Where to Move From Los Angeles – Where Are People Relocating in 2022

March 23, 2022 / Posted in City Guides
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

Life in LA can seem like a dream come true – until you finally get to experience it. That is why more and more Angelenos want to try their luck elsewhere. But where to move from Los Angeles? If you’re one of many asking this question, note that we have thought about a few excellent places suitable for those who want to leave LA. Find out which cities can be the best fit for an ex Angeleno.

A panoramic view of Los Angeles, California
Where do people go when they leave LA? Let's find out

California Exodus – What Is It, and What Has Caused It?

Laid-back lifestyle, amazing job opportunities, and beautiful scenery and weather are just some of the reasons many see LA as a promised land. However, more and more Angelenos decide to look for a new home somewhere else. Mass emigration of both companies and residents from CA is apparent. It even has its own name – a California Exodus.

According to the Census Bureau, before the coronavirus outbreak, Los Angeles County has witnessed the highest number of individuals relocating both to and from the LA area. However, studies show that even more people have been planning to move to a new city since the pandemic started. For example, the annual USC Dornsife-Union Bank LABarometer liveability survey states that 10% of Angelenos planned relocation in 2020, compared to 7% in 2019.

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Most Common Reasons Many Decide to Find a New Home Outside of Los Angeles

Living in LA comes with many benefits, but it’s not all roses and rainbows. There can be various reasons to move from La La Land, and here are the most frequent ones:


The cost of living in Los Angeles is one of the highest in the States. According to PayScale, it is 43% higher than the national average. The housing market is especially tough, with median house prices of around $790,000. High costs combined with the current economic situation in the country, plenty of job losses, and salary decreases make many look for more affordable places.

High competition

California is considered Mecca for employees from the tech and entertainment industry, with plenty of job opportunities and possibilities for career advancement. However, it also means that high competition is inevitable. Not everyone can succeed, which leads to many dreams being crushed (and many relocations being planned).

Pollution and long commutes

Everyone knows about the nightmare called the LA traffic. LA’s public transportation system leaves space for improvement, but owning doesn’t give you that much of an advantage, either. Not surprisingly, LA made it to the top ten most congested cities, so people lose many precious hours on the road. The city’s geographic position combined with overpopulation also made the air very unhealthy.

Homelessness and safety issues

It’s not a secret that LA has been going through a homeless crisis for quite some time. It had only intensified since the beginning of the pandemic. Studies have shown that the number of homeless people rose to over 65,000 in 2020. With an increasing percentage of violent crimes, life in LA most certainly doesn’t scream safe.

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Through all of your options, think about whether you need professional packers or an auto transport company, create a moving budget and plan your relocation accordingly.

But, before even thinking about hiring a long-distance moving company, you first must decide where to live next. Now that you know why to move from LA and how to do it, allow us to help you with some ideas of the best places to relocate from LA.

Look for Job Opportunities in Atlanta, Georgia, AKA the Hollywood of the South

Many choose LA when looking for a career in the entertainment industry. After all, Hollywood is one of the things LA is mainly known for. However, it’s not the only major entertainment hub in the country! Are you familiar with series such as The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, or The Resident? What about movies such as The Hunger Games, Black Panther, and Guardians of the Galaxy? They are all filmed in Atlanta.

One thing is sure – Atlanta’s entertainment scene is booming, especially when it comes to film production, hence the nickname Hollywood of the South. Therefore, if you’re looking for a place to build a career as an actor or producer, don’t overlook this Georgia gem.


Renting an Apartment Is Much More Affordable in Atlanta Than in LA

Not only that you can potentially get more job opportunities here, but renting a place won’t cost you an arm and a leg. According to Numbeo, rent in Atlanta is around 35% lower than in LA. PayScale states that the cost of living in Atlanta is even lower than the national average! Combine it with a steady economy and low unemployment rate – cross-country moving to Atlanta can be an excellent choice for those looking for stability.

Atlanta, Georgia at night
Where is the best place to move from California? Atlanta remains to be one of the top choices throughout the years

Austin, Texas, Metro Area Can Offer You a Promising Job Market After Moving, Too

Next to Hollywood of the South, you can also find Silicon Hills – Austin Metro Area, filled with numerous tech start-ups and established IT companies. Even if you wish to find a job before you move, it won’t be a problem.

