The Insider’s Playbook for Moving to Tampa

December 6, 2023 / Posted in City Guides
Maya Brown

Born in Atlanta, Maya has called many places home in her lifetime. She's a content writer and moving expert who loves to help people relocate smoothly.

Dreaming of sun-soaked streets and vibrant city life? Moving to Tampa might just be the perfect next chapter of your life’s adventure. This sunny destination is attracting more than just beach lovers and retirees – there’s something for everyone here. Let’s start the adventure and unpack everything you need to know before the big move.

Tampa during sunset
Let's dive into what you can expect from Tampa's vibrant lifestyle

Why Do Locals Love Tampa? Can It Offer More Than Just Basking in the Sunshine?

Those born and raised under Tampa’s sunny skies will tell you that this Floridian gem has much more to offer than just sunshine and beaches. Its unique charm and dynamic lifestyle make it a source of pride for locals, and it’s also steadily becoming a magnet for people deciding where to live in the Sunshine State.

In fact, a report from the Florida Legislature highlights a remarkable trend – an influx of around 1,200 to the state every single day. Among them, many choose to call Tampa their new home.

There are as many reasons to move as there are people flocking to this destination, but let’s uncover some of the main contributing factors.

The city of Tampa has around 390,000 residents, but the number is growing quickly

This Melting Pot Is Where the World Meets the West Coast of Florida

Nearly 18% of Tampa’s residents hail from corners far beyond Florida’s borders, creating a cultural melting pot that vibrates with diversity. This city is a tapestry woven from the traditions, cuisines, and languages of its people, coming together to form a rich, multicultural community. This cultural richness is a significant draw, explaining why so many choose to take this leap and stick for the long run.

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The Odds Are Sunny When It Comes to Education and Job Opportunities

This bustling city isn’t just a beach paradise – it’s a thriving hub of academia and industry. Those relocating without a job or preparing for life in a college dorm will definitely find fertile ground. For example, here are just a few of the academic institutions that enrich this city’s educational system:

  • The University of Tampa,
  • Hillsborough Community College,
  • The University of South Florida,
  • South University,
  • Art Institute of Tampa.
The University of Tampa in Florida
Many people find themselves here due to the amazing educational opportunities

You’ll Have a Seamless Transition if You Commit to Finding Your Perfect Spot Before Moving to Tampa, Florida

When moving to Tampa, deciding where to live should naturally be at the top of your relocation to-do list way before you start gathering the necessary packing materials. Whether you’re looking for the buzz of city life or the tranquility of suburban areas, Tampa’s housing market is as varied as its neighborhoods, providing plenty of options for every newcomer.

Decide Whether You’ll Be Renting or Buying Your New Home

For those house hunting, the city center offers apartments at an average price of around $600 per square foot, while the suburbs average about $310 per square foot. As for renting, here’s what you can expect from this sunny abode:

Apartment Type Average Monthly Rent
Studio $1,500
One Bedroom $1,600
Two Bedroom $1,900
Three Bedroom $2,300

The Best Neighborhoods for Newcomers You Should Check Out

Exploring Tampa’s neighborhoods is an adventure in itself, as each area offers a unique charm. South Tampa stands out as a favorite among newcomers, boasting waterfront views and a lively urban atmosphere. In your search, you should also consider Bayshore, SoHo, Davis Island, and Ballast Point. Among these vibrant options, you’ll surely be able to find one that will feel like home straight off the bat.

 Houses in a neighborhood
Finding your new sunny abode is easy in this vibrant city

Here’s a Checklist of Must-Dos You Have to Take Care of Before You Leave

When you’re planning a move to another city, an early start is often the golden ticket for a stress-free relocation. This isn’t just about the physical move itself, like organizing packing or setting the details with your chosen long-distance moving company. It’s about settling into your new life seamlessly.

Moving to Tampa With No Job? Start Networking Early

Tampa’s job market is diverse, with big employers like Publix, MacDill Air Force Base, and BayCare Health System leading in sectors such as retail, military, and healthcare. The University of South Florida is also a major player when it comes to employment. Additionally, the tourism and hospitality sectors are booming, particularly in nearby St. Petersburg and Clearwater.

However, this doesn’t mean opportunities are limited in these fields. Regardless of your profession, with a little bit of research and networking done in advance, getting a job in your new city shouldn’t be a problem. This proactive approach will open up more avenues and help you start the next chapter of your life on the right foot.

Research the Weather and Start Packing Accordingly

Moving to Tampa, FL, comes with a clear set of instructions in the form of the weather forecast. This mix of humid, subtropical climate patterns split the year into two seasons – hot summers and a cooler, more pleasant season from November to April. Also, keep in mind the hurricane season begins June 1st each year.

