to spend their free time in green spaces with a lot of possible outdoor recreation may enjoy Porter Ranch the most. Individuals can enjoy birdwatching and hiking at Rocky Peak Park and go for boat rides in Castaic Lake State Recreation Area. There is something for everyone; therefore, taking your children to experience an interactive playground called My Lil’ Town is a must. Also, the urban atmosphere cannot be neglected since there are various bars, cafes, and restaurants where one can enjoy delicious meals.

What Makes Porter Ranch the Cheapest Place to Live in California?

In order to move efficiently, you should first get informed about which part of LA is the cheapest. Before ultimately deciding to reach out to your auto transport company, check the costs and prices in Porter Ranch. So, how much money do you need to reside in this district?

It has been estimated that the average cost for a house in the suburban community of Porter Ranch is about 681,500 dollars and that the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is 2,750 dollars. Most of the locals own their homes. Residents in the area make a good living, with the average monthly net salary after tax being 4,500 dollars.

Los Angeles neighborhood landscape view
You don't have to pay a fortune to reside in Porter Ranch

If You Are Looking For a Budget-Friendly Area Close to the Beach, Pick Playa Vista

Young professionals and students who are looking for an inexpensive neighborhood close to some of the prominent universities and colleges while maintaining a beach vibe should research living in Playa Vista. Residents of Playa Vista are keen on surfing as well as sunning all year round. It is close to the Loyola Marymount University, so students can easily move here and enjoy the affordability of Playa Vista.

Young professionals will also have ample reasons to move here and showcase their expertise since Playa Vista is also called “Silicon Beach,” where many tech companies employ young gifted people. Additionally, the low crime rates are a perk of living here since Playa Vista is almost 80 percent safer than other neighborhoods in LA. The district is well connected to other cities and areas since you will have easy access to Los Angeles International Airport.

If you want to invest in long-distance moving services and experience stress-free moving, then consider relocating to this laid-back and quiet neighborhood. The prices are also reasonable, with the average purchase cost of a house being about 650,000 dollars and the median monthly renting costs being about 1,500 dollars.

Things to Do and Enjoy in Playa Vista

Playa Vista is not only one of the most affordable places to live in Los Angeles but also an exciting spot where you can see unusual street performers, experience extraordinary eateries, and go shopping in unique stores. Most residents recommend eating along the boardwalk at Venice Beach. Check out special events and performances in Concert Park, where you can find a lot of open spaces and greenery. Ballona Discovery Park is the top pick for parents who want to take their children to experience something new and unforgettable. Here kids, as well as parents, can learn about science and the environment. Or take them to some other local park because Playa Vista has as many as 29 extraordinary parks.

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The best choice for young professionals and students is to relocate to Playa Vista

What Should You Bear in Mind When Relocating to LA?

If you are seriously considering living in Los Angeles, it would be wise to first evaluate all the pros and cons of this relocation. The obvious advantages are the cultural attractions, outdoor recreational activities, and pleasant weather. But the major drawback are high housing costs. The median purchase price is almost 700,000 dollars, making LA one of the most expensive cities in the world.

So, if you are thinking about what salary you need to live in LA comfortably, the answer is a six-figure income if you don’t want to barely make ends meet each month. About 150,000 dollars would be enough for a comfortable life. However, some individuals cannot earn as much money or are relocating to LA for the very first time, so they cannot count on getting employed right away. The best solution for this is opting for areas that are low-priced but close enough to the downtown. That is why Playa Vista, Lancaster, Porter Ranch, and Encino should be on top of the list of prospective future homes.

Now You Are Ready To Move to California

Instead of scheduling your move right away and arranging the transportation of your vehicle with the car shipping company, make sure you research all the budget-friendly areas in LA. The housing costs are too high so finding where to move from Los Angeles but still settling down close to the downtown is a perfect solution. If you have any insecurities, you can always rely on your moving company to give you some tips and tricks on how to avoid any relocation mistakes. Good luck!

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