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Things For Kids to Do in Atlanta – The Definitive Family Guide

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      Georgia’s capital is home to numerous parks, museums, a zoo, an aquarium, and so much more, just waiting to bring joy to every child who becomes its resident. There are plenty of things for kids to do in Atlanta, and every parent (and future parent) should know that if they’re thinking about moving to Atlanta. This great Southern city offers diverse options for kids of all ages and interests while allowing their moms and dads to enjoy with them. All kinds of attractions, landmarks, parks, and museums are waiting for you in The A.

      parents and a kid happily eating lunch
      There will be plenty of entertainment opportunities for you and your kid

      Many kid-friendly places and activities, great walkability, green spaces, and affordable prices make living in Atlanta suitable for families. No matter which one of the Atlanta neighborhoods you choose, you will have some of these attractions nearby. Relocating to one of the Atlanta suburbs is definitely a good idea if you’re planning on moving in with your significant other and raising a family, or if you already have children.

      We thought about what the young ones of different ages might like, so we sorted the activities that way. If you have children of different ages, there are even more places and activities to consider. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions – you can go to each of these places with children of all ages.


      What Is There to Do in Atlanta With Toddlers?

      If you’re moving while pregnant, or you already have a small child, then this guide will be very helpful. Toddlers might be the easiest to entertain because children from 1 to 4 years love almost everything, and if they’re in a good mood, they will enjoy any activity. Toddlers like colorful stuff, toys, and music, so we suggest going to these places.

      What The A has to offer to the youngest ones

      Center for Puppetry Arts

      Visiting this non-profit organization is undoubtedly one of the best things to do with kids in Atlanta. Your kid will have a great time, and the puppetry shows will also wake up the child in you. There are live shows, exhibits, movies, educational and special workshops. Programs at the Center for Puppetry Arts are sorted for families, teens, and adults, so everyone can laugh, learn, and have quality time. Their Worlds of Puppetry Museum has more than 5000 puppets and artifacts. Check their website for upcoming events and enjoy puppetry, marionettes, educational programs, and workshops. Millions of visitors leave this place inspired and happy, and we can’t wait for you to become one of them.

      ZOO Atlanta

      This is an excellent opportunity for your children to see all the animals they have been watching in cartoons and books. It’s always amusing for toddlers to see elephants, zebras, giraffes, pandas, etc. at the ZOO. There are playgrounds, a carousel, a splash pad, food, and drinks. In a word, it has everything for a perfect day outside. Children will learn how animals live, what they look like, and will be able to even pet some of them. The ZOO is very well adapted to the young ones, and if your kid is two years old or younger, the entrance is free.

      Atlanta Botanical Garden

      This is easily the most beautiful place in ATL. It’s so peaceful and serene, and it’s a fantastic way to have a beautiful day with your loved ones. Exhibits are rotating, so whenever you come, you will see something new. There are also different gardens such as Fuqua Conservatory and Orchid Center, Edible Garden, Lou Glenn Children’s Garden, and more. You can take great photos and escape a hot summer day. The Botanical Garden is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9 AM to 9 PM.

      Piedmont Park

      This 185-acre space is home to the Botanical Gardens, summer festivals, and it’s popular with joggers and people who like to spend time outside. You can exercise, have a picnic or go to the dog parks if you’re moving with pets. There are great bike paths, walking trails, outdoor movies, and even swimming pools. Plenty of good bars and restaurants are around if you and the little ones get hungry. Piedmont Park is just amazing if you’re looking for a place where both you and your children can have an active and enjoyable day. Put your toddler in a stroller, pack a bag with a blanket, and visit this place.

