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Here Are the 12 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas on a Budget

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      Apart from being the city of shining lights, 24/7 entertainment, and gambling, Las Vegas is also the place of delicious food. And when you happen to be on a losing streak and spend most of your money at the gambling table, you’ll want to find the best restaurants in Las Vegas on a budget. So take a look at our list of suggestions.

      food on a plate
      LV can be a foodie paradise

      If you’re looking to relocate to Vegas and save some money, find the cheapest way to move out of state. And once you make a home here and want to treat yourself to a nice meal, the good news is that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. The vast number of diverse restaurants is a perk of moving from a small town to a big city, so keep reading our list of the 12 best and affordable places where you can have a delicious bite. Even if you’re only here for a vacation, we’re sure you’ll find something for yourself.


      #1 Peppermill Is One of the Best Restaurants in Las Vegas If You’re on a Budget

      Located on the Strip itself, this iconic place featured in many movies and music videos has been serving affordable, tasty meals around the clock for forty years now. Peppermill has been voted the best in Las Vegas year after year, and it’s famous for its atmosphere, drinks, food, and sweets.

      Grab a burger or some waffles for breakfast, or go for lunch and order a steak and soup of the day. They have a wide choice of sandwiches with chicken meat and vegetables for $15, which can be a whole meal. You can get an entérese for around $20, so choose between a salmon fillet or maybe creamy chicken in Dijon mustard.

      chicken dish
      Choosing chicken meat for lunch is never a mistake

      #2 Don’t Skip Echo & Rig

      Apart from reinventing the very concept of steakhouses and bringing back the neighborhood butcher idea, Echo and Rig’s self-proclaimed mission is to provide value and quality for every dollar their guests spend. You can grab dinner and bring it home, or come to their place, find a table, and enjoy the atmosphere and the pleasant interior.

      And Echo & Rig does offer quality at a fantastic price. Classic steak and bone marrow carne asada are highly recommended; combine them with Portobello fries and have a bottomless mimosa for $16, or any cocktail for $11. Their Over the Rainbow salad is exceptional, too. You’ll surely love the combo of farro, quinoa, bell peppers, corn, red onion, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, almonds, and champagne vinaigrette.

      mojito cocktail
      A delicious cocktail choice always makes a restaurant more tempting

      #3 Find Delicious Cheap Eats at Monta Ramen

      For all fans of ramen and other traditional Japanese dishes, Monta Ramen is a must! Their goal is to provide “Washoku for Everyone,” with Washoku being the set of norms and traditions associated with Japanese cuisine.

      At a fair price, you can get a fantastic meal that will fill up your stomach. They serve kurume-style ramen with a decent slice of pork, thin noodles, and unique soy sauce imported from Japan. Basic toppings are black mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and green onions. Make sure you try their pork belly bowl as well or fried rice and dumplings that you can share with someone. The reviews on Yelp prove it all!

      It’s One of the Best Options for Under $20

      Miso soup is also fantastic, and it comes at a price of just $8. Add six pieces of gyoza for five bucks and a bowl of rice for a dollar, and you’ll get a full meal for under 15 bucks – isn’t that something?

      ramen and meat
      Ramen originates from Japan and the word itself means "pulled noodles"

      #4 Have a Slice at Secret Pizza

      Craving a slice of tasty pizza with some toppings and salads? Secret Pizza is Sin City’s hidden gem where you can have a fresh slice covered in parmesan cheese and oregano. Here’s a tip: this place is not easy to spot if you’re walking by, so look for it on the third floor of the Cosmopolitan. It’s also fantastic for a late-night snack since it’s open until 4 in the morning, and it’s vegetarian friendly, too. You’ll receive quick and friendly service, along with a delightful and pretty affordable slice.

      A pepperoni pizza pie
      You might feel guilty afterward, but we all know how well pizza tastes at 2 AM

      #5 All-American Bar and Grille Has a Diverse Menu That Won’t Cost You an Arm and a Leg

      How about sharing large portions of comfort food such as dry-aged steaks and seafood? All of that is on the menu at All-American Bar and Grille. Everyone can find something they want – the lunch and dinner menu have so many options. Southern hospitality rounds up the experience along with ice-cold beer by the pint and a vast wine selection in the bar.

      Check out Their Original American Kitchen

      Stop by for a tasty omelet for breakfast, ribeye steak for lunch or dinner, and add chicken or salmon to any salad or pick one of their sandwiches served with French fries. Clam soup or chicken noodle soup is excellent for the end of the day.

      beer in the pub
      Make sure that a pint of beer accompanies your burger

      #6 Tacos El Gordo Has Some Delicious Offers for You

      Established in 1972, this Mexican restaurant chain opened its first location in Vegas some ten years ago and has since become one of the city’s favorites, and not without reason.

      Tacos El Gordo is a family-owned business that is well known for the quality service they provide their customers with at a reasonable price. Apart from authentic Tijuana tacos, they serve other Mexican culinary staples like quesadillas, mulas, tostadas, sopes, and different combinations of tortillas with meat and toppings.

      Try Authentic Tijuana Tacos at a Low Cost

      Handmade corn tortillas filled with meat that melts in your mouth and all the salsas made daily will fulfill all your needs. Many customers left five-star reviews for their spicy adobada and carne asada. Why not come and join the long list of satisfied customers? Find them on Facebook or Instagram and keep up with the new additions to their menu.

      tacos and dip
      National Taco Day is celebrated on the fourth of October

      #7 Village Pub and Cafe Is One of the City’s Favorites

      People who visited some of the 12 Village Pubs throughout the city described them as authentic Vegas treats. With their promotions, happy hour, and coupons, the ratio between the taste of the meals, service, and the price is amazing.

