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17 Unique Things to Do in Atlanta – The Ultimate Newcomers’ Guide

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      A long-distance move to Georgia’s capital means living in a place full of history. Whatever your relocation reasons are, know that this city is bursting with historical sites and attractions. As someone who calls this place home, we decided to sort out 17 unique things to do in Atlanta. If you choose to settle here for good, know that as a future resident, you’ll be able to explore and rediscover new and unique things in ATL over and over again.

      An image of a cityscape.
      Find your new home in one of the best and most unique cities in the US.

      The first thing you should know if you are moving to Atlanta is that you’ll find our community very welcoming. If you are moving out for the first time, we guarantee that you’ll easily fit in and find your way. Now when we got that one out of the way, let’s move to the fact that our city is one of the most interesting ones in the whole US. This city played a central role in the American Civil Rights Movement, the American Civil War, and hosted the 1996 Olympic Games. Apart from learning and exploring these events, you’ll find exceptional eateries, a vibrant nightlife scene, performance venues, wide-ranging kid-friendly activities, and many more. If you’re caught up in last-minute moving, be sure to check out our list. It will make you want to relocate to our wonderful ATL today!


      Historic Homes: Time Travel in Georgia

      From cottages and Craftsman bungalows to Tudor-style and Victorian-era homes, there are particular historic Atlanta neighborhoods you can explore. History-buffs will enjoy learning more about the life of those who lived in such homes many years ago. What makes ATL notable are the specific historical figures and the houses in which they accomplished their life’s work. We have gathered a list of the most significant ones.

      1.   Margaret Mitchell House: A Place Where Gone With the Wind Was Written

      Margaret Mitchell wrote the all-time classic Gone With the Wind at Apartment 1 on this Tudor-style building’s ground floor. At the time, Mitchell left her journalism career because she was recovering from an ankle injury. That’s when Mitchell started writing the famous novel that won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and was turned into a movie two years later. When you start living in Atlanta, be sure to take the apartment tour!

      2.   Catch a Free Tour at the Birth House of Martin Luther King Jr.

      Located in 501 Auburn Avenue in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood is the birth house of civil rights advocate Martin Luther King Jr. His parents King Sr. and Alberta Williams, moved into a house when they married in 1926, and they all resided here until their son turned 12. This property is excellently preserved, and you can attend a free tour by National Park Service rangers. A useful tip: remember to get early in a day since the tours are limited to 15 people.

      3.   Ghost Hunting in the Wren’s Nest

      The Wren’s Nest belonged to Joel Chandler Harris, the beloved author of “Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings”. Today, Georgia’s oldest house museum preserves his legacy and the heritage of African American folklore. The exciting thing is that paranormal investigators believe that this house has invisible residents. If you like ghost stories, you can join the tours to learn all about the ghost-hunting tools and the house’s previous residents. We guarantee you a fun time!

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      4.  High Museum of Art and Other Unique Museums in Atlanta

      If you are moving in winter, you can start exploring the city through its unique museums! Among many reasons to move to ATL, such institutions will be number one for art enthusiasts. Every art lover will enjoy spending time in the High Museum of Art. It’s the leading institution in the region, covering all eras and places worldwide from medieval Italian paintings, contemporary sculptures to the comprehensive American photography collection. Compared to similar institutions, temporary exhibitions are quite unique. Some of the previous ones featured Dutch paintings from the Mauritshuis, collection from London’s V&A, Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, Cézanne, Picasso, Warhol, and Frida Kahlo.

      5.   Your Little Ones Will Love Spending Time at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta

      Parents can rest easy because there are so many things for kids to do in Atlanta. We recommend the highly-rated Children’s Museum located on the north corner of Centennial Olympic Park. This is an educational venue with exhibits designed for children up to the age of 8. The museum’s staff strive to spark the kid’s imagination and learning through play.

      6.   Centennial Olympic Games Museum: Celebrating the Time When Georgia’s Capital Became an International City

      We mentioned that the capital of Georgia hosted the Olympic Games in 1996. Thanks to this memorable event, the downtown area was largely improved, and many public buildings were constructed, such as the Olympic Stadium and Centennial Olympic Park. The Centennial Olympic Games Museum celebrates the Olympics and sports history in the US through many significant exhibitions. Be sure not to miss this place and its many interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, artifacts, images, and many more!

      7.   The World of Coca-Cola: Learn About the History of This Famous Beverage

      Did you know that Coca-Cola, one of the most popular drinks in the world, was invented in ATL? That’s right! This drink was created in 1886 by John Stith Pemberton, and the company’s headquarters are still here. If you enjoy this beverage, be sure to visit the World of Coca-Cola, a place dedicated to the famous drink.

      8.   Mural Hunting at the Krog Street Tunnel

      Are you moving from a small town to a big city and are on a tight budget? While the cost of living in Atlanta should not worry you, you can cut some expenses until you settle entirely. For example, you can enjoy art for free in the Krog Street Tunnel, an underground art museum built in 1912. The tunnel itself connects Cabbagetown neighborhoods and Inman Park. You can go mural hunting or find event flyers that will catch your attention. There’s barely any unpainted area in the Krog Street Tunnel.

      An image of street art in a tunnel.
      You can spend a whole day enjoying the street art in the Krog Street Tunnel.

