Step-by-Step Guide on How to Move a Heavy Desk

December 12, 2019 / Posted in How-to
Michael Vaughan

Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

You have gone through the logistics of the moving process so many times that you stopped counting. You sorted out everything, packed almost all of your belongings, but you’re still grappling with the question of how to move a heavy desk that has been in your possession for so long. You don’t want to part with this piece of furniture that has a certain sentimental value to you, but moving it to your new home is truly a daunting task.

professional movers packing boxes
Relocating a bulky desk to your new home could be demanding.

If you’re planning to pack everything on your own, it can be challenging indeed, but just because you have never packed a large desk before, it does not mean you will fail.  When it comes to packing, getting everything organized for a move requires some skills. If you do it step-by-step, you will have every piece of furniture secured, and there won’t be any consequences. It won’t do any harm checking some of the best tips for keeping this massive desk safe.


How Bad Do You Need to Pack and Move That Heavy Desk?

Before you get hooked up with the idea of packing, stop for a minute and ask yourself whether you need to move that piece of furniture at all to your new place. Make an assessment and check if it will be worth the moving costs, the time required for the shipping process, and all the lifting and carrying you have to do.

In the case of bulky objects, the decision of whether to load and move an item or leave it behind remains the most important one. This might not be the most reasonable decision, but your emotions have clouded your judgment, and you like the idea of having that grandma’s old writing table in your new home. Have a look at some of the factors you should take into account before we go into the moving tips:

  • Functional value– is it comfortable and functional?
  • Current condition– is it in good shape?
  • Aesthetic value– will its style be complement with new furniture in your place?
  • The weight – how many people are required to lift it?
  • Monetary value– can its market price justify the costs of relocating it to your new home?
wooden table and white chairs
If you like your large table a lot, find the way how to remove it, lif it, and place in your future house.

How to Move Heavy Objects All by Yourself?

Naturally, the easiest way to have that bulky object moved is to hire professional movers with packing services for the job. But if you decided that you want to remove it in time and without expert help, you should search for furniture sliders. Once you have sliders placed underneath each leg of the object, you can start pushing slowly to minimize any damage in the room. As much as you are enthusiastic about doing everything on your own, you still need a few extra hands to help you out especially when it comes to going down the stairs. This will be the perfect moment to call those best friends. If you are lucky enough, they won’t turn you down and you will have that vintage piece you like a lot moved with ease.

a wide range of tools
Search for adequate equipment to move the large table.

How to Move the Object in 7 Steps

The decision is final – you will do the heavy-lifting on your own. In that case, follow these simple tips with a few easy tricks which can make this task much more manageable. Also, with the tips, you’ll avoid possible floor damage and other large objects.

Step 1 –  Check If There Are Items in the Drawers of Your Desk

You could decide just to leave all the things in the drawers, lock them up and continue with the lifting. Even if you leave everything inside, make sure you take out the fragile items. It would be a real mess having delicate things falling on the ground in the middle of the process.

Step 2 – Use Plastic Containers, Dolly and Other Supplies

Before you get down to the packing process, check if you have the necessary equipment. Get hold of plastic containers, a dolly, sturdy boxes, and other tools that will help you to lift the bulky piece of furniture much faster. If you are relocating a piece from the office, remove all the paperwork and electronics.

Step 3 – Wrap Detached Elements

Does your table have elements made of glass or some other delicate material? If so, make sure you wrap those in protective packing paper and leave them aside. If your item is vintage, use bubble wrap to protect its sides – this will save it from being damaged. This will save it from being damaged. If you don’t have adequate material, search for some old clothes or blankets instead.

Step 4 – Don’t Just Empty the Drawers, Pack Them as Well

If you decided not to transport the object with additional things in it, make sure to take the drawers out slowly and put them aside. Remember to leave them in one spot, so you know where to find them once the whole object is loaded into a truck. They also have to be wrapped with protective paper and covered with some blankets to prevent the dust fall on it. You can also use soft packing paper as an initial layer.

Step 5 – Remove Other Furniture from the Room

If you have a big sofa and a couch in your living room, perhaps you would like to take those out before you start disassembling the escritoire. Anything that stands between the front door and the desk should be removed.

Step 6 – How to Move a Heavy Desk with Your Friends’ Help

One of the most important steps is to get the piece of furniture out of your home. This is the perfect moment for friends to jump in. Going down the stairs can be a bit problematic if you are carrying the bulky load all by yourself. Lift it slowly and make sure you have someone to assist you in case the situation gets out of control.

Step 7 – Load the Desk into the Moving Van – Don’t Forget the Drawers

It seems you are almost there. This is the final bit of the process, but it has to go well! If the moving truck is outside waiting, use the motorized loading ramp or at least the standard one. In case any of these are not available, someone should help you with the lifting.

pile of blankets
Use the blankets as a useful way to protect both the floor and other objects.

How to Move a Heavy Desk with the Help of a Moving Company?

The situation has gone out of control and you have damaged several things in your room. There is no time to search for bubble wrap, and you forgot to purchase plastic relocation boxes.

Don’t stress out! If you’re struggling with the packing process and you don’t have the strength and energy to lower the vintage piece down the stairs, there is a way! It’s easier to reach out to moving professionals than to destroy pieces of furniture and floor in your home – let someone else tackle the packing process for you.

professional movers carrying stuff
than to destroy pieces of furniture and floor in your home – let someone else tackle the packing process for you.

Don’t Forget to Carry Out Each Step Before the Movers Arrive

It depends on how much you want to do before the movers come in. You can free up space in the rooms and cover your carpets with some old blankets. There will be many people going up and down, so you better protect the floors. You can also leave that part to professional movers because hiring a moving company has many advantages. In most cases, they will be able to carry out the process from the beginning until the end without damaging the floor or any large thing in your place.

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