6 Reasons Why Moving to a Small Town Is a Great Idea

August 22, 2021 / Posted in Moving Basics
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

Each relocation may be considered an adventure, and moving to a small town is no less exciting. But, before we call our cross-country movers, we usually like to determine where we are going. That means gathering all the correct information to help us decide.

An aerial photo of a settlement
There are many perks to a provincial life

You want a change of scenery, but you’ve grown tired of replacing one urban core for the hustle and bustle of another. That’s the main reason why you’ve sat down and decided to take a where should I move quiz. And the results have stunned you – it says you should try some provincial living. Getting tired and feeling trapped in one place is not uncommon at all – we strive to change our life whenever we feel something is amiss. Perhaps only a smaller settlement could mend the problems you feel, and adjusting to entirely different surroundings can help you avoid being overwhelmed with depression after relocating.

Why Do We Consider Moving From a Big City?

Urban cores have their appeal, especially to young professionals and people starting an independent life. These are the places where our careers can thrive, and job markets are strong in whichever industry you look at. But the daily buzz that never goes to sleep may finally get to us, and we want to escape it. We may try relocating to the suburbs, but it’s not that big of a change – still, we commute into that same chaos of urban cores. We need a complete change of surroundings, so investing in packing service and perhaps storage service until we settle is the next logical step.


The Way That Coronavirus Has Shaped Our Life

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, many things have changed. We started looking differently at our needs, social interactions, and how we view our work and everything related to it. Some people had to stay on the frontline and battle the virus, while others had to remain in their homes. But being closed in tiny apartments on both working hours and in free time has given many reasons to move away and seek life somewhere else. The USPS statistics say that in 2020, the permanent change of address has increased by 1.94%, and temporary by 26.73%. Many have chosen to turn their backs on big cities and settle in smaller towns.

A woman with a mask getting ready for long-distance moving
The Coronavirus pandemic has changed many things

No 1 – Living in a Small Town Is Excellent for Raising Kids

Although children may have more opportunities to fit into specific groups of kids of similar age and with the same interest in cities, those growing up in smaller settlements have more of everything else. Many places could fit into the best mountain towns to raise a family category, and your kids will be surrounded by nature and open spaces. What could beat that? Well, just the additional info that these places are usually much safer.

Choose Carefully if You Require Better Education Options

It’s essential to know how to transfer utilities, but educational options are high on the list of priorities for any parent out there that’s planning to move. At first glance, it may seem as though any large city has better quality schools by the sheer number of them. Teachers there have more opportunities to learn and adapt to new and modern methods. But many smaller settlements, like all the college towns, have excellent school systems. When a place has a university in its area, you won’t make a mistake if you raise children there.

A teacher in front of kids
School systems may vary from one settlement to another

No 2 – You Can Have Your Backyard

While an apartment is a perfect solution when you’re young and single, and perhaps a good thing when you’re moving in with your significant other, planning a family involves some house hunting tips. But, does it cost less to live in a small town? When it comes to housing options, it’s much easier to afford a house outside of metropoles, and thus it’s one of the more significant perks of provincial living. Whether you’re single or with a growing family, relocating from an apartment to a house and having a backyard of your own is priceless. If you want a lake beyond that backyard, take a look at some of the most affordable lake towns in the following video.

No 3 – There Are Literally No Traffic Jams

You’ve made up your mind, and you want a taste of provincial life? We’ve got some good news for all who cherish their four-wheelers – smaller settlements have no traffic jams. This means you can move around freely in your car and get in time for an appointment or any other task. You can freely contact an auto transport company to ship your car, once you’ve made up your mind which place you’ll call home. And above all, there are lots of parking spaces, and you’ll never again have to cruise around to find that one empty spot just to get to a grocery store.

You’ll Get Used to Moving Around Without Public Transportation

Before you contact long-distance movers to estimate the value of household goods so you can move to a settlement you’ll call your home, there are a few more things to consider. Going on a subway or catching a bus while commuting is something that all city dwellers are used to. But, outside of cities, public transportation is usually scarce or non-existent. Towns may have a few bus lines that can take you to nearby settlements or a train somewhere in the proximity, but that’s about it. So, how to overcome it? Owning a car is one of the best choices if you’re wondering how to live in a small town. In the end, there’s no need for any form of public transport, because you’ll be able to either walk to a destination or drive yourself there.

