Ultimate Moving Out List for People Relocating Across the Country

February 1, 2022 / Posted in Moving Basics
Eva Johnson

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If you want to relocate efficiently, you’ll have to approach the organization of your move in a structured way. That isn’t possible without creating a thorough moving-out list. Thankfully, we’ve summarized everything you need to know about creating one: from how to minimize your packing checklist to who you should inform about the move. So sit back, and let’s get to organizing!

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If you can, take a day or two out just for organizing - it'll mean a lot down the line

Ready to Relocate? Then You’ll Need a Thorough Moving Out List

If you’re getting ready to change your address, you should be prepared for a few hectic weeks of boxing up, contacting institutions and service providers, and of course – making lists. To be frank, relocating to another state isn’t easy. However, it is made much more manageable by having a structured approach to your move. If you’re not a methodical person by nature, or this is your first time relocating and you don’t know where to start – don’t worry. We are here to help you organize your move and keep at bay any unnecessary relocation stress.

Before You Start Doing Anything, Get a Binder for Your Documents and Lists

The first step – or to be more specific, step zero is getting a binder you’ll keep all the necessary documents, lists, and important contact information in. It is important to organize important documents and store them in a secure place if you don’t want to experience headaches later on in the process. After all, these are all documents you’ll have to use sooner or later when relocating, so it’s much more convenient to keep them in a binder you can pick up whenever the situation calls for it.

By getting a binder, you’re ensuring that you won’t be running around your house in the middle of the move, looking for that one very crucial phone number. All the important details will be safe and sound, and more importantly – collected in one place, so be certain to get a cute binder before any real preparations start.

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Binders are a great way to keep lists, documents, and information in one safe way.

Every Move Starts By Researching the City You Are Relocating to

When you are about to move to another country, it’s important to find out every little detail about the new city you are about to move to. That means you should find out the median home and rent prices, the cost of living, as well as employment opportunities. If you are relocating with family and children, you should find out about the best public and private schools, as well as crime rates.

Don’t forget to research transportation options and parking availability, as well as the best way to reach your future office. Since life is about more than just getting a new job, you should also research things like social outing opportunities. This includes the weather, the nearest hiking, and biking trails, as well as any amenities that would allow you to continue pursuing your interests and hobbies.

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Don’t Forget to Plan Your Relocation Expenses Budget Thoroughly

Whether you are relocating on a budget or not, you shouldn’t forget to create a thorough budget plan. Getting a hold of your expenses is crucial if you don’t want to spend more than you can. Although some unforeseen costs may arise, creating a relocation expenses checklist is the simplest way to keep them as low as possible. You should include the following items on it:

  • Auto transport company assistance fee,
  • The cost of hiring long distance movers,
  • The cost of packing materials and equipment,
  • Rent and parking costs,
  • Renter’s insurance,
  • Health insurance,
  • Relocation insurance,
  • The cost of using a storage unit,
  • The average price for utilities in the city,
  • Cable and phone bills,
  • Average grocery prices,
  • Unforeseen expenses budget.

Contact Cross Country Movers a Few Weeks Prior to the Move to Find Out the Cost of Long Distance Moving Services

If you’re planning on hiring a car shipping company and a long distance moving company, don’t procrastinate on getting a free quote. Not only will calling the companies in advance allow you to plan your budget in a timely manner, but it will help you save money in the long run. Although hiring movers to help out with cross country moving probably won’t break the bank for you, either way, there’s no need to spend extra cash if you don’t have to.

You can avoid that by contacting multiple relocation and auto transportation companies to obtain free quotes and compare prices. Still, make sure to read reviews on the movers you consider hiring and gather enough information to choose the right relocation company. You will not only obtain the best service but also get it for the lowest possible cost.

Make Sure to Create a Moving Out List of Things to Buy for the New Apartment

People often tend to pack furniture, clothes, bathroom inventory, and the rest of their belongings and move everything to the new home. However, in order to make an apartment feel like home, you will often have to redecorate. After all, this makes a lot of sense, as each relocation is a new chapter in a person’s life and deserves a fresh aesthetic to go with it. On the other hand, some might love their former home decor but can’t move everything they own over state borders.