      Georgia Aquarium

      Georgia Aquarium is a truly unique experience for everyone who visits it. There are thousands of species of marine animals in ten million gallons of water, including whale sharks, beluga whales, dolphins, penguins, and many others. It can get pricey, but it’s totally worth it. You can spend hours here, and your children will be entertained the whole time. It’s very educational, so you definitely won’t be bored. Children of all ages love coming here, so it’s not only for the youngest ones. Seeing these animals up close is an outstanding experience that you shouldn’t pass. It’s educational and entertaining at the same time. According to Tripadvisor, it’s the first out of 273 things to do in this community, which means a lot.

      Favorite Things for Kids to Do in Atlanta Before They Are in Their Teens

      If you’re thinking, Where can I take my kids in Atlanta, know that you have no worries. Apart from the entertainment for toddlers, there is a bunch of stuff to do in the ATL that children from 5 to 12 will find amazing. Another pro is that you don’t have to plan your activities days or weeks upfront. The A has so many events going on daily, that will make you want to be in more than one place at the same time. If you’re wondering What is there to do in Atlanta today with kids, just google it, and you’ll find dozens of different options.

      Enjoy Sharing a Day With Your Loved Ones at Some of These 10 Places

      • Centennial Olympic Park – This 22-acre place was built by the Atlanta Committee for the Summer Olympic Games. There are dancing fountains that children love playing with, and a lot of space for running and relaxing. It’s in the middle of Downtown ATL, so it looks like an oasis. You’ll have a beautiful view of the skyline, a lot of green space and many monuments to visit.
      • High Museum of Art – It’s in Midtown, the city’s art district. There are special exhibitions, workshops, tours, art-making activities, and performances. Children love interactive displays, so they will like visiting this place. You can enter for free every second Sunday of the month from noon to 5 PM. Bring your children and encourage them to practice their imagination.
      • Children’s Museum of Atlanta – Your kid will be playing and learning at the same time when visiting the Children’s Museum. Everything is kid-friendly, colorful, and hands-on. Parents highly recommend this museum, saying that their children loved it. There are craft activities, like sewing, or interactive science performances. Tickets must be purchased online, and everyone (even children older than 12 months) pays the same price of $18.95. That may seem like a downside, but this experience is worth much, much more.
      • World of Coca-Cola – Almost every kid loves Coca-Cola, and ATL is its home. World of Coca-Cola is a museum with a theater, picture gallery, artifacts, bottling process, the vault of the secret formula, and much more. Visitors can taste more than 100 Coca Cola beverages from all around the world in Taste It! beverage lounge. The famous polar bear is also there, so you can snap a photo with him. Visiting this amazing place is certainly one of the unique things to do in Atlanta.
      • Atlanta History Center – This is a museum and a research center with historic sites and gardens. The A has a really rich history, so visiting this place is a must. What will you see once you come? For example, the Cyclorama painting “The Battle of Atlanta,” and Locomotion: Railroads and the Making of Atlanta, the exhibition about the American Civil War, native tribes, the struggle of African Americans for civil rights, and much more. Margaret Mitchell’s house is nearby as well.
      • LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta – If you want your kid to have a good time, go to the Legoland. Rides, play and build zones, and 4D cinema will keep your children entertained for hours. It’s located in the Phipps Plaza, and the cafe’s around are reasonably priced, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee while the little ones play.
      • Stone Mountain Park – This place is worth multiple visits, and once you come, you will see why. You can go camping, visit a festival or other event, watch Lasershow Spectacular, or other family-friendly activities. There’s golfing, sky hiking, skyriding, dining, and shopping. Dinosaur Explore is also one of the kid’s favorite attractions because of the life-sized dinosaur collection that roars and moves like real ones.
      • Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) – Except for the unique displays, MODA is known for organizing designer schools for children. If your kid likes to draw or you’ve seen it having interests for customizing (designing) their toys, you must go here with them. It’s a small but very interesting place with many fun facts that you maybe didn’t know. There are very educational displays and classrooms for every kid that wants to participate in a workshop. It’s worth the visit, and it’s very entertaining.
      • The Atlanta BeltLine – This is a former railway corridor around The A that has many parks and trails, including Historic Fourth Ward Park and Boulevard Crossing Park. You can explore it on foot, by bike, or by bus. It’s a great way to explore the town if you have recently moved here. There is plenty of street art, playgrounds, coffee shops, restaurants, and bike trails. You and your children can rent a bike and ride while discovering the ATL.
      • Fernbank Museum of Natural History – Another must-see is the Fernbank. As they would say, “the Wow starts here.” It’s a whole-day fun for children of every age, while the adults can learn something new as well. Travel back in time to see how the dinosaurs lived, enjoy the nature playgrounds, see the photographs, jewelry, and costumes of people of different cultures, and much more. There are eight permanent exhibits and a few special ones that change. This place is very informative and reasonably priced, while members can enter for free.

