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Things to Know If You’re Thinking of Moving to Las Vegas

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      The renowned Sin City, with its neon lights and world-famous, non-stop entertainment, is where many folks go to chase their dreams or test their luck. In fact, America’s Playground is probably the only place in the world where tourists outnumber residents at any given time. But moving to Las Vegas and making a home there means engaging in everyday activities outside of the iconic Las Vegas Boulevard and other entertainment hotspots visited by tens of millions of people every year. So, let’s get on with our guide to the essential things to know if you’re thinking of relocating to this desert gem.

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      You need the best info before relocation, and our guide is here to help you.

      General Moving to Las Vegas Pros and Cons

      Before we dedicate due attention to the most important aspects of relocating to the Entertainment Capital of the World, we’ll run through some of Vegas’ upsides and downsides.

      First, to get the obvious part out of the way, entertainment is top-notch. And we’re not talking only about gambling and nightlife. There are also more and more top-level sports, and few music stars omit Vegas from their annual tour stops.

      On to the cost of living in Las Vegas. Housing is surprisingly affordable, with much real estate up for taking in 2020, and overall expenses are much lower than in other popular destinations across the US. Also, Nevada doesn’t impose state taxes.

      On the other hand, the weather in Vegas is hot for the better part of the year. Still, when winter comes, you may as well need a jacket. If you’re moving in the summer, however, be prepared for real desert weather from day one.

      Thanks to the climate, the Las Vegas Valley area often has trouble with water supply, with a nearby lake getting emptier and emptier.
      Still, probably the biggest downside is that local folks are not that so welcoming to newcomers. When you first meet new neighbors, they will probably take you as a tourist, but in time, they’ll open up.

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      If you're considering making a new home in Las Vegas, know that pros largely outnumber the cons

      Best Moving to Las Vegas Advice – Find Work You Like to Afford a Great Living

      If you’re planning on living in Las Vegas, you have to work there as well. You’d be forgiven for thinking that only things that work in town are casinos. It is often said that the most lucrative jobs in Vegas are valet and waiter. And it certainly was so. But Vegas has gone a long way from the days of the most (in)famous founding fathers, characters like Mayer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel (or Moe Green, for movie lovers). Today, its economy is quite vibrant, even though still predominantly reliant on tourism and gambling. Other industries with heavy presence are construction and retail.


      Is Moving to Las Vegas a Good Idea

      The short answer to this question is yes, unless you have gambling issues, that is. Just outside of bustling tourist meccas of Fremont and Strip lie cozy neighborhoods well stocked with everything you might wish for.

      If you’re moving to a city alone, there’s nightlife and entertainment. If you’re moving across the country for love, you and your significant other can take part in some of the many romantic activities in and around Sin City. Really, once you leave behind fountains and casinos, sin is well below the ordinary level.

      And to round it all up, if you master the art of how to get a job before you move, you can make quite a lot of dough to accommodate a new lifestyle after moving to Las Vegas. According to the data provided by specialized website, the average monthly salary in the city is around 3,500 USD.

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      For many people, living in Vegas Valley area is a dream come true, and we're sure you'll love life there

      Things to Know Before Moving to Las Vegas

      The next step in our guide is about stuff that makes a living. You know, prices of rent and groceries and such. In other words, here’s what you will encounter every day, from day one.

      How Much Does It Cost to Move to Las Vegas

      So, let’s say you made up your mind about relocation. The next question that pops up is what is the cost of moving services. That depends on several factors, of which distance is the main one. Relocation from LA is cheaper than one from the East Coast. Professional packing services, should you decide to order them, add to the cost. So does auto transport, whose price may vary depending on the chosen type of carrier.

      Those are the main items that affect the moving estimate. The good thing is that every decent moving company will offer you free storage space for a certain amount of time.

      Is Las Vegas Cheap to Live?

      As we said before, the Las Vegas Valley area is a relatively affordable place to live. That is best seen in housing prices. To rent a small apartment in the city’s center, you will need, on average, around 1,200 USD per month. Outside downtown, or if you’re moving to the suburbs, that amount drops to less than a grand.

      If you wish to buy, a square foot in the center goes for around 220 USD on average, while outside of it, the price is around 1,700 USD.
      The basic utility bill stands at about 160 dollars.

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      Groceries are also on the cheaper side of the coin, as are almost all the things you need for your first apartment.

