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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Dallas

July 10, 2020

If you’re looking for that southern hospitality, you don’t have to go all the way to the very south of Texas, because its northern hub, Dallas, doesn’t lack hospitality or anything else. Moving to Dallas is a decision that thousands of people make every year. And if you want to find out why, or you are about to become one of them, we recommend you to take a look at our guide.

happy couple ready to move
Did you decide that your future home will be in the state of Texas? You couldn't pick a better city than Big D.

What to expect when relocating to one of the most exciting cities in Texas? The Big D, also known as the city of Cowboys, is a growing metropolis that welcomes newcomers from all over the world. Its metro area, or Metroplex, is one of the fastest-growing in the country, so what can you expect from such a place? The high cost of living? Plenty of neighborhoods to choose from? Traffic jams? We will try to give answers to those and many other burning questions.

Moving to Dallas Texas – Things to Know

The Big D is one of the most common nicknames for this northern Texas hub. But if you stumble upon a nickname, the City of Hate, don’t start hesitating about living in Dallas. Know that that refers to the murder of Kennedy that occurred here in 1963. A lot of times, you will also find Metroplex as its nickname, although it relates to the DFW metro area. Don’t let that confuse you as well, because officially, Fort Worth and Big D are two separate places.

However, since both cities are growing and developing quickly, their merging is just a matter of time. The Big D itself has a population of 1.3 million residents, while its metropolitan area is home to more than 7 million people. Thousands are relocating here every year due to a great economy, abundant job opportunities, and relatively low expenses. Also, Big D is often referred to as one of the top cities for recent grads, job-wise, so it is a great place to kick start your career and gain much-needed experience.

Ferris wheel
Fort Worth and Big D are both growing and have a thriving job market.

What Companies Are the Biggest Employers in the DFW Region?

The Big D and its first neighbor Fort Worth are both very attractive for large companies and big employers. Hence it is not a surprise that the job market here is blooming. So if you are looking at how to get a job before you move, it is good to know who are the biggest employers around here:

  • AMR Corporation
  • Bank of America
  • TX Health Resources
  • Baylor Health Care System
  • AT&T
  • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.
busy highway
If you would like to get the best job out there, research the job market, and find out which companies are the biggest employers.

Is Dallas a Safe Place to Live?

Safety is one of the major concerns, whether you’re moving to a new city alone or with kids and family. Generally speaking, Big D is a safe place to live, but just like in any other metropolis, some areas are a bit notorious. Although the crime rate here is higher than the national average, it is still decreasing year after year, which shows that authorities are working hard to improve the safety of their citizens. Scammers and pickpockets are present even in smaller towns nowadays, so regardless of where you are, you have to be aware that not everyone around you has the best intentions. Just keep your eyes open, and don’t stress about it too much.

Which Section Has the Highest Crime Rate

If you want to avoid neighborhoods with a higher crime rate, you have to know the difference between stereotypes and real danger. Some hipsters and artsy areas are notorious for no reason. But when looking at crime rates, one area stands out, with a crime rate 243% higher than the national average, and that is South Boulevard-Park Row.

row of houses
If you want to find a new home that is located in a safe neighborhood, check out the crime rates for every community.

How Much Does It Cost to Live In Dallas?

When compared to other cities in TX, the cost of living in Dallas is not so bad, or expensive. In fact, the median household income is slowly but surely growing every year, and it is now around $52,000. When it comes to expenses, that mostly depends on your particular lifestyle. But in general, a single adult person needs around $870 per month for various expenses, without rent. The majority of your income will go on rent, so pick your future neighborhood wisely. In the chart below, you can find some of the significant expenses compared to other places in TX. Based on that, you can tell that life in Big D is not crazy expensive at all.

[table id=25 /]

Source: Numbeo

Miscellaneous Costs When Living as a Dallasite

We all know that preparing meals at home saves money, but sometimes we all like to relax and enjoy a meal that someone else cooks for us. If you’re looking to eat in an inexpensive restaurant, that experience is not going to break your bank, and you’ll spend no more than $15. But if you decide to splurge and try some of the best restaurants in Dallas, know that some of those places are really pricey. As a newbie in town, you’re probably not familiar with those spots and costs, so keep in mind that lunch at venues such as Nick & Sam’s, The Mansion, or Fearing’s Restaurant are generally pricey.

Besides eating out, you’ll probably be tempted to spend money on various things. Although this is Cowboy’s hometown, they play the majority of their games in a stadium in nearby Arlington, and a ticket for a good seat can be found for around $40. If you are relocating with children, know that there are plenty of things to do in Dallas with kids. You can take them to visit the local aquarium, the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden, Legoland Discovery Center, water park, and many public parks and outdoor areas that are kids friendly. One of the biggest attractions is the local zoo, which is the oldest zoo in the state. This zoo is currently home to more than 2,000 animals, and the admission fees are:

  • Children age two and under: free
  • Children 3 to 11: $14
  • Adults: $17
  • Seniors, older than 65: $14
metropolis at night
A city like Big D has a lot to offer, and we are sure you'll enjoy spending your time (and money) while exploring all the fun activities.