Moreover, since Austin is a part of Texas, which doesn’t recognize state income taxes, everything you earn will only be subjected to federal taxes. But that is not all, either. Did you know that Austin is one of the best places in the US for entrepreneurs? It’s an excellent place to start up a company or look for employment. Southern hospitality, diverse neighborhoods, and an amazing food scene are just a bonus.

Living in Austin Means Being a Part of the Really Amazing Outdoor Culture

Austin is known for very pleasant weather suitable for various outdoor activities, which is reflected in the city’s lifestyle. Hiking, bikini, swimming, running, kayaking – you can do it all in Austin. It doesn’t come as a surprise that fitness culture is big here. Did you know that more than 75% of Austinites exercise at least once a week? If you wish to develop and maintain healthy habits, Austin is a good place to go.

Take a look at the video below to learn about the most interesting things to do and places to see after relocating to Austin:

The Small Beach City of Santa Barbara Holds an Amazing Natural Beauty

Many who decide to move from LA opt for staying within the state’s borders. If you are considering it, too, note that Santa Barbara is a dream destination – as long as you can afford it. Clean, beautiful beaches, extraordinary sites, historic landmarks, and amazing Mediterranean weather are only some of the wonders this place has to offer. You won’t have to worry about depression after moving when exposed to paradise between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific coast.

This American Riviera, as it is often called, is located only a couple of hours from LA, so saying bye to friends and family might not even be necessary. After all, they would only be a short road trip away. However, this city’s beauty doesn’t come without a cost – just the opposite. Santa Barbara is around 20% more expensive than LA. Therefore, if you need to move out of state on budget, it may not be such a good choice.

Those Who Like Small-Town Feel Will Thrive in This Place

If you’re tired of a metropolis and seek a peaceful and quiet place, you’ll be happy with relocating to a small town such as Santa Barbara. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll get bored fast – you will still be able to enjoy various activities and events. On top of that, it is well-known for its strong sense of community, which you can rarely find in larger cities. This city can be an equally good fit for younger generations and those looking for a place to retire. Keep in mind that this place has a college town vibe, as it’s the home of the UCSB campus.

Aerial view of Santa Barbara harbor at sunset
This beach town is trendy amongst celebrities, as well

Miami’s Lively Culture and Nightlife Scene Will Keep You Constantly Entertained

Relocating all the way to another coast can demand more work than an interstate move (more logistics to think about, hiring a car shipping company, and the like). However, it can be more than worth it when it comes to Miami.

With the nickname Capital of Latin America, you may guess the strong influence of Hispanic culture on the city’s life, music, art, and food – and something similar can be said about Cali. And while this place holds many galleries, museums, and theaters, the nighttime fun is what Miami is known for. Whether you want to enjoy live music, visit dance venues, go bar hopping, or clubbing at the oceanfront, Miami can provide you with all of it.

But Miami does have more to offer than fantastic nightlife – did you know that it is one of the biggest financial hubs in the country? Or that in Florida, you can forget about income taxes? There are plenty of benefits you can get after relocating here – and endless entertainment options are just one of them.

A beach in Miami in front of buildings
Where should I move after LA, you ask? East Coast's Miami can be an astonishingly good choice

San Diego Holds Most Similarities With La La Land

What city is most like Los Angeles? San Diego, another beach town, offers many of the benefits you get in LA, with fewer disadvantages. By relocating here, you can get a diverse culture, amazing beaches and weather, and beautiful scenery, but with a little less glamour and with an even more laid-back attitude. Lower expenses, much better traffic, and some of the best surfing spots in the country are benefits that make many Angelenos want to relocate to San Diego.

Even though you’ll be relocating to a big city, it won’t quite feel like it. San Diego is not a small city, but you’ll meet more friendly faces here than in crowded LA. With all the amenities and unique things to do, on the one hand, and friendly vibe, on the other, San Diego can be a perfect place for anyone.

Where to Move From Los Angeles? The Decision Is Entirely up to You

The ultimate goal of every relocation is finding a better place for yourself, which can be highly individual. Of course, you should be familiar with relocation trends – after all, they can point you in the right direction. But when wondering where to move from LA, there can’t be just one answer. Instead, consider your preferences, needs, and possibilities before making a decision about your new home. Only after you think about what you want from the city can you start finding the ones that can be the right fit for you.

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