10 Best Neighborhoods in Dallas to Live In

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      If you’re looking for the right spot to start the next chapter in your life, you may find it in Texas. There is something for everybody, from rural regions to the bustling cities. If you wish to settle in the latter, then check the list of best neighborhoods in Dallas we made for you. We’re sure that Big D will rise to the expectations.

      grey family household in Florida
      Dallas, Texas, is a great place to live

      Before moving to Dallas, like to any other city, you should do a little bit of research. Its menu of things to do is extensive, but perhaps the most important topic, besides the cost of living in Dallas, is where you should live. A choice of the part of town may affect your daily routine, via nearby amenities or length of commuting to work. It may have a huge impact on your children’s educational opportunities, for not all areas are served by the best schools in town. All in all, the chosen neighborhood’s going to have a lot with the overall quality of life. So stay with us on our tour around D-Town, made famous by namesake soap opera and the Cowboys and Mavericks. And once you get to explore the Big D on the spot, shipping a car cross country can only be very helpful.


      A Shortlist of the Best Neighborhoods in Dallas

      Dallas is the third Texan city by population, and ninth in the US, but also the largest landlocked metropolitan area in the country. Therefore, there is an abundance of different neighborhoods, each offering a distinct experience. Listing them all would probably take much more than a single article. So here are our top picks:

      • Victory Park
      • Design District
      • Deep Ellum
      • Lakewood
      • Lakewood Heights
      • Preston Hollow
      • Park Cities

      What Are the Nice Areas of Dallas and What Are Not So Nice

      Different people feel more at home in different places. Young single professionals will likely value different aspects of neighborhoods than people with kids or retirees. Still, there certainly are some criteria that are common to all social groups. Here we can safely put safety, for example. Most people would also prefer lots of green areas, the possibility of walking or biking, and to be, if not close to, then well connected with downtown. A decent amount of entertainment can never hurt, too. So, which parts of town check those boxes? Actually, quite a few.

      To start with the most affluent ones, we have to mention Preston Hollow and the enclave called Park Cities. Then there are family-friendly areas of Lakewood, Oak Lawn, and Lower Greenville. Young professionals will most likely feel at home in hip and vibrant areas such as Knox-Henderson, Deep Ellum, or Trinity Grove. And then there’s Downtown Dallas.

      On the other hand, there are parts of town you definitely don’t wish to move to. Those are mostly located in the city’s south, with large parts of the Oak Cliff area falling under that category. Five Points, Eagle Ford, Wolf Creek, or Parkdale are other examples of neighborhoods with high unemployment, low income, and high crime rates.

      Rent in the Best Neighborhoods in Dallas – 2020 Edition

      Even though the average rent for homes in D-Town stands around 1,250 dollars (according to rentcafe.com), it can be quite higher in the more affluent areas. Since we’re talking about the best neighborhoods in Dallas, those are, in a way, our target. So here is the list of current real estate prices and rents in the areas you should aim for:

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      Many of the best neighborhoods in Dallas also have affordable rents

      Our First Pick Among the Best Places to Live In Dallas – Victory Park

      Our tour around the best places to live in Dallas starts in Victory Park. Located northwest from the center, in the beautiful Oak Lawn area, VP has it all. It is a commercial and cultural hub of D-Town, with great shopping and entertainment options that draw residents and tourists alike.

      From the resident’s point of view, the neighborhood is physically separated from the center by a freeway, but the access is quick and easy. In fact, the entire Dallas is near, with two light rails connecting VP to the rest of the metropolis. There is also a direct connection to the international airport.

      We already mentioned that VP is a shopping mecca, with many malls and retail stores. But there’s much more. People fond of walking or cycling are in for a treat, since VP is on the route of a path known as Katy Trail. Once part of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (MKT or Katy, hence the name), it has transformed into 3.5 miles of bikers paradise.

      Another perk of VP is the American Airlines Center, the arena where the NBA’s Mavericks and NHL’s Stars play their home games. And some of the best restaurants in Dallas are there as well.

      All in all, it’s no wonder that people choose to live in a place dubbed by his developer as an “urban lifestyle destination.”

      Dallas Downtown
      If you're making your new home in Oak Lawn area, go for Victory Park

      Where to Live In Dallas If You’re Looking for a Cultural Experience? Consider Design District

      Dallas was once one of the biggest centers of the textile industry in the US. After a period of slumber, the shops are reopening in the old spot – Design District. Today, it is an upscale part of town, with dozens of art galleries, lovely restaurants, design showrooms, and modern apartments in newly-built buildings. And the best thing about it? It all happened by itself, without an outside masterplan.

