7 Interior Design Trends That Will Help You Improve Your Future Home

October 20, 2021 / Posted in Finding a Home
Michael Vaughan

Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

When relocating cross country, you are probably pursuing a better life. You’ll find a job and relocate to a better, safer place. However, the cherry on top will be a new house. And improving your future home will bring all of your dreams into a reality. No matter if you want a fireplace or bright walls, when starting from scratch, the house is your canvas, and here are some interior design trends to help you make it feel like home.

A couple thinking about the next residence
Follow the interior design trends, and your residence will be amazing

Why Should You Improve Your Future Home Before Moving In

No matter what your reason to move is, whether you are moving alone or with your significant other, the point is to make a house feel like home, right? To do so, you are bound to improve some stuff around the residence.

Even when house-hunting, you probably won’t find the perfect residence. However, with little polishing and a few design hacks, you’ll get exactly what you are looking for. Knowing that you can pick the color of the walls and put furniture exactly where you want will make the whole relocation process less stressful and worth all the trouble.

Setting a Budget Is One of the Most Useful Designing a House Tips

When considering how to redecorate and improve the next property, you should think about money as well. Maybe the renovations and improvements won’t be part of moving out of the state budget, but they should be considered separately nevertheless.

Establishing how much money you can spend and sticking to it is very important. When you know how big the budget is, you’ll know what you can afford. Put down on the paper things like local fees, construction, decoration, different materials, as well as fees for professional designers.

If you want to earn some extra cash and increase your budget, estimate the value of household goods you wish to sell, and do it. This way, you’ll increase the renovation budget and lower the costs of long-distance moving services all at the same time.


How to Pick Future House Design Style

When relocating to a new place, there are so many possibilities for you to explore. The residence is the canvas, and you are the painter. So, take advantage of that and create the spot you’ll love to spend time in.

When you start to wonder – what my future house design style should be, consider things like the budget and overall needs of your household before the renovation starts. Keep in mind that the style evolves during the time, so things that you loved in the old place might not be something you fancy having in a new residence.

Be true to yourself. Pick colors you like, the ones that make you feel safe and comfortable. Also, opt for furniture that represents your personality, and you can’t go wrong. As long as the style matches your personality, the renovation will be successful.

Sketch and palette of colors and materials that can be used when building and redecorating
There are many ways you can renovate the interior of the building

#1 The House Can Be All About the Plants

When getting organized for a move, you might realize that you have a lot of plants. And since they are some of the items long-distance movers won’t move, you might have to transport them on your own. That whole process will be worth the trouble if you focus the interior design on plants.

The growing trend called biophilic design is something to consider if you want to stay connected with nature even when inside. This type of design aims to mix natural elements into building architecture. Mostly it is focused on hanging plants, but it also includes using reclaimed wood and green paint.

Planting Flowers Is Easy DIY Home Improvement Process

Since oversized plants are a really popular trend nowadays. However, they are really tricky to transport. Even if you don’t ship the car with the help of an auto transport company, driving them across the country might be troublesome. So consider giving the big plants away as a parting gift when saying goodbye to friends and then buying new ones after the move.

Decorating with a few oversized plants is something you can do on your own. You don’t need a professional to help you plant flowers. Just pick the pot that fits the vibe of the residence and do it yourself. This can even be a hobby that will help you get out of depression after moving.

A living room filled with plants
Let the car shipping company transport your vehicle, sell plants and buy new ones after the move

#2 Create Smooth Effect With Invisible Handles

If the kitchen is your favorite room, start packing the dishes and even fragile items because, with invisible handles, this space will become even more attractive. There are a few ways to get kitchen counters to look smooth. Change those huge handles and avoid getting bruises when bumping into them. When redecorating, you can use:

  • Push Latches are magnetic or even mechanical devices that are installed inside your kitchen cabinets, and, as the name says, they allow them to open by pushing the door.
  • Integrated Handles are beveled edges you can pull when you need to open the cabinet.
  • Hidden Pulls are located on the top of each cabinet door, and there is only a small part sticking out. Enough to allow you to open the door.

This type of design creates a seamless and sleek look, making the kitchen (and any other) space feel outworldly.

Kitchen in a grey color
No handles, and still no trouble opening up the doors that's the dream

#3 Integrating Stairs With the Furniture in One of the Best Home Improvement Ideas

If you couldn’t decide what to keep when moving and what to throw away, you probably packed books you no longer need or boxed up shoes that you’ll never wear. All of these items are bound to create clutter. If you don’t leave them in a storage unit the long-distance moving company offers, there is a creative way to get them out of your way.

