Pros and Cons of Moving From Los Angeles to Austin

June 17, 2022 / Posted in City Guides
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

Although many non-Angelenos still consider LA a dream place for show biz, where talents flood the streets, lots of Angelenos are moving from Los Angeles to Austin. Texas is a popular destination for many US citizens, and people leaving California behind consider this state an opportunity for a better life.

Austin's skyline at night
The Texan capital is appealing both to common people and businesses

In truth, some things that LA offers are still outstanding. The food scene is phenomenal, and the active lifestyle continues to be one of the predominant themes of the city, while the culture and arts scene is unparalleled. But still, there is a continued trend of migration from LA to other parts of the state and even relocations to other states like Texas, Arizona, and Washington.

The Reasons Why People Are Moving From Los Angeles to Austin, TX

From 2010 to 2014, there was an increase in Austin’s population, where 15,000 individuals have moved from California alone. LA was one of the top cities people have moved from, along with those relocating to the big city in TX from San Francisco, San Jose, and San Bernardino. But why are so many Californians moving to Austin from Los Angeles?

Besides the increase of relocations during the Coronavirus pandemic, there are several major reasons for doing it that inspired Angelenos to move away from LA to the state capital of TX. The picturesque dream place, filled with pristine beaches, crystal clear skies, and a laid-back lifestyle, began to be just a dream. It has become a place difficult to work in, as the job market is beginning to feel stifled. The cost of living in LA is on the constant rise, and housing prices have skyrocketed, to say the least.


Why Do Many Consider Moving to Austin From LA?

For several consecutive years, the Texan state capital has been declared the best place to live by US News and World Report. For Californians, this city has become a desirable destination based on several factors, like providing them with a mild climate not so dissimilar to the one they are already used to.

The food and beverage options in some of the best restaurants are not lacking either, and to former LA residents, this also counted as an important factor. The fact that the culture, arts, and above all, the music scene are very much alive seems to be one of the motivators for people who made the decision to move to ATX’s metropolitan area.

But the key factors were those that influence migrations all over the world – the cost of living, which isn’t as crippling to the budget as when you live in LA, the affordability of homes, and the bustling job market. The job scene is so booming that the Wall Street Journal has declared this tech hub as the No.1 job market in the nation, making it a more than desirable place to seek and get a job before you move.

The table below gives a straightforward answer to – “Is Austin cheaper than LA?” and may help you make a decision to move.

Numbeo data LA, California Austin, TX
Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment $1,750 $1,420
Monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment $3,560 $2,450
Transportation costs (monthly pass) $97 $43
Utilities $120 $140
Median home price (Zillow) $1,005,000 $680,000

The Cost of Living in California Is on the Rise, and Housing Is Astronomical

LA residents understand it best. On the one hand, living in one of the suburbs of LA still offers many benefits – a vibrant nightlife that is unmatched, surf, and sunny weather year-round. Many talents still come here with starry eyes to seek the golden opportunity. But not all is golden in the Golden State, and there’s a reason many of LA’s residents now call it – Lost Angeles.

This city has become known for its extremely high costs, and according to data on Investopedia – it’s considered to be among the top ten most expensive cities in the US. And despite the economic slowdown during and after the pandemic, as well as a bit dried job market, the housing prices have reached all-time highs. They have skyrocketed so much that, according to Zillow, a median house price sits at around $1,005,000 currently, so it’s no wonder people are not hesitating to contact cross-country movers and invest in long-distance moving services.

The Biggest Pro of Moving From LA to Austin – A More Affordable Median Home Price

Median home prices have risen all around the country and are steadily on the rise even in the best neighborhoods in ATX. If you look at Zillow’s median home price for the Texan capital, you will see that it sits at around $680,000, which is much lower than the median price in LA. One of the most important house hunting tips for homeowners is to seek an affordable housing market, where they can get the best value for their money.

The factors they should consider besides the prices are educational opportunities (if they are relocating with kids,) as well as the job market in the area, and transportation options. And since living in Austin, Texas, checks all these boxes, it’s no wonder that so many Californians have Googled “How much does it cost to move from LA to Austin.”

The following video gives an insight into house hunting in the Texan capital.

The Second Pro in Favor of the Texan Capital – Low Unemployment Rates and a Booming Job Market

It’s no wonder that many corporate headquarters have moved here, along with their CEOs. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, is just one of them. The state has no personal or corporate income tax, making it a business-friendly environment. In fact, when you start wondering, “Is Austin, Texas, better than Los Angeles?” keep the unemployment rates in mind. While LA’s unemployment rate is at 4.90% , Austin’s is currently at 2.40%.

