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Romantic Things to Do in Atlanta – The 2020 Guide for Couples

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      Are you a soon-to-be newcomer in the Georgia capital and looking for a way to celebrate an anniversary, spice up a free weekend or impress a person on a first date? There are countless romantic things to do in Atlanta, and you might just be surprised by the unique, fun, and creative activities the city has to offer to those in love. From intimate candlelit dinners to competitive trivia games and dancing until the wee hours, Atlantans know how to treat their dates the right way.

      couple outside during the night in the city
      Atlanta can surprise you with all of its romantic attractions

      US census shows that nearly half of Americans 18 and older are single, and since ATL ranks among the best cities for singles in the US, answering the question of Where should I go on a first date in Atlanta?, should be simple enough. To help you out a bit, we’ve made a list of things you can do with your special someone no matter the stage your relationship is in.

      Choose One of Many Fun Things to Do in Atlanta for Couples That Love Outdoors

      ATL has over 3,000 acres of green spaces and 33 recreational centers, making it an ideal place for people that love the outdoors. If you and your significant other love being active, grab some bikes and cycle around the metropolis through perfectly plotted bike lanes. They will lead you anywhere you want to go, from Inman Park to Old Fourth Ward.

      If you don’t want to work up a sweat, you can stroll through the Botanical Garden and bask in its enchanting beauty. There are orchids, plants, edible gardens, and a 600-feet-long Kendeda Canopy Wall.

      For the more adventurous types, just less than an hour away from the city lies Georgia Frontiers, which will give you the best horseback riding experience in the Peach State. The owner is a self-proclaimed cowboy who likes to show city dwellers all the ins and outs of Western-style rides.

      Rent a Treehouse and Sleep in the Park (But Not Really)

      If you want to be outdoors but avoid spending the night in a tent, glamping is the way to go. All around ATL, you can find a vast number of charming accommodations that can provide you with a one-of-a-kind date experience. What is more unique than sleeping in a tree? Rent a treehouse and wait for the dawn to break while looking over treetops.

      Wooden House on Tree
      Rent a treehouse and enjoy glamping at its finest.

      Check Out Some Fun Things for Couples to Do in Atlanta That Are Also Free

      When moving in with your partner, you will have the opportunity to go out all the time. To avoid increasing your overall cost of living in Atlanta with frequent pricy outings, plan some activities that don’t require money.

      Pack a picnic basket and head out to Piedmont Park. If you are relocating with your pet, bring them along with you. They will surely love running around vast open spaces.

      No matter the season, residents of many Atlanta neighborhoods love to celebrate and honor just about anything. There are events all year long – from St. Patrick’s Day Parade to the Chinese Lunar New Year Festival. And if you happen to have children that you’d like to include in one of your outings, there are many things for kids to do in Atlanta that you can participate in, and the Christmas parade is surely one of them.

      Area view of Atlanta
      When living in ATL, you can visit all kinds of events all year long.

      Take Advantage of the Romantic Dine Out Ideas and Have the Best First Date

      Love might not be your main reason for moving, but when you finally settle down and find your footing, you can work the field and land a few dates. After relocating to ATL, you will find a long line of unique and exciting activities, but if you want to really get to know the person you are going out with, dinner is the way to go. Some of the best restaurants in Atlanta can be ideal spots for that first date.

      Storico Fresco in the great Buckhead neighborhood is an ideal place to sit down, have a conversation without interruptions while eating some tasty lasagna, ravioli, or sipping wine. Reservations are needed, so don’t forget to call.

      Aziza is an intimate diner that serves food inspired by Israel. Here you can order halloumi, chicken tagine, lamb, or Akko prawns. Low ceilings and green and brown tones mixed with exposed brick walls give out a cozy vibe that is perfect for having a nice time out.

      The Consulate is in Midtown, and it brings out to the table (quite literally) great dishes, wine, and cocktails of countries from all around the globe. Sleek and stylish dinner has a retro vibe that includes tables for two and an intimate bar.


