6 Great Benefits of Car Shipping

November 13, 2021 / Posted in Car Shipping
Eva Johnson

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When the time for moving comes, we usually have a vague idea of how it will work and which professional services we may invest in. And although auto transportation may seem expensive at first glance, there are many benefits of car shipping that will make it worthwhile. Let’s explore these advantages.

A trailer full of cars
Over 30 million people move each year in the US, and most of them take their cars to their new destination

Americans love their cars. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there were around 194 million light-duty vehicles in the US in 2019. And since Americans also like to change their whereabouts, there’s a really high chance they’ll be taking their car with them. But the question is how. Long-distance moving is not easy, and that’s why many of us choose to invest in various long-distance moving services. But as much as we know what to expect when we pay for packing services, we may be indecisive about the transportation of our precious wheeler.

#1 Auto Transport Is Certainly Less Demanding in Terms of Planning

Just think about what it means to go for a DIY move or simply move your car yourself. Perhaps you’re moving from the East Coast to the West Coast; the shortest distance between these two coastlines is over 2,000 miles. Can you imagine all the planning you will have to go through? You have to think about lodging, meals, and you’ll have to be thoroughly stocked up on snacks and drinks. Where will you make the stops? How many? If you have a family or you’re moving with pets, it makes it all the more complicated. But if you invest in auto transport services instead, the cross-country movers will take care of your car, while you may fly on a plane.

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And It’s Definitely Less Worrisome

One of the main reasons why moving is so stressful is that when you plan to do it on your own, besides packing and heavy lifting, you will have to deal with other drivers along the way. Not to mention the chance to damage your precious car on the road, especially if you’re moving to a new state and you have a long way to go. One of the benefits of shipping a car instead of driving it is that with a reliable long-distance moving company, you will be able to have a stress-free move.

Sure, It’s Not Free, but It’s Less Expensive Than You Think

As the date of cross-country moving approaches, most of us will look for ways to save on moving costs. And although at first glance, the cost of interstate moving may seem lower if you pick fewer professional services such as the storage service or professional auto transportation, in reality, it isn’t so. If you sit down and try to project the budget for handling everything by yourself, you will have to calculate the money you’ll need for gas, hotels, and meals. Add any additional costs, such as minor or major repairs for any damage along the way, and it may seem like your money has gone out the window, and you won’t be able to save anything.

A man with a pile of money and a calculator
Moving is expensive, but it may cost you less to ship your vehicle than to drive

#2 One of the Benefits of Car Shipping Is Saving on Costs, but You’ll Save On Other Things, Too

We may make many moving mistakes like forgetting to grab the clothes from the dry cleaners or to transfer utilities before we leave. But one of the mistakes we shouldn’t be making is to discard a professional transportation service as something that will be way too expensive for us to afford. Once you add up the expenses you may have during the trip, the repairs before and also after the trip, and the days you will be absent from work, you will realize professional transportation is worth it.

One of the Car Shipping Benefits Is That You Will Save On Another Valuable Resource – Time

So, you’ve decided to move from a small town to a big city, and you’ve even managed to get a job before you’ve left. But driving to another part of the country takes money, a lot of organizing and planning, but above all – time. No matter how much you love to drive, going such a long distance is a really tiresome and exhausting process. As we’ve also mentioned, you’ll also miss out on your work and thus lose money, and if you’ve decided to move during the holidays, your holidays will be spent on the road.

You Will Maintain Reasonable Insurance Costs

As a driver, you are probably aware of the fact that car insurance rates are based on distance, at least partially. By choosing to steer it all the way to your new home, your premium will increase significantly, not to mention that in case of any accidents on the road, the cost could skyrocket. So basically, one of the additional car shipping pros is that you can maintain the current rates, and on top of it, be secured through coverage provided by the auto transport company. Just remember that one of the questions to ask movers is how much coverage you can expect.

The following video has many pieces of advice that can help you maintain your car sparkly and impeccable.

#3 Professional Auto Transport Protects Your Vehicle

The insurance company will cover any damage the exterior of your vehicle received while being shipped, so be sure you go through all the necessary preparatory steps before handing over your car. This means taking it to a repair shop for a checkup, washing it, and photographing any existing damage. But insurance coverage isn’t the only advantage when it comes to your peace of mind.