      Teenagers Will Love Some of These Attractions

      Every teenager hungry for knowledge will love living in The A. Arts, historical, and nature museums are plentiful here, as well as the parks and centers. Visiting the following attractions promises a great time for every teenager and their parents.

      What will be interesting for a kid of 13 years and older

      Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame

      The A is a sports community, so visiting this hall of fame is a must. It’s dedicated to college football, but it’s not only paying tribute to the greatest ones in this sport – but also organizing events and sharing the latest news. There’s an indoor playing field, the Helmet Wall, fight song karaoke, and a huge jumbotron. Coming here means learning about the life and work of the 0.02% college football players and coaches named into the Hall of Fame. It’s a great place for parents and children.

      CNN Studio Tours

      Did you know that The A is where the CNN headquarters are? Don’t miss the opportunity to go on a tour through the newsrooms and studios of this channel. You can see how the global news is being made, how the broadcasting looks in action, and what shows look like behind the scenes. It’s an hour-long walking tour with a guide that will explain everything. Cartoon Network is also there, and so is the eight-story escalator. There’s a photo booth that makes you look like a presenter of the news, and you can do the weather green screen demonstration.

      Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

      One of the most influential people of the American past has a park dedicated to him, right here in The A. It consists of several buildings – his boyhood home where he was born and raised, the Ebenezer Baptist Church where he was baptized and was a pastor. It’s spread on over 38 acres near Downtown. A statue of Gandhi is there to show one of Dr. King’s biggest inspirations, as well as the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame that recognizes the people that shaped the past. Dr. King’s resting place is also here, between his birth home and Ebenezer Baptist Church. Your children can learn a lot about this man’s greatness and the struggle that he and the people of color had to go through during the segregation era.

      Center for Civil and Human Rights

      This is one of the few museums celebrating the achievements of both the Civil Rights Movement in the US and the human rights movement across the world. People who visited it find it impactful and intense. It teaches everyone that all of us deserve justice, healthcare, education, economic stability, and a right to vote. There’s a lot of reading, and some heavy and moving information, so it might not be suitable for small children. Teenagers should visit this place and find out more about the difficulties and problems that women and non-white people faced in the past. This place shows how far we came compared to the time gone by, but still how much we have yet to go. Visiting the Civil and Human Rights Museum is a must for everyone who would like to be inspired and to leave empowered.

      Southeastern Railway Museum

      This place is located in Duluth, the suburban ATL. It is a railroad museum with many different types of locomotives, cabooses, passenger cars, freight cars, transit vehicles, odds, and ends. They organize educational programs and summer camps, so your children can go there by themselves. Lots of vintage trains and memorabilia is something that folks of all ages can find interesting. If you like old transportation, don’t miss this place. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a lovely experience.

      Chattahoochee Nature Center

      This ATL gem in Cobb County is dedicated to environmental education. It’s next to the Chattahoochee River and encourages people to connect with nature. There are programs, schools, camps, and scouting activities. If you’re up for some quality outdoor time, coming here for hiking is an excellent idea. You will find a calendar of events on their website to plan your time and decide when you will be visiting. This experience is unlike any other in ATL, so get your nature on and go to Chattahoochee Nature Center.

