Moving to Another State Checklist if You’re Relocating With Kids

June 10, 2022 / Posted in Before the Move
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If you are preparing to move with your children to another state, you will have to plan each step of the relocation process thoroughly. A moving-to-another-state checklist will help you plan the move better and remind you when a certain task has to be completed. Read our article for more information on how to create the perfect list for relocating with children.

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It's vital to plan a moving-to-new-state checklist when relocating with kids

After serious consideration, you have finally decided that relocating to a small town would be the best option for your family. Your intention is to raise kids in a safe area where some of the best schools are located. But, your children might find relocation stressful and emotionally draining. If you wish to move safely and effortlessly, we recommend writing down a checklist for moving out of state. Start by asking yourself – what do I need to do before I move?

First Task on Your Moving-To-Another-State Checklist – Prepare the Children for Relocation

It’s essential for children to understand what relocation entails. For a successful move, they have to get accustomed to the fact that they will soon go to a different school, meet new friends and live in a different house. The key to getting your kids on board with the idea of relocation is to tell them early. They shouldn’t be the last to find out that the family will move to another state. We recommend explaining to them what the upcoming move will be like and answering any questions and concerns they might have.

Additionally, factor in their opinions and ideas. Ask them what they want to pack and what they want their future room to look like. They will feel involved and appreciated, and involving them in the process will have a positive impact on their self-esteem. This might help them accept the move with open arms.

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How to Pick the Perfect Time to Relocate?

So, when is the best time to move? When choosing the date of your relocation, you would need to take into account your budget, your kid’s school obligations, and your personal preferences. If you want to schedule the move during a period when relocation prices and the overall demand are low, move in winter or spring. During the spring and winter months, the demand is the lowest, so relocation companies offer affordable prices. You will be allowed to schedule the move based on your plan.

However, your kids would have to move during the school year, which might have a negative impact on them. The solution to this issue is to move in the summer. The children will have a much easier transition to a new school, and they will have more time to come to terms with the move.

It is also ideal if you are trying to sell your home since the demand is high during the summer months. On the other hand, relocation companies are usually booked throughout this period, so it is vital to schedule your relocation as soon as possible.

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It is ideal to book a move with your long-distance moving company for the summer if you are relocating with children

Research Everything About the Area You Will Be Living In

A frequently asked question is – what to consider before moving to another state? A great thing to do before ultimately finding trustworthy relocation companies is to research everything about the neighborhood you will be living in. Whether you are relocating to the suburbs or the downtown, gain a better understanding of the area since you will want your kids to grow up in a positive and safe environment.

First, you can look up the tool Walk Score and check what the walkability of the neighborhood is like. A low walkability score indicates that you will require a car to get around, whereas a high walkability score indicates that you can go almost everywhere on foot. Also, you will find more info on access to public transportation and the residential density.

Next, read comments from the residents online or ask people who live there already about their thoughts and impressions of the neighborhood. They will provide you with useful insights you can later utilize when settling down.

Don’t forget to find out more about the crime rates before you move. Ensure that the area you will be living in is one of the safest in the city. Check sites such as AreaVibes or CityProtect to find accurate statistics for every location.

How to Be Sure the Neighborhood is Child-Friendly Before Moving to Another State?

A vital part of your moving-across-country checklist is to research the neighborhood you will relocate to. However, if you wish to know if the area is also child-friendly, you will have to check if the environment is safe and suitable for kids. The best thing to do would be to visit the location for yourself.

Pay attention to what the neighborhood looks like, if homes are scattered around, far away from one another and if there are any children playing outside after local school hours. Search for spacious playgrounds that are well maintained and lit. Child-friendly neighborhoods always have spaces where kids can interact with each other and participate in fun activities.

Find out if there are family-oriented events organized throughout the year and if there are any family-friendly activities in the area, such as summer camps and sports teams. Also, bear in mind that your children should have access to the best possible education, so check if there are high-quality schools in the vicinity.

Make a Relocation Budget at Least 8 Weeks Before the Move

A huge part of a successful move is to prepare for all of the expenses in advance. Therefore, don’t forget to note down in your moving-out-of-state checklist that you need to make a relocation budget. Find out how much long-distance movers’ services will cost by contacting a relocation company and requesting a free quote. They calculate the expenses based on the inventory list, so the client has to decide what will be transported. In case you are looking to avoid additional costs, opt for packing and transporting fewer belongings from your home.

Factor in expenses for auto transportation services and also storage services. Prepare an emergency fund since there are often unexpected costs once the relocation is over. A useful relocation hack is to also calculate how high your living expenses will be when you move. So, researching prices of rent, groceries, transportation, and utilities will help you move more efficiently.

A woman calculating costs
Calculate all of your expenses so you can prepare for the move properly

Hire a Trusted Cross-Country Moving Company

Hiring a trusted relocation company that can provide you with the best long-distance moving services is of the utmost importance. Start your search by reading reviews and comments online. Find companies that generally have positive reviews that don’t seem misleading or false. Spotting false comments and reviews is quite easy – they are either overtly positive or don’t provide any useful information. Those reviews that have descriptions of the whole experience are, in most cases, trustworthy.

