What are the Best Cities for Millennials in the 2021 USA

August 23, 2021 / Posted in City Guides
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

Being a Millennial means belonging to one of the largest generations in history. And as most Americans do, Generation Y is on the move and looking for the perfect place that has it all. Living independently and taking roots draws them to find the best cities for Millennials.

Gen Y is cross-country moving to other states
Finding a perfect place to call home is essential to any Gen Y member

Gen Y has its preferences. And since they are quickly starting to become the mass population of the real estate and business industries, their gaze turns toward certain metropoles. If they are about to relocate to a metropolis alone, they aim to find a well-rounded place that fulfills all of their needs. They want a thriving job market where their careers will flourish, an opportunity to make friends in a new metropolis, and have lots of fun. That means many factors should be taken into account when they plan on moving out for the first time.

The Method to Figure out Which Are the Best Cities for Millennials to Live

If you are a Millennial that has never moved before but you’re starting to get a relocating ache in your heart, you probably want to know how to decide where to live. Whether you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced metropolitan area or feel at home with the easy-going in the suburbs, you’re probably looking for the same things. Besides job opportunities and growth of the market, things that matter are the affordability of a place, walkability, and access to nightlife, and the cultural scene. But besides that, a high percentage of the Gen Y population also looks for diversity, a chance for outdoor activities, and the area’s atmosphere that suits their personality.

Look at Entry Level Jobs on That Market

To be able to relocate with less concern, you will need some certainty and reassurance. That means figuring out how to get a job before you move, before you contact long-distance movers and invest in long-distance moving services. Members of this generation are the dominating force in several major industries, and it’s natural for any Millennial to seek work in their field. By looking at the US Census Bureau data, you can research which metropoles have the largest population aged 25-38 and find out what city has the most Millennials. Sites like Indeed.com can show you available work positions in these areas. The results will represent the best places for Millennials to work or simply rich on the entry-level job market for Gen Y.


Check the Average Commute Time in the City

Landing a work position is probably among the most important factors, right before thinking of ways to move out of state on a budget. But how we spend our time when we’re not working is probably the most precious part of life for any Millennial. It shapes our lifestyle and defines if we have enough room to accomplish things outside of our jobs. That is why commuting to work is one of the decisive factors when looking for the best places for Millennials to live. That leads us to public transportation. If you own a car and want to ship it with an auto transport company to the new place, you should consider parking places. If not, public transportation includes subway, buses, trains, and ferries. How the commute time affects our life, and especially a Gen Y member, can be seen in the following video.

The Population Demographics Can Be a Decisive Factor

We’ve mentioned earlier that it’s important to look at demographics – how many young people reside in the area compared to the overall number of residents. These numbers will show the density of Gen Y living there. It’s an important ingredient for anyone moving away from friends and wants to belong to their tribe. That means finding other young people with similar interests with whom you can form a relationship.

Figure Out if You Like the Social Scene

Living independently for the first time is not only about making a list of things you need for your first apartment and spending time at your workplace. For Generation Y, not everything is about your career. You want to have places to go to, where you can enjoy being surrounded by other young people. So, one of the things to do after moving is to check out the bars, nightclubs and see the dining choices. The more vibrant a metropolitan area is, the more likely it will appeal to you and be considered among the top cities for Millennials.

Things You Can Do With Your Paycheck

Money is important for every generation, and before we get organized to move, we will look for the cheapest way to move out of state. But when it comes to deciding where exactly we are going, there’s one crucial thing to consider. Perhaps the definitive factor may vary from one Millennial to another, but above all, we look for the most affordable cities for Millennials out there. It’s essential to know just how far our paycheck will get us. From looking at the taxes to paying rent and everything in between, your monthly income may get all of it covered, or just barely.

Calculating the costs of cross-country movers
Your monthly income is among the decisive factors

What Cities Are Millennials Moving To? The Most Popular Choices

Certain metropoles have a lure to them for quite some time. And although their appeal seems to be receding in recent years, and especially since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, they are still worth mentioning as the most popular destinations a Millennial would pick:

  • San Francisco is known for its history of innovation and is still considered the heart of the world’s technology industry. The employees in this branch earn the highest salaries in the country at some of the globally biggest tech companies. This makes for extremely high housing costs, where the median rent is $1,895, as opposed to the national average of $1,062.
  • Los Angeles, for some, is all about pristine beaches and Hollywood, but the developers and workers in other related industries enjoy a strong job scene in the metropolis. Before you contact a long-distance moving company to estimate the value of household goods and ship your stuff to LA, you should know that the median rent price here is about $1,450.
  • Chicago is the techie heart of the Midwest, and it offers a variety of excellent jobs and the highest incomes in the region. On top of that, it has a reasonable cost of living. This is a perfect choice for those looking for entry-level openings or a change in their career path. The Windy City is a favorite for Gen Y because newcomers feel quite welcome. Its walkability is great. Wherever you look, you’ll spot a park, and because of it, it’s considered one of the greenest metropolises in the country. The craft beer scene is booming, and it’s rich with exceptional restaurants. You can expect a median rent of $1,112 if you choose to relocate in the summer and set your roots here.
  • New York City consists of 8.6 million residents, and it has a diverse economy with high salaries. Since the apartments in the urban core are pretty tight, you’re probably going to need storage service to store stuff that won’t fit. NYC’s vibrant culture and nightlife, along with the opportunities it offers, make it still appealing in the eyes of Gen Y. But, this is the place where prices will eat your monthly income, and the monthly rental is about $1,443. This means that relocating from a small town to a metropolis such as The Big Apple is not only about the cost of interstate moving but about how far your salary will get you.