      What you can expect in the neighborhood with a population of fewer than 2,000 people is creativity on every step. That goes for antique shops on Slocum Street as well as for restaurants such as FT33, which brought D-Town back on a culinary map with a bang.

      We can say with certainty that Design District offers one of the finest living in Dallas experiences of them all if, especially if you’re moving to a city alone. Being very close to the city’s center only adds up to the vibrant entertainment options in the neighborhood itself.

      Where Do Hipsters Live in Dallas

      Can you imagine a tight-knit community in the neighborhood that doesn’t aim to be hip but nonetheless is? If yes, then you think about Deep Ellum. Named after its main lifeline, Elm Street, Deep Ellum has, for decades, been a hotbed of music and entertainment in Dallas. Some of the famous early blues masters, such as Robert Johnson, played in Ellum’s joints in the 1930s, famous bands and musicians from the 1990s did the same, and many have immortalized its name in their songs.

      A couple of thousands of Ellum’s residents live in and among old buildings, with wide, tree-lined streets. It is a very walkable, and a perfect spot to go out and meet new neighbors in many music venues, art galleries, or lovely restaurants.

      Still, Deep Ellum has always had the spirit of the underdog. When it was founded to the east of downtown in 1873, it became a safe haven for those who didn’t fit into society. Generations of residents, musicians, and other artists and crafters made it what it is today – a hip cultural hub that folks love and enjoy. Everywhere you turn, there’s some activity, and each day brings something new and exciting.

      Dallas city skyline sunset
      Big D is big on culture, and has entire neighborhoods to show it

      Lakewood and Lakewood Heights are Among the Best Neighborhoods in Dallas for Families

      If you’re moving across country for love and plan to start a family in Big D after moving in with your significant other, there are not many better places to do it than Lakewood. This neighborhood, sitting on the west shore of White Rock Lake, is probably the most family-friendly of all of them. The place is lovely, it’s close to the center, and all of the amenities and the lake provides countless options for things to do in Dallas with kids.

      Moreover, it has, in many ways, the feel of the Dallas suburbs. Still, what sets it apart the most is the unique and robust sense of community.

      Lakewood’s population is very tight-knit and fiercely committed to the pride and joy of the area – Lakewood Elementary School. It is one of the best schools in Dallas, with multiple awards, and is one of the often-cited reasons to move there. Also, it is not uncommon for folks who moved out of Lakewood to return when their children grow up to school age. Indeed, what most people love about Lakewood is the opportunity to take their kids to school on foot, along the shore or beneath the trees that line the streets.

      Of local amenities, most famous is Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, a great spot to take the kids on weekends or any other day, with a view on the lake. Not far from there, the kids and grown-ups alike can shop and dine in fine establishments. Local PTA is also very active in organizing events and fundraising for the school.
      The only downside to Lakewood is, as you may have guessed, mosquitos. If you’re moving in the summer, be ready for war from day one.

      Also in East Dallas, and leaned on Lakewood, sit Lakewood Heights. This residential part of town ranks very high as a home for families. Residents of all genders and ages there work together to make the community a better place to live.

      Neighborhood’s main staple is Tietze Park, one of the city’s larger green spaces. It contains endless opportunities for adults and kids (even animals, if you’re moving with pets). There are paths for walking or jogging, spots for picnics and barbecues, community swimming pool with rock wall, and of course, sports courts – baseball, basketball, and tennis. Once you explore all the recreational and other areas beneath oaks and cedars, you’ll see why it’s so good to be a Lakewood Heights resident.

      Lakewood is one of those places that make you adore the city of Dallas

      How to Pick the Safest Neighborhoods in Dallas

      Before you contact moving services to relocate you to another town, you should always doa little digging into the shortlisted neighborhoods. Topics should be the prices of homes, job opportunities, how well the area is connected to the other communities, schools, etc., but also safety.
      So what should come into consideration when it comes to safety?

      The first and obvious box to check should be a low crime rate, both violent and non-violent, which is not something that Texas was known for. On the contrary, in many areas, it became synonymous with violence. But things have changed a lot, in Dallas and the other cities, and they become much safer in that regard.
      Other factors to consider are unemployment level, state of the roads, police presence, and others.

      What Are the Safest Neighborhoods in Dallas TX

      Dallas has grown over the years, and many neighborhoods became upscale and, therefore, safer. The prime example of that is Bluffview.

      Bluffview is a hilly slice of Dallas’ paradise, along the Bachman Branch and streams that feed it. Most of the residents there own their homes, which are quite valuable. That is due to being well connected with the center and all the city’s attractions, marvelous views, and a number of quality schools within its boundaries. Its main staple and a spot where people come to spend time outdoors is a namesake parkland, with children’s playground, basketball court, soccer field, and many tables suitable for picnics.

