Everything You Should Know About Moving Back to Your Hometown

December 23, 2022 / Posted in Moving Tips
Maya Brown

Born in Atlanta, Maya has called many places home in her lifetime. She's a content writer and moving expert who loves to help people relocate smoothly.

Life is an unpredictable, funny thing, and the universe definitely has a sense of humor. If you were one of those people who swore off their childhood home and planned the rest of their lives once they had moved out, chances are you will be moving back to your hometown.

A neighborhood
Relocating back to your birthplace is not uncommon

But how do you go back to hometown after all this time? After all the plans you had? Should I move back to my hometown if I hit a bump in the road, or will I be considered a failure? Those are all valid questions, but maybe as it turns out, there really is no place like home, and you will end up loving it. However it may be, here is an ultimate guide to all the things you should consider when relocating back to the place you grew up in.

Is It a Good Idea to Move Back to Your Hometown?

Everyone dreams about the day they will move out for the first time and leave their parent’s nest. It’s a monumental step in everyone’s lives, a moment where they finally grow up and gain their full independence. Everyone swears that after they move out of their parent’s house, they will never come back unless it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving.

So why do most people move back to their hometown, and what to do when you want to move back home? If you find yourself in this predicament, you should know you’re not the only one, and there are many benefits to relocating back to your birthplace.


Moving Back to Hometown to Be Closer to Family Has Many Perks

If you moved to a city alone a while back, you probably ended up missing your family and your closest ones. By relocating back, you will reconnect with everyone, and it will feel as if you never left. There will be no more video calls, texts, and sending pictures of everything fun that has happened. You will be able to share everything together again in person. Also, you can forget about the infamous depression after relocating since your family will be around to give you more than enough love and support.

Even if you’re going through a difficult period, everything is easier when you’re surrounded by loved ones and familiar things. Your childhood home should always be your safe place. Perhaps you don’t like living on your own, or you aren’t fond of changes in general, so going back can feel really comforting and have a positive effect on your mental health.

Father and son talking
Being with family can be really comforting

If Moving to Your Hometown Is Too Much for You and You Need Some Space, Consider Relocating Nearby

One of the most common reasons to move back to where it all started is if you end up relocating for a job. Life’s path is funny, and sometimes it has out-of-the-ordinary ways to take you where you need to be. This move might not have been in your plans, and even if you don’t want your parents that close, it might end up being a great thing, especially if you have children since small cities are always the best cities to raise a family in.

But if you have a new family and you don’t want to live next door to your parents, you might want to consider relocating to a different neighborhood or relocating to a small town nearby. It will be a short commute to work, and you will be near your loved ones yet still have enough privacy and space for yourself. That way, you can maintain a great relationship without having to worry about everyone meddling with your family’s life daily. Just remember to hire a car shipping company to transfer your car so you can commute to and from work with ease.

You Can Save a Lot of Money When Moving Back to Small Hometown

One of the biggest perks of relocating is realizing how much cheaper everything is in comparison to your last place of residency. Relocating to a big city gets you used to everything being very expensive and out of reach. If you’re relocating back to your birthplace because of some money issues, you will be relieved when you find out that there is a drastic difference in living expenses.

You can take a look at the exact difference and compare the two places on Numbeo. That difference in living expenses will allow you to save a lot of money. Rents will be more affordable, as well as utilities, prices in cafes and restaurants, and almost all other expenses. It will allow you to quickly fix your financial situation. If you need some advice on how to save money, watch this video:

Living in Your Old Childhood Home Will Save You a Big Amount of Money

The fastest way of saving money once you move back to your birth town is to move into your old house with your family. Almost everyone has misgivings about living with their parents as an adult after they have already moved out once. It might feel a little out of the ordinary after living on your own, but you need to keep in mind that this is a temporary situation until you get back on your feet. The fact is that this way, you will be able to save money to move back to your dream city and get your independence back. You won’t have to pay for rent, bills, or anything else, and that will take a giant load off your back.

A piggy bank and money
Living back home will help you save money

Finding a Job Will Be a Piece of Cake

When it comes to living in small towns, one of the best things is everyone knows each other and is always willing to lend a helping hand. So if you were perhaps laid off from your job and you’re relocating without a job, there is no reason to worry. In smaller communities, people are more connected and take care of each other, so your cousins will probably have no problem pulling a few strings to get you a good position. Chances are you will even get a job before you move or even announce you’re looking for work.

People shaking hands
Finding a job through recommendations will be easy

Reconnecting With Your Friends Is Always Fun

Over the years, you might have lost touch with a few great people from your past. That’s perfectly normal, relationships grow apart when they are separated for years. But with you relocating back, it will be an amazing opportunity to reconnect with old friends.

With you already knowing everyone, making friends in a new city will not be an added stress you will have to face, and your to-do list will not have a meet new neighbors section. Once you get settled in, call your high school friends and organize a reunion. Who knows, you might even run into your old high school crush at the reunion.

People having fun at dinner
Reunite with old friends you haven't seen in a while

You Might Fall in Love With Your Birthplace All Over Again

Relocating back home as an adult can help you see your birthplace in a whole new light. You’re all grown up, and you have many more opportunities now without the added pressure of someone constantly telling you what to do. You can finally live out your childhood dream of driving your own car through the familiar streets, so be sure to hire an auto transport company. Driving around with complete freedom will make you fall in love with your birthplace all over again.

Going Back to Your Childhood Town Can Also Have Its Disadvantages

As with everything, even this situation has two stories, its advantages, and disadvantages. Before making your decision, it’s important to take everything into consideration and think about the cons of your plan. Considering all aspects will help you avoid a traumatic move.

It Can Have a Bad Effect on Your Mental Health

No matter how old you are, having to move in with your parents is not an easy step, and going back home can make you feel like a failure. Even if you’re just relocating back to the place where you grew up and not living with your parents, it can be shattering to your confidence. You left that place for a reason, and you had big dreams you wanted to fulfill. Being back can feel like a big step back and a disappointment. Try not to give in to those emotions and start working on bettering yourself.

Repetition Could Get Depressing

Having to live in your birthplace again can drive you crazy sometimes. After the novelty of your move wears off and the feeling of nostalgia fades completely, you might end up finding that not much has changed in decades. You will see the same faces every day, go to the same stores, and eat in the same family-owned restaurants you’ve been going to since you were three years old.

Once you move from a small town to a big city, you find out that there are more activities and entertainment than you could have ever imagined. Once you get used to theaters, museums, nightlife, and endless new opportunities for fun, having to go back to your old ways could get depressing. A downside of living in a smaller place is that you are always limited in some way.

You Might Miss Your Privacy if You End up Living With Your Parents

If a bad financial situation has given you no other choice but to move back in with your parents, you will have to prepare yourself to share a living space with them again. Even though you are all grown up, every parent has to worry for their child, so get ready for the constant nagging. At times, you might start to feel as you did when you were a teenager living under their roof. If you’re sharing a smaller living space, it can get crowded pretty quickly, and you might find yourself feeling as if you have no privacy. The only way to fix this is to talk to your folks and establish some ground rules at the very beginning.

Hire Long-Distance Movers to Help You Out

Cross-country moving is a big transition and not an easy task for one person to handle on their own. That’s why we recommend hiring cross-country movers and getting their long-distance moving services to help you out. Make sure to hire a long-distance moving company you can trust, and they will make your move efficient and take care of everything. Getting packing services will give you more free time and allow you to mentally prepare for your move.

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