      Grab a Few Drinks at Some Late-Night Bars

      Atlanta nightlife is booming, so if the conversation is going great and you don’t want to end your night just yet, check out a few bars and grab a drink or two and enjoy music. If the person you are dating is a beer aficionado, impress them with your knowledge of late-night pubs that offer a variety of different ales. Pro tip – check out Wrecking Bar Brewpub or Brick Store Pub. However, if you are aiming for a unique thing, Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium is what you need.

      girl in the bar drinking beer
      Bar hopping is excellent way to spend a day with the loved one

      There Are Countless Romantic Things to Do in Atlanta If You Want to Propose

      Moving in with your significant other is one step closer to getting engaged in most scenarios. If you think that you are ready for the next step in your life together, you will need to get the ring and pick the perfect spot to pop the question. Luckily, you live in ATL, and there are plenty of locations perfect for this memorable moment:

      • Get on one knee in the Botanical Garden surrounded by a multitude of flowers
      • Pop the question while enjoying the view of the city at the Skyview Ferris wheel
      • Propose in the company of dolphins at the Georgia Aquarium
      • Ask the question while enjoying the sunset at Jackson Street Bridge
      couple holding hands
      Beautiful view from the top of the Ferris wheel or a garden, it is up to you where you will propose.

      Watching Movies Is One of the Top Things to Do in Atlanta for Couples at Night

      Moviegoers will love planning outings in ATL because the range of offers includes a fair share of red carpet multiplexes and retro theaters. Depending on your overall vibe as a pair, and your movie preferences, you can choose among:

      • Regal Atlantic, with its futuristic décor and cool bar, can be a great place for an outing. It also has two VIP lounges if you wish a little more privacy.
      • Plaza Theater has a retro décor with classic curtains and vintage furnishing. If you like to be reminded of “good old days,” you should bring your significant other.
      • Landmark Midtown Art Cinema is on a smaller scale, but its movie offer is still impressive. A good selection of independent films topped off with a good beer makes it a great spot for an intimate theater experience.
      • North DeKalb brings its viewers a different kind of movie art. Here you can catch not only Hollywood blockbusters but also Bollywood movies.

      Watching a Movie at the Drive-In Can Be One of the Most Romantic Things to Do in Atlanta

      If you want to catch a movie with your special someone, but you want a certain level of privacy, drive-ins are the answer. You’ll be able to watch a movie from the comfort of your car and sneak in a smooch or two without other people judging you. Starlight Six Drive-In Theater has been around for more than 60 years. When you get your ticket and park the car, you can watch two movies for the price of one.

      couple watching a movie
      Moviegoers can pick among many different cinemas or go to the drive-in.

      Take a Tour and Get to Know the City

      Are you one of those people who moved across the country for love? If so, you will be unfamiliar with ATL basics, and the best way to remedy that is to go on a few tours. Get your partner to join you in a fun and educational outing, both of you will learn something new about food, history, music, and movies and the impact they left on the city.

      Discover Famous Movie Sets

      ATL is a national hub when it comes to cinema and television production, and it is a fictional settlement of many blockbuster universes. Take a tour of superhero movie locations and geek out at the fact that you recognize sets of Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War or Spider-Man: Homecoming. If you are The Walking Dead fan, you will enjoy the Big Zombie Tour, where you can battle other fans playing trivia.

      Eat Your Way Through the Metropolis

      Both residents and tourists are drawn to the culinary scene, which includes a mix of ethnic restaurants, urban diners, and traditional Southern eateries. Take Modern Southern Food and History Tour or Food & Cocktail Tour and experience many different cuisines and sip some unique cocktails.

      Streets of Atlanta
      Spend the day learning about movies, history, cuisine, and music trivia.

