How to Survive Moving Without a Job In Your Twenties?

June 28, 2022 / Posted in How-to
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Moving to a new state without a job can be very challenging to pull off. Figuring out how to adjust to living in another location as well as managing to get employed is no easy task. But if you play your cards right, you can survive moving without a job unscathed. Follow our genius tips on how to move out of state without a job, and you will endure this tough time.

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Relocating without a job in your twenties is risky, but with the right tips, it can be accomplished

A young adult eager to gain knowledge and experiences can move without securing employment by preparing thoroughly for the unknown. We recommend researching employers, applying for open positions, and updating your LinkedIn profile and resume. Another crucial step is to begin networking, too.

What Should You Know Before Moving Without a Job?

Let’s face it, taking a leap of faith and relocating without a job is incredibly difficult. You might be looking for a fresh start or trying to escape personal problems. Also, many young adults desire to leave their parents’ house as soon as possible and move across the country for love.

Whatever the reasons for the move are, before making a final decision, it is essential to bear in mind the challenges that lie ahead. You will have to prepare for a period when controlling your expenses will be crucial. Opting out of traveling with friends and going on shopping sprees won’t be a priority anymore.

Also, there will be many employers who will refuse to hire you. So, looking for alternative sources of income will be a constant struggle. But, perhaps getting used to not having money in the bank and finding a roommate to split expenses with will be the hardest obstacle. If you are ready to face all these challenges and prove that you can be a resourceful and independent person, then moving to a new city alone without a job is a step in the right direction.

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It can get pretty tricky if you are relocating without a job

Ready to Start Planning Your Relocation? The First Step Is to Save Money

The stepping stone to surviving in another location without a steady income is having enough money to cover relocation expenses and living costs for the first few months after the move. The worst-case scenario while looking for appropriate employment is running out of finances. In case there are not enough funds to cover the relocation expenses as well as initial monthly expenses, do not move. The risk of relocating to another place is too high.

As soon as you decide that you’ll be relocating to another home in the near future, start budgeting and setting money aside. Consider selling some of your belongings you are ready to part with, and avoid splurging on luxurious items. Another great tip is to open a savings account, so you’ll be reminded at all times that it’s best not to buy unnecessary things.

Research Living Expenses in the New Destination

Predicting how much it will cost to live in another location is the key to relocating successfully. We recommend creating a spreadsheet and calculating monthly spending. A useful website where one can find all necessary information is Numbeo. Research how much you will need for rent, utilities, transportation, and groceries. Remember to factor in unforeseen expenses.

This is a great opportunity to assess whether it’s possible to relocate to a particular location based on how high the costs of living are. Therefore, avoid skipping this crucial step since it will allow you to decide where to live.


Relocating With Limited Resources? Calculate How Much It Will Cost to Hire Long-Distance Movers

You might be wondering – how much money should I save to move without a job? But, when choosing the best cross-country moving company, there is a way to easily determine how much money you’ll have to save for the relocation budget. Request a free quote before investing in long-distance moving services and prepare an inventory list so customer support representatives can give you an accurate quote.

However, relying solely on your quote is not enough. There are always additional expenses one has to look out for – for instance, the cost of packing supplies, travel expenses, whether you’ll be relocating during holidays, and if you decide to invest in auto transport. Preparing your vehicle for the move will drain your budget as well. We recommend calculating all relocation-related expenses so that you get a general idea of how much to save before contacting a relocation and car shipping company.

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Moving to another state without a job will be easier if you predict monthly expenses

Get Information About Jobs That Are in Demand in the New State

Getting employed in a new city can be accomplished by doing thorough research into the market ahead of your relocation. Learning all about the business environment and major employers in the area will allow you to find available jobs and industries that are on the search for capable employees. Find out whether your set of skills can land you a decent placement.

One can read major companies’ reviews and salary information and visit local employment websites. Useful information can be found in business papers and well-known websites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed.

Begin Applying for Jobs as Soon as You Decide to Relocate

In case you want to know more about how to move to another state without a job, we recommend to start applying for jobs in advance. Browse the web for placement ads, and search for openings at the firms you’d want to see yourself working for. Another way to ensure that you relocate without stress and find a placement in record time is to contact local recruiters. They have reliable connections so it would be easy for them to find a suitable position for you.

How Can You Find Good Employers?

It wouldn’t take long before you spot companies that are offering positions in your field. As you are getting organized to move, the crucial thing to do is visit social pages and go through the company’s websites. In case there is any media coverage or reports, don’t forget to read them before moving to a new city without a job.

When you find the potential positions, make sure to read reviews and comments from current or past employees online. Find review sites where people share their positive and negative experiences with particular employers. Some sites offer their own recommendations based on how good the firm’s ratings are, hiring outlooks, and employee benefits. Here is a list of sites one can visit ahead of the move to the new city:

  • The Muse,
  • Great Place to Work,
  • BuiltIn,
  • Vault,
  • Comparably,
  • CareerBliss,
  • Jobcase.