      APEX Museum

      APEX is showing since 1978 what the past looks like from the black perspective. Students can enter for $5, and adults will pay $7 for a ticket to see untold African-American stories. APEX promotes cultural awareness and shows how the African-American community contributed to Georgia. You will get to see the story of Africa and Africans throughout the last 6,000 years and how the past formed the present and how the enslaved people fought for their freedom. These exhibitions can be disturbing to some, so try not to bring small children.

      Lake Lanier Islands

      It’s a resort complex built on Lake Lanier, the largest lake in Georgia. It’s located 37 miles from ATL, so it might be more accessible if you’re moving to the suburbs, than coming from Downtown. This recreational place is great for a relaxed day that you can spend together – swimming, sunbathing, going on water slides… Everything we all adore. Make sure that you don’t leave too soon – the view of the sunset is gorgeous here. Also, a good meal after a whole day of swimming is a must, and that won’t be a problem here. Restaurants with fantastic food are just around the corner.

      Choose Your Favorite Festival in Every Season

      The A is also known for its festivals, and there’s a number of them in every season. One of the most popular is the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. It’s held in Piedmont Park every spring when the dogwood trees bloom. This happening is an art and craft festival that lasts one weekend in early April. Aside from it, there are numerous others in every month of the year that both children and parents will enjoy. Some of the best arts and other unique festivals in Atlanta, Georgia are:

      • Spring – St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Inman Park Festival, Caribbean Carnival, Sweet Auburn Springfest
      • Summer – Flying Colors Butterfly Festival, Ice Cream Festival, National Black Arts Festival, Grant Park Summer Shade
      • Autumn – Yellow Daisy Festival, Pumpkin Festival, Taste of Atlanta, Little 5 Points Halloween Festival and Parade
      • Winter – Callanwolde Arts Festival, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, Mardis Gras Streetcar Adventure, Children’s Christmas Parade

      Don’t Forget the Music Festivals

      Music has always been something that Atlantans are proud of and that children love. The A’s music scene is thriving, and many famous singers and rappers come from The A. Depending on what your music taste is, you can find different events with local, national, and performing artists from all around the world. You can attend many festivals, including the Atlanta Jazz Festival, A3C Hip Hop Festival, and One Musicfest. Imagine Music is also held here, and it’s one of the largest in the Southeastern United States. These might not be the perfect events for small children, but teenagers already have their taste for music and could enjoy hip-hop and jazz. We know that relocating means moving away from friends, but coming here and going to gatherings like these will help you meet new neighbors right away. They might as well have children, so they can become friends too.

      a concert at night
      Atlantans never lack live music and concerts

      What Can You Do for Free in Atlanta? Go to the ATL’s Center, Visit a Museum or Have Fun at a Park

      The cost of living in Atlanta is one of the great perks of living here, and one of the main reasons for people to relocate. You can always find something to do that fits your budget, and if you don’t want to spend any money, you can still have an amazing time in The A. We know how costly it can be to do something fun for the whole family, so we’d like to share some suggestions of free and yet amazing stuff you can do in the Big Peach.

      Visiting Arabia Mountain Is One of the Best Ways to Spend the Day

      A great way to spend the day outside and take a break from the busy streets is to go to Arabia Mountain. It’s around 20 minutes ride from The A. It’s truly a place to have a peace of mind while enjoying the view that has taken 400 million years to form. There are trails for hiking and biking, and you can go fishing and geocaching. You can paddle down the waterway or go camping. If you wish to spend the day in nature with your loved ones, this is surely one of the best ways. Hiking can be exhausting for small children, so you might want to skip it if you’re going there with toddlers, but a bit older children will surely love spending time in nature.

      Share a Day at the Atlanta Monetary Museum

      This is another foundation on the list that will help you discover the history and learn more about the currency. The Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum also has interactive and multimedia exhibits that provide in-depth lessons on the role of the Federal Reserve in the US economy. Tours are free, and the whole family can learn about banks, the importance of monetary policy, and how it affects everyone’s life.