      Crime rates are dramatically lower than the city’s average, and a reliable and well-organized neighborhood watch takes care that it stays that way.

      Safety should be high on the menu when choosing a new spot to live

      Want to Move to the Best Neighborhoods in Dallas to Live in? Then Head North, to Preston Hollow

      North of the Dallas center lies Preston Hollow, an elite part of town in every sense of the word. It is there, among trees and creeks, that live some of the wealthiest and most famous Dallasites and Texans. George Bush has a house in Preston Hollow, as do Mark Cuban, Dirk Nowitzki, and many more current or former Cowboys, Mavericks, and Stars, and scores of other athletes, businesspersons, and local politicians.

      Even when not living in manors, residents of Preston Hollow can boast beautiful and spacious homes. Even more importantly, more than two-thirds of them are homeowners. So, if you have a larger amount of cash on your account and have your heart set on moving from an apartment to a house, Preston Hollow may be just what you’re after.

      This part of Dallas is famous for high-end shopping and dining, with Preston Royal Shopping Center being somewhat of a hub of the community. There are also public parks with spaces for sports, but also good, old-fashioned hanging out with friends or family.

      Still, what drives people to come to the Preston Hollow, besides the luxurious appeal of it, are top-notch private schools. The neighborhood’s home to some of the elite institutions, both those run by religious organizations and others. Tuitions are astronomical, but attending a private school in Preston Hollow opens up many doors for children.

      What Is the Best Neighborhood to Live in Dallas Metro Area? Park Cities Are Strong Contenders

      Do you fancy moving to the suburbs and yet living in the city? Well, Dallas offers precisely that, in the form of two formally independent municipalities known as Park Cities. Located just north of Dallas’ center, University Park and Highland Park are wholly surrounded by the metropolis, while at the same time having their own police, fire department, and school district. The enclave is one of the wealthiest spots in Texas, and also one with the most educated community. Indeed, as in Lakewood, schools are the gel that brings the people together. Public schools are a part of a system that begins with pre-school institutions and goes all the way up to high schools.

      University Park grew around the buildings of the Southern Methodist University. It is close to the center and well-connected with it. If you ask the locals, they’ll probably tell you that the best part is that they don’t have to get on jammed highways to move around Big D. So the auto transport service may well be the choice. However, while the car would make moving around much more comfortable, many of University Park’s main hotspots are hell for those looking for a parking spot. Among those are Snider Plaza and Holmes Aquatic Center, summer haven for the local population.

      University Park sports great but costly houses, with large yards. The average price of a real estate there easily tops 1.25 million dollars.

      Highland Park, southern one of the two, offers its residents long streets lined with trees. Such surroundings, along with excellent safety, provide the perfect opportunities for long walks. Among the favorite spots for weekends out is Lakeside Park along the banks of Turtle Creek.

      Highland Park and some of the other best places in Dallas lie north of downtown

      Uptown – Urban Lifestyle Mecca in the Heart of D-Town

      Just north from the city’s center sits fashionable and hip Uptown. It is where young professionals dwell, and everything there is suited to their needs. It is a place of residential blocks, with reasonable rents, and therefore it’s a good choice for those moving out for the first time.

      Uptown is one of the best neighborhoods for those who love to walk, whether bar hopping on McKinney Avenue or setting out along the Katy Trail to Victory Park or Park Cities. A useful tip: you can ride on McKinney Avenue Trolley free of charge. Even more useful tip: it’s faster to walk.

      And there’s one crucial piece of local lore to know. Uptown became a neighborhood in its own right only recently. Before that, it was thought of as just another corner of Oak Lawn. Many Lawners never recognized this “secession” and still treat Uptown as their own.

      North of the city center is Uptown, hotspot of entertainment and affordable homes

      Dallas Is a Metropolis With a Welcoming Soul

      Even though every town is different, and moving from a small town to a big city can seem scary at first look, Dallas has more than a few neighborhoods that will make you feel like you’ve never left your hometown. If you feel it’s time for packing up your belongings, all you have to do is to call Dallas movers near you and let them handle the heavy lifting while you choose between the best neighborhoods in Dallas and maybe even buy things you need for your first apartment.

      As you could see, there’s something for everybody. Some parts of Big D are perfect if you’re moving for a relationship, while others just invite you to find out how to pack a bicycle for moving. What is certain is that there’s a niche for all. All you have to do is make the call and make the first step toward a new, better life.

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