When dealing with this kind of climate, there should be a lot of preparation involved. Here are some handy packing tips to get you started:

  • Before you start packing, sort through your belongings and figure out what to get rid of to lighten the load,
  • Stay organized and clearly label each box with its contents and the room it belongs in,
  • Choose lightweight, breathable clothing for the humid summers,
  • Include some warm layers for the cooler months,
  • Don’t forget rain gear and sturdy footwear for the rainy season.

Create a Detailed Budget Plan For Your Move

Among necessary preparations, creating a detailed relocation budget is vital. Start by listing all potential expenses, including travel costs, initial housing expenses, and emergency funds. Once you’ve gotten a quote and hired a moving company, you can refine your budget with more specific costs.

A woman counting money for cross-country moving
Creating a budget is vital for avoiding those unpleasant surprises down the road

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Long-Distance Movers for the Job

Boxing up clothes for the humid climate is one thing – relocating furniture is a completely different task. Getting the right cross-country movers for the job, such as Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving, can make or break the whole ordeal.

Look for a company with a strong track record of providing reliable and efficient long-distance moving services. To make sure a company is legitimate, compare a few different options, checking reviews and insurance policies. A little bit of research now will not only ensure the safety of your belongings but also provide peace of mind throughout the move.

Use a Car Shipping Company to Unlock Those Endless Road Trips Through the Sunshine State

Florida is famous for its scenic drives and road trip destinations, so having your trusted four-wheeler will unlock the full glory of living in the Sunshine State. A reliable auto transport company can ship your vehicle safely, saving you the relocation stress and time of a long drive. This is particularly useful if you’re moving from a great distance or if you want to avoid wear and tear on your vehicle.

A Quick Newcomer’s Guide – Here’s How to Start Living Like a Local

Once the packing services and other logistics of your move are sorted, it’s time to level out the playing field and ensure you embrace the local lifestyle as soon as you get there. Becoming a part of Tampa’s dynamic community is much more than just meeting your neighbors – there’s a rich tapestry of experiences that can be explored. Here’s what you should look into.

Favorite Local Eats and Hangouts

Tampa’s culinary scene is as diverse as its population. From fresh seafood to Cuban sandwiches, the city boasts an array of local flavors. So, as soon as you unpack after the move, head out to the bustling markets, cozy cafes, and waterfront restaurants that locals love.

Tampa's Entertainment and Nightlife

When the sun sets, Tampa’s entertainment and nightlife scene comes alive. The city offers a variety of options, whether you’re looking for a quiet evening at a jazz bar or a night of dancing at a lively club. Explore the districts known for their nightlife, like Ybor City or the Channel District, and feel the city’s pulse, making new friends along the way.

Participating in Events and Festivals

One of the best ways to get ingrained in Tampa’s culture is by participating in local events and festivals. Tampa hosts several iconic events throughout the year, such as the Gasparilla Music Festival, Florida State Fair, and Tampa Bay Blues Festival. These events offer a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the local culture, music, and food while mingling with residents and fellow newcomers.

Avoid the Most Common Mistake and Prepare Your New Home

Tampa’s humid subtropical weather will require you to have a living space that’s adapted to both the heat and the occasional rain. Ensure your home has efficient air conditioning for the warm months and proper insulation for cooler periods.

Additionally, given Tampa’s susceptibility to hurricanes, it’s crucial to hurricane-proof your home. This includes installing impact-resistant windows, securing loose outdoor items, and having an emergency kit ready. Here’s a video to help you figure out what you should gather.

Enjoy the Gulf While We Make Your Move a Breeze

As you prepare for your journey to Tampa, let the thought of the soothing Gulf breeze be a reminder that your cross-country moving experience can be just as tranquil. With the right planning and support, relocating doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

In need of a reliable partner for the trip? Look no further than Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving. Our experienced team is dedicated to handling all aspects of your relocation with care and precision, allowing you to focus on the excitement of starting your next chapter. Contact us today to learn how we can tailor our services to your unique needs and take the first step towards a seamless transition to the Sunshine State.


Why Is Tampa So Popular?

Tampa is popular due to its vibrant culture, beautiful weather, and diverse attractions. The city offers a rich blend of urban amenities and natural beauty, including access to stunning beaches, a thriving job market, and a lively arts and entertainment scene.

How Much Money Do I Need to Move to Tampa?

The cost of relocating to Tampa varies based on factors like your current location, lifestyle, and housing choices. Generally, you should budget for moving expenses, housing costs, living expenses for the first few months, and any additional costs for setting up your new home. It’s always a good idea to have a substantial emergency fund, just in case.

How Far Is Tampa From the Beach?

Tampa is very close to several beautiful beaches. The city itself sits on Tampa Bay, with the nearest beach fronts like Ben T. Davis Beach, roughly a 20 to 30-minute drive away. Renowned Gulf Coast beaches like Clearwater Beach are approximately an hour’s drive, offering easy access to some of Florida’s most picturesque coastlines.

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