Although, Employment Options Are Fewer

It is true that relocating to a new home somewhere in a smaller settlement comes with a few downsides. There are a few things to consider when relocating for a job in a smaller place. The job market doesn’t come close to the one in a metropolis, but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t land the position of your dreams. Before you start looking for the cheapest way to move out of state, search for a work position that suits you. If you cannot find it and still want to relocate, you should be ready for a compromise. One thing that places of employment in smaller towns lack, as opposed to the ones in cities, is the cutthroat competition, so there’s much less stress wherever you work.

A woman looking through the car window
You’ll drive around more

No 4 – The Sense of Community Is Overwhelming

At first, blending in and becoming a local won’t be that easy. Smaller settlements have tighter communities, but once you’ve managed to break that barrier between the newcomers and townsfolk, it will be much easier. You can start by meeting new neighbors, spreading your social circles, and forming new relationships one step at a time. This type of community has many benefits. Although at first, it may seem overwhelming that everyone knows each other, support will come your way whenever you need it. Knowing this will make even saying bye to friends easier and let you see this as one of the benefits of relocating to a smaller place.

A group of people
Community gatherings may look quite different from what you’re used to

No 5 – The Outdoors Is Just Beyond Your Backyard

Smaller settlements are picturesque. All right, not each and every one of them, but if you want your home to be surrounded by splendid views and nature, you can consider this factor. There are a lot of things to do after relocating for people who live that close to the great outdoors:

  • Towns with plenty of forests offer you unique opportunities to run, hike or simply walk the forest trails.
  • Camping is probably something you couldn’t have dreamed of while stuck in an urban core unless you went on vacation. Now it’s available at any given moment.
  • Biking is healthy, whether you use it to get around or through nature.
  • If you have settled near a body of water, the list of your activities is even more extensive – you can go kayaking or swimming or whatever you’re up to.
  • The mountainsides have their perks – from skiing to enjoying the incredible view, the choice is yours.

In whichever smaller place you decide to live, you’ll be much closer to nature than you have ever been in any city, so be prepared to seize the opportunity to enjoy it.

Two people walking in the forest after cross-country moving
Being so close to nature can be the deciding factor for a relocation

No 6 – You’re Going to Slow Down

Although you’ve probably entered the rush mode if you were last-minute relocating, and you are used to the fast pace of a metropolis, you will learn how to slow down. Even grocery shopping isn’t done in a rush, and you can savor the cup of coffee with your friends a little longer. So, it’s not just the traffic that is slower and without stress – everything else is, too.

You Have More Time for Everything

When the question “Is it better to live in a small town?” pops into your mind, there’s one specific reason that the answer will be – definitely yes. And the reason is that, unlike in any city, you’ll have much more time on your hands. While you know you’ll need to squeeze in some free hours to get organized to move, having to rush everything will be the thing of the past. You’ll have fewer hours spent commuting and more time for yourself and your loved ones – zero hours stuck in traffic and just a bit in grocery shopping. You’ll get to socialize, work on yourself or simply relax, whatever you think it’s best. If that’s not the good enough reason for you to invest in long-distance moving services and figure out how to move to a small town, we don’t know what is.

It’s Uncomparably Quieter

So, what do you do when you move to a small town? First of all, get accustomed that the constant noise is missing. Having some peace and quiet is something that any of us would enjoy, and if you are relocating with pets, your furry companions won’t miss the city’s crowds and noises, too.

Relaxing after the car shipping company has moved you
You’ll have plenty of time for all the things you thought were out of your reach

Moving to a Small Town Is a Wonderfull Idea

In the end – is it smart to move to a small town? While this kind of living isn’t for everyone, many of us would love to enjoy at least some of these things. Where else would you have it all? An affordable house, real community feel, nature at the palm of your hand – all of this comes in the package with smaller towns. And when you decide that it’s the right choice for you, contact a long-distance moving company and move to another state, away from the frantic chaos of urban cores.

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