      9.  Explore the Fundamental Human Rights at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights

      When you find yourself strolling down the city’s downtown, remember to visit the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. The center of its many exhibitions focuses on connecting the 50s and 60s civil rights movement and the contemporary fight for human rights across the world. On its permanent display, you’ll see Martin Luther King’s personal items, such as a volume of his letters. We can only say that a visit to the center will definitely be among Atlanta’s memorable and unique experiences.

      10.   Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center in Johns Creek Suburb

      Are you moving to the suburbs? If you consider this option and want to be closer to nature, we recommend Johns Creek, one of the best Atlanta suburbs. This place is home to the fantastic and unique Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center. It is a perfect educational destination for exploring and appreciating the local history and natural environment. If you decide to settle in some other area that is a bit far away from this center, hire auto transport services. That way, when you have a free day from work, you can head down to Autrey Mill with your family in no time and explore the area.

      11.  Enjoy the Entertainment and Astonishing Architecture at the Fox Theatre

      The Fox Theatre was built in 1929, and its breathtaking architecture recalls Moorish palace style. We can say that booking a ticket just to enjoy the architecture is worth all the money. The venue is known for hosting Broadway shows, music concerts, movie screenings, and much more. Artists such as James Brown, Ray Charles, and Elvis all performed here, while Prince had his last show in the Fox Theatre before he passed away.

      12.   Watch Movies Under the Stars at Starlight Drive-In Theatre

      If you are moving in with your significant other and searching for romantic things to do in Atlanta, Starlight Drive-In Theatre is your answer. You can even bring lawn chairs and sit outside of your car. This movie theatre opened its doors in 1949 and is still one of the most beloved spots for locals. The place is open seven days a week throughout the whole year. The regular ticket for adults is $9, while the admission for kids aged 5-9 is only $1!

      An image of a car seat.
      Let your car seats become movie theatre seats at Starlight Drive-In Theatre.

      13.  EatMeSpeakMe: Unique Food and Drink in ATL

      EatMeSpeakMe is among the best restaurants in Atlanta. One of the coolest things about this place is that their chef is using only local seasonal ingredients. Therefore, the menu is continually changing. Organize a dinner party with your friends at EatMeSpeakMe. After dinner, you can all head down to a bar or some clubs to experience the unique and memorable Atlanta nightlife.

      An image of food displayed on a plate.
      EatMeSpeakMe is the best restaurant in the area that can offer fresh seasonal food.

      14.  Piedmont Park and Other Greenery in the City

      If you are moving in the summer, you’ll be thrilled to know that Georgia’s capital and nearby suburbs are bursting with greenery. Piedmont Park is one of the most popular among locals. Residents use the paved trails for jogging, while many also organize picnics in this beautiful natural oasis. Are you moving with pets? Piedmont is one of the rare places in the city where your dog can run off the leash. If you are moving during the holidays and love jogging, be sure to move the ugliest sweater from your closet with you and join the Ugly Sweater Run!

      15.   The Largest Relief in the World in Stone Mountain Park

      Stone Mountain is probably the most popular tourist location in the State of Georgia! There’s a pretty good reason for that. This natural landmark is located on 3,200 acres of land with an elevation of 825 feet above the surrounding area. Hikers and nature enthusiasts can enjoy miles of walking trails and paved roads. If you are not a fan of hiking, you can also mini-golf, ride a train around the area, or take a Historic Square tour. The north face of the mountain bears a vast and stunning relief of Confederate political and military leaders Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee.

      16.   Walk All Over Atlanta’s History in Oakland Cemetery

      Oakland Cemetery was founded in 1850 and today covers around 48 acres of land. Since Georgia’s capital was almost completely destroyed during the Civil War, the original 6 acres of the cemetery is the oldest preserved land you can find. Some of Atlanta’s most notable historical figures are buried here, such as Margaret Mitchell and the city’s first African-American mayor, Maynard Jackson. You can enjoy the natural environment and beautifully maintained statues by yourself, or you can book a tour with a local guide and get to know a lot about the city’s history.

       An image of old gravestones.
      Visiting the scenic Oakland Cemetery will be a memorable history lesson.

      17.  Visit Beautiful Giant Pandas in Atlanta’s Zoo

      There are only four zoos in the US where you can see pandas, and Atlanta’s Zoo is one. Seeing pandas is the unique experience you can get in our Zoo, but locals also come to see other beautiful animals such as lions, gorillas, tigers, giraffes, and zebras. When you settle, remember to watch out for fun events such as Sippin’ Safari, where you can drink and eat while hanging among the animals.

      An image of a panda.
      Cute pandas are the main attraction in Atlanta's Zoo.

      That’s a Wrap on Unique Things to Do in Atlanta

      And we have come to an end of our list of 17 unique things to do in Atlanta. We bet that this article made you want to move to our beautiful city at once! If you are moving to a city alone, consider hiring reliable long-distance movers and moving services. With professionals, you will have a relaxed and stress-free moving experience. A trustworthy long-distance moving company can assist with packing and will keep your precious belongings in clean and climate-controlled storage facilities. When you settle in your new home, refer to our list, and start exploring Atlanta’s attractions as soon as you catch some free days.

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