If you have stairs in the next residence, there is a world of possibilities for you to explore. The space under the stairs can be used as a shoe shelf, and if you don’t want the guests to see the footwear, you can simply put cabinet doors on. Also, if you have kids, the under-stair space is ideal for a reading area. Maximize space by putting in a small sofa, some pillows, and lights. Your kids will love the secluded area where they can read.

On the other hand, even if you are relocating alone, the space can be used as a mini-office. Just fit in a table, put on a few hanging shelves, and voila, you got yourself an office. With shelves and custom furniture, space under the stairs can be organized whichever way you like it and need it, especially if you are working remotely.

Office under the stairs is the best usage of space
If you have the stairs in residence, the possibilities for renovation are almost endless

#4 Get Rid of Clutter and Say Hello to Minimalism

If you are sick of jumping over sofas and couches to get from one room to another, minimalism is the answer. Even though this style used to be associated with sleek, glossy furniture, nowadays, it blends with earthier and warmer tones. It’s perfect for those moving from a house to an apartment because there is less space.

However, to reach this style, you have to get rid of some of your belongings, and that’s where decluttering is a way to go. Go over all the stuff you own and decide what not to pack. When you do, donate unwanted items, sell them or ask cross country movers if they can offer you storage units to keep the belongings.

The things that you intend to keep should be arranged in a new space in a way that allows you to move without knocking into a lamp or a table. If you want to avoid the clinical all-white color scheme, the minimalism brings, throw in some rustic wood furniture or big wool rugs.

If you wish to learn how to declutter like a pro and reach minimalist decor, check out the video below.

#5 Hand-Painted Furniture Can Be an Artistic Statement

Adding a pop of color and personality to space is an important part of interior design. That being said, your rooms will get a unique vibe with a hand-painted wardrobe or a table because it will be one of a kind and made for your space.

If you bring the old wooden table with you, painting it with monograms, family crests, or even tattoos will give it a completely different look. Furniture is a canvas for artwork, so treat it like that. You can paint it on your own, or hire somebody to do it for you. Whatever you choose to do, with hand-painted furniture, your residence will surely become special.

A hand-painted chair
Repaint old furniture and give it a shiny vibe that fits your style.

#6 Embrace Wood and Concrete

When it comes to interior design, many focus on coloring and the right furniture. However, those that embrace wood and concrete style design their homes by showing off raw materials. No matter if they are on the walls, floors, or even ceilings, as long as you can see the wood and concrete, you are embracing it.

This type of decoration is not only attractive, but it’s also durable and pretty low maintenance. The warm wood tones mix quite well with cold and gray concrete allowing each element to shine.

There is a huge versatility when it comes to using wood and concrete. You can use concrete and steel when creating a living room space (a fireplace made out of steel and wooden paneling gives off a mountain cabin vibe). Also, if you have huge windows, concrete flooring will have an extending effect where exterior and interior collide into one.

Modern living room in a building
With wood and concrete element, your residence will look homey and elegant

#7 Industrial Style Is Still Very Much IN

If the wood and concrete style seems bare for you, maybe the industrial design can be a better fit. Industrial is always IN. Its trendy look can be found everywhere, from lofts and warehouse apartments to modern buildings.

The main secret of this style is to blend in industrial elements with comfortable furniture and warm colors. If you wish to have a more rustic vibe to your place, start with exposed brick walls. This factory feel can be emphasized with furniture made out of rustic wood and metal.

A space with an exposed brick wall
Exposed pipes, darker color tones, and brick all make the industrial style irresistible

Check Out Some Additional Tips When Thinking About Design Your Future Home

When you start the redecoration process, there will be a lot of things on your plate. There are many decisions to be made and many tasks to be completed. To speed up the whole process and check out some additional design tips:

  • Look for inspiration in mood boards (they can be found on websites like Pinterest)
  • Opt for bold colors
  • Consider fabrics you never used before, like leather
  • Measure everything before buying
  • Fragrance should be the final touch
A space filled with plants and pictures
Measure everything and choose bold colors, and the space will pop

House Improvements Are Cherry on Top of Cross Country Moving Process

After you hire movers to handle all the grunt work, you’ll have enough free time to daydream about the future residence and the way you can make it feel like home. Don’t rush it. You’ll have enough time to think about decoration and all the improvements that need to happen. Thinking about the next place will give you something to look forward to during the hectic relocation process. And finally, being able to decorate will be the cherry on top!

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