Getting a Job Interview Depends on Your Resume – Here Is How to Prepare It Before Moving

Being unemployed and searching for the cheapest ways to move can be nerve-wracking at times. Luckily, putting all your efforts into creating a perfect resume will help you alleviate the stress and get employed before relocating. Use the free time you have right now to make sure that the resume doesn’t seem generic to employers.

So, if you want to learn how to move without a job and have the recruiters notice your resume, the first thing you should do is highlight the skills and experience that the specific company can benefit from. Always go through it a couple of times so that no errors or typos can be found. This will show you as an organized and detail-oriented person. What is more, it would be great to underline interests and unique skills.

Don’t Forget to Update Your LinkedIn Profile

A great LinkedIn profile can land you a host of work opportunities and interviews. A simple tweak can make the profile stand out from the rest. The first step to creating an outstanding profile is by choosing the right profile picture. Do not put any old photos that look unprofessional. Use a recent picture where you’re wearing business attire. Make sure that your face can be clearly seen and that it isn’t a long-distance shot.

Also, write an interesting LinkedIn summary. That is a good way to tell your story. Avoid simply listing a position title and qualifications. A short but unique summary where people reveal more about their role and why they do what they do is a smart way to gain attention from managers.

Support your summary and headline with a list of relevant skills. Don’t have a long and exhausting list with numerous skills that seem over the top. Pick certain skills you are most confident in and have them at the forefront of your profile.

Watch this video for more information on how to create a fantastic LinkedIn profile, so you can get a job before relocating.

A Safety Net Can Always Be a Telecommuting Position

What one should consider when relocating without work is telecommuting. Finding remote positions will allow you to have an income while searching for an appropriate placement in the area. Some individuals would prefer to work for their current employers from afar. In case you are one of them, talk to your manager and ask about a remote position within the same company.

However, not having an opportunity to work remotely for the same company isn’t an issue. Browse the Internet for remote positions. You don’t even have to be physically present for an interview to get hired. Remote positions for programming, web designing, editing, marketing, and content writing can always be found on employment websites.

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Can I move to a new state with no job? Yes, remote positions can be your safety net

Another Important Step Is Building a Social Network

People usually ask themselves – is it OK to move without a job? Yes, it might be risky to venture out on your own, but it can be done. However, one thing is for sure, relocating without a strong social network is ten times harder, and we would not recommend taking any chances. Begin connecting with as many people as you can as soon as you decide to move to a new city without a job. Here are some tips on how you can begin networking properly:

Begin By Asking Family Members and Friends

Before saying goodbye to your friends and family, ask them for their connections and acquaintances in the town you’re heading to. The more people you get in touch with, the better your chances of getting a good position will be. Reach out to friends of your friends by messaging them on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Knowing at least someone in an alien environment will ensure you don’t experience depression after relocating.

Check if You Already Know Someone Who Lives There

There is always a chance someone you’ve known for a long time but forgot about lives in the area you are now relocating to. Check for old friends, distant relatives, and former coworkers. They will be familiar with the business environment in that location, so finding employment will be much easier.

Connect With Industry Groups in That Location

Potential employers can spot you if you join industry groups or connect with professional associations. Numerous ads for different types of jobs can be found in such groups. Do not miss out on an opportunity to know more about what types of jobs are the most in-demand in the area and what employers are on the search for employees.

Announce on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter That You’ll Be Relocating

Social networks can help you gain more information from different people you may not even know in person. For instance, announcing the move to another place on multiple platforms is a great way to hear advice from different individuals on where and how to search for open positions. Simply writing a post – how do I move over and start with no money or how do I find a place to live without a job in a particular city is enough to get numerous comments with useful advice from different people .

You’re Going to Survive the Move to Another Home Only With a Checklist by Your Side

It’s best that you’re aware from the start that figuring out how to move to a new city without a job is going to be chaotic if you do not make a thorough plan. Writing down a checklist of all the things that need to be done by a certain date will ensure that you don’t make any relocation mistakes.

We recommend that you list tasks such as researching the long-distance moving company you are interested in, asking cross-country movers for an in-home estimate, getting appropriate packing supplies, deciding what not to pack and what to keep, and preparing your vehicle for being shipped across the country.

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With a checklist your relocation will be easy

Are You Ready For the Next Chapter in Your Life?

So, is it dumb to move without a job? The only thing we can say is that individuals who are ready to persevere through many challenges can succeed in pulling off this kind of relocation. Therefore it’s not impossible or dumb. Good organization is key. So, calculate living expenses, prepare for living on a low budget for a while, apply to as many open positions as possible and be smart about your move. With a good strategy and a trustworthy auto transport company, moving out of state without a job can be accomplished.

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