What is a good salary in Austin? If we take a look at the MIT Living Wage Calculator, we will see that a single adult should make around $55,000 annually, after taxes. For couples where only one adult works, you should make around $87,000 to live comfortably in this city. Naturally, the income requirements increase for families with children. In a household with two adults, where both work and have one child, you will need around $120,000 for a comfortable life.

Let’s Share a List of the Most Prominent Companies Perfect for Job Seekers

If you’re wondering how to get a job in another state when you plan to move to the Texan capital, or you’re wondering where to submit your application, there are a plethora of thriving companies on the market. Here is the info for the most prominent ones that can be of use to you:

  • Realty Austin – Central Texas’s No. 1 independent brokerage for real estate,
  • Progressive – the country’s third-largest auto insurer,
  • Cirrus Logic, Inc. – the world’s leading source of signal processing semiconductor parts for audio applications,
  • Auctane – a group of shipping and software specialists dedicated to assisting merchants in transferring their ideas, visions, and inventions around the world,
  • Dell Technologies – provides consumers with the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative technology and portfolio of services in this data era,
  • Cisco Systems, Inc. – global technology leader in making the Internet work since its start in 1984,
  • General Motors – designs and manufactures, but also markets, and distributes cars and car parts,
  • Arrive Logistics – one of the nation’s fastest-growing freight brokerages, with year-on-year increases in both size and revenue
  • Charles Schwab – with this firm, individual investors and independent investment advisers can take advantage of a broad variety of securities brokerage, banking, money management, and financial advisory services.

Many Business Owners Estimate That a Transfer of Their LLC Will Be Beneficial

When it comes to entrepreneurs, why is LA moving to Austin? Many business owners decide to employ a long-distance moving company to pack up their offices and move them to Texas, and more specifically, to the state capital. It’s an attractive local environment for startups and entrepreneurs, with no personal or corporate income tax. Another pro of the job market of this city is a diverse and highly skilled workforce, along with an easily accessible global market. This is why many business owners transfer their LLCs to the state of Texas.

You Won’t Be Lacking in the Lifestyle Department

Whether you’re looking for things to do in ATX with kids or to have some quality leisure time by yourself, the Texan capital will not disappoint. There are many outdoor activities available (like Mount Bonnell and the Longhorn Caves,) or you can enjoy the food and drinks scene here. According to Elijah Wood and Quentin Tarantino, Alamo Drafthouse is the best movie theater in the whole world. This cinema place offers a unique experience – you get to enjoy some of the cult classics or new features while sipping beer and being served a good meal.

If you ever grow tired of Austin’s suburbs as a local or the entertainment options the city offers, you can always take a road trip. San Antonio is a great location for daily trips because it sits just over an hour from the state capital. It’s a Texan hot spot, and it has also become a great destination for food, beverages, all kinds of fun, and various cultural adventures in recent years.

Austin skyline from water
The state capital offers plenty of options for fun and outdoor activities

What Are the Cons of Living in Austin, Texas?

With the mild climate, a booming job market, and a more affordable housing market than in Cali, there aren’t many visible cons to the Texan capital. However, for those planning cross country moving from sunny California, there might be some differences that could be considered potential downsides. Here are some of them:

  • While the weather is mild year-round, the climate in LA and overall in Cali is hard to surpass, almost impossible to do so.
  • Since Texas is located in the Southwest, there are no beaches. So if you are an avid surfer and love different beach activities, you will probably have a hard time getting used to the absence of the ocean.
  • Many consider California, and specifically LA, as an entertainment and media hub. So if you’re looking for work in these industries, you might not have as many opportunities in Austin’s job market.

In the End, Should I Move to Los Angeles or Austin? Wherever You Want to Go, Get a Quote From Long Distance Movers

Making a decision to move across the country is never a light one. But, before we employ relocation professionals and a car shipping company, we should be certain our decision on where to live is the right one. So take all the pros and cons of Austin’s lifestyle and opportunities, and see whether it will pay off to move to a new home in the Texan capital. Or perhaps the high cost of living in LA isn’t something that will drive you away from Cali’s famous entertainment hub. Whatever you decide in the end, keep in mind that long-distance moving is always easier if you get a quote and employ a relocation and auto transport company.

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