      Self-described as “Your Local Pub,” Village Pub and Cafe is a place where you can have a heavenly meal for around ten bucks. Daily specials change all the time, and you can order anytime from 11 AM till the supplies last.

      Low on Cash? Come Over to This Vegas Pub and Have a Taste of Various Specials

      Meat lovers can enjoy themselves here seven days a week. Their specials differ day by day, so here’s what you can expect:

      • Half a chicken on Monday
      • Pot roast on Tuesday
      • Pork chop on Wednesday
      • Corned beef on Thursday
      • Fried shrimp on Friday
      • Prime rib on Saturday
      • Roast turkey on Sunday.

      Choose your favorite day, and have a great meal at a low price.

      person working on laptop
      Take a look at their website before stopping by to make sure that you like the daily offer.

      #8 Try Yolö’s Mexican Grill at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

      This Mexican grill joint located at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is all about the party! As its name suggests, you only live once, so make sure you eat and drink well. From lunchtime till midnight, this restaurant will welcome you in a modern atmosphere and with food that keeps up with the vibe.

      It serves traditional Mexican cuisine with an international twist, South American touch, and even a hint of the Caribbean. Executive Chef Josh McKinney is an expert in making unexpected mixes of flavors that leave customers speechless.

      For under 11 bucks, you can have a pleasant lunch, and if you arrive at the happy hour Monday through Thursday, 3 PM to 6 PM, you’ll pay five dollars less.

      Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Have a Drink at YOLO’s Bar

      Visiting Yolö’s is a chance to try some of the sixty tequilas they have in the bar. Fresh fruit margarita is also a must, as are some of their red and white wines. Sangria is a fantastic refreshment and goes well with dessert because of its sweet taste.

      tequila shots and salt
      As a traditional Mexican drink, tequila is drank neat: without lime and salt.

      #9 Affordable Late-Night Dining at the Henry Is Available 24/7

      Fantastic food round the clock is what you can expect here. No matter what kind of meal you are longing for, The Henry is open and waiting to serve you some of their specialties alongside fine cocktails. Make sure to try their signature dishes – Short Rib Benedict and Henry’s Big Brioche French Toast with maple syrup, fresh berries, and whipped butter. Have a taste of their American comfort food in a casual ambiance with an upscale charm. We promise you’ll have a great experience on a budget.

      crowded eatery
      Don't look at the time, just enter this eatery and enjoy.

      #10 Sundance Grill at Silverton Casino Is Also Great for Budget-Friendly Midnight Snacks

      Another eatery that works around the clock, Sundance Grill is the best dining spot to come by with an empty stomach and enjoy an inexpensive but delicious meal.

      Late-night specials are available till five o clock in the morning, and you’ll get the chance to taste their specialties, all for under ten bucks! All American cheeseburgers cost seven dollars, New York steak and eggs are six dollars, and two buttermilk biscuits with country gravy cost less than four bucks.

      They have a considerable menu that allows you to choose between a variety of yummy dishes like pancakes, waffles, soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and specially designed menus for kids – all at affordable prices.

      person holding a menu at the restaurant
      With an offer that diverse, it may be hard to choose what to eat.

      #11 District One Kitchen & Bar Is There If You’re Hungry for Some Vietnamese Dishes

      Pho noodles and soups are best at District One! Their menu will definitely satisfy your belly and your wallet. For under seventeen dollars, you can pick any meal, even Oxtail with onions, fried rice, and a sunny-side-up egg. Small plates are all under nine bucks, and pho broth costs around ten dollars. Find them on Facebook and Yelp and check what the satisfied previous customers recommend.

      person handling money
      Tasty yet cheap meals are possible - even in Vegas!

      #12 Peng Zu Asian Cuisine Has a Lot to Offer for Under 20 Bucks

      Once you view their menu, you’ll see that you can share a delicious meal and be full for a low price. They have a variety of Asian dishes, phenomenal and friendly staff, and flavorful offerings served in an authentic ambiance. 

      Everything is freshly prepared, and the rating of 4.7/5 on Facebook proves how many customers have left this restaurant happy. The hot and sour soup is a trademark, as are the crisp vegetables with fresh shrimp. We recommend Lettuce Wraps as an appetizer- minced chicken, spring onions, water chestnuts, black mushrooms, crispy rice noodles, and hoisin sauce. You won’t regret it, and the meal will cost you only seven dollars.

      If you came for a bigger meal, try Kung Pao Chicken with marinated chicken breast, vegetables, chili peppers, peanuts, spring onions, and kung pao sauce. All of that will cost you just fourteen bucks.

      Chinese food
      Spent all the money last night in a casino? Don't worry, Peng Zu has got you covered.

      Are You Planning to Move to Sin City? We Can Help There as Well

      If you’re reading this because you plan to relocate to the so-called Entertainment Capital of the World and hit the famous Strip as soon as possible, we have tips for that as well. The most important thing is to find reliable Vegas long-distance movers with moving services and maybe packing services if you don’t want to do that part of the job yourself. It would be a good idea to transport your auto as well so you can commute easier. Find a company that can offer you a bundle deal for relocating household goods and a vehicle at the same time. It will be one more thing you can do to save some money if you’re looking at how to move out of state on a budget.

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