Ready to Live on Your Own? Here’s How to Move Out for the First Time

November 25, 2021 / Posted in Before the Move
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

More and more young people are on the move, venturing into an independent life. If you are one of those young adults who want to start living on their own, you’ll need some advice that will get you started. Here’s how to move out for the first time without any unnecessary stress.

A girl preparing for cross-country moving
Leaving your parents' nest is a start of a wonderful adventure

At what age should you move out? There’s no age set in stone for when it’s the right moment to start an independent life, but more than 45% of 25- to 34-year-olds have lived in their current home for less than two years. Millennials and now some of the Zoomers have several reasons to move. Some are simply starting to live on their own, while others consider what to pack for college and head out to their first campus life. But merely packing a bag and leaving through the door wouldn’t work, so arm yourself with knowledge before leaving.

How to Move Out for the First Time – Create a First Time Moving Out Checklist

A number of young adults are moving out for the first time because they’ve managed to land an entry-level job or simply to change their living surroundings. But before we leave, creating a moving out for the first time checklist should be high on our list of priorities. This will help us keep everything in check and have a stress-free move. Your to-do list should consist of projected finances, a list of documents you should acquire before you relocate, and how many boxes you’ll need to pack books you want to take with you.

Besides, you should list all the other important tasks, like changing your address, taking care of utilities and other providers, and a bit of decluttering. On top of that, you should consider just how much packing materials you’ll require to pack up all your belongings.

A to-do list and a pen
A to-do list will keep all your tasks sorted out

When You’re Moving for the First Time, You Must Consider Your Budget

Whether you plan to move out of state on a budget or you think you’ll be able to squeeze in a more significant amount, you should know upfront just how much money you’ll have on your hands. Things you should take into consideration when deciding on your overall budget are not simply just the costs of long-distance moving services such as the auto transport service. It also includes the amount of money you should have for the first few months of your independence, for rent and utilities, and all the other expenses.

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Look For Ways to Save Up and Enlarge Your Long Distance Moving Budget

Although there are plenty of ways that you can use to save on relocation costs, like getting cheap packing materials or free boxes, it’s best to work on your spending habits before you move out. Here are some things you can do to save up:

  • Start cooking at home. This will help you save and prepare you for independence since you’ll be doing a lot of cooking on your own. Learn some tips and tricks to get the most out of your groceries and exercise a healthy lifestyle. No takeout means fewer problems with arteries. If you are ever stuck with ideas on what meal to prepare, New York Times offers a helping hand with their section Learn to Cook.
  • Learn to be fast and grab groceries at discounts and special offers. Once you get the hang of just how much you’ll require monthly for grocery shopping, you’ll never end up without money.
  • Avoid using a taxi or Uber. Instead, walk, ride a bicycle and get used to getting around with public transportation. Public transport can be life-saving if you are relocating to a city alone, so you won’t be able to get a grip on the city layout for the first few months.
  • One of the best relocating interstate tips when it comes to budgeting is to cancel all your subscriptions and classes a few months ahead of schedule. Sure, you are going to miss your yoga class, but you can continue in the new city when you manage to settle down.

But, how much money should you have saved before moving out? The answer is simple – as much as you can. The required budget may depend on a number of factors. These include the location you are relocating to (the cost of interstate relocating will depend mostly on this) and whether you have found a job or not. And if you require some advice to steer you in the right direction to become a cooking pro, watch the following video.

Decide on Your Dream Place Before You Pack Up and Go

The next step on your preparatory journey is to decide to which place you want to move. Do you hear the calling of a metropolis and its urban core that buzzes with life and work? Or do you find that relocating to the suburbs is much more appealing, as you require a quiet place? Wherever your heart leads you, make sure you do all the necessary preparations before you start to live there.

Land a Job and Make Sure You Have a Good Start

Finding a work position outside of your hometown is similar to searching for it nearby. One of the first tasks on your journey to get a job before you move is to spruce up your resume as much as you can. The next step is to go to LinkedIn and search for a position in your field or the industry you’re aiming at. Remember to narrow the search to the geographical location you are planning to move to. Join various groups and reach out to other people to create your own network. Before you start sending out your resume, mention in your cover letter that you are planning to move in the recent future.

Find Your Way Around Even if You Don’t Find a Job

If you can’t manage to find a position you yearn for, it’s not the end of the world that will avert you from relocating. If you want to move to another state jobless, try crashing on a friend’s couch for a while. Work two different jobs until you manage to find something better. Also, leave a sufficient amount of money in your budget to get you through until you get a work position.

Make Arrangements Before You Leave and Transfer Your Insurance

You should take care of many things before you leave, such as canceling subscriptions and saying bye to friends. But one of the most important relocation tips is to transfer your insurance to another state, along with other documents, such as your vehicle registration. Keep in mind that you should also transfer your voting rights to another state, as well as your dental records, birth certificate, and social security card.

A pile of documents
Your medical and dental records should go with you

Hire Cross-Country Movers and a Car Shipping Company for a Smooth Move

If you are considering whether it’s better to move by yourself or hire long-distance movers, keep in mind that a DIY move requires a lot of effort. All the packing, loading the stuff on a van, driving, and later unloading will be done by you. Not to mention the gas and lodging along the way. If you choose to hire a long-distance moving company and invest in their packing service or any other solutions, you can focus on other stuff while they take care of your relocation. Contact them so they can estimate the value of household goods you are planning to take with you and add the quote into your budget calculations.

Professionals from an auto transport company
Movers will make sure your transition runs smoothly

Renting an Apartment Requires Proper Preparation

One of the crucial things to know when moving out is what you need to rent an apartment so that you can be adequately prepared. Since you haven’t rented before, your credit score might be below the required one, so make sure you have a co-signer. For young adults that plan to live on their own, these are usually their parents. You’ll also be required to bring proof of employment, a pay stub or bank statements, an ID, or some other form of identification, and recommendations if you have any.

You Can Split Apartment Costs if You Decide to Get a Roommate

If your budget just doesn’t cut it from whichever angle you’re looking at it, you should consider getting a roommate before you start getting organized to move. Sharing a roof with someone else can be beneficial in many ways. If you are feeling homesick because you’ve moved away from friends, a roommate may help you overcome it. Splitting the costs is the most important thing when it comes to sharing an apartment space. If you can manage to live with other people’s habits, you can share the rent, monthly utilities, and the cost of groceries. You can also divide the chores fairly. And when you need someone to talk to, you know they’ll always be there.

Two friends sitting on a sofa
A good roommate can be a friend you're looking for

Shop for Essentials So Your New Place Can Feel Homey

You may think that there are many things you need for your first apartment, but you should tone down your shopping spree wishes before you figure out what you require exactly. For any excessive stuff you are bringing from your old home, you can always rely on the storage service. But there are certain small details that can make an abode feel like home and utterly cozy. Stuff like artwork, decorative pillows and blankets, and of course, candles can create a sense of a personalized space, although you’re living in a rental. The following video shows you ten cozy hacks that you can use.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll require some basics, like toiletries, cleaning supplies, and some food, to get you through the first week. Keep it simple, fresh and healthy, because relocations are one of the best opportunities you’ve got ahead to start anew and adopt some great habits.

Take a Leap of Faith in the Desired Direction

In the end, there’s one question that needs to be answered – How do I prepare myself to move out for the first time? This one is perhaps the easiest – one of the best tips for moving out for the first time is to see it as one of the greatest opportunities of your life. It’s an opportunity to grow outside of your comfort zone and your current boundaries. Becoming one with your new surroundings will also help you avoid falling into depression after relocating. Relocations are among the most important experiences in our lives, and we should always see them as an adventure.

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