How to Find the Right Neighborhood In Big D

Choosing the right neighborhood is one of the crucial decisions you’ll have to make when relocating. But if you want to pick the best neighborhood in Dallas, you’ll have to do your research and figure out your priorities. With around 100 distinct communities, there is something for everyone, but since the options are numerous, you have to establish some criteria and narrow down the selection. Can you imagine staying in Dallas suburbs, or you have to be in the center no matter the cost? Let’s take a look at some criteria you should consider when choosing your future neighborhood.

  • Budget
  • Safety
  • Location
  • The age structure of the community
  • Proximity to your work
  • Proximity to schools and playground
  • Nearby amenities

8 Great Neighborhoods That Are Safe to Live In

We mentioned which neighborhood has a high crime rate, but don’t let that scare you because there are many more communities that are safe and quiet. Therefore we decided to share with you eight great residential areas that rank high in terms of safety, according to neighborhood scout, a webpage that analyzes communities across the country.

  • Northaven Rd / Inwood Rd
  • Cox Ln / Northaven Rd
  • Northaven Rd / Hillcrest Rd
  • Abrams Rd / Royal Ln
  • Hillcrest Rd / Royal Ln
  • Spyglass Dr / Briargrove Ln
  • Rawlins
  • Skillman St / Kingsley Rd

Should You Be Afraid of Tornadoes?

Chances to see a tornado around here are not particularly high, but it happens, and the most recent case was in 2019. The notorious “Tornado Alley” zone goes through the state of Texas, and although the northern part of the state is in that zone, the DFW area is pretty safe in that sense since it is located at the very edge of the tornado zone.

If you come from an area without tornadoes, you should know a few things on how to act in case of an emergency. A lot of people perceive them as an exciting and thrilling event, but the danger is real, so you should not test your luck and take shelter when instructed to do so.

What Is the Weather Like?

When it comes to weather, you can experience all four seasons here, although the climate is usually described as humid, subtropical. However, humidity is not really the biggest concern around here; occasional flooding and tornadoes are. Winters are mild, with little to no snow, so if you were wondering how to move during winter, here it does not differ much from moving in the summer.

empty streets
Although the state of TX is known for tornadoes, they are not so common in this city.

Fun Facts Every Future Dallasite Should Know

Besides useful information that could be handy for your everyday life, sometimes it is good to know some stats and facts that are interesting, funny, or just smart. It will help you get to know your future place of residence a bit better and learn something new about it.

  • On average, it only snows for 1.3 days per year
  • The frozen margarita machine was invented here in 1971
  • As many as 18 Dallasites are on the Forbes list of the wealthiest Americans
  • More than 27 million tourists come here every year
  • Here you’ll find the most extensive Art District in the entire US
  • The assassination of Kennedy occurred in Big D
  • In 1972, Cowboy Cheerleaders became the first professional cheerleaders
  • 7-11 was first opened in Big D, and its headquarters are here today
  • Bonnie and Clyde are only some of the famous Dallasites
a sculpture
Not even the locals know all of these fun facts, so this could be your chance to impress them.

International Relocation to Big D

If you’re coming from abroad, then your relocation process requires more detailed preparation so that upon landing on DFW International Airport, everything runs smoothly. The airport is located slightly closer to Fort Worth but is still close to the Big D, and it is connected to its Downtown with a train line. International relocations require a bit more logistics, and you’re probably wondering how long car shipping takes, should you ship your belongings by sea or air, and will you have to use storage services. Answers to those and many other burning questions can be easily found if you search for one of many expat groups. There are too many reasons why people move here, and since Big D is welcoming expats from all corners of the world, don’t hesitate to start your international journey.

Tips for Moving to Dallas With Professional Movers

Finding reputable Dallas long-distance movers that will handle your relocation and provide impeccable moving service should be on top of your priority list. So unless you’re doing a last-minute moving, start preparing your relocation on time. Learn how to recognize fake moving reviews and send a few quotes to various companies to compare the costs. Don’t forget to pay attention to packing service and what is included, because the terms tend to vary from one company to another.

empty streets during the sunrise
Expats from all over the world found their new home right here, are you going to be one of them?

Is It Worth Moving to Dallas?

This question is one of those that you should consider before you even get a job there or schedule your relocation. What are the pros and cons for you? Are you relocating interstate or cross country, alone or with kids and pets? Do you know enough about Big D? We all have our expectations and different reasons for relocation. But it is important to stay real to avoid getting disappointed in the end. But we are sure that if you give it a chance, Big D won’t let you down.

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