Make an inventory list and prepare questions for the cross-country movers before contacting the company. They will be able to provide you with a free quote if you know what needs to be transported to another state. Also, ensure that they are also an auto-transport company so that you don’t have to drive your car yourself but leave it to the capable movers.

Here is a video on relocation tips when searching for a reliable company.

Gather All the Necessary Documents

An essential part of getting organized to move is gathering and preparing all of the paperwork and documents needed to successfully relocate to another city. It might take a long time until you have everything gathered in one place, so it’s best to start early as possible. Here is what you will need to collect:

  • Identification card,
  • Social security number,
  • Financial records,
  • Driver’s license,
  • Birth certificates,
  • Vehicle registration records,
  • Medical records,
  • School records,
  • Any diplomas and certificates.

Knowing where all of these documents are will help you avoid anxiety about the relocation. Unexpected situations and problems might occur, but with necessary documents by your side, it will be easier to resolve any issue.

Don’t Forget to Forward Your Childrens’ School and Medical Records

As soon as you decide where you will be relocating to and what school the child should attend, make sure to transfer all of their records. Gather all of the school records in time and transfer them to the new school. It is beneficial to immediately inform the school about any potential issues or special needs your child may have.

The same process applies to forwarding medical records. Inform the child’s current physicians of the move and get referrals for the new healthcare providers. When you decide where your child will receive treatment, send all of the medical records right away. Then, you can schedule dentist and doctor appointments in the new city.

A contract and a pen
Many people ask - how do I start over and move out of state? Our tip is to start by gathering all of the documents you need

Start Packing for the Move to a New Home – Ask Your Children to Help You

When you gather all necessary packing materials and supplies, start boxing up your belongings. The easiest way to pack for the move is to start by sorting out belongings you won’t be needing right before the relocation and items you will need. For instance, it would be wise to first pack objects you won’t be using, such as winter clothing (if you are relocating in summer,) gardening equipment, kitchen items, and books. As the date of the move approaches, you should pack more and more of your stuff. Ask your children to lend you a helping hand. They can also decide on what items they want to keep and what to throw away.

Your whole family can take part in the packing process. Children can prepare the boxes by taping the bottom for extra caution, inspecting whether they are clean, and labeling them at the end. You can wrap the objects and place them in the boxes together with cushioning materials so as to avoid having anything damaged in transit.

Donate Some Of The Items You Won’t Be Transporting to the New Home

You will find a lot of items that you haven’t used in a long time during the packing and decluttering process. Some belongings are no longer useful if they are damaged or broken. But, certain appliances and objects can still be used. Perhaps your children have many clothing items they have outgrown or toys they no longer play with. Do not throw anything in the trash, but instead gather all of these items that can still be useful and donate them to the local Goodwill. You should donate unwanted things like old clothing, stuffed animals, shoes, bags, books, appliances, and kitchenware – all of them can be donated to local charity organizations.

A woman sitting in front of boxes
Don't discard anything that can be of value to someone else, so donate all of the unwanted belongings before contacting your movers

A Good Tip for Your Checklist for Moving to Another State – Pack an Essentials Bag for Your Children

You don’t have the slightest idea what kind of effect relocation will have on the child, so it is wise to make sure that your child has everything necessary during the day before and after the arrival at the new address. This is why an essentials bag is so important. Place in one bag wipes, diapers, clothing, first-aid kit, medications, stuffed animals, favorite toys, snacks, games, blankets, and toiletries. Don’t forget to have extra trash bags just in case the child spills anything and creates a mess.

Additionally, there should be another essentials bag with all of your necessities and commonly forgotten things to pack. Place in your bag water bottles, phone chargers, keys, wallets, relocation documents, easy-to-carry meals, toiletries, antibacterial sprays, and clothing.

Parents and a girl smiling and carrying boxes
Remember to prepare a bag of necessities when going through your list for moving out of state

Finally, Make Time for a Farewell Party

Changing your address and beginning life in another place might be the most challenging for your children. They will need time to process and adapt to the idea of changing everything they know. Host a farewell party if you want to make it easier for them to cope with the situation. You can invite your children’s friends, family members, and neighbors. Kids will have an opportunity to play with their friends but also say goodbye to them properly. They can even make plans on when they can visit and see each other again.

With Our Guide, Your Relocation Will Be Effortless

When considering changing your address and relocating to another home, you have to ensure your children are on board with that decision. The transition is completely different, and you won’t be asking yourself what are things to consider when you move out on your own. You will have to pay attention to your children’s opinions, needs, and requirements. Therefore make sure to thoroughly research the area you want to move to, hire trusted relocation and car-shipping company, and collect all of the necessary paperwork. Your children’s feelings should be your priority, so ensure that you have a farewell party on your moving-to-a-new-state checklist. We wish you the best of luck with your move.

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