If you’ve decided to move in winter because it’s far cheaper than during the busy months, choosing enclosed auto transport will ensure that your car arrives clean and undamaged. However, you will have additional peace of mind because insurance coverage for enclosed carriers is much higher. It’s just one more reason to let the long-distance movers handle everything while you and your family move efficiently on a plane.

A row of trucks
Professional car transportation is beneficial in terms of protection, especially in enclosed trailers

#4 Whether You Have a Family or You’re Moving on Your Own, It’s Safer

Most of us believe we can go beyond our limits, especially when it comes to relocations. That’s why many people consider it among the most stressful events in their lives and one of the most tiresome. Getting organized to move can take a toll even on the most skilled people, and deciding to drive can prove to be above and beyond what our physical health can endure. Not to mention that if you don’t get enough sleep, you can pose a threat on the road, to others, as well as yourself and anyone traveling with you. All of that is avoided if you choose to ship your wheeler instead.

A woman driving a car in the sunset
No matter how much you love to drive, it can be really exhausting when you steer a car across the whole country

#5 Have Multiple Cars? You Can Ship Them All at Once

If you are an owner of multiple cars, there are only two solutions when you want to move to another state. You will either sell your other vehicles and be left with only one (which you will drive to your destination) or invest in professional transportation. But since most of us consider our vehicles a very important possession, selling will probably be out of the question. A car transportation company can ship up to ten cars on an open trailer and up to seven on an enclosed, depending on their weight and size. It means that no matter how many vehicles you own, professionals will get you covered.

You Can Also Choose Between Different Transport Solutions

A good company will take care of your car, but a great one will offer you different solutions for your move. Picking the options that suit your needs and your budget the best is as equally important as listening to some good moving tips. These options may include:

  • Open trailer transportation is an affordable and more available way to ship your car. The only disadvantage of these types of trailers is that they have no roof and sides, so your car will be exposed to the weather conditions and dirt and debris from the road.
  • Enclosed carriers are rarer, harder to book, and cost more, but their convenience is that cars shipped in them will be completely protected during the trip.
  • Door-to-door transportation allows customers to have more time to pick among the best mountain towns to raise a family. Although a pricier solution, if you decide to use it, the professionals will come to your doorstep and pick the car, and later on deliver it to your new home.
  • The terminal-to-terminal option is a more affordable one and is reserved for people who have more free space in their schedules. With it, you will have to take your car to a drop-off terminal, hand it over, and later pick it up at the terminal closest to your new home.

Whichever solution you choose for your move, it will make everything go as smooth as possible and give you some more time to work on everything else from your moving to-do list.

A truck with an enclosed carrier
Choose whichever solutions fit your needs and your budget

#6 You Can Ship to Any Destination

The winter is coming, so you’ve decided to move somewhere warmer? And you could sure use some more moving interstate tips? If the very thought of driving across a vast country such as ours is giving you headaches, that’s one less thing to worry about with professional transportation. Wherever you want to move and thus have your car shipped, the vehicle transport company will be able to help you.

No Matter Where You Choose to Ship Your Vehicle, There Will Be No Extra Mileage

By avoiding driving across the country, you will preserve your car more. Most of us don’t like putting extra miles on our vehicle, as well as any unnecessary strain on certain parts of it. That is especially true for owners of classic cars, show vehicles, or exotic four-wheelers. If this is the case, you should hire movers to do it, even if you are last-minute moving, and let them handle your car.

A woman looking at a map
It's nice to drive around our beautiful nation, but preserving your vehicle when moving should be one of your top priorities

Pick the Right Car Shipping Company and Ask For a Quote

Deciding to move with professionals comes with many advantages, no matter if you want to move in the summer or any other part of the year. But choosing to use different relocation solutions may come with one more benefit. Once the moving specialists arrive to estimate the value of household goods, you can inquire about any discount. Many reliable companies will offer you discounts and an attractive quote if you bundle up several services. The only thing left then is to prepare for movers, sit back and relax, while the trained professionals take special care of every part of your relocation.

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