      Go to the Carter Center

      The Carter Center is a foundation honoring the former US president Jimmy Carter, where visitors can learn about his life and presidency. It’s very informative, and if you and your little ones love history, you will find this enjoyable. There is a Presidential Library and other memorabilia that show how the Carters lived and worked. You can take a walk in the garden, have a beverage of choice, and some food at the cafeteria. Adults have to pay $8 for the ticket, but children under 16 can enter for free.

      Learn Much at the Fernbank Science Center

      Close to the Carter Center is another fantastic place that you can visit for free and bring a little science in your life – Fernbank Science Center. It’s a museum that has the exhibit hall, planetarium, observatory, dinosaur fountain, skeletons, statues, mascot, and birthday parties. You can see the Aurora show and look through a telescope, there are live animals, the actual Apollo 6 capsule, and so much more. Planetarium shows cost $7, but the exhibit is free, as well as the parking.

      balloons in the park
      You don't need a lot of money to have a good time

      Where to Have a Bite If You’re With Children?

      After playing outside, walking, and running all day, the whole family will get hungry. If you don’t want to just grab a hot-dog or a pizza and eat on the way home, then exploring the best restaurants in Atlanta can be a family-time thing as well. The A is known for its various eateries, and so many options can overwhelm you, especially if you’re moving from a small town to a big city. That is why you can start a new thing that all of you can do together – visit different restaurants, try new food, discover a place that has the best freshly made sushi, or whatever is your favorite. You surely know your children’s favorite meals, so you can find new eateries that they love the most. There are so many kid-friendly restaurants. Since you might need a high-chair or a booster seat, and you want friendly service, here are some of the best places that we recommend that have everything you need:

      • Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria – Children love pizza, we all know that. Here your kid can have pasta, sandwiches, pizzas, or noodles while playing with crayons. There’s a kid’s menu, changing tables in the lady’s room, and very friendly service.
      • Souper Jenny – Visit any of their four locations and have some soups and sandwiches. Children must eat healthy (even though they might not like it), and this is the right spot for that. They have hot and cold soups, many different sandwiches, and all of that with fresh and healthy ingredients. Keep in mind that during these times, they only offer take out.
      • Downwind Restaurant and Lounge – It’s a nearly 30 years old joint near the airport, with little airplanes, helicopters, and other aircrafts hanging from the ceiling. Your kid can find it fun watching the real planes take off nearby while they’re eating. Come for lunch and have some chicken wings, club sandwiches, burgers, or salads.

      Here’s a table of exact addresses and working hours of these restaurants:

      [table id=68 responsive=”scroll”/]

      lunch at the table
      It won't be difficult to find a good place to eat in The A

      Parents Will Also Enjoy Residing Here

      Going sightseeing or visiting exhibits is fun for everyone. You and your little ones can learn so much new stuff by going to some of the museums and exhibits. You can refresh your history and science knowledge, enjoy outdoor activities, and stay physically active.
      Another good thing is that Atlanta nightlife is world-famous, so if you’re in a mood for some drinks at famous bars and restaurants, or for some clubbing, you’re in the right place. You can always get a babysitter and go enjoy your night out.

      a mascot with two people
      The A is attractive for both children and their parents

      Are You Ready to Relocate Here?

      If you’ve been thinking about moving here with children, we hope that this variety of attractions convinced you to start packing and make Georgia capital your new home. Getting auto transport will help you commute, which is essential when it comes to traveling with children. If you haven’t found the perfect place to live yet, but you want to move now, there are ways to handle last-minute moving – rent a storage unit or use one for free when booking with professional movers.

      All in all, The A is an amazing community to reside in with children, and you will always find some more amusing stuff to do together. But don’t think that The A forgot about your partner and you. There are also plenty of romantic things to do in Atlanta to keep the fire burning.

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