      When it comes to taxes, Nevada doesn’t collect income tax, while property tax is low, at 0.8%, on average. The City of Las Vegas charges sales tax at the 8.25% rate. Hotels are taxed pretty steeply, at the rate of 13.35%.

      Where Should I Move in Las Vegas – Best Neighborhoods Around the Strip

      Choosing among the best neighborhoods in Vegas can be bittersweet since whichever you opt for, there will be regret for some other one. However, the choice has to be made, so we created a list of our picks in case you’re single.

      For starters, there’s downtown with its many neighborhoods. Young professionals and millennials love areas of Summerlin and Arts District. Not in the center, but close enough is Henderson.

      On the other hand, if you’re single but prefer peace and quiet (or perhaps you’re a writer who’s racing with the deadlines), the suburb of Mount Charleston may be the right place for you. Not only is it cozy and within an hour’s drive from the city’s center, but it’s a way cooler than in Vegas. That’s right, almost 30 degrees lower.

      If you’re moving for a relationship, you may wish for a different setting, but we’ll get to it in a moment.

      Tips on Getting Around or Reasons Why You’ll Want a Car

      As is somewhat usual for desert cities (and Vegas is the prime example of that, there isn’t enough rain for cactuses), outside-of-center Vegas is not very walkable. Yes, it’s hot, but there’s also the issue of everything being far apart from everything else. Since the public transportation system isn’t among the better ones, shipping a car cross country puts itself as the only viable solution.

      There is a high probability of traffic jams, especially in certain spots during rush hour, but the street network is easy to navigate and learn. Oh, here’s one of the expert moving tipsnever leave your car in direct sunlight. Or without sunshade across the wheel. After a while in the sun, the car interior will be somewhere between a sauna and the eighth circle of Hell.
      There is also one international and two local airports, in case you wish to travel further.

      kid and parents moving
      High quality of life is just one of the reasons to make your new home in Vegas area in 2020

      Moving to Las Vegas With Family and Kids

      Relocation with family invites other questions into play, those of safety, education, kid- and family-friendly activities, and probably the need for moving from an apartment to a house.

      Las Vegas is quite safe, especially when compared to some larger cities of equal fame. There are seedier parts, of course, but there are lots of family-friendly neighborhoods and suburbs. Among most desirable for people with children are Centennial Hills, Green Valley, Seven Hills, and Southern Highlands, as well as downtown Summerlin. Communities there are tight-knit, and there are lots of opportunities for youth sports.

      If your reasons for moving are tied to education for your children, that you can be calm. Vegas elementary and secondary schools are highly rated. On the higher education level, the leading institution is the College of Southern Nevada, the most prominent community college in the country. There are also, among others, Nevada State College and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

      parents and kids moving in
      Living in Vegas is great for families as much as it is for singles.

      What Can Be Done at Pastimes

      If there’s something you needn’t worry about, it is what to do in your free time. If Vegas has anything, it has an entertainment industry. There are literally thousands of venues for concerts and movies, as well as museums.

      Sports are coming to town, too. Once famous for hosting high-level boxing matches, it is quickly becoming home to Big Four franchises. Vegas Golden Knights hit the NHL three seasons ago and reached the final series in their first shot. Unfortunately, Capitals proved too much of an obstacle, and the Stanley Cup remains a dream for a while longer, as it seems. Also, NFL’s Raiders announced the move from Oakland to Las Vegas, which should be completed in 2020, along with the stadium.

      And finally, you can’t write about Vegas and not mention what made it famous. There are dozens of casinos along the Fremont in downtown Vegas and the Strip, part of Las Vegas Boulevard, technically in a town aptly named Paradise. That is where all the tourists are gathered, where the best restaurants in Las Vegas are, and where fun never stops. Beware, though, stories of no windows and clocks in the gambling dens are all true.

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      You'll live to the fullest if you choose Vegas as your home in 2020

      Vegas and Nevada Are Waiting for You

      We did our best to present so-called Sin City as a model home for you, whether you’re moving out for the first time or moving from a small town to a big city. There is plenty of great stuff to do there and places to visit and see. Even Death Valley National Park is nearby.

      A final word of caution, especially if you’re moving in with your significant other. Las Vegas is the city with the highest number of marriages in the United States, but the highest number of divorces as well. Probably has something to do with the easiness of tying the knot in hotel chapels.

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