Those are the obvious choices, but some other places are gaining in popularity as of late.

Friends happy after the long-distance moving
Look for a place that has it all - fun, friends, a thriving work market

Miami, Florida, Is a Place We Long For

If you’re on the lookout for a metropolis that offers international cuisine, rich nightlife, and splendid outdoor activities, Miami is the right choice for you. Besides having a fantastic food scene, it’s one of the metropoles with the highest walkability in the country. It’s also more than friendly for dog owners because it has tons of dog-friendly beaches, restaurants, and bars. Perhaps not the most affordable on our list, but its cool factor is pretty strong. Before you say bye to friends and grab a surfing board, keep in mind that the median rental price is $1,183.

Palm trees near the buildings
Enjoy the dreamy outdoors of Miami and make it your home

Washington DC Has a High Cost of Living, but One of the Greatest Work Markets

Our nation’s capital has almost all you could wish for – a strong job market and outstanding quality of life, with a variety of museums and a rich food scene. But the cost of living is high, and housing costs are above the national average. Although the members of the Gen Y age and strive towards places with better affordability, the Washington area’s work market usually keeps them here. Consider that the median rental is $1,541 before you start thinking about how to move to another state and aim for the capital.

Buildings in Washington DC
Washington DC is still appealing to Gen Y for the work market

Seattle, Washington, Has an Outdoor Appeal

Where do we begin with Emerald City? One of main Seattle’s growing tech sectors also draws Gen Y members looking for work in that field, but members of Gen Y also move to this metropolis for its proximity to both the mountains and the water. And the median rent? $1,614. Residents claim that traffic is more pleasant than in other metropoles around the country, so if you’re moving in with your significant other and wondering if you’re going to need your vehicle, consider shipping it with your other stuff.

Aerial view of Seattle skyline
Seattle is a place with nature and a tech hub

Denver, Colorado – for Those Seeking Activity

It’s very likely that if you Google the most active and green metropoles in the US, Denver will pop up as a result. The food and beer scene is amazing, and the city’s rich in highly walkable neighborhoods, so consider relocating to the suburbs. Your dining choices here are simply awesome, and you can pick from Mexican to farmers’ markets. The outdoor activities include skiing and snowboarding, and it’s at the palm of your hand. If you think this is your right choice, you should know that the median rental is $1,311.

The skyline with mountains in the background
If you enjoy being active, move to Denver

Make a New Life for Yourself in Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh has a high quality of life and is very steady on the work market growth and expansion, with a solid tech industry. It is also a center for health care, banking, and education, along with the tech/startup culture. The City of Oaks is proud to have among the lowest unemployment rates for Gen Y. With a median rent of  $1,121, all of this is why it became one of the cities Millennials are moving to and is a destination even for those that are last-minute relocating.

Building under the clear sky
Raleigh is appealing to Gen Y for many reasons

Boston, Massachusetts – One of the Best US Cities for Millennials

Boston is the right destination for those Gen Y members that look for a unique place. Its architecture is a clash of old and new, and its residents have made sure that the metropolis remains that way and will preserve part of history. Boston’s population has the community feel of a smaller town and all the appeals of a large metropolitan area. You won’t get bored here, because there’s always something to do. You can attend various happenings, from farmers’ markets, and festivals, to different museums. Above all, it has a lot of outdoor space to enjoy, so you can pack books and spend some time outside reading. The median rent here is around $1,620.

Skyline during the night
Boston is the place where you can thrive

Austin, Texas, Is Considered the Tech City

Where is the best place to live in your 20s? Austin pretty much has it all. Texan capital is dual in nature – it is both a great place to live as a single Gen Y member and to make a home where you can start a family. The dining options, music scene, and overall vibe are fantastic. Since Gen Y is open-minded and active, this is the perfect pick. While the cost of residing here is somewhat increasing as of late, Austin is still more affordable than most tech hubs in the country. The median rent is not that much above the nation’s average – $1,280. If this is your choice, consider what not to pack and head out.

Call a car shipping company to ship your car
Austin offers pretty much everything

Where Should I Live as a Millennial?

There’s no right or wrong when choosing the place for yourself. The most important thing is to figure out all the benefits of moving to a particular destination, with all the pros and cons thoroughly considered. Once you’ve figured out the answer to this question, it’s time to call movers and invest in the packing service. And when you settle down, we’re sure you’re going to find just the perfect spots that have all – oat milk lattes, green smoothies, and avocado toast.

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