      Spend an Anniversary at a Luxurious Hotel

      When it comes to celebrating anniversaries, it’s a “go big or go home” type of situation. Make the occasion even more special by spending it in a luxurious hotel with your significant other. ATL has plenty of highly-rated hotels that provide guests with unforgettable experiences. If you don’t know which to pick for your celebration, check these:

      • Waldorf Astoria is a perfect solution when you need a quick getaway. This elegant hotel is located in the quiet Buckhead area, and it offers its visitors’ wonderful spas, indoor pools, restaurants, and gardens.
      • Ritz-Carlton is Downtown, and it offers big rooms with modern amenities such as TVs and iPod docks. If you are looking for an Art-Deco inspired place, with excellent services, Ritz is for you.
      • Four Seasons in Midtown is an idyllic spot that offers Jacuzzi, pools, tranquil treatment rooms, and other modern amenities.
      Atl at night
      ATL is home to many luxurious hotels you can spend the day in.

      Get Competitive in One of Many Game Bars

      Sometimes being competitive can be a good thing. ATL has a long list of bowling alleys, arcades, and gaming parlors you can visit with your special someone.

      Put your game face on and head out to Battle and Brew, where you can play video games and old fashioned board games.

      Who said that Atlanta suburbs couldn’t be fun? Punch Bowl Social is a 25,000 square foot entertainment center that offers shuffleboards, bowling, arcade, karaoke, and foosball.

      Take your significant other to Game-X, a spot where classic arcade meets high tech widgets. Have an air hockey match, or try out some board games.

      couple kissing over a pool table
      Competition is not a bad thing, so shoot some pools and enjoy the evening.

      Enjoy Massages at a Spa Center

      When you feel that you and your significant other need some massages and rejuvenating treatments, make a reservation at a spa. Being pampered can be an excellent way to spend time together. Luckily, Georgia’s capital has a wide variety of destinations for you:

      • Get a hot stone massage at The St. Regis Remède Spa and enjoy hydrating facials.
      • Spend some time in a sauna at JeJu and swim around in warm jetted pools.
      • Enjoy a sculptural facial massage at Love.Beauty.Nourish and take advantage of many organic products
      couple ready for a spa treatment
      Getting pampered in a spa center is a unique activity that leaves you relaxed.

      Plan Adrenaline-Pumping Activities and Channel Your Inner Daredevil

      Are you a pair of thrill-seekers looking for an activity that will get your blood pumping? Try racing at Motorsports Park. There are kart tracks with aggressive turns and radical elevation changes, that will make you question your driving skills. Have a group laser tag date at a War Games facility that looks like a “Call of Duty” map or head to Tank Town USA and crush some cars with construction excavators or tanks. If you want to challenge your inner Daredevil, jump out of a Skydive airplane. You can do it solo or in tandem.

      Get Creative and Let Your Hidden Talents Shine

      If you and your special someone like to paint, draw or do anything creative, enroll in some art classes. Drawn Art Studio courses can help you learn how to capture images with color. At the end of the teaching process, you will have a chance to hang your work at the group show in a gallery. If you are more into sewing, quilting, or embroidery Fabricate Studios can help you master these skills. Also, if you want to learn something unique, try glass blowing at Decatur. By the end of the course, you will know how to make a glass ornament or glass flower.

      blowing glass
      Learn how to blow glass, and you will always have a unique skill.

      Get Your Geek Mode on at More Than a Few Museums

      Activities where you learn something can be delightful, and what’s the best way to discover stuff you didn’t know until now – museums are the answer. Stop by Fernbank Museum of Natural History and learn about dinosaurs or check out Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center and explore 233 acres of woodland. If art is your primary focus, visit the High Museum of Art or Museum of Design.

      ATL Has a Special Activity for Every Step in Your Relationship

      Romance can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a simple stroll throughout the park, a night spent dancing or deluxe massages at the spa. Luckily, when relocating to ATL, you will have the opportunity to enjoy all of these and more. The metropolis has activities for couples, no matter the stage of the relationship they are in. From impressive first date restaurants to unique spots where you can propose.

      Don’t hesitate to relocate, hire professional long-distance movers that can provide you with moving, packing, auto shipping, and storage services. While they are handling your belongings, you can plan fun activities to share with the special someone.

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