Whatever the reason may be, you will surely have to buy a few things for the new home. Whether that’s a fresh mattress or a new lamp is beside the point. The task upon you is to try to think of anything and everything you may want and need in your future apartment and write it down on a piece of paper. Try to prioritize which things are more important, and thus, should be bought first, and which can wait until you get used to the big changes in your life. This is the easiest way to avoid making common budgeting and relocation mistakes.

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The surest way to keep your spending at a minimum is with thorough budgeting

A Thorough Home Packing Checklist Will Help You Secure Everything

Maybe the most important list for moving out is a thorough checklist of items you’ll pack. As you will find out soon enough, the process is more about figuring out what to bring with you than actually boxing up those items. In fact, the first thing you have to do is figure out what to get rid of and what to keep.

Creating a packaging schedule is much easier after a vicious declutter, where you will throw away, gift, or donate anything that is no longer serving you. Decluttering is also really important if you’re looking for the cheapest way to move. By removing unnecessary items from your inventory, you will be saving money on packaging materials and relocation services. Additionally, you won’t get in the situation where you need to pay extra to use a storage unit. While this step may be tedious, it is crucial, so don’t avoid it.

Start Planning Your Move By Writing Down a Complete Moving Out List of Essentials

If you’ve never moved before, you may not know what the best boxing-up strategies are. Well, we have some excellent relocation tips to share with you. Once your inventory is decluttered, it’s time to create a checklist. To make sure everything is packed, simply list all the stuff you will surely be taking with you. Once you write down all the essentials, continue with the less important items until you’ve accounted for everything you plan on taking.

Don’t forget to track down anything you may have lying around in a storage unit or a friend’s place, as it’s easy to let items that are out of sight slip from your mind. Unless you don’t mind driving back just to get something from the storage unit in a month or two, keep track of where your things are and include them on your packaging list.

Be Aware That the Planning Process and Actual Packing Don’t Always Flow in the Same Direction

Although you’ll be writing the essentials down first, you will actually be boxing them up the last. It’s quite logical if you think about it. The essential items are those that you, pretty much, need on a daily basis. Because of that, you want to make sure you’ve written them down, and thus that you will surely keep them when relocating.

At the same time, you will want to leave them out in the apartment you’re relocating out of until the very last minute so that you can use them before you move. That’s why it’s better to start the packing process by wrapping up the artwork, books, fancy glasses, and silverware you don’t use every day. That way, you will add structure to your relocation process, making the move much easier and more efficient.

It’s Important to Notify All Relevant Institutions and Individuals About the Big Life Change Coming Your Way

When you are relocating, there are multiple people, institutions, and service providers you will have to notify about the move. It’s crucial to update them with the new address information so that you can continue the next chapter of your life without any hindrance. Here is everyone you should officially inform about the upcoming relocation:

  • The USPS,
  • The DMV,
  • The IRS,
  • The Social Security Administration,
  • The bank and credit card companies,
  • Your boss,
  • Insurance providers,
  • Utility providers,
  • Monthly subscription services.

It Can Be Hard, But Find a Way to Say Goodbye to All Friends and Family

You will also have to inform your social circle about the change. Although saying goodbye can be difficult, that doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing your loved ones soon enough. However, since you will no longer be living a street apart from them, these relationships may take a different form in the future, and that’s okay.

Coping with moving away from friends and family can be difficult and emotional, but it’s just the inevitable “bitter” part of the bitter-sweet adventure you’re embarking on. To make the transition sweeter, have your friends and family over for some dinner and dessert, or take them out to grab a bite. It will be a night no one will forget. If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate your farewell soiree, check out this video.

That’s It. You’re Ready to Move!

With a complete and thorough to-do list for moving out of state, you have already done more than you can imagine for your move and yourself. It’s not just a pack of papers you’re dealing with. You’re creating a structure and plan for your entire relocation and all the many complex parts of it. While these tips will surely help you out, don’t hesitate to contact professional movers and get some packing assistance if needed. We wish you a lot of luck in